Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Job Opportunity

Hard times hit town when the largest employer closed its doors. Unemployment went through the roof, creating opportunities for new companies to find a ready and willing work force to do whatever work needed getting done.

The feminizing of Western society left many men underemployed and a shortage of women. Arnold needed a job to keep his pride. No man in his family was ever long-term unemployed. Six months after the plant closed in town Arnold was still looking for work when the modeling agency opened. They offered hundreds of new jobs in a hungry community. Arnold worked out and had good muscle mass. He felt he could be a model until other opportunities arrived.

Arnold made the mistake of not reading the employment documents before signing them. On his first day he was shown a swapping chamber. After a short argument he agreed to the change. He liked what he saw when he stepped out of the chamber. The first order of business was to train Erin, I mean Arnold, how to walk, talk, and dress like a lady. It seems Arnold is a natural.

It has been three years now and Erin has a hard time remembering who Arnold was. She refuses to go back to her old life. It wouldn’t have anything to do with her boyfriend, would it?

I'm Coming Out

Thought you guys might like this catchy TG song.

Monday, March 30, 2015

It's Just a Game

Truth or dare is a game from youth which evolves into something exotic for adults. Truth is only there to fill time until it is time for the dares to begin. And college truth or dare is the best of all. Tennyson looked forward to the reunion with his college buddies.

Tennyson’s college days were wild and fun. He had no doubt the gang had plans for a great time. When truth or dare was started at the party Tennyson knew the good ‘ol days never ended. As the game progressed from truths to dares the game got interesting. Tennyson was curious about the bottle no one touched in the middle of the table.

Then the dares turned exotic. When it was Tennyson’s turn he was dared to drink from the bottle in the middle of the table. Before he swallowed twice he knew what the bottle contained: nanobots. Tennyson could feel the nanobots go to work immediately. Soon his body was completely transformed. Don’t worry. Tennyson enjoyed his new life as Sophie. It was the best reunion ever.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Way or the Highway

Jack stormed out the house and vowed to never come back. What right did his wife have to forbid him from wearing her clothes? Isn't he the only one in the house with a job? Doesn't that mean the clothes were bought with his money? So shouldn't Jack be allowed to wear clothes bought with his hard-earned money? Jack thought so.

And what does Jack’s wife think about Jack wearing her clothes? Bitch! So now I’m the bitch, Jack thinks. Just because I look better in the dress than you, honey, doesn't make me a bitch. I take care of myself, thinks Jack. That is why I look so good in your outfit.

But Jack did not know the real reason he looked so good in the dress. His wife sprinkled nanobots on her clothes to punish Jack the next time he slipped into one of her skirts. Jack could care less. Her rented his own apartment, changed his name to Liz, and entertained guests for a living. Now who is the bitch?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Party Girl

My wife was having one of those in-home parties. You know the kind. The ones where a bunch of women get together and try on some make-up and lingerie and pay three times too much for the make-up and lingerie. And of course everyone feels obligated to buy at least something. My wife volunteered our home for the party because she earns some free sexy stuff, depending on how much the other suckers… ah, I mean women buy.

And I had plans on viewing the party discretely. I set up a hidden cam to enjoy the ladies of the neighborhood playing dress-up. My wife suspected my plan and put the kibosh on that. She demanded I join the party. Well, I had no problem with that.

That is until I discovered why I was invited. The mob of women demanded I play the demonstration model. I was sat in a chair, stripped of every shed of clothes in front of all those beautiful women, dressed in sexy women’s clothes, and make-up applied until there wasn't a shred of male noticeable.

At first I enjoyed the experience. The make-up tingled. I enjoyed the night of conversation as one of the women. As the night neared its end several women acknowledged how wonderful it was for me to show my feminine side. I admitted I enjoyed my moment as a woman.

As I was ready to change back to my old self my wife pulled a girly light from the bag of items for sale and pointed it at me. I froze. She looked at me with an evil grin. “I like you as a girl,” my wife said and pulled the trigger. Everyone in the room pointed and laughed. Truth be told, I always wanted to be a girl. And I love the name Natasha. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Travel to Worlds Unknown

Traveling the world had been a dream of Scott’s for years. A large inheritance allowed him to quit his job and live his dream. Scott wasn't much of a family man; he preferred to live life on his terms. Scott did have friends, but they were more acquaintances than friends and none were close.

