Sunday, May 31, 2015

Buyer's Market

Kirk and Olivia fell in the love with the home the moment they saw it. The property was in the right neighborhood and at the right price. What surprised Kirk and Olivia was how long the property was on the market. They questioned the real estate agent on what could be wrong with the property. They were assured the property had no problems to worry about. The reason it was on the market for so long was due to the myth the home possessed physic powers. Kirk and Olivia didn’t believe in such hocus-pocus so they bought the home.

Move-in was a perfect sunny day. Within a few weeks Kirk and Olivia were settled in without any indication the house had ulterior motives. Then, four weeks into ownership, strange noises one night unhinged our couple. Kirk finally had enough, jumping out of bed and turning on the light to investigate the noise. Olivia screamed before she realized the woman in her room was really Kirk. I don’t want to belabor the event, but Olivia liked Kirk as a woman; Kirk liked being a woman.

Kirk assumed the name Hollie while he was a woman. It seemed the house wanted Kirk to be a woman about half the time. Olivia and Kirk were madly in love even when Kirk was Hollie. They didn’t care what people thought when they showed affection in public.

Olivia promised Kirk she would never sell the house. They couldn’t understand why anyone would sell such a wonderful home. I bet there are a few of you out there who would love to own this property. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Lord of Faith

Mark 11:23 For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

Kenny found the Lord. He also wanted the Lord to correct an error He made. You see, Kenny was born with the wrong body. He knew it was a mistake and he also knew the Lord never made mistakes. So Kenny found the Lord and committed 100%.

Kenny knew the trick was faith. If only he could cleanse himself of all doubt he could move mountains. Kenny practiced eliminating doubts for hours each day. Once he reached the point where he knew without a doubt he started to use his mind to change the world.

Kenny lay back on his bed, closed his eyes, and dreamed. He helped people he admired and loved. Then, after he helped all he could think of, he asked one thing for himself: the body he should have been born in. Kenny squeezed his eyes tight and removed all doubts. When he opened his eyes the wrong was righted. Faith really did move mountains!

Kenny disappeared, replaced by Jill. Jill is the kind of girl you like the moment you see her. She has a calm, peaceful face with gentle eyes. And if you ask a favor of Jill it always seems to happen.

1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Paying the Bill

Bill had a hard decision to make. His unemployment ran out, the cupboards were empty and the rent was due. The TG modeling agency advertised a special offer Bill struggled with. He wanted the job, but it required a few modifications.

Bill thought it would be cool to be a girl. The only problem is that the modeling agency wanted Bill to be a full girl, a permanent girl, a no going back girl. The job paid well so Bill sat with the career planner at the agency. She offered Bill a trial run. They would transform Bill into Irina for a photo shoot. If he liked it, he could accept the permanent adjustments and have the job.

Here we see Bill on his first day as Irina. She is a natural in the photo shoot; the modeling agency was so excited for Bill to accept the job. The decision was no longer difficult. He accepted the job and all the requirements. It was a 5-year contract. By that time Bill will have enough saved to retire. And as for living the rest of his life as Irina? He was okay with that. His social life was a million times better as Irina; he even has a boyfriend. No more worrying about the rent or a place to stay.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rewards Program

***Note:The above book is offered by Nikki Jenkins at The Feminization Station and Sissy Captions blog. Please support her work. 

Getting the word out on a new promotion is harder than you think even when plenty of clients want the product. Take for example a large online retailer trying to grow the business by offering TG Dust in random orders. When the customer opens the box a small puff of TG Dust is thrown into the air. If the person opening the box is a male he will be a female within minutes. You would think it would drive sales through the roof.

Instead it started with a thud. Nobody paid any attention to the online retailer offer until the first round of winners were promoted. The winners never expected such a wonderful surprise. George, Otto, Earl and Jeb not only won the awesome prize, but received their order for free, too. The national news picked up the story about the brand new ladies—Brandy, Vicky, Paige and Harper—and made them famous.

The ladies now spend their days at their new job promoting the online retailer. Sales are up over 300% on the promotion. Guys around the world are placing orders praying they get a poof of TG Dust in the face when they open their package. Makes you want to place an order right now, doesn’t it? And guys are volunteering to open everyone’s mail for some reason.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Climbing the Ladder of Success

Maggie has a story to tell no one believed at first. It started when she decided she needed time for a break from her business. The long hours started taking their toll. Did I tell you Maggie’s name was Tom back then? Sorry. But you see how weird this story is and how hard it is to tell? Well Maggie, or rather Tom, needed a break from his stressful business so he decided to take time off and hike a mountain away from work and worries.

