Monday, March 30, 2015

It's Just a Game

Truth or dare is a game from youth which evolves into something exotic for adults. Truth is only there to fill time until it is time for the dares to begin. And college truth or dare is the best of all. Tennyson looked forward to the reunion with his college buddies.

Tennyson’s college days were wild and fun. He had no doubt the gang had plans for a great time. When truth or dare was started at the party Tennyson knew the good ‘ol days never ended. As the game progressed from truths to dares the game got interesting. Tennyson was curious about the bottle no one touched in the middle of the table.

Then the dares turned exotic. When it was Tennyson’s turn he was dared to drink from the bottle in the middle of the table. Before he swallowed twice he knew what the bottle contained: nanobots. Tennyson could feel the nanobots go to work immediately. Soon his body was completely transformed. Don’t worry. Tennyson enjoyed his new life as Sophie. It was the best reunion ever.

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