Scott’s adventure included all corners of the globe. His desire to see exotic lands was unquenchable. Scott wanted to see and live like the local people everywhere he went; he wanted to blend in. In a small Southeast Asian country Scott met a group of young women who created a commune. Men were not allowed to join because men frequently caused trouble, but they were allowed as guests.

Scott loved the commune. The lifestyle appealed to him. He knew it wouldn't last. The leader of the group would require Scott to leave after a few days. He knew it was his last night amongst the beautiful women and gorgeous estate. He retired to his room to prepare for the evening. As he sat on his mat a woman with deep black hair entered with an evening cocktail and handed it to Scott. “This will help you sleep well your last night here,” she said in a soft feminine voice.

The drink tasted like coconut with a mild amount of alcohol. It went down smooth and fast. Scott lay back on the bed, stretched and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Scott was woken by several giggling women and girls tugging on his arms to get him out of bed. He knew instantly something was wrong. He looked down at his new body and felt his breasts and crotch. The women pulled a dress on him and applied make-up. “Now you are one of us, Mary,” a woman to his side said with a huge smile. “Now you can stay as you always wanted.”

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Gift of Time

Neal left home for a long walk in the woods. The warm summer day felt warm against his skin, the sun peaking through the leaves touched his face lightly making Neal smile. After walking an hour he sat next to a tree, leaned back, and closed his eyes.

As soon as Neal fell asleep a witch came down the path. She saw Neal asleep next to the tree and feel deeply in love with him. The witch cast a spell. Neal didn't remember the next 300 years of life he lived with the witch.

Witches live a long time but not forever. Out of love for Neal she used her last bit of energy to cast a spell. The witch sent Neal back in time to the tree and his afternoon nap. She knew Neal wanted to be a woman so she made him the most beautiful woman he knew.

Neal woke from his afternoon nap without any knowledge of a 300 year love affair with a witch. He looked down at his body and never noticed he was now in his wife Sara’s body. Sara stood, stretched and brushed herself off.

Sara returned home and walked into the house to see her husband Neal waiting for her. She wrapped her arms around Neal’s neck and kissed him. Her husband pulled back and held out two tickets to the ballet, Sara’s favorite. Sara loved wearing a new dress and the ballet was the perfect opportunity. Sara and Neal lived a long, happy life together unaware of the role reversal gifted them by the witch.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

The war was over for Sam. An explosive in the wrong place at the wrong time ended his military career. The damage to his lower body was more than the doctors could put back together, at least to the original form.  Reconstructing a man is a monumental task, but going the other way is a solution the medical doctors wanted to try since new medical techniques were developed that promised a perfect female.

Now back to civilian life, Sam enjoys life as Mandy. She loves walking down the street showing off what she has. A significant military pension allows Sam to do anything he wants. With military life in his blood he moonlights for the military in undercover operations, if you know what I mean. Mandy can get any man to spill his secrets.

Sometimes Mandy can’t remember his old life. He loves his new body. It feels so good to be a woman. And his part-time job getting secrets from enemies of the government is the best he ever had. Mandy looks back to the day he joined the army with pride. It was the best decision of his life.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A New Look on Life

Kenny discovered at a young age he could jump into the body of anyone he wanted. The person he jumped into got his old body. For over 20 years Kenny jumped from one body to another leaving behind disoriented people forced into a new body forever.

But Kenny was under surveillance. You can leave only so many victims before someone figures out the pattern. Kenny had to see his victim to make a jump. Once he jumped he had to spend at least three days in the new body. Kenny liked to spend plenty of time in his new bodies because he always picked the prettiest girls so three days was never enough. And he had to be careful. Another jumper he ran across told him if he experiences an electrical shock he will be stuck in that body forever.