Tom was alone on the mountain enjoying the stress-relieving fresh air and nature. The exercise felt good to a businessman who spent years locked in an office. Two weeks into his month-long journey he saw a small cloud of mist floating just above the ground. As he got closer he noticed the cloud shimmered like a cloudbank wisping in the wind. Tom though it would be cool to walk through the mini cloud. As he did he felt his skin tingle. When he walked out of the cloud he was Maggie.

Doctors thought Maggie was joking when he came in and told the story. Only later it was discovered a lab testing nanobots had leaked. The escaped nanobots formed the cloud Tom walked through. Tom takes time off from his business now more than ever. He loves the great outdoors. The cloudbank was never seen again, but scientists think it still exists and warns people to use caution when on a mountain and walking into the clouds. Several additional strange stories lend credibility to this claim.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Decline and Fall of Terry Bower

Friday night cards are a tradition in Brenton Grove. Terry Bower and his friends have been playing poker on Friday nights for going on twelve years now. Cigars, foolish talk and strange bets soon followed. Three weeks ago a guy lost his truck at the table and another guy bet his wife and lost. His wife was less than amused when she had to spend a night in bed with a guy she never met before. Okay, she was good about it within two, maybe three minutes tops.

Tonight the card game took a turn like no other. Inspired by the TG Incorporated office recently opened in downtown Brenton Grove the bets progressed to a logical conclusion. First Terry lost a bet and had to sit at the table the rest of the night as a sissy. The jokes grew more crude after that and Terry’s game got worse.

Then Terry felt his luck was turning. He had a killer hand. He bet his manhood. One brave soul also had a good hand, but needed help. He took Terry’s bet. The cards were unkind to Terry that night. The next turn of the card gave Terry’s opponent the one card he needed to cement his win and end Terry’s life as a man.

Terry was a good sport about it. The guys stopped the card game on the spot and took Terry to the TG Incorporated office to pay his debt. The guys laughed as Terry’s body was transformed into the woman you see here: Samantha. What the guys didn't know was Terry did not lose. Terry is now the person he always wanted to be and his card playing buddies paid the bill to give it to him.

Friday night cards continue. For the first time ever a woman sits at the table. Every guy keeps betting Samantha a night in the sack and she takes those bets and pays everyone off with a smile.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Life on the Farm

Farm life was in Bob’s blood. His grandfather broke this land, his dad built it up, and Bob made it the business that it is today. Hard work made it all happen. It was satisfying to look back on a long day of accomplishment.

But farm life is dangerous. Working long hours in dangerous situations while mentally and physically exhausted puts workers at risk. Bob had too much drive to slow down. He should have checked the safety switch on the tractor a second time before working on the baler. The tractor accidentally popped into gear while Bob worked on the machine. The flywheel caught his belt and pulled him in.

The doctors performed a miracle when they saved Bob’s life. Six months of rehab and Bob was ready to get back to work. There was only one problem: the damage Bob suffered to his midsection required the doctors to make some changes to save his life. Since they needed to make changes to his midsection they felt it was proper to change his whole body.

Bob had to change his name to Rebecca when he got back to the farm. He still loves working the animals and the land. One of the farmhands, Marc, took an interest in the boss. Now Bob has a new business partner to work the land and a new husband. Good thing he didn’t check the safety switch twice. He would have lost a lot more that way.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Lucus loved to hunt for treasure is antique shops. Most stuff was over-priced junk. But every now and then a gem would appear from the bottom of a box or the back of a rack. Today was one of those days, Lucas thought. It was an old chest. By itself it had no real value. But inside there was clothing from another era. Again, the value was small. But one article of clothing at the bottom of the chest was a body suit, a body suit legend said could transform any man into a fully functional woman while he wore it. Even though Lucas doubted it would work the legend would make the body suit priceless.

Lucas paid the modest price asked for the chest without any haggling. Lucas normally would dicker on price, but he was too excited. Had carried the chest to his car and raced home. Curiosity had the best of him. He ripped off his clothes and pulled on the body suit. Instantly the fabric snapped tight against his skin. His body transformed within minutes. Then he was a beautiful woman. He called himself Lily.

He took out more old clothes and dressed his new body and took a walk around town. No one had a clue who he was. That night he dressed in the sexiest negligee he ever saw. In the morning he jumped out of bed and admired his beautiful female body in the mirror.

The novelty started to wear off. He knew a body suit with such abilities would fetch millions. He stripped off his clothes and stood naked in his bedroom. The body suit was so tight against his skin he couldn’t tell where it was. Lily, I mean Lucas, went back to the chest and found a book at the bottom. He started paging until he found a bold head: HOW TO REMOVE THE BODY SUIT. There was only one sentence. “The body suit cannot be removed until after the wearer dies.” Lucas’ heart sank. He was going to spend the rest of his life as Lily. And he was not going to make millions. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

James Bonnie

A long career serving his country as a spy has taken its toll on James. Nobody knows how many times the world was near total catastrophe; how many times James saved civilization. A lifetime of injuries has left him in pain most of the day. His ability to continue saving the world is at an end.

