Friday, March 6, 2015

Dream Vacation

Mike saved for twenty years so he could retire and sail around the world. His dream came true by saving over half his income for over two decades. He quit his job when he had enough to buy his dream boat in cash and still had enough left throwing off an income to support him for life.

To realize his dream he never married and lived a single purpose life. His new sailboat was a slick work of beauty. His whole body shivered in ecstasy as he set said. Fully stocked for the first leg of the long voyage, he set a course for the mythical Mystery Island. Rumor had it that Mystery Island existed somewhere in the vast South Pacific.

Before setting sail Mike did his research. Each leg of his journey was meticulously planned. Talking with sailors from around the world he discovered the most likely place Mystery Island was. Now he could see a small island on the horizon that wasn't on any of his maps. He bristled with excitement.

Mystery Island granted wishes according to rumor and Mike had a lot of wished needing fulfillment. He weighed anchor in a small lagoon of the uncharted island. It felt good to step on firm ground again. He found a shaded area and laid back for an afternoon nap. Mike dreamed of all the wishes he had for Mystery Island when he found it.

As the afternoon ran late Mike woke from his nap. He knew instantly he had found Mystery Island. His first and greatest wish already fulfilled. He would savor his new life as Olivia for a few weeks before demanding more fantasies from the wonderful island. 

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