Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Better Way to Travel

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Female Led Relationship

You understand how this marriage is going to work, don’t you? Rhonda said to her new husband, Kyle. Kyle nodded as he adjusted his skirt and gently pushed a strand of hair to the side with his left hand. He sat on the unpainted bench and did his best to look pretty.

Kyle felt sexy as Amber. It was frustrating though since Rhonda fitted him with a chastity belt and he had no way to release his tension. His whole purpose in life was to follow whatever order Rhonda gave. Rhonda’s pleasure is all Kyle could think about since he was not allowed any release unless Rhonda allowed it.

As time went by the pressure was too much to bear. Kyle would do anything Rhonda asked him. He has lived as a woman since the moment he said, I do. Now, eight months later, Rhonda had a surprise for him. She allowed the crushing chastity belt to come off if he wore magic panties for the day. Kyle knew what that means, but anything was better than another day with that device clamped on his manhood.

It was not more than a few minutes when the dress fit better than ever before. Kyle finally could drop the pretense of being a man. From now on he was really Amber. He really loved his wife for what she gave him.

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