The country never had a better spy defending her. James is the best secret agent the nation ever had. The Agency did not want to lose a man as gifted as James. With new nanobot technology it might be possible to give James another life to serve his people. James agreed to try. The aches and pains made it hard for James to concentrate. Any opportunity to start over again is something he wanted to try.

James slipped into the nanobot hot tub, found his seat and leaned his head back. The nanobots started to churn the warm water into foam. James closed his eyes and let the microscopic machines in the water do their job. If all went well James would be a new man, so to speak. He knew nanobots are a one-way street. Men always end up women when nanobots go to work. James did not care. He knew he could do more as a female secret agent than he ever did as a man.

The nanobots did a hell of a job making James young and beautiful. James was given a new identity as Bonnie. As Bonnie, James, with a whole new life to live, went to work making the world safe. Men— most bad guys are men— could not resist Bonnie. James with a lifetime of experience knew exactly how to sell his new self. Bad guys never had a chance.

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Good Farm Girl

The vast open space of the American Midwest is no place for car trouble. Henry was pushing hard driving eighteen hours a day. He wanted to get home and home was another hard day’s drive. Then the car started to miss a beat every few minutes. An hour later Henry was stalled in the middle of nowhere. He saw no other traffic all day. He had water in the car but no food. He checked his cell phone. No signal. Without any alternatives Henry started walking.

With only an hour of walking Henry spotted a small farm to the west. There was no choice. All he could hope for was somebody to be home. The farm was small with a white clapboard house and red barn. Cows were in a fenced area near the barn and chickens ran the yard. Fields of crops surrounded the house and barn. Henry knocked. Henry was ready to leave after a long period with no answer when the door slowly opened. A beautiful farm girl greeted him. Henry introduced himself and explained his situation.  The farm girl did not have a phone. She offered Henry a place to stay until someone happened by to give him a ride to town. Henry accepted.

To repay the woman’s kindness Henry worked on the farm. He could not understand how one woman could run this whole farm alone. On the second day the woman visited Henry as he worked in the barn. She had a mischievous grin. “Come with me,” she said. She led Henry to a locked room in the back of the barn. Inside was a chair. “Please sit.” Henry did. In moments Henry was stuck to the chair as it hummed. His body twisted and contorted until he was completely transformed. When the machine stopped Henry was a woman. The woman handed Henry appropriate clothing. He put them on. The straw hat was a fitting touch. “You are one of us now and your name is Addison,” the woman said. “Us? Addison?” “Yes. Us, Addison.” Several women walked out from an attached room. Now Henry understood how the woman ran her farm. “You can stay as long as you like,” the woman said.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Freedom Through Grace

Everyone hated Logan at the office. The only reason he has a job at Air Tech Jumble is because his dad owns the place. Logan is a total jerk and bully always pushing people around, sabotaging their work, and getting people fired for things he did. Yes, everyone hated Logan. There is not even one woman working in the place anymore after Logan harassed them all into quitting.  Every guy in the place would quit on the spot if another job presented itself.

During break one day the remaining workers at Air Tech Jumble hatched an idea to put an end to Logan’s behavior. The workers pooled all their money and bought a girly light, you know, the device where the light converts anyone it touches into a girl forever. It took four months for the group to save enough money. Once the girly light was purchased, Logan was lured to a back room in the warehouse. As soon as he opened the door they hit him with the girly light. His body shrunk and contorted until he was a perfect girl. The girly light worked fast, in less than a minute.

After the transformation into Grace, Logan had a serious personality change. At first the workers treated him terrible, harassing him to tears. Soon they discovered Grace was not Logan. Grace is a gentle, kind woman willing to please. As Grace, Logan did plenty to please. He invited workers to the corporate suite one at a time. Jobs at Air Tech Jumble were highly sought after word got out that Grace was in charge of morale. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rummage Sale Bargain

Isaac could not believe what he was seeing at the rummage sale: a real life, get your own, slip into a new life body suit. It was still in the original packaging. Who would buy a BTG body suit and not use it? And the price was unreal, only pennies. Isaac knew these things run several thousand dollars. Not to raise suspicion Isaac picked up the body suit nonchalantly and tucked it under his arm. He continued browsing other items before paying for the body suit. He acted like he thought it was a novelty item.