And the trackers knew about Kenny’s weakness towards electric shocks. Kenny was ready for another jump and a girl he has seen several times was the perfect target. He learned her name was Naomi. A pretty name, Kenny thought. When the time was right Kenny focused his eyes on Naomi until he jumped to her body. Kenny always turned to watch the victim struggle in his old body. This time was different. The body he jumped from showed no signs of distress. Instead, he watched the body he jumped from grab a handheld device from behind a potted plant and point it at him. Before Kenny could react, his former victim’s body pulled the trigger. At the moment the wires made contact with Kenny’s skin he realized the device was a Taser. Electricity shot though his body as he fell to the ground. When his former victim’s body released the trigger, she walked to and stood over Kenny. “Now you are a normal woman,” she said with a scowl, turned and walked away. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

The NeoRock Special: Taking Command

It started with strange lights in the night sky over the desert. Being close to a military base many assumed it was the testing of experimental aircraft. Then strange sounds accompanied the lights and a denial of aircraft testing by the military. Rumors of captured aliens at the military base brought out thrill seekers looking for a glimpse at ET.

Paul wasn't one of those crazy alien chasers, but he was curious about the lights and the possibility the Earth was visited by another planet. He stayed away from the crowds and ventured deeper into the desert, beyond the line trespassing on government property. While the military kept the crowd behind the line, a hole in the defense allowed Paul to wander well past the safety zone by accident.

Paul parked his car, set up his camera and waited. It wasn't long when the strange lights began dancing across the sky. Soon, a light headed towards Paul’s position and stopped above him. A bright light shot down and pulled Paul up into the craft. The spacecraft raced away leaving the camera and car to the wind and sand.

Paul was stunned when he was pulled into the craft. He wakes to find himself strapped down to a metal table with three alien grays arranging a medical device over him. The aliens step back and activate the device. The arms of the medical equipment whip into action rearranging every cell in Paul’s body. When the machine stopped he was a woman.

Paul could hear and understand the alien grays when they now talked. They said, “Our leader was killed seven of your weeks ago. We created you in her image, to take her command.” They unstrapped Paul. The aliens continued, “What are your orders, Captain Alexis?”

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The New Sheriff in Town

For NeoRock

[Read in the voice of the announcer from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon.]

Our hero Paul has decided to save the galaxy with or without the help of the beautiful Captain Alexis. He knows he has no chance against our evil villains, Boris and Natasha. Paul also knows the only way to defeat the greatest mastermind of evil in the history of the galaxy is with help from Captain Alexis.

But on a faraway planet the beautiful Captain Alexis has met the dashing Prince Franklin and fallen in love. She has run away from the stress and duties of a flagship captain. Paul tries every known source to contact Captain Alexis to no avail. Running out of options and time Paul does the unthinkable: he runs to Captain Alexis’ quarters and pulls on a body suit, hooker boots and a side arm.

Paul was unprepared for the instant changes the body suit made to him. He knew Captain Alexis’ body suits had special powers, but he did not know the suits would turn him into a galactic superhero. And a beautiful one at that.

Paul, as the new Captain Alexis, beamed down to Zanth V and brought justice to the planet. Boris and Natasha ran out of places to hide once the people sympathetic to the villains were gunned down, and Paul was headed their way. Those sexy legs rippled with female sexual superpower. The new Captain Alexis made short work of Boris and Natasha. Looks like there is a new sheriff in town.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fix Me Up, Doc

[Dedicated to my daughter recovering from surgery. The doctors removed a rib and a mass. She is healing well.]

The day the doctor broke the news I thought my life was over. An incurable disease with a name so long and unpronounceable I can’t repeat it here ravaged a few select areas of my anatomy. My manhood was most at risk. After all options were exhausted the doctor recommended the removal of the infected parts.

I was reluctant to say the least. But the doctor assured me the surgery would remove the infected parts and leave me healthy. Of course I wanted to live, but I was worried about how I would live life as a man without… you know. The doctor assured me she would handle all the changes herself. When she cracked that grin I knew all would end well.

As you can see the surgery went perfect. The disease is gone and I love my new body. The doctor said I reminded her of a friend that died when she was in college. Her name was Kelly. The doctor had a tear in her eye when I took the name Kelly in honor of her friend. The doctor and I are best friends now.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bottoms Up, Honey

“Go ahead, Rex. Drink it all down.” Celine encouraged her boyfriend to drink deep from the bottle. And, oh how Rex loved to drink. Celine also knew about Rex’s little secret from three weeks ago. That skank he slept with after a night of heavy drinking.

Rex was a hit with all the girls and it made Celine jealous. She always thought he was faithful to her, but the rumors proved true when she followed Rex one night from the bar. Celine decided if she couldn’t have Rex, neither could any other woman.

