Sunday, July 30, 2017


Stranded on a deserted mountain road as a winter storm approached is a bad situation to be in. Ben found himself in just such a spot. With dark clouds threatening and high winds driving, Ben’s car choked and sputtered before dying.

Bad decisions get made in such a situation, but Ben is one lucky man. A woman walked out of the woods and offered Ben a place to stay until the storm passed. Cell phone service is unavailable in the remote area so he accepted the offer. A mile and a half from the road a small clearing with a house came into view as the first snow of the storm started falling.

The waif of a woman took Ben’s coat and made tea for her guest. The hot liquid went down smooth. The warmth made Ben tired so he tilted his head back and fell asleep. A few hours later he woke to find the waif smiling at him. He looked down at his breasts and felt his crotch. That was the moment Ben knew the waif was really a witch and the tea was really a potion. He looked at his tea cup; the witch’s grin confirmed his suspicions. All Ben could do was accept the women’s clothes the witch handed him.

The storm raged for two days before easing and it took another week for all the roads to be plowed. By the time rescue showed up the witch and Anita (a name they both agreed Ben should take) were the best of friends. Now Anita had to explain to her employer how he is Anita. Ben worked for the school district and Anita wanted to keep the job. The school agreed reluctantly, but the students, especially the boys, had no problem with it at all.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Best Pussy

You gave me a pussy, Whiskers, Rachel said holding her cat above her. Only an hour prior James snuggled Whiskers in his arms. When he transformed into a woman he knew Whiskers was the cause. Alien animals sometimes have the ability to do extraordinary things.

James brought Whiskers back from Anton IV when he vacationed there two months prior. Whiskers took an instant liking to James. She looked exactly like an Earth cat. Whiskers’ species was able to shapeshift to a pleasing form. She also helped the ones she loves become what they most desire. As a woman James can love Whiskers more than ever, exactly what Whiskers wanted.

There was some adjustment to the gender change. Rachel adjusted quickly. A new wardrobe was the first thing she needed to do. Whiskers snuggles in bed every night now with Rachel. She is one irresistible pussy.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Changing Room Boutique

The excitement mom felt as the new school year approached was nothing short of ecstatic.  Dad is always off working leaving her home with the kids: Rebecca and James. Therein lays the problem. Becca and James fight like cats and dogs. The incessant bickering is driving mom up a wall.

In an attempt to encourage time to move faster, mom takes the kids out for back to school shopping. The kids need clothes—they keep growing out of the clothes they have. A new store opened in town, the Changing Room Boutique. Everything is on sale and the kids should love the modern changing rooms where you step in and the clothes you are trying are zapped right on you.

You would think the kids would shut up for at least a second when they are getting new stuff. But nooooo! They started arguing—I shit you not—about which sex has it easier in school. Mom could have been putty knifed off the roof. Mom couldn’t take anymore. She grabbed several outfits and pushed them into the kids’ hands. “Go to the changing room,” mom growled as she pointed toward the changing rooms. The kids were not paying attention and missed the sign for which gender goes in which changing room. Before mom could warn them the doors were closed and the changing room was zapping on the outfits.

When the doors opened Rebecca and James stepped out with perfect grace, their bodies switched. They acted proper, like human beings! Mom thought she entered the twilight zone. Her children were acting sane for the first time she could remember since they left the womb. They both just needed a sex change!

The shop owner came running over and apologized for the mishap. She offered to send the kids back through and change them back. Mom thought for a moment as an evil smile crossed her face. “No,” mom said, “I’ll keep’em this way.”

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Holy Shit! Tammy thought as she examined her body. Okay, her name is James, or at least it was a few minutes ago before the vortex hit the school. Still it was all planned. The vortex was tracked. Several of the guys decided to leave the shielded area and experience the awesome transformation the vortex performs.

It happened so fast James could not tell the transformation happened. One moment he was James, the next Tammy. James always wanted to be a Tammy. It felt so sexy. No longer a geek no one notices, Tammy knows she will be a popular girl in school. She looks at her waist and tests out her breasts. Awesome!

There were a few concerns about the transformation. A vortex does not tell you what kind of body you get. It is usually a very sexy body, but a few guys have been disappointed. Not James. He is happier than a pig in shit.

There is something James did not realize. The vortex does more than change the body, it changes the mind. Tammy felt an unquenchable lust for a boyfriend. By the weekend he had a date and got laid. It was such a good choice he made about experiencing the vortex transformation. It turned about a million times better than imagined.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Fighting Back

I was out of options. I either had to succumb to their demands or destroy them. I chose to destroy them. Who are they? Why the Church of Scientology, of course.

What kind of church refuses to let a member leave? What kind of church destroys a person’s reputation just because they want to leave? For me, the church worked hard to keep me in the fold. I lost control as I entered adulthood and that is something the church cannot stand. I tried; I really did. But I could not follow the teachings of a guy named Ron who thought aliens tossed evil beings, thetans, into a volcano that infest people. Can’t do it.

Before I could escape they captured and imprisoned me. Weeks of solitary did not change my mind so they changed me from Samuel to June. They did a good job; I admit that, but they ripped my life from me so I am fighting back.

A Scientologist does know a thing or three about science and I know how to make things go BOOM! really big. I planned on destroying the heart of the organization. I rented a cube van and filled it with fertilizer and diesel. I drove to the headquarters of the church and parked the van. I looked up at the cross on the center of the building. What non-Christian church does that? I set the timer and walk quickly from the scene. The explosion should be large enough to take down most of the building. I want that son-of-a-bitch Miscavige, the leader of the horror show and as many of his freaks as I can kill.