Once in his car Isaac raced home, locked the door, ripped off his clothes and put on the body suit. The body suit snapped tight against Isaac’s skin. The remainder of the day Isaac dressed in different outfits he liked. He looked so pretty. He went out for dinner to see how men would react to him. When people talked with him he introduced himself as Violet.

Isaac had his fun as Violet. He spent the night as a woman. In the morning he tried to take off the body suit so he could get ready for work. The body suit would not budge. After several attempts he went back to the package the body suit came in and started reading the instructional pamphlet. Isaac’s heart sank as he was reading. Clear as day inside the front cover and in bold letters: PERMANENT BODY SUIT. ONCE PUT ON YOU ARE A GIRL FOREVER. USE WITH CAUTION. Looks like Violet will be with us a while. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dance the Night Away

The boys were surprised and a little upset. Nobody said a word about the new club in town. Nobody told them the club had a girly light dance floor. Without a thought the boys walked onto the floor looking for a date. There were only girls on the dance floor and a lot of them. Then, BAM! The girly light started and swirled around the dance floor. When the first of the guys was hit it registered where they were. They scrambled to get off the girly light dance floor. But it was too late. By the time they got to the edge they were all wearing high heels and little black dresses.

Shocked, the boys stood stunned as their picture was taken for the club scrapbook. The club assumed the boys wanted to be changed by the girly light dance floor. They turned to each other not knowing what to do next. A club employee walked up to them and handed them new identification papers. They now had new names: Bree, Uma, Natalia and Karla.

The boys were hot and catching the eyes of every guy in the place. Four guys approached and introduced themselves. “Care to dance?” they asked glancing to the dance floor. Well, the boys stepped out of their initial shock, smiled and said, “Why, of course.” They took the new guys by their hands and led them out onto the dance floor. 

Monday, May 18, 2015


Lisa didn't know what to do. After hiding her feelings for so long she finally let them out and realized she preferred girls as lovers. That was the easy part. The hard part is that she is engaged Tim. She could always confess. Tim deserved better than that. Lisa could not break-up with Tim over her sexual preferences. Then the solution presented itself.

While at lunch with her friend Lisa explained her feelings. Her friend smiled and said she owned a Jewel of Odan. Lisa’s eyes shot wide open. She knew exactly what the Jewel of Odan did. Lisa was all smiles when her friend lent her the Jewel. Lisa ran home and snuggled up to Tim. Tim was unaware what the Jewel Odan is or what it did. Lisa explained her feelings and what she hoped Tim was willing to do for her.

Tim smiled at the thought. He even admitted he thought it would be hot to be a girl. Tim took the Jewel from Lisa and held it in his left hand, closed his eyes and thought of the most beautiful girl he knew other than Lisa, of course. In a moment Tim was transformed by the Jewel into the girl of his dreams. He felt warm and fuzzy inside looking at Lisa now. “What shall we call you?” Lisa asked. “Anna. I want to be Anna.” Lisa smiled. She loved the name. The girls closed their eyes and leaned into the softest kiss of their lives.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Meet the New CEO

Power. Many want it, few can handle it. Quincy always thought clothes made the man. So he wore a three piece suit to work daily hoping to catch the eye of the boss. Quincy had high hopes in the company. The only way to attain his goal of CEO is to be tough. But in the new world order when a man gets tough he is considered insensitive and unworthy of promotion.

Quincy is a man with a plan. For every problem there is a solution. If a man is considered unworthy of leadership due to a strong personality there is one thing the man can do: become a woman. Quincy visited the nanobot bath at TG Incorporated. For once he was the man he always wanted to be: strong, tough and in control. As you can see, Quincy is a man worthy of leadership.

The next day Quincy never showed up for work but an enterprising woman, Irene, applied for the job. Irene had all the qualifications. She was so good it was almost as if she had worked there for years. Irene caught the boss’s eye on more than one occasion and for more than just work performance. Irene climbed the corporate ladder until she beat the CEO in a power play. Now Irene runs the show. And Quincy? Quincy is living the life of his dreams. As for Irene, she believes clothes make the man.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Everybody thinks a trip to TG Incorporated is as simple as paying a fee, stepping into a chamber and walking home a woman. If only it were so easy. Transforming into a woman takes real work. Appearance is only the cosmetic change. Learning how to walk, talk, think and act like a woman takes time and training. For example, have you ever noticed women smile more than men? They do. And if you transform from man to woman and forget to smile you look like a grump, or worse, a bitch.

Look at Marcy here. She is three weeks into an eight week training program. She has mastered the delicate female issues and is now well on her way into presenting as a proper woman in public. Before Marcy was Marcy she was Clark. Clark always wanted to be a woman and a sizable inheritance made his dream come true. After the transformation he realized how important the training was.

