Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snow Fun

The major winter storm shut down every school and business in the tri-state area as emergency crews cleaned up the mess. Over a foot and a half of fresh snow to an already thick snowpack offered several days of fun before roads would be open and back to normal.

Brady made the most of his unscheduled time off. Temperatures rose to the freezing mark and the wind stayed calm. The weather was awesome for outdoor winter fun. Emergency crews worked around the clock, putting off all unessential services.

Guys accepted it as all a part of the winter fun. Brady decided he would be Debbie and took another run down the snow hill. She looks like she is really having fun.  Good thing no one was watching for vortexes. Brady would never have spent the rest of his life as Debbie if they had. Sounds like good, clean winter fun to me. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Infiltration Team

North Korea had flaunted international law for the last time. The testing on banned weapons of mass destruction led to sanctions. Nothing seemed to work. A quick, surgical strike was determined to end the repressive regime once and for all. A crack commando team was brought together to infiltrate North Korea and kill several top members of government.

The big day finally arrived. The infiltration went smooth. The approach to the government living quarters was too easy. Then it all went wrong. A vortex bubble appeared out of nowhere and moved as if controlled. It then was obvious the North Koreans could not only control, but create a vortex bubble. As each commando was touched by the bubble of null space they instantaneously turned into women.

North Korea sent the women back with a message: Don’t send women to do a man’s job. The North Koreans laughed hard. But women are a whole different animal from men. Arnold, now called Bambi, trained his women to finish the job they started. Three months later North Korea fell.

Friday, January 29, 2016

You Will Like It

You promised me I could have anything I wanted for our anniversary.

But, honey, anything you want. But not swapping bodies.

And why not? You will love my body.

Of course, I will. But it will freak me out getting on my back for my own body. I don’t even want to think about getting on my knees.

You promised! There is no going back.

[John and Christy agreed to swap bodies for one month. The one month is up today.]

Stop giving me that dumb look. You have acted like a ho for the entire month. I can’t go anymore. And stop calling yourself Chrstity.

Oh yes you will. We have an appointment this afternoon.

It won’t help. After I tasted the first load I knew I would never go back. I had TG Inc. delete the reversing code. We stay as we are. Now stand still and let me get a taste of that thing.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sissy Assignment 4

Time for your next assignment, sissy-boy. I know I don’t have to ask about the first three assignments. You are wearing panties and/or pantyhose every day now and a bra, right? You have had a few weeks for the bra to start feeling normal. Have you noticed how much more comfortable girl clothes are? Yeah, thought so.

I bet you think you are going to be wearing a dress now; you are wrong. So far you have a little secret underneath your outer clothing. If you slipped into a dress now it would look wrong. You are not ready for a dress. This assignment may be the most important one I give you. You are a girl underneath, but it is time to start looking like a girl. Your assignment is to wear makeup.

This may sound minor to a boy, but no respectable girl would go out in public without makeup. I want you to buy a makeup kit (if you don’t have one already) and watch at least 12 different YouTube videos on how to apply makeup. You will practice every day! Make sure to soften your face so you look feminine. After one week of practice I want you to start wearing makeup in public. Start with some eye shadow one day, add blush the next day and so on. The YouTube videos will guide your way. By the end of week two you will be wearing full makeup every day! And keep wearing those panties and bra. No back sliding. In the next few months you will be a girl. A real girl!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Best Surprise

Back in the old days a transgender had fewer choices than today. Before TG Incorporated you had to visit your doctor if you were determined to be a girl. The process took months to complete. By 2020 new medical procedures hinted at a TG Inc. future.

Glen could not wait for the future; he needed to get out of the body he was born with. The pain was too great every time he looked in the mirror. His doctor started him on a regimen of hormones to soften his skin and start breasts growing. Additional advanced therapies allowed Glen to start looking like a girl fast. Facial surgery followed along with surgery to widen the hips.

It was a nervous day for Glen as he prepared for the final stage of his transformation. To complete the transformation, Glen was required to sit on a seat that looked like a saddle. It held his legs apart and pushed his ass back. A cushion held his groin in place. He could hear the pressure building in the machine as a ram prepared to fire. With a click the ram released. In a fraction of a second the ram ripped out his boy-parts and made room for all the girl parts. He felt his body push and stretch. Then the ram came in for a second hit, inserting all her new equipment.

