Sunday, November 30, 2014

Best Freinds

Kenny and Jack were friends since kindergarten. Where one was the other was always near. The boys loved playing together, studied together and even double dated together. But after they graduated from high school and college they felt an emptiness. Both Kenny and Jack dated several girls over the years, but they never really found the right girl with the right interests.

Neither Kenny nor Jack is gay so they had to keep looking for their soulmate. On day Kenny read an article that changed their life. A new procedure was developed by a Chinese company that transformed a man into a fully functional woman with only two weeks of hormone treatments. The cost was within the budget of Kenny and Jack.

After a long talk it was decided that Jack would make the transformation. They fell in love soon after the procedure and married. You’ll never find a happier, more well-adjusted couple anywhere. What started as a friendship all those years ago in kindergarten has blossomed into a deeply romantic, loving relationship. Jack changed his name to Bethany after treatment. They were married six months later.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Time to Grow Up

Not every descendant of the Roanoke colony is aware of their ancestry. Regardless, all males born to a descendant of the colony suffers the curse of the shaman from all those years ago. When males reach puberty they become females for the rest of their life. This is the price the colonists paid for their lives during those first brutal winters.

Stephen’s family kept the family secret… well, secret. But each day Stephen grew older and approached puberty. He was big into outdoor sports and looked forward to getting older so he could hunt and do more stuff with his dad. But dad married a Roanoke descendant and knew what would happen if he had a son.  Dad made the best of the time he had before he had a daughter.

The day finally arrived when dad heard a scream from Stephen’s bedroom. The transformation is always fast and painless. You go to sleep a boy and awake a girl. Dad knew what the scream meant. He made eye contact with his wife. “I better talk to her,” mom said as she stood from the kitchen table. She would explain to Stephen that he is Joyce now. And Stephen will know more about American history than anyone else.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise

Preparations for Thanksgiving Day started in springtime with planting of the garden and ending in gathering the fruits of the tended gardens and the forest. Generations had passes since the first settlers arrived at Roanoke. Thanksgiving Day was always a time filled with friends and family. The feast was immense.

Some would call it a curse, but to the descendants of the Pilgrims, it was a blessing. The shaman allowed the colonists the right to live with the Croatan tribe as long as they did so as females. Male boys were transformed as they reached puberty into fine young ladies. Lee remembers his boyhood and the day he was taken to the shaman. He remembers the tingling all over his body as he turned into a girl.

That was five years ago. Once the transformation was complete, Lee was asked if he had a name he would like. He said Elizabeth. The shaman smiled and said he’s be known as Elizabeth from that day forward. Those were fond memories for Elizabeth. She remembers wanting to be old enough to be a girl. Now she is excited again as she can’t wait to tell everyone of her engagement to a brave warrior: Stands Tall. She will spread the good news at thanksgiving dinner. They make such a cute couple. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thankful Little Croatan Girl

Little Becky Mahler was so excited about the very first thanksgiving dinner in the Americas. The Croatan Indians were the friendliest people the colonists ever met. When the Croatan shaman cast a spell turning all the men into women and boys into girls there were concerns. But it was easier to integrate the colonists with the tribe if they were all female.

Becky came to the Roanoke colony as Scant Mahler. He adjusted to his new body faster than the older boys and men who still wanted to hunt and lift heavy stuff. Scant enjoyed watching the women and girls work. He secretly wanted to join them. Now he does.

When John White arrived looking for the colonists he considered the transformation an abomination to God. White soon understood it was the will of God that the colonists were all female. It made working with the Indians easier. Men are too competitive, leading to confrontation and other problems. And Becky? She loves playing with the girls when chores are done.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Croatoan Mystery Solved

The history books tell the traditional first thanksgiving myth in the Americas. The reality is much different. In 1587 English settlers landed on Roanoke Island. Life should have been good for the settlers as they made friends with a local Indian tribe, the Croatans. Trade started between the locals and the settlers.

Life was hard in those days as the colonists broke new ground. Death from natural causes or accidents would happen, but the survival of the colony was high. Yet the colony disappeared with only a mysterious message on a post of the fort: Croatoan. History records them as the “Lost Colony”.

John White went searching for his daughter, a member of the Lost Colony. The history books say White took the message as meaning the colonists went to live with the Croatans, but weather prevented him from confirming his theory. But John White did follow-up on his investigation and the weather was just fine.

White traveled with his team to visit the Croatoan Island, now called Hatteras. What he found was first suppressed and then destroyed by the government. What he found was against the laws of nature and God. How could it be possible that only women survived and the number of English women in the Indian village was greater than the number of women in the colony?