Look at Marcy again. Notice how she crosses her legs and smiles? Notice her posture? The way she holds herself? It is all just as important as her body. Clothes make the woman as much as the man. Jewelry is far more important for a woman than a man. Jewelry speaks volumes about the woman. Clark learned this the first day of training. So, if you are planning a trip to TG Incorporated, plan to spend some time training too. You can thank me later.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Lottery Ticket

Cindy is one happy girl. Six weeks ago he entered a lottery for a complete package at TG Incorporated and won. Martin entered the lottery and Cindy is the happy result. TG Incorporated felt the lottery would be a great tool to market their services. People without enough money for a complete package had nothing to lose by entering the lottery. Each ticket was only a dollar.

When the winning number was announced Martin was in disbelief. He won! Without a moment’s hesitation he ran to the nearest TG Incorporated office to cash in his winning ticket. The results were fantastic. He loves his body; he loved his new name: Cindy.

Martin spends a lot of time looking at himself. He is in awe at how he looks. He is also famous. As the winner of the lottery he has received a lot of media coverage. TG Incorporated required the winner to promote the company for three years. As Cindy, Martin is more than happy to. He is easily one of the most beautiful women alive. He has a new date every night, a new body, lots of money from the TG Incorporated promotion contract, and the life he has always wanted. Look into his eyes and tell me he isn’t a winner.

Something Pretty to Wear

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Accident

‘Huh? Wha happened?’
‘Just relax honey. You were in a bad accident. Everything is okay now. You are safe.’
‘Safe? Accident? Ahhhh, yeah. I remember. Car accident. I was in a car accident.’
‘That’s right, Leah.  So how are you feeling?’
‘Ah, good. I think. Tired. Hard to remember.’
‘That is to be expected, Leah. You nearly died.’
‘Yes, honey. Don’t you remember anything?’
‘Bright lights. I remember bright lights. Then black. Now I am here.’
‘The accident was six months ago.’
‘Six months?’
‘Yes, Leah. You were out for six months. Your body was mangled. The doctors had to reconstruct. The damage was so bad all they could do was… Well, it does not matter, Leah. You are alive and awake.’
‘Leah? Who is Leah?’
‘Oh, I am so sorry honey. We had to give you a name. You don’t look like a Jack anymore. No. no, honey. We mustn’t touch ourself.’
‘I’m a girl.’
‘Yes you are. And lucky to be alive. Like I said, the doctors worked hard to save your life but you were too damaged in certain areas. The only way to save your life was make you a girl.’
‘A girl.’
‘It’s not that bad being a girl. I am a girl too.’
‘Where is this place?’
‘After you healed enough and the danger was past you were brought here from the hospital, a halfway house for continued healing. We monitor you 24/7.’
‘I want to get up.’
‘That is a good sign. Here, let me help you. We have a lot of training to do.’
‘Yes, silly. Training. You are a girl now. We need to teach you how to act and think like one.’

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Job Promotion

Sal worked hard for TG Incorporated. He wanted a promotion so bad he could taste it. The problem with working for TG Incorporated is men hit a glass ceiling quickly. The company denies any discrimination, but no men are officers of the company. Sal knew the glass ceiling was there and if he wanted to rise in the ranks of the company he would need a transformation. As a married man with two sons it was a difficult decision.

The money was too good and he worked too hard to settle for mediocrity. After long discussions with his wife and kids, Sal was ready to make the changes necessary to advance his career. He felt it would be best if the whole family be part of the decision. Sal, with his wife and sons, visited TG Incorporated on his day off to decide on the body he would have. Once they agreed on how Sal would look they picked a name: Missy.

The transformation goes quick at TG Inc. Their patented process transforms a man into a woman within a few hours. Sal broke through the glass ceiling getting a promotion within a month. Two years later Sal was on short list to replace the retiring CEO. Sal knew he made the right decision to be a woman when his name was called. Sal posed for the photo placed on the wall with all TG Incorporated CEOs at corporate headquarters. Sal was so happy as Missy his first action as CEO was to lower the glass ceiling requiring more male employees to make the choice he did. His second decision was to give his two boys a change in life too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Neither a Lender Nor a Borrower Be

Katelyn has finally learned to accept his fate. Three months ago Katelyn was Billy. Billy borrowed money from a local crime family to keep his business afloat. But the restaurant business is very competitive. The added burden of more high interest debt only made matters worse. When Billy couldn't make the payments, his investors, shall we say, wanted their money back.

Billy was afraid for his friends and family. What would the mafia do to them if he didn't find money fast? What would happen to him? Billy did not want to get beat up or killed. He was open to ideas. His lenders had a perfect solution and Billy was in no position to refuse.

