Friday, March 13, 2015

The Grand Detour

Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. On his way to work, Nick’s car broke down. Twelve miles from town he decided to hitchhike. A petite redhead stopped to give him a ride. He knew he would enjoy the ride to town with such an attractive woman. His bad luck could turn into a date.

There were eight miles of woods they would need to drive through to get to town. Nick made small talk hoping to break the ice and get a phone number when they arrived at his workplace. Three-quarters of the way through the woods the cute redhead took a detour deeper into the woods to an abandoned industrial building.

When she stopped the car the doors automatically locked as smoke filled the car from the vents. The cute redhead said, “Don’t worry. It’s only a nanobot mist.” When the mist cleared Nicks looked down at his new sumptuous body. “Here, put this on,” the redhead said handing Nick a dress, heels, bra, pantyhose and panty.

Nick did as he was told without a word. He was in shock from the radical change to his body. He was a girl! How was that possible? Yet, here he was, in a dress having his picture taken by a beautiful redhead in a dilapidated old building.

“Let’s go,” the redhead said as she took the last picture and tuned to the car. Nick struggled to walk in the heels. The redhead came back for him and lent him an arm for support. “You will adjust soon enough. I have big plans for you Amanda. You will love your girly life.”


  1. Very nice. I have always enjoyed this picture when it shows up every so often.

  2. Great cap, nanobot mist, interesting think you could do that with a brunette in leather boots? No latex just awesome.