In the recently discovered diary of John White, White describes questioning the colonial women in the Indian village. A woman named Virginia explained that all the men and boys were changed into females by the Croatan shaman. White asked Virginia if she was one of the men changed into a woman. She only smiled. White found the woman’s diary with the name Benjamin Dare scratched out and written over with Virginia Dare. White noted the English women  were all in good spirits giving thanks to God every day for the life they’ve been granted .

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not Tonight I Have a Headache

A woman’s work is never done, Nigel thought. Ever since he agreed to switch with his wife he understood the work his wife, Piper, had to do each day. And after a long day he was now expected to satisfy her in bed! Unreal.

It was Piper’s idea to make the swap. The cost was affordable. Nigel felt it would be fun spending a couple weeks as Piper. And he was curious about what sex felt like for a woman. The first few days were fun; the first sex was awesome (it still is). But the rest was a lot harder than he expected. Piper only grinned when he struggled with the job, making meals, cleaning the house and satisfying her.

After the two weeks were up Nigel confessed, “I am ready to get my old body and life back.” Emily threw back her head and laughed. “We aren’t changing back. I paid for the permanent switch, honey.” Nigel was shocked. Emily grinned at her old body. Nigel knew he needed to adjust to life as Piper from now on. He tossed his head back and to the side, bringing the back of his hand to his forehead. “Not tonight, honey. I have a headache.”

Monday, November 24, 2014

You Can Always Go Back

Life is rarely fair. Rory knew this all too well as he watched his wife, Emily, die slowly of cancer. When the final day came he completely broke down. Family helped his with the funeral arrangements. Everything Rory valued in life was buried that day.

When a man is thrown so low he thinks of things he should never think. When the pain was more than he could take, Rory planed his suicide.  Before he could carry out the act, he finds a postcard of his honeymoon with Emily.  After long tears, Rory calls and books a night at the secluded retreat where he spent a week with his wife. He is pleased he can reserve the same room from so many years ago.

He was eager to visit the old memory when he arrived at the inn. The innkeeper showed Rory to his room. She inquired about Emily and their marriage. Rory told the innkeeper what happened, fighting tears the entire time. “There, there,” the kindly old woman said. “Everything will be all right.”

Rory settled into the room, unpacked his clothes, and lay on the bed. He took out lingerie he loved seeing his wife wear. He cuddled the purple lace and breathed deep the lingering smell of his departed love. He fell asleep.

When he awoke he felt different. He was wearing his wife’s lingerie. He looked down and saw breasts. He ran to the mirror and looked himself up and down. He looked exactly like Emily! Rory was so happy. He was with Emily again. The innkeeper gave Rory a hug as he left the next day. “Now, young lady, live the life Emily deserved.” “I will,” he said, enjoying the feel of lace against his smooth skin.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Helping Hand

While travelling alone in France, Harvey lost his clothes, passport and money. His belongings, all of them except the clothes on his back, were stolen from the hostel as he slept. With no money for food or another night of shelter, Harvey turned to the hostel owner for help. With an easy smile the hostel owner said in perfect English, “I know just the person who can help you.”

Harvey was introduced to a man with a business at the outskirts of town. He could get Harvey a new passport, shelter for as long as he needed and three square meals a day, plus a change of clothes. All for one low fee. “How can I pay?” asked Harvey. “I have a way,” the man said with a twisted grin.

Harvey had no choice. He let the man put him in a swapping chamber and change his name to Zoe. Harvey works hard every day for his food, clothing and shelter. Soon, he will have earned enough to buy his manhood back and a passport. What Harvey didn’t know was that there was no “going back”. And he would work his new job for a long time. A very, very long time. And the hostel owner laughed as he collected his fee for stealing Harvey’s belongings.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It All Turns Out Well in the End

What started as love devolved into the greatest nightmare Oliver could ever imagine. The love of his life, the woman he lived with, shared his life with, worshipped the ground of for eight years left him for another man. Oliver was devastated.

Oliver lost the will to live. He closed himself in his apartment and drank himself senseless. As Oliver started hitting bottom, his friends planned an intervention. His friends knew Oliver would be dead before long if he kept on his current path.

Oliver fought the intervention. He didn’t care about life anymore. But his friends knew what Oliver needed to enjoy life again. But Oliver didn’t want another girlfriend. His friends knew that. They knew he needed to start life over as a girl. And his friends knew exactly where to go.

Oliver was taken on a small trip to Las Vegas to meet a group of casino owners who were always looking for the right kind of help. Mafia owned casinos were always looking for the “right” kind of help. When Oliver was shown what his new life would be like, his eyes showed sparkle for the first time since you know who left him.