Rex closed his eyes as he drank deep from the bottle. The potion Celine bought from the witch in the woods promised to change Rex into a woman. If he wanted to be with a woman now, he would do so as a lesbian. Celine watched as the potion transformed Rex in a matter of moments. There was no going back for Rex.

When Rex pulled the bottle from his lips, Celine said, “How do you feel, honey?” Rex grunted, then belched. “Not very lady like,” Celine said. “Huh,” was all Rex could do. Celine pointed to his body. Rex looked down. It took a few minutes for him to understand what happened. “You are Sally now,” Celine said with a mischievous grin.

Rex also had a dirty grin. He started groping all his new parts. With a grunt, he said, “I need some time alone.” Rex turned and left. Celine expected anger or at least loathing. But Rex seemed to like being Sally. Now what has she done? She created more competition for available guys. Damn!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Need to Know

Nick heard about body suits, but never saw one before. It was strange to see one at a rummage sale. There had to be something wrong with it. It was so cheap.

Body suits came in so many flavors. Some gave you incredible strength; others allowed you to tolerate extreme environments. The elderly lady running the rummage sale said she did not know what the body suit did. All she knew was her daughter wore it many years ago. “Strength,” Nick thought.

The price was too good to pass up. He just had to experience what it felt like to wear a body suit. He paid the kind lady and took the body suit home. He took his clothes off and stepped into the suit. The body suit sealed itself tight against his skin until his body began to change. In a few minutes Nick looked in a mirror and saw the suit changed him into a woman.

That was seven years ago. Nick was never able to get the suit off. It became a part of his skin, his body. He went back to the rummage sale to see if he could talk to someone about getting the suit off. The home was abandoned. Neighbors said the place was vacant as long as anyone could remember.

Nick had no choice. He changed his name to Diane and lived the rest of his life as a woman. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sister's Footsteps

The body swap surprised everyone and baffled scientists. No one knew why the swap happened or what decided who would be swapped into whom. Most swaps took place between people relatively close to each other. There were many unusual swap stories.

People enjoying each others in bed when the swap happened usually swapped into each other. One can only imagine the instantaneous change in sensation while making love. Most people had time to adjust to the changes before experiencing such heightened sensations in their new bodies.

Every swap involved the opposite gender and not everyone swapped. When the tally was done twenty-three percent of the population of the planet swapped. Scientists also suggested the swap probably affected all mammals when examining their behavior.

Here we see Colleen and Sam, brother and sister. They swapped. They were never close until after the swap. Sam needed advice from his sister because he didn’t understand how his new body worked. It did not take long for Sam to get a feel for it.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Potion Passion

*Note: Let me know how you like the new women's clothing stores I added. If you are looking for a nice outfit it's a good place to start. The Pages links on the top of the home page are used to navigate around the ladies clothing.

The lights were low in the newest bar in town. It didn't bother the four men sitting at the bar enjoying the house special. The bartender overheard the men talking about their college days and how good it was to see each other again.

The men agreed the new bar wasn't as special as the advertisements made the place out to be. They expected more excitement. Instead the atmosphere was quiet, tranquil. At least the house drink was delicious.

It seemed like the lights grew darker as the night went on. The bartender finally said more than asking for their orders. She leaned across the bar and said, “You boys enjoying yourself tonight?” They all nodded. “I’m glad. I want happy customers. By the way, I’m a Wiccan and I own this bar.” She held out her hand to each.

“Kind’a dark in here,” one of the men said. “No problem,” said the Wiccan as she dialed up the light a small notch. As soon as she did the men noticed they were sitting with women. Then they looked down and noticed they were all women.

“How do’ya like the house special, ladies?” The men didn't know what to say as they looked back and forth at each other. “I didn't catch your names,” the Wiccan said. Each of the men said, “ahhhhh,” before answering: “Lexi.” “Mandy.” “Carol.” “”Jenny.” Then they had another house special.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Walking Into the Future

For NeoRock

Anton hadn't seen Taylor in years. They lost touch after college, careers and family consuming every minute of time. By coincidence Anton and Taylor were assigned to the same conference by their employers. Seeing each other at the conference they sat together and shared stories on their lives.

