Sunday, July 31, 2016

Favorite Sister

Look into my eyes, the girl said. Jack did not see her lips move, yet the words were clear as day. The hypnotic voice drew him in as the girl swirled a wand. Sparkles erupted from the wand. She smiles as Jack moved within touching distance. The green hair was so pretty to Jack.

A touch of the wand and Jack felt his whole body dissolve and re-form into a beautiful princess. It was a TG Wand the girl had! Jack could hear the girl in his head telling him his name was Justine now. The girl touched Justin’s crotch softly so it tickled. We are sister now, she said. Justine was good with that.

The girl touched Justine again and stood. They kissed softly at first. Justine could not stop the impulse. She rubbed the girl’s groin and crotch until he felt warm wetness cover his hand. The girl stepped back, smiled and said, You are my favorite sister ever. It felt good to have a family, Justine thought. Just in time for the holidays.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Special Friends

Nicolas thought it was so cool. The visiting delegation from Quintor IV have a special gift no human could ever hope to possess: they can see several minutes into the future and affect the outcome. This gift comes in handy when dealing with the government or working on a business deal.

A Quintor girl, Jennifer, took an interest in Nicolas when he showed up every day for the news briefing. The briefings are stale news events few paid any attention to. Jennifer knew Nicolas was not there for the news.

Nicolas was too shy to approach the delegation so Jennifer introduced herself to Nicolas. The friendship grew from the start and fast. Jennifer took Nicolas under her wing and taught him about the universe around him. Nicolas lamented his lack of ability. That is when Jennifer revealed only a Quintor female has such skills. She also revealed they have the technology to make him such a girl.

Nicolas would do anything to see the future like the Quintor’s do. Jennifer took him to her spaceship and showed him the lab. The technician was so excited to be working on a human subject. Nicolas took a seat in the transformation chamber. The door closed and the chamber filled with a dense vapor. When the vapor cleared Nicolas was the Quintor girl you see here.

Jennifer changed Nicolas’s name to Lucinda and helped her learn the skill of seeing the future. Lucinda is a fast learner. Lucinda soon became a liaison between Earth and Quintor IV. Earth governments trusted Lucinda to have their best interests at heart. It was a bad assumption. Lucinda considers herself far more Quintorian than human anymore.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Guilty Pleasures

The judge wasn’t taking Rodney’s bullshit anymore. Rodney spent more time in court and in jail than free. The judge had it. He was going to end the crap once and for all.

The judge read the list of offenses Rodney committed over the years. All were minor, but never ending: indecent exposure, urinating in public, jay walking, and shoplifting (You needed a candy bar that bad?” the judge exhorted).

“Nothing seems to work with you,” the judge continued. “Jail doesn’t seem to work. I think you actually like it there.” Rodney smiled at the comment which really pissed off the judge. “I’m sick of dealing with you. I have a solution to end these games you play once and for all.”

What was Rodney’s offense this time? Minor BS again. He was required to report his personal online presence to the Department of Corrections. He started a business and claimed the accounts were business, not personal. He was right, but when has the government cared about right or following the law. They pick and choose which laws they will follow and whom they apply to. This fake law applied to Rodney, it seems.

Rodney could cop any attitude he wanted, it would not help. “I am inclined to sentence you to seven years hard labor on the prison farm, but I get the feeling you might enjoy that.” Rodney shrugged. Rodney would rather sit around all day passing time, but whatever. “Instead I think I can end your attitude with a novel sentence.” Now the judge smiled. “I order you to report to the local TG Incorporated office for gender reassignment. As a woman you will find how offensive lewd behavior is when directed toward you. If you keep your nose clean for seven years you can petition the court to have your old body back. Do you understand your sentence?”

Rodney was white as a ghost. Losing his family jewels over this? No effing way! Of course it was effing way. The police dragged him to the TG Incorporated office to carry out the sentence. Rodney was replaced by Luellen that day. To his surprise he loved life as Luellen. The judge can go eff himself. As a woman he can get away with murder. He couldn’t help thinking of all the fun things he could now do.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Warrior Women

The galaxy is filled with super hero wannabes. Brad happened to be one of those super heroes in training when the cold, hard truth crashed in. If Brad was going to serve the Galactic League of the Community of Worlds he would need to make some radical changes. For starters, the League does not need any more men, but there is a high demand for women warriors.

The decision was easy: when do we start? The League made the necessary adjustments to Brad, well, actually, Marie, if you want to get technical about it, and started training her in female fighting techniques. Marie is a natural. Soon, Marie had the guys coming toward her where she excelled at hand to hand combat. Up close, Marie had the advantage of distraction.

It became clear Brad was a girl in waiting all these years. Brad did not even know about it; Marie has no doubts. With her hand razors she slices and dices the enemy with ease. Her innocent face lulls the enemy into a false sense of superiority. Then Marie does what she does best. The razor wheels flash out at lightning speed killing all enemies of the Community.

In case there is any doubt about Brad, consider the simple truth. As a young boy he wore panties when he could do so unnoticed. He took every opportunity to live as a girl when he moved out on his own. As his dreams grew he put away the fantasy. When the Galactic League told him they needed female warriors he was so happy inside. It took all his strength to keep from jumping for joy. In the end, things worked out well  for Marie.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stealing Danica Patrick

Robert dreamed of stealing Danica Patrick’s body and living her life. It was only fantasy until TG Incorporated started selling swap guns. The guns were outlawed before they reached the market due to the overwhelming chance of abuse. Lucky for Robert he found a swap gun on the black market.

The next step took some stalking. He followed Danica until the right opportunity. He pointed the gun. Then, BAM! The gun made no noise when fired. All Robert remembered is one moment he was holding the gun, the next moment he was wearing an awesome bikini.

The gloss came off after a few days. Robert did not understand how much work is was living Danica’s life. The constant workouts and training were exhausting. And the guys! They were relentless. How many guys can a girl tackle in a week?

In the end Robert was happy as Danica. She won the next race because she practiced every day. The lifestyle soon became natural. Looking in a mirror and seeing her heaving breasts became a mark of pride. Danica felt warm inside with the constant attention as a driver and model. You could say the swap gun saved Robert’s life.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

You Can Be Yoko

Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions are filled with role playing and costumes. Cosplay is bleeding into the general population and impossible to miss in Japan and South Korea. Brendan fell in love with the anime character Yoko Littner. He travelled to Japan so he could live out his fantasy as Yoko.

What Brendan did not know is that there are several levels to cosplay. Unsatisfied with stalking Yoko lookalikes, her choose to join in the role play. The costumes only hid so much. He wanted to really be an anime characher: Yoko Littner.

The understanding was the role play would last for the week of the convention. Brendan didn’t think he could be a woman full-time. Too many guys hit on him hard while he was in costume. Of course, when you look like this (see photo) how can you blame the guys for making a move.

As the convention wound down Brendan went to the lab to transform back into his old self. The cute lab tech giggled as she told him he signed up for the highest level of cosplay. It was a permanent transformation.

He left the lab not knowing what to do. What would he tell his wife and kids? What would his boss think! Brendan went outside and laid on a brick wall resigned to his fate when a young man walked by and started complimenting Yoko on her costume. Before long a bond of trust developed. Long story short, Yoko went home with the man. The next day he walked home to his family with a wild story to tell.