Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Return of the Thetan

Brad felt it throughout his body the moment it happened, the moment the thetan spirit peeled away from his body, opening his mind to the true nature of the world. But with over a hundred million thetan spirits roaming the planet it was only a matter of time before another thetan attached to Brad. And since Brad was the first human to ever rid himself of an attached thetan he had no idea he would be found by another thetan so fast.

When a new thetan attaches, the human is transformed into the essence of the new spirit. Shadows of the old remain, but the new is predominant. Brad had the great misfortune of the thetan Marie finding him available. His transformed body took on all the characteristics of the new spirit. Brad had a strong afterimage of his old self. Even in heels and a dress he walked with a manly swagger. Whenever he thought no one was looking he would scratch his crotch. In a weak moment he would address old friends in a deep voice, “Yo, bro. What’s happin’in?” Pointing his finger with a wide swing as he said it.

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