Two very large men from the lending institution invited Billy for a ride. Billy was more than happy to oblige. The men took Billy to a TG Incorporated office. The lenders were willing to invest just a little bit more with Billy to prepare him for his next job. They turned Billy into Katelyn. A few days of training and Billy was put to work. Billy makes regular payments on his old debts now. In two or three years he should be debt free.  Then he can start saving for retirement.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Witch Way Did She Go

Marty made the mistake of treating a witch with disdain. The first lesson when speaking with a witch is to agree with her. If she asks for something, give it and leave fast. Never, I repeat, never get selfish with a witch. A witch scorned will hunt you down and change your life forever.

Marty made all the mistakes. He knew the woman was a witch. Regardless, he ignored her simple request to carry some books to her cart. The witch said nothing as she made several trips to get all her books. Marty kept walking.

The witch watched as Marty’s back disappeared around the corner. She rummaged through the books on her cart until she found the one she was looking for. She opened the book and used her thumb to page back to the spell she wanted. She narrowed her eyes as she looked in the direction Marty went. In a hoarse voice she spit the incantation.

At home Marty felt ill. He took a nap. When he woke he could not remember who he was. All he wanted to do was give books away to anyone who would take them. He kept telling people he was Angela. People had no idea who she was and avoided her. Before long Angela was known as the crazy woman handing out books in town.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Interview with a Woman

Host: We have a special guest with us tonight. Three years ago she underwent gender reassignment with the latest hormone, surgery and nanobot technology. Tonight Chrystal will share with us her awesome story. Welcome Crystal.

Chrystal: Thank you. I’m so happy to be here.

H: To start, what is the one thing that stands out the most since your transformation?

C: Well, as you know, I wanted to be a girl all my life. I knew something was wrong when I looked down at what I was. I always visualized what life would be like once I became a girl. I think everyone in the audience has had a similar experience where what you expected is different from what happens. For me, the thing that stands out most is sleepwear. The feel of soft lingerie as I slide into bed is so much different as a girl than as a guy dressed as a girl. Here is a picture of me in my favorite negligee I sleep in. [The audience applauds.] My skin feels the fabric differently than before the transformation. As a guy a negligee felt erotic, sensual, but now it feels like wearing any other clothes. I feel pretty and special, but not different is the best way I can describe it.

H: There must have been an adjustment period.

C: Wow! Expectations are so different from reality. A man’s body reacts and responds so differently from a woman’s and with today’s technology the boy to girl transformation is one hundred percent accurate. Walking was hard at first. You can’t imagine the sore muscles I had the first week. My hips were killing me. The other thing a woman’s body deals with differently is when wearing heels. I wore heels for years before the transformation, but my calves still needed time to adjust.

H: Has your personal life improved?

C: Wellllll.

H: You’re blushing says it all. Com’on, tell us.

C: Okaaaay. I met this guy a year after the transformation and we are married six months next week Tuesday. And are you ready for this? We are expecting.

H: You are an amazing woman Chrystal. I am sorry, but we are out of time Chrystal’s full interview airs at 11 tonight. See you then.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Knocked Off Her Feet

Tony was getting ready for a night out on the town when the swarm of micro vortexes hit. Because of their small size and speed scientists did not provide a warning. Nobody was intentionally in a shielded shelter. As you know, vortexes are bubbles of space floating around the universe with special properties. Vortexes have no effect on females, but any male lucky enough to be in a vortex’s path is instantly transformed into a female by the null space inside the vortex. It happens so fast the victims feel it is instantaneous: one second they are a man, the next a woman.

The micro vortexes were different from anything seen before. Every vortex in the past transformed their victims on the spot. The victim frequently did not know they were transformed until they looked down. These micro vortexes knocked their victims unconscious. This is where Tony comes in. He had plans for a fun evening out with friends from work when a vortex smashed him. He was knocked back on the bed, out cold. This vortex also gave Tony a bonus: a hot outfit and already with perfect makeup.

It was not long before Tony came to. He knew what happened the second he opened his eyes. At first he was mad the vortex ruined his plan for the evening. Then a huge grin grew on his face as he looked at himself in the mirror. He will go out tonight with his co-workers. They will not know who he is so he will introduce himself as Pam and mess with everyone before he tells them what happens. Gawd, what fun!

It worked better than Tony expected. As Pam he had every guy from work drooling before he told them about the vortex. The guys kept drooling. Tony took it all in. He thought for a moment and then accepted the offer to spend the night with Cory, his best friend at work. Tony is so happy as Pam.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The World's Best Sister

“It’s a deal,” my sister Maggie said. At last my dream is coming true. I convinced Maggie to spend a month as each other. Maggie is so popular and I am nobody. As you can see Maggie is hot. Even a brother can admit that.