After the conference they had time to kill. After coffee at an outdoor café they decided to take the mystery tour at the Dewey building. Rumor had it that people who took the tour were changed by the building, whatever that meant.

Anton and Taylor paid the cute cashier and reviewed the map given them. If you followed the proper route you enjoyed a view of human history. The tour started well, but the boys got curious about all the possible side exhibits. The map warned to stick to the designated route, but the building offered many other unlisted exhibits.

Curiosity won out. The boys could not resist the Future of Women exhibit. With a quick look over their shoulders they ducked down the hallway. They walked through a mist as they entered the exhibit. They saw something never seen by a man. The exhibits showed a world of only women conquering space and then the galaxy. It looked so real, like it was now, not the future.

As Anton and Taylor exited the exhibit and the light grew brighter they realized they were transformed. It was then they realized the mist they walked through wasn't dry ice smoke, but nanobot filled mist. The cute cashier who checked them in handed them their new identification papers. Looks like Melissa and Dawn are the new girls in town.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Party of the Year

It was the party of the year and everyone in town would be there. Sam, Orson, and Ben would not miss such a grand outing ever. The party had all the markings of an all-nighter.

When the boys arrived they were informed everyone had to pass under the girly light. Of course, it is ever guy’s fantasy to spend the night as a woman. For the night the boys would call themselves, Erin, Jean and Gemini.

And what fun the boys had. They took time out from the festivities for the group photo. As morning approached it was time to return to their old life. The woman at the girly light counter laughed when they asked to be changed back. “There is no going back boys. Besides, as cute as you three are, why would you want to go back?” And so the town was one-hundred percent women until a few outsiders moved in of the male persuasion. Any guy entering the town was in high demand.

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Grand Detour

Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. On his way to work, Nick’s car broke down. Twelve miles from town he decided to hitchhike. A petite redhead stopped to give him a ride. He knew he would enjoy the ride to town with such an attractive woman. His bad luck could turn into a date.

There were eight miles of woods they would need to drive through to get to town. Nick made small talk hoping to break the ice and get a phone number when they arrived at his workplace. Three-quarters of the way through the woods the cute redhead took a detour deeper into the woods to an abandoned industrial building.

When she stopped the car the doors automatically locked as smoke filled the car from the vents. The cute redhead said, “Don’t worry. It’s only a nanobot mist.” When the mist cleared Nicks looked down at his new sumptuous body. “Here, put this on,” the redhead said handing Nick a dress, heels, bra, pantyhose and panty.

Nick did as he was told without a word. He was in shock from the radical change to his body. He was a girl! How was that possible? Yet, here he was, in a dress having his picture taken by a beautiful redhead in a dilapidated old building.

“Let’s go,” the redhead said as she took the last picture and tuned to the car. Nick struggled to walk in the heels. The redhead came back for him and lent him an arm for support. “You will adjust soon enough. I have big plans for you Amanda. You will love your girly life.”

Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's All Fun and Games Until...

It didn’t take much to talk Scott into stepping into the nanobot filled hot tub. He watched his buddies step into the hot tub and saw the water boil around them. Soon, each of his best friends had transformed into beautiful women.

It might have been the drinks or the late night, but after the girls teased Scott for not joining them he stepped in. The water tingled as it boiled around his body. He felt his skin soften, breasts grow and his hips adjust. The more his body changed the better he felt.

When the transformation was done he was one of the girls. There was a bikini waiting for him so he put it on. Scott spent the rest of the night laughing and joking in his new body. The first order of discussion: names. They laughed over weird names. Scott chose a normal name: Janice. It sounded right for him.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Even the Odds

They say your college years are the best of your life. Tabby agreed one hundred percent. What began as a rough start to college turned to pure gold before the first day of class. Out story begins on a cloudy afternoon in late August as David unpacked his things in his dorm room.

David worked hard to enter the Ivy League school his father attended. A full scholarship cemented his acceptance to the school. Unbeknownst to David was that he was accepted with a full scholarship as part of an affirmative action program. Yes, David earned his right to be there, but recent law changes required the university to have a more equal male/female mix. Rather than turn away promising applicants the university found a way around the law: change some of the boys into girls.

Once David unpacked he noticed he was in a sorority. Three attractive women in short skirts and low cut blouses approached David. “We need you to come with us. There is some paperwork to fill out before you can begin class next week.”

