Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Gift of Time

Neal left home for a long walk in the woods. The warm summer day felt warm against his skin, the sun peaking through the leaves touched his face lightly making Neal smile. After walking an hour he sat next to a tree, leaned back, and closed his eyes.

As soon as Neal fell asleep a witch came down the path. She saw Neal asleep next to the tree and feel deeply in love with him. The witch cast a spell. Neal didn't remember the next 300 years of life he lived with the witch.

Witches live a long time but not forever. Out of love for Neal she used her last bit of energy to cast a spell. The witch sent Neal back in time to the tree and his afternoon nap. She knew Neal wanted to be a woman so she made him the most beautiful woman he knew.

Neal woke from his afternoon nap without any knowledge of a 300 year love affair with a witch. He looked down at his body and never noticed he was now in his wife Sara’s body. Sara stood, stretched and brushed herself off.

Sara returned home and walked into the house to see her husband Neal waiting for her. She wrapped her arms around Neal’s neck and kissed him. Her husband pulled back and held out two tickets to the ballet, Sara’s favorite. Sara loved wearing a new dress and the ballet was the perfect opportunity. Sara and Neal lived a long, happy life together unaware of the role reversal gifted them by the witch.

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