I saved every dime I made and since I have no social life every dime went to the account set aside for the swapping chamber fee. The second I had enough saved to pay for the swap I told Maggie praying she would honor her promise. To my surprise she did. Before we stepped into the swapping chamber I asked her why she would swap with a nobody like her brother when she was so popular. She said she envied the quiet I have without constantly being bothered by people that want to be close to her. So she wins too, I guess.

The popularity was fun at first. The dressing in pretty clothes was really the best. Wearing a panty and bra makes me tingle. Then I began to understand what Maggie meant by the burden of popularity. Every guy in school wanted a piece of me. I put out at first hoping Maggie wouldn't get too mad I was giving her a reputation.

That was a month ago. Maggie disappeared the night before we were schedules to swap back. Now I am stuck in her body. Looks like she wanted to keep my body as much as I wanted to keep hers. She didn't have to run to accomplish that. Where ever you are Maggie, I love you, sis. And thank you for the body.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sister's Best Friend

As I felt the potion begin to transform me I knew my sister was involved. The soda tasted off so I only had one small sip, but that was all it took. Within minutes every male part of me was gone and I had all the right girl bumps and curves. After the transformation was complete the clothes I was wearing did not fit. I knew my way around my sister, Angel’s, closet; I tried on her dresses a time or three.

As I finished changing Angel rushed her room. “Got you brother! Thought I didn't know you were wearing my clothes. Well, I did. You want to wear girl clothes you have to be a girl and now you are. FOREVER!”  I wanted to call her the “c” word but it really applied to me. I did deserve what I got and I always wanted to be a girl. I hung my head instead of arguing.

I stood there in Angel’s purple dress as she inched toward me. I started to back up until I was against the wall and had nowhere to go. I raised my arms. “I always wanted a sister named Alice,” she said. “And now I have one.” The words were so soft and quiet I closed my eyes. I could feel Angel lean closer until her lips met mine. I would complain, but Angel always knew what was best for me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3D Woman

When Kendall was younger he dreamed of being a fireman. Later he wanted to be the King of England. One day after watching the news he wanted to be President of the United States. Yes, Kendall wanted to be someone important or at least someone special when he grew up. But whenever he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he never told the true answer: a girl.

Girls are special and Kendall knew it. Girls got to wear all the pretty clothes and have a closet full of shoes. Girls were soft and pretty; girls were allowed to have long flowing hair. Girls received attention from the boys, especially as they got older. Kendall was invisible. People rarely noticed he was there.

Kendall’s invisibility continued into college. Even with a 4.0 nobody noticed: the university, the professors, other students, nobody. Invisible or not Kendall was the smartest kid to ever walk the campus. He worked hard in his applied sciences classes with heavy focus on 3D printers. 3D printers could make a lot of stuff for a while now, but it could only make inanimate objects. What about people?

Kendall discovered how to go one better. Instead of making people he modified his 3D printer to make people into anything they want with the materials already in their body. Kendall tested his 3D printer on a few animals before programming the printer and stepping inside. Kendall never shared his discovery. It was his secret. Now Kendall is a beautiful girl (as you can see), but still quiet. As Wanda he is no longer invisible and everyone takes notice of his grades, especially the boys. Kendall is still the smartest kid to walk the campus. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

You Can Find it in a Library

I remember the first time I met Miss Dinger. It was the first time I walked into a library and there she was, all slim and meek and quiet with a soft smile. She looked at me through her hair and for a fifteen year old boy it awakened a desire in me that had outward manifestations and she noticed. Miss Dinger and I became friends as I visited the library every day after that and took an interest in reading for the first time.

Miss Dinger introduced me to worlds I never knew existed. There they were, large and bold, hidden within the books of the library. I could travel to the future, to ancient civilizations, to worlds unknown all with the turn of the page. As our friendship grew I confided in Tracy, (yes, I call Miss Dinger by her first name now) that I wanted to be like her. She thought I meant I wanted to be a librarian. My look must have told her she was wrong. She soon figured out I wanted to be her. Exactly like her.

Tracy smiled, took my hand, and led me to a back room. She showed me an old, old book on its own pedestal. She slowly opened the pages stopping at a full page sketching with caption. The sketch showed a pair of chambers with light coming out of them. Tracy smiled as she pulled back a curtain at the back of the room revealing the chambers from the book. Without a word she helped me enter a chamber. I was so excited! I knew Tracy was going to swap bodies with me. She stepped into her chamber. In a flash I was in her body.

