Thursday, March 5, 2015

An Honor to Serve

As the Empire of Earth expanded into the galaxy, warriors were needed to defend the human colonies on the worlds strung out across the vastness of space. A special breed of, ah, man was needed to combat the variety of aliens pushing to stop the human hordes.

As a little boy Gary dreamed to defending people against bug-eyed monsters. But Gary nearly lost hope as he was constantly told only girls were good enough for the job. Some said the smaller body mass of women enabled them to handle the rigors of space; others that a body built for childbirth could handle anything. Regardless, Gary was a boy and boys were never hired for the job.

When Gary entered college he was approached by a group of women that helped men gain the characteristics needed to enter the Space Corps. Without a moment’s thought Gary signed up. The secret group had developed a swapping chamber. Gary could not wait to step into the machine.

Gary was amazed at how fast it all went. He stepped into the swapping chamber and moments later stepped out as Nicole. Three days later he was on a transport ship to the inner core of the galaxy for training. Due to his great desire and skills he was made a commander.

Commander Iron Panties, as everyone fondly called her, kept the human race safe wherever she went. Bug-eyed monsters never stood a chance. In fact, whenever word spread that Commander Iron Panties was in the area aliens were nowhere to be found. The human race entered the Pax Humnana, human peace. 

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