Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Prosecute This

The crime family had everything under control until the prosecutor played dirty. The cops were dumb enough to accept bribes and smart enough to look the other way once they got said bribe. The prosecutor refused to look the other way. Oh, he took the bribe. Then he sent seven of the crime family’s best assets to the gas chamber.

Sonny viewed himself as a champion of the people while secretly taking cash under the table. He justified it all in his mind, but he was just as big a crook as the crime lords and police accepting payola. Unfortunately, if you accept the payoff you better deliver the goods. Sonny was so cocky he thought he could spit in the face of the country’s biggest crime family.

Bodyguards followed Sonny wherever he went. An ambush at his home killed all but one of the bodyguards. The remaining bodyguard was too injured to be of any good. Sonny swallowed hard as seven guns were pointed at him. It would not be the last time he swallowed hard.

The henchmen carted Sonny to an undisclosed location. They roughed Sonny up, ripped off his clothes and pushed him into a hot tub of nanobots. The jets of hot water laced with nanobots went to work fast. Sonny flailed as he struggled to keep his head above water. When the jets stopped churning, Sonny was gone, replaced by Cheryl.

The crime family had more plans than just a nanobot bath for Cheryl. They wanted their money back. All of it. Including the payoffs paid to the police. Cheryl stood with her back to the lathing in a pretty panty/bra set. She did not understand for a fraction of a moment. Then the realization hit. Once again, Cheryl was swallowing hard.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Best Joke Ever

Jack pointed up in the sky and laughed. “Nice one guys. A spaceship; a UFO. Very original.” Jack thought it was the funniest joke ever. What he did not realize is his buddies behind him had already turned tail and ran. Jack was standing alone on the walkway pointing and laughing at the sky.

The light in the sky kept coming closer as Jack pointed. What Jack did not do was think. If he did, even for a fraction of a second, he would have known such a gag would be beyond anything his buddies could pull off. If he took a second moment to think he would have realized he was standing alone . But he didn’t.

The UFO did not hover over him as it is so often reported in the news. Instead, the spacecraft stayed high in the sky in front of him forcing Jack to look up at a 45 degree angle. Jack thought it was the most elaborate trick ever when the light flashed at him from the UFO. 

Jack kept smiling and giggling to himself as the UFO sped away. Slowly his buddies returned. They saw the whole think from a safe distance. It was then that Jack discovered it was no gag. The UFO was real and he was hit by a girly light.

The laughing stopped as Jack had to decide what to do. There was nothing he could do really except pick a name. The guys settled on Becky. It was a nice, down-home name. Now Jack and his friends had to figure out what to tell Jack’s wife when they got him home.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


The Law of Unintended Consequences hit the TG Incorporated line of products. The fast evolving technology gained uses never imagined by the creators. Crime syndicates were the most creative of all. New superheroes created to bring crime to its knees fought back and TG Inc. products were the perfect tools to get the job done.

A new kind of cop called “superman” was the latest creation from the laboratories of TG Inc. His abilities were certainly super-human. The added strength, speed and agility made superman an unstoppable force… until the crime lords used the same technology to nullify superman.

Axel made a name for himself. Criminals feared him more than any other superman. The crime lords put a bounty on Axel’s head: dead or alive. It was later decided alive would be a better. The plan was to turn Axel into a girl as an example to all the other brave superheroes out there.

The trap worked. Axel was lured into a trap and a whip laced with nanobots and TG dust was snared around his neck. The fast acting nanobots did a number on Axel in minutes. He struggled in pain as his body transformed on the ground. Fight though he may it was soon over. Superman was gone; supergirl took his place.

The crime lords gave Supergirl a message to take back to all the other would-be heroes: Back off! Or pay the price.

What the crime lords did not understand was a “supergirl” was magnitudes of order more dangerous than a superman. They should have known better. Everyone knows hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The crime lords responsible for Alex’s transformation were never seen or heard from again. Axel was AWOL too, but an interesting girl with tremendous powers named Alexa took his place. A strange new world we live in.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Schoolgirl Dreams

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know how proud you are of me and how hard you have worked to send me to college. You cannot understand how grateful I am for what you have done for me. The reason I have a 4.0 is because I know I owe you my best.

The opportunity to be the woman I knew I always was appeared. I took the only chance I’ve ever had to be the real me. No longer am I a woman in mind only; my body is now on board. I am a girl; a real girl! Girl clothes fit perfect now. The enclosed picture is me. Skinny pants fit. Don’t you think I look awesome!

I am not your little Pete anymore; I am your little Penny and I have a boyfriend, Todd. He insists he meet you. He is a real gentleman. We’ve been living together for a month now and I think he wants your permission to ask for my hand. The tears start whenever I think I might be getting married. Please, be proud of me mom and dad. I am happy, really happy. I have good grades and have you to thank for everything.

Your loving daughter, Penny

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Simple Choice

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Captain Altair goes by many faces. Bart knew this all too well. While trekking the Zemeloo Hinterland he happened into a chance encounter with Captain Altair and her squadron. After a brief disagreement Bart was impressed into service.  Captain Altair needed a ruse and Bart would fit the bill perfectly.

Bart was cuffed and led back to the ship where a quick surgery and nanobot bath turned him into a woman. A few days of feminine training turned Bart into the perfect belly dancer/girl/diversion for Captain Altair.

Captain Altair had Bart’s brain reprogrammed as Maxine. From a distance he would be confused as Captain Altair. Captain Altair would use the moments of confusion to free the captured President of Mentaldo.

The risks to Bart, I mean Maxine, were significant. Good woman that he is, he performed his duties heroically and lived. Never even received a scratch. The President of Mentaldo was freed by Captain Altair and her heroic soldiers. Maxine, unaware she was ever a dude, fought like hell to stop the transformation back to Bart. And she won, breaking free and running like the wind. Captain Altair ordered to let him go. Captain Altair said, “He is happier now as Maxine. Let the poor guy enjoy his life.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2017