Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lucky to be Alive

Max’s auto insurance came through when he needed it most. After an accident nearly killed him, Max spent weeks in recovery. A viral infection set in and destroyed parts of his body. His auto insurance stepped in and provided the needed resources to fix his destroyed body. Max required a complete body overhaul.  When the doctors were done he would be a girl, but alive.

His recovered sped up after the transformation. Ridding his body of the duty to heal crushed body parts was too much, but Max’s new Beth body had no problem healing. Before long Max could walk, adjusting to the different distribution of body parts. He learned to lean back slightly to compensate for his chest and the hip swing his new walk required became natural in short order.

The best part was as Beth he got a lot of attention when he rode the crotch-rocket. Max enjoyed the attention. The accident was the best thing that happened to him since he had great insurance. Max was surprised by one thing, however. He started to find a few of the guys cute. After the photo shoot he is going on his first date with the photographer. Some guys have all the luck.

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