Moments later, after I was well out of sight, the explosion ripped through the afternoon breeze. Scientology headquarters is a pile of rubble. That bastard never understood that when he made me a woman he also made me a bitch and payback is a bitch.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Best Joke Ever

Jack pointed up in the sky and laughed. “Nice one guys. A spaceship; a UFO. Very original.” Jack thought it was the funniest joke ever. What he did not realize is his buddies behind him had already turned tail and ran. Jack was standing alone on the walkway pointing and laughing at the sky.

The light in the sky kept coming closer as Jack pointed. What Jack did not do was think. If he did, even for a fraction of a second, he would have known such a gag would be beyond anything his buddies could pull off. If he took a second moment to think he would have realized he was standing alone . But he didn’t.

The UFO did not hover over him as it is so often reported in the news. Instead, the spacecraft stayed high in the sky in front of him forcing Jack to look up at a 45 degree angle. Jack thought it was the most elaborate trick ever when the light flashed at him from the UFO. 

Jack kept smiling and giggling to himself as the UFO sped away. Slowly his buddies returned. They saw the whole think from a safe distance. It was then that Jack discovered it was no gag. The UFO was real and he was hit by a girly light.

The laughing stopped as Jack had to decide what to do. There was nothing he could do really except pick a name. The guys settled on Becky. It was a nice, down-home name. Now Jack and his friends had to figure out what to tell Jack’s wife when they got him home.

Alex Can Handle His Inheritance

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hot Girl's Office Job

Good paying jobs are hard to come by. Karl needed one of those “good paying jobs” if he was going to keep his apartment. TG Incorporated was hiring—business is booming for those guys—but they are selective. In other words, only hot girls need apply.

Karl is neither hot nor a girl. Okay, it is only a receptionist job, but hey, when money is tight anything will do. Never mind TG Inc. pays receptionists massive salaries. Desperate, Karl walked into the human resources department and filled out an application. He was invited into a back room to discuss the job. Sarah Lemon interviewed Karl and liked what she heard.

“I think you would be a perfect team member here at TG Inc.,” Sarah started. “You have all the qualifications and the right attitude. We have just one minor problem.” Karl dropped his head. “However, I do have a solution. We have a nanobot hot tub waiting for you in back with a fresh wardrobe of clothing. All yours Karl, or should I say Lacy, as part of a two year work assignment.”

Karl nodded. He needed the job, but did not want to give up his manhood. The job won. The nanobot hot tub was a sensation like no other. Lacy enjoyed the relaxing bubbles. She never felt so beautiful as when she put on the mini skirt and heels. The guys complimented her as she walked home. The next day she started work. Life was looking up for Lacy.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

We're From the Government and We're Here to Help

Armed female soldiers stormed the tourist resort, gun drawn, screaming orders. The tourist knew the risks before they came and the nightmare came true. Drug lords controlled the countryside and the resort was only safe because of the armed guards.

The drug lords won the battle and surrounded the resort. As a gesture of good will, the drug lords were allowing women and children to leave unharmed. Resort management had a plan in place for just such an event. They knew the women would be allowed to leave so they started shooting the men with girly guns.

Eric was one of the men shot. His clothes blew off and he was left wearing, ah, girly clothes. The only way out was to climb out, hand over hand, by rope. “Your name is Melanie, got it?” The guard asked with the tone of a command. Melanie was scared to death. Here she was, only a woman for a few minutes, and she had to use a rope to crawl to freedom.

As Melanie reached the other side she realized freedom was not on this side of the rope. The drug lords needed women to fill the brothel. Melanie was a fast learner; she needed to be if she wanted to stay alive. She services 30 or so men per day as she waits for her opportunity to escape. Deep down she knew she deserves what she got. She was warned before she came about how dangerous it is. Live and learn.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Married Life

Want to talk about the best wife in the world? Well, I have her. From the day we met she loved to dress me up as a girl. Man, could she do a job. With her help I learned to walk and talk like a girl. Coupled with the perfect makeup job, I was a knock-down gorgeous woman.

By the time we married I rarely wore men’s clothes anymore. In all honesty I did wear a tux for the wedding so my mother would not have a coronary, but as soon as we left the reception I was back in pantyhose and heels.

I think it was around the six month mark when I wore men’s clothing for the last time. My wife, Becky, loved making out with me as a girl. She started suggesting I take hormones. I was reluctant for about two weeks. Then I realized how awesome it would be to start growing tits.

Eight months later women’s clothes fit much better with only one problem, the bulge in the shorts. We lived with it until our two year wedding anniversary. Then Becky convinced me to go all the way. TG Incorporated finished the job. They widened my hips, smoothed out any male-ish issues and gave me the tightest virgin clam any woman on the planet has.

We celebrated two wonderful years by making out. This time I am a real girl. We giggled and laughed as we discussed names for me. We finally settled on Krysten. A pretty name, I thought. And it feels so good to have all the right parts in the right places. See, I told you I have the best wife in the world.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Hint of Camel

Eddie fell under the mind control of the TG Guild. His work to discredit the TG community made him a prime target. Mind control was applied to Eddie until he started secretly wearing panties. Later he added a bra and pantyhose. At home alone, he dressed the whole part, with high heels and a dress. Eddie could not understand why he wanted to act so girly all the time.

Once the guild had Eddie completely under their control they slipped magic panties into his drawer. Soon the acting was over. The mind control was so complete Eddie, now Lili, completely accepted her situation. Lili started working for the guild by building its reputation in the community. At a local beach party Lili stood for a photo by a news reporter. The caption the next day read: A Hint of Camel. Lili smiled. She is so happy as the woman she is. The mind control ended. There was no need since Lili is a well-adjusted, happy woman.