Oliver accepted the offer to work as Natalie. The permanent changes were made and Oliver went right to work. He has never been happier in his life. On day he saw a couple on vacation down in the casino and noticed it was his old girlfriend. The guy she was with looked miserable, so did his girlfriend. Oliver smiled to himself and knew he made the right choice, that life had treated him well after all.

Friday, November 21, 2014

What A Game

Elroy watched a program on the Learning Channel on card counting. The guy from MIT who figured out how to beat the casinos at blackjack made it look easy. He was encouraged by the group of college kids making a killing playing blackjack on the weekends.

Elroy bought every book he could find on the subject and practiced card counting for twelve to fourteen hours a day. Before long he could count cards in his sleep. Elroy found himself counting cards without even thinking. He was ready to start his new career.

Las Vegas casinos never knew what hit them. Elroy made money every night as he worked his way down the Strip. When a casino got wise he acted drunk, cashed in his chips and left.

Elroy loved to spend his winnings. He bought fancy clothes, ate expensive meals, and enjoyed costly women. But Elroy was smart. He always kept an ample amount of cash to start the next day playing blackjack in case he lost a few hands he shouldn’t have. Sometimes the cards are fickle.

Variance is a lesson Elroy never heeded. Variance says there will be times you will lose even when the odds are in your favor. Sometimes variance rears her ugly head for a long stretch of time. Tonight is that time for Elroy. The cards kept putting the odds in his favor, so he bet big, and lost. Again and again.

The casino was more than happy to extend credit to Elroy. Elroy signed the marker and kept playing. And losing. So he signed another marker. Then another. Elroy made a rookie mistake. He kept thinking the cards would eventually revert to the mean. It never happened. And Elroy kept playing, borrowing more from the casino, and losing to the crooked dealer the casino put at his table. You see, Elroy was the mark.

In the wee hours of the morning the casino cut Elroy’s credit off and demanded payment. Elroy was broke. The casino demanded payment via cash or services. Elroy had no choice. Now Elroy works for the casino as Laura. He pays off $300 of his debt to the casino for every customer he services. It will take years for Elroy to retire his debt, but he accepts his new life and is really happy with the way life turned out.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Guess Who I Am

It started with a neighborhood masquerade. Xavier loved the idea of neighbors getting to know each other. Dressing up is always fun and a great way to bring the neighborhood together. It also appealed to Xavier’s idea that fun shouldn't cost much. Cheap fun is what Xavier enjoyed most.

Xavier also has a kinky side so he dressed as Catwoman. He bought the suit as Late Xperiement. He went all-out and made sure he looked completely female. The neighbors will never guess who he is, but will never forget him once he introduces himself.

Plans always face problems. As the gathering started a large distortion in the atmosphere descended on their little street party. Everyone looked up and pointed at the growing, rippling air. The vortex passed through the crowd and into the ground.

After everyone gathered their senses they started to notice changes. A scream came from the other side of the crowd. That is when Xavier noticed the vortex changed everyone into the person their costume indicated except everyone switched gender.

Xavier looked down and examined himself. He too was changed. After a few stunned moments, he started grinning until his smile reached ear to ear. This is the greatest party ever! Xavier couldn't wait to introduce himself as Yvette to his neighbors. It would be so fun to learn about his neighbors now. No one will guess who he is until he tells them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Mighty Quinn

Every boy and girl dreams of being a star. For some, the dream never ends. But the odds get longer the older you get. For Irvin, the dream grew stronger with time. He wanted to be a model or a movie star. He wanted people to see him, admire him.

Irvin’s family tried to give him a reality check. Irvin had none of it. He visited the modeling agency and said he’d do anything to be famous. The modeling agency had just the program for Irvin. After six weeks of hormone and nanobot treatment, Irvin was ready for an intense course on how to act as a girl.

The modeling agency changed his name to Quinn and began teaching him all the fine points of being feminine. Irvin loved every minute of every day. He had to admit he had butterflies as he was preparing for his first modeling photo shoot. But once he started things became natural. Irvin was in the world he always dreamed of, the world he knew he would live in some day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adding a Spark

Ah, Mystery Island. A place where people go to rekindle a relationship, to find who they really are. Marco and Tasha planned just such a trip for their 5th anniversary.

While walking the beach Mystery Island exercised its magic and switched Marco and Tasha. The change was just the spark to bring their relationship back to life.

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I will add requests to the mix of TB captions here. You can tell me the type of caption you want on an image or I can caption an image to my warped mind.

If all goes well I will add a contest at a later date.

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