David thought nothing of it as he was led to the basement offices. Once there David was shown a swapping chamber and told the truth of his acceptance into the university. It took the three women/lab technicians about twenty seconds to talk David into the switch.

Tabby was born that day. She excelled in all her classes as was expected. Tabby was every bit as smart as David. The affirmative action laws were satisfied and by the looks of the selfie David took, so is she.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lucky to be Alive

Max’s auto insurance came through when he needed it most. After an accident nearly killed him, Max spent weeks in recovery. A viral infection set in and destroyed parts of his body. His auto insurance stepped in and provided the needed resources to fix his destroyed body. Max required a complete body overhaul.  When the doctors were done he would be a girl, but alive.

His recovered sped up after the transformation. Ridding his body of the duty to heal crushed body parts was too much, but Max’s new Beth body had no problem healing. Before long Max could walk, adjusting to the different distribution of body parts. He learned to lean back slightly to compensate for his chest and the hip swing his new walk required became natural in short order.

The best part was as Beth he got a lot of attention when he rode the crotch-rocket. Max enjoyed the attention. The accident was the best thing that happened to him since he had great insurance. Max was surprised by one thing, however. He started to find a few of the guys cute. After the photo shoot he is going on his first date with the photographer. Some guys have all the luck.

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Sister I Always Wanted

“Put my panty on.” Carl stood dumbfounded as his sister held out a panty. “Catching flies, Carl,” Lisa said. Carl closed his mouth.

“I know you want to wear my clothes, Carl.” Lisa put up her hand, “Don’t deny it. All guys want to try it out. It’s natural.”

Carl took the panty feeling the soft fabric on his hand. Carl mumbled, “I don’t know.”

Lisa firmed her voice, “Take your clothes off, put them on the bed and put on the panty.”

Lisa’s hard demand shocked Carl into reluctant action. He placed his clothes on Lisa’s bed embarrassed by his nudity in front of his sister. He hurried on the panty to cover himself.

“Hold out your arms,” Lisa said. She fished his arms through the loops of a cute pink bra with a tiny flower between the cups, stepped behind him and hooked the bra in place.

Lisa smiled as she pulled a dress and heels from her closet. Without a word Carl complied as Lisa dressed him. Lisa sat him front of the dresser mirror and fixed his hair and applied makeup. Lastly, Lisa sprinkled a fine dust over Carl.

Carl had to admit he really looked good until Lisa sprung the surprise. “How do you like it, brother? You better. If you check down there you will find I changed more than your clothes.” Carl swallowed hard. “I always wanted a sister and now I have you Chloe.” 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Return of the Thetan

Brad felt it throughout his body the moment it happened, the moment the thetan spirit peeled away from his body, opening his mind to the true nature of the world. But with over a hundred million thetan spirits roaming the planet it was only a matter of time before another thetan attached to Brad. And since Brad was the first human to ever rid himself of an attached thetan he had no idea he would be found by another thetan so fast.

When a new thetan attaches, the human is transformed into the essence of the new spirit. Shadows of the old remain, but the new is predominant. Brad had the great misfortune of the thetan Marie finding him available. His transformed body took on all the characteristics of the new spirit. Brad had a strong afterimage of his old self. Even in heels and a dress he walked with a manly swagger. Whenever he thought no one was looking he would scratch his crotch. In a weak moment he would address old friends in a deep voice, “Yo, bro. What’s happin’in?” Pointing his finger with a wide swing as he said it.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's Not All Fun and Games

Nobody wants to talk about how hard it is too change. Learning all the new features on a cell phone is daunting and intimidating. But once you conquer the device it is so sweet. The same applies to other new technologies. Take for example swapping chambers, nanobots, and the girly light. These are the coolest technologies ever but nobody talks about the initial problems.

Take Sam here. He took a dip in a nanobot pool so he could have the body of his dreams. He thought walking in a dress and heels would be easy since he’d done it before. But nanobots do such a good job at the transformation that Sam is completely a woman now. And there are differences between the hips on a man and a woman. The joint attachment is different to allow women childbirth.