By now it was after hours for the library. Tracy dressed me like a sexy librarian and took this picture. That was three years ago. I go to the library often. I love books. I love switching bodies with Tracy. People say we are strange because our ages are so different and we are dating. Who cares what “they” think. I spend more time as Tracy than as me and we've never been happier.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Thank God for TG Incorporated

Springtime. The time of year when young hearts, and those young at heart, think of warm weather and skimpy bikinis. But for too many it is all a dream that will never come true. Many guys love watching women strut their stuff in colorful swimwear. But there are a significant number of guys that want to be the one wearing the bikini and make it look good.

Let me introduce you to TG Incorporated, a company devoted to helping males get their dream of living as females come true. That’s right. TG Incorporated’s new patented technology allows your dreams to come true all at an affordable price. Step into the girly light chamber and walk out a beautiful woman in less than an hour. Financing available with low monthly payments.

Eric was the first customer to visit the local TG Incorporated store when it opened. He opted for the easy payment financing plan. He tripped as he raced to the girly light chamber and pulled the door shut behind him. The technician smiled at Eric’s enthusiasm and flipped the switch. Several girly lights swirled around the chamber taking a piece of Eric’s manhood with each pass. It seemed to take forever for Eric. He trotted to the mirror when the girly lights stopped and the door latch popped open. He loved what he saw.

Eric brought a bag with the bikini and to hold his old clothes. He looked fantastic. “Sandy,” Eric smiled at the technician. “My name is Sandy. I’d like my identifications papers to read Sandy.” Eric was so giddy he stumbled over the words. All Eric could think was, “Thank god for TG Incorporated.”

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Antique Shop

Jack has been all smiles ever since he held the Jewel of Odan and became Molly. Around town people started asking about Jack and his whereabouts. People were concerned after he disappeared for weeks. Jack smiled behind his disguise. Jack does not exist anymore, Molly does.

A few people began connecting the dots. Molly arrived just about the same time Jack went AWOL. Jack was concerned the police might get ideas Molly did Jack in. Nothing came of it except idle talk. Molly started to blend into the community while people started to forget Jack ever lived.

Things were certainly different as a guy. Jack was a loner nobody cared about. People knew who he was and might nod and smile as they passed on the street, but they never really cared. People noticed Molly instantly. They knew her name, where she lived, and what she did all. People loved Molly. Jack loved the care, concern and attention.

As fun as it is Jack started to miss his old life. Jack took the Jewel of Odan out the case he bought from the old woman. He held the Jewel in his left hand, closed his eyes, and thought of the person he wanted to be, his old self. But nothing happened. Jack returned to the antique shop and questioned the old woman. She informed Jack the Jewel of Odan only works in one direction: once a girl, always a girl. Molly still smiles all the time so it must not be all that bad.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Run of Luck Ends

Poker. A game Saxon is better at than just about anybody. For months now he has cleaned the house with his winnings at the poker table. He was on such a run he forgot the risks associated with losing while playing poker at a table sponsored by organized crime. The house always wins is more than a slogan when the mafia runs the joint.

Saxon knew how to read people. But he forgot about psychology when it came to himself. As the months rolled by and his bankroll grew larger, the boss took greater notice in Saxon. It was decided to bring Saxon’s run of good luck to an end. At first Saxon didn't notice the slow drain on his money. Before he knew it his whole bankroll was gone and he was signing a marker. And he lost that to.

Only after the boss called in the marker did Saxon realize how deep he was in. To save his own neck he would have to do whatever the boss asked for. The boss wanted his money. A couple of goons dragged Saxon to a back room with a nanobot bath. Saxon stepped in when ordered to do so. Later he stepped out as Matilda. The boss wanted his money and he knew exactly how Saxon could earn it back. A couple of years turning tricks should cover the marker and interest. Here Matilda poses for a photo before she goes to work for the boss.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Wife's Best Friend

The witch tricked Benton. Okay, he deserved to be tricked. Yes, Benton knew he was a low-life for what he did. But it happened only one time. He only slipped once in all his years of marriage. It wasn't like he loved her, he only fucked her. It meant nothing. Okay, okay! Benton gets it. He slipped with his wife’s best friend and then denied the whole thing until his wife brought in a witch to ferret out the truth.

The witch made it clear to Benton if he lied he would be turned into a woman for life. Benton didn't believe in such hocus pocus. You can’t change a dude into a woman with a spell. What is this: the Dark Ages? Benton had to own the lie to save his hide. So he did, and paid the price.

Now Benton looks in the mirror and takes another selfie. His wife is gone, his name is now Sophie, and he has to learn how his new body works. Considering how beautiful he is he has nothing to complain about. He likes the name Sophie; an attractive name. He is glad he owned that lie. Life as a woman offers many possibilities not available when he was a man.