It took a few days to heal completely. The clinic had an automatic picture taken just as the womb was implanted. They all have the same surprised, happy face. Now Glenda does not feel so bad when they use her real name. She is finally the person she was meant to be.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Drink Your Tea

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Robbery Gone Bad

My name is Charlie and I am confesing of my own fre will. I no you think I am a girl but that is not tru. I am confesing so you no the truth.

I am not very smart because I never went to scool. My mom never made me and I don’t know my dad. I was poor and needed money to buy food so I thauth it would be a good idea to rob the beauty salon. There wer only gurls ther and I am biger than they are.

I had a gun an ran in this afternoon and scared the gurls at the salon. They should have lots of money after people paying all day. It was strang with only gurls there. There were no boys. Flashing lights started flashing and turned me into a gurl. They said it was a gurly lite. They called me Cindy and called the cops.

I am relly sorry for scaring the gurls. I won’t take there money. I promise. Make them stop calling me Cindy. Tell them to giv me my peepee back. I don’t want to be a gurl. Make them stop making me ware gurl clos.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Turn of the Card

Accountants have all the advantages when it comes to money. By working with numbers all day they know what does and does not work. They also see how other people make their money. Eddie is an observant accountant, picking up ideas from clients almost daily. Today Eddie acquired a client who counted cards for a living. The concept appealed to Eddie’s personality. He asked the client to teach him how to count cards.

For eight months the team hit one casino after another, taking them for millions. The casinos knew there was a team cleaning them out, but who? It did not take long for the casinos to figure out who was involved. When the heat came, the team bolted, leaving Eddie as a sacrifice. They took Eddie to the back room and gave him the rubber hose treatment. He refused to give up his team. He might have been less stoic if he knew the team used him as an expendable pawn.

After several rubber hose treatments the casino decided to make a bold statement. They took Eddie to the Pleasure Room, a shop run by TG Incorporated in the back of the casino. The casino was reasonable and paid for Eddie’s transformation into Monica. Now all Monica has to do is pay back the casino the $38 million they say she owes them. There is only one way for Monica to earn enough to make a dent in the debt. Let just say Monica is a model employee of the casino working in client relations.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fishing Trip

This weekend’s carp shoot will change Marlin’s life forever. While the boys traveled the backwaters a bubble of gas erupted from deep in the swamp. Usually swamp gas is nothing more than smelly methane gas, the same stuff farts are made of. But this was no ordinary swamp gas. The state university dumped waste product into the waterway from a research project. Long story short, the swamp gas was a super hybrid form of TG gas to dangerous to have any industrial or commercial value. The researchers thought the compounds would break down in the environment. They did not. They condensed in the lowest part of the water waiting for a disturbance to burst forth from its watery locker.

It happened so fast Marlin didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to his old body. The swamp gas was so potent and super concentrated Marlin was a woman in less than a second. After the initial shock wore off Marlin realized it only affected him, not his buddy. His buddy laughed and told him his name was Patricia now. “Just shut up and drive the boat,” growled Patricia. “I have carp to shoot.”

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Donald Trump Trophy Wife

Donald Trump wanted a trophy wife and he got one: pretty and tall. But a gold-digger snagging a trophy husband, well, one has to wonder who is the hunter and who is the prey. Love is unnecessary for a pretty woman if the man has enough money. But marriage to an orange haired buffoon can become more than a woman can take, especially when a prenuptial agreement is involved.

The Donald had no idea what hit him. The trophy wife slipped the little pink pill into his soup and watched the poor man turn into Rachel, a rich woman’s name. The prenup tied the Rachel’s hands. There was no way out. If he divorced he lost his vast empire of wealth; if he stayed he had to be his trophy wife’s bitch. At least he was still leading in the polls. Now if he could stop with all the artsy stuff.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Making a Murderer Revealed

Crooked police and politicians in Calumet County, Wisconsin finally got caught framing an innocent man, twice. It took decades and a Netflix documentary to get to the truth. Once the spotlight was on the backwoods country hick district attorney and sheriff’s deputies the truth was obvious. DA Ken did everything to protect his already tarnished reputation. The police, instead of doing the right thing, continued working the cover up.

It took the fed boys to bring justice to the backwoods of Wisconsin. A few decades prior a district attorney in an adjoining county went to prison after the fed boys brought him down. Seems like the disease in contagious. DA Ken was the worst of them all. He harassed a woman he was supposed to defend. The disgusting prick made a move on the victim while prosecuting the boyfriend. What a slimeball! Now the feds were moving in again.