Men that make the change to a female body have to relearn how to walk. Starting the process in heels makes it all the more difficult. Sam is doing okay. As Celine he is adjusted better each day. He is handling the different weight distribution from his new chest and he is managing the hip swing in his new body well. And don’t get me started on the skin. A woman is whole different animal and Celine makes such a cute woman.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Dream Vacation

Mike saved for twenty years so he could retire and sail around the world. His dream came true by saving over half his income for over two decades. He quit his job when he had enough to buy his dream boat in cash and still had enough left throwing off an income to support him for life.

To realize his dream he never married and lived a single purpose life. His new sailboat was a slick work of beauty. His whole body shivered in ecstasy as he set said. Fully stocked for the first leg of the long voyage, he set a course for the mythical Mystery Island. Rumor had it that Mystery Island existed somewhere in the vast South Pacific.

Before setting sail Mike did his research. Each leg of his journey was meticulously planned. Talking with sailors from around the world he discovered the most likely place Mystery Island was. Now he could see a small island on the horizon that wasn't on any of his maps. He bristled with excitement.

Mystery Island granted wishes according to rumor and Mike had a lot of wished needing fulfillment. He weighed anchor in a small lagoon of the uncharted island. It felt good to step on firm ground again. He found a shaded area and laid back for an afternoon nap. Mike dreamed of all the wishes he had for Mystery Island when he found it.

As the afternoon ran late Mike woke from his nap. He knew instantly he had found Mystery Island. His first and greatest wish already fulfilled. He would savor his new life as Olivia for a few weeks before demanding more fantasies from the wonderful island. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

An Honor to Serve

As the Empire of Earth expanded into the galaxy, warriors were needed to defend the human colonies on the worlds strung out across the vastness of space. A special breed of, ah, man was needed to combat the variety of aliens pushing to stop the human hordes.

As a little boy Gary dreamed to defending people against bug-eyed monsters. But Gary nearly lost hope as he was constantly told only girls were good enough for the job. Some said the smaller body mass of women enabled them to handle the rigors of space; others that a body built for childbirth could handle anything. Regardless, Gary was a boy and boys were never hired for the job.

When Gary entered college he was approached by a group of women that helped men gain the characteristics needed to enter the Space Corps. Without a moment’s thought Gary signed up. The secret group had developed a swapping chamber. Gary could not wait to step into the machine.

Gary was amazed at how fast it all went. He stepped into the swapping chamber and moments later stepped out as Nicole. Three days later he was on a transport ship to the inner core of the galaxy for training. Due to his great desire and skills he was made a commander.

Commander Iron Panties, as everyone fondly called her, kept the human race safe wherever she went. Bug-eyed monsters never stood a chance. In fact, whenever word spread that Commander Iron Panties was in the area aliens were nowhere to be found. The human race entered the Pax Humnana, human peace. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Prodigal Wife Returned

John could not stand the silence in his home now that his wife, Tara, was gone. The emptiness was more than he could stand. John did not understand why Tara had to die. As a Wiccan she could do almost anything. But cancer was more than she could cure.

The last words from his beloved wife were, “I will always take care of you, dearest. I will not leave you. A part of me will always be with you.” John didn't understand due to the grief. He sat by Tara’s bedside and refused to move until she took her last breath. And now he is home, alone. The funeral is over, family and friends have gone on with their lives, and all John has is emptiness.

It was mid afternoon when John sat up in bed. He wasn't hungry so he went to Tara’s closet and touched her dresses. It was the closest he’ll ever get to his beloved ever again. In grief, he decided to wear Tara’s clothes. He removed his own clothes, put on a panty and bra he always thought looked good on Tara, and stepped into her favorite dress. He put on jewelry, something Tara called the Jewel of Odan, and a wig.

He laid on top the sheets of the bed and drifted back to sleep. When he woke it was already dark out. John felt different in the dark. He turned on the hall light and walked to the mirror. He could not believe his eyes. Tara stood before him! Then he heard the voice, “Welcome back, honey.” It was Tara! She was inside him, his mind. And he had her body!

John would never be a lone again. His beloved wife had returned home.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Try This on for Size

Requested by: NeoRock

Heavy rain ruined a good day of fun outdoors for Paul. His parents were at work and his younger sister was at a friend’s house. Bored, Paul decided to try on some of his sister’s clothing. It was an itch he always wanted to scratch and now that he was guaranteed hours of uninterrupted time alone he could carry out his fantasy.

