Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sister's Footsteps

The body swap surprised everyone and baffled scientists. No one knew why the swap happened or what decided who would be swapped into whom. Most swaps took place between people relatively close to each other. There were many unusual swap stories.

People enjoying each others in bed when the swap happened usually swapped into each other. One can only imagine the instantaneous change in sensation while making love. Most people had time to adjust to the changes before experiencing such heightened sensations in their new bodies.

Every swap involved the opposite gender and not everyone swapped. When the tally was done twenty-three percent of the population of the planet swapped. Scientists also suggested the swap probably affected all mammals when examining their behavior.

Here we see Colleen and Sam, brother and sister. They swapped. They were never close until after the swap. Sam needed advice from his sister because he didn’t understand how his new body worked. It did not take long for Sam to get a feel for it.

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