Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Need to Know

Nick heard about body suits, but never saw one before. It was strange to see one at a rummage sale. There had to be something wrong with it. It was so cheap.

Body suits came in so many flavors. Some gave you incredible strength; others allowed you to tolerate extreme environments. The elderly lady running the rummage sale said she did not know what the body suit did. All she knew was her daughter wore it many years ago. “Strength,” Nick thought.

The price was too good to pass up. He just had to experience what it felt like to wear a body suit. He paid the kind lady and took the body suit home. He took his clothes off and stepped into the suit. The body suit sealed itself tight against his skin until his body began to change. In a few minutes Nick looked in a mirror and saw the suit changed him into a woman.

That was seven years ago. Nick was never able to get the suit off. It became a part of his skin, his body. He went back to the rummage sale to see if he could talk to someone about getting the suit off. The home was abandoned. Neighbors said the place was vacant as long as anyone could remember.

Nick had no choice. He changed his name to Diane and lived the rest of his life as a woman. 

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  1. I would love a suit like that kay. Think you could grant my heart desire hint hint. Paul to Alexis,
    Be sure to show boots. Please.