For some reason Paul still had to walk softly as he entered Samantha’s room, as if the walls knew of his devious plan. Slowly he opened the drawers making not a sound. Samantha’s intimates were all stacked in order. Paul undressed, folding his clothes as he took off each piece and placed it on the bed. The smell of Samantha’s room was intoxicating. He found the cutest panty and bra. He sat back on the bed and pulled the panties up, standing at the end to finish the job. The fabric felt so soft and warm they almost tingled. Next Paul pulled his arms through the straps of the bra and hooked it in back.

Paul admired his look in the mirror. The closet had all Samantha’s dresses on hangers. He loved the shimmering latex suit and slipped into the fabric and zipped himself in. He saw hooker boots in the corner and couldn't resist. Fortunately he was about the same size as Samantha. The clothes and boots fit and felt so good.

Lastly he put on the gloves and walked to the dresser where Samantha kept a wig. He sat in the chair, put on the wig and started applying makeup. The body suit seemed to get tighter the longer Paul wore it. His skin tingled. When he was done applying makeup he used the full size mirror. He noticed the tingling stopped as he saw how good a job he did in the transformation.

Then Paul heard the front door slam. Samantha was home! There was no time to change back so he grabbed his old clothes from the bed and ran to his room. Samantha climbed the stairs and stopped at Paul bedroom door. “I know what you did brother. If you check you will find the body suit made some permanent changes. Just so you know, I’ve always wanted a sister. I think I’ll call you Lexi.”

Monday, March 2, 2015

Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind

 UFO reports in England brought large numbers of people hoping to see aliens. From all over the world they came to view the dancing lights in the night sky. Some came with only the shirt on their back, others with high-tech recording and viewing equipment. Every night the lights raced around the deep-dark sky in impossible maneuvers for anything man made.

Roger and Curt were known as the storm chasers of alien sightings. The England lights were by far the best opportunity in years for viewing strange happenings and that the lights were visible at Stonehenge only added to the mystery.

Several days of night viewing soon took the edge off the excitement. An afternoon dinner party allowed all the light chasers to share stories and camaraderie. As the party moved along a strange sound came from every direction. It sounded like the lid of a jar being unscrewed at a very high volume. The crowd cheered when the lights appeared for the first time in daylight.

Small dots of light grew in size until details of the spacecraft were visible. Several lights speckled the distance as one light moved closer until it hovered over the crowd. A bright pale blue light shot out in a cone shape from the bottom of the spaceship. Instantly, every male transformed into a woman. “They have the girly light,” Roger muttered under his breath as he digested his new feminine form.

The light stopped and the ship disappeared. The lights were never seen again in those parts. Roger and Curt digested their new life without any problems. They still chased aliens. Roger and Curt took new names: Zoe and Rose. The girl alien chasers were as much the excitement as the lights in the sky from that point on.

[Note: There really is a close encounter of the seventh kind. Look it up.]

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Must be the Water

A late season cold snap wore thin on Cameron and his friends after a long winter. A group rate to Mystery Island advertised by the local travel agency got the guys talking spring break. The group rate was well within everyone’s budget and Mystery Island sounded like loads of fun, wherever it is.

There is always one guy in the group. “I heard strange things happen on Mystery Island.” “Then don’t go,” the group said in unison. It only took a second of cold air sweeping the room when the door was opened to remind the group they needed to go somewhere warm. The guys rushed to the travel agency and put their money down. The trip started Friday.

Cameron and the guys ran home and packed for the big trip. The weather on Mystery Island was as close to perfect as could be. A humid wind greeted the boys as they left the plane. Caribbean blue skies and warm sun drenched the island in a glorious veil.

As soon Cameron unpacked he ran to the beach with the rest of the gang. The water was bath warm. Spring break filled the beach and water with guys laughing and splashing. In a flash a ripple raced through the water. Cameron started laughing as he saw his buddies transform into women before his eyes.

Cameron stopped laughing when he looked down as saw how well he filled out his bikini. Once the shock passed the laughing and splashing started again. Cameron insisted everyone call him Casey. When the week was over the guys had to admit it was the best vacation ever. The guys shrugged it off when they were informed Mystery Island transformations were permanent. “Must be the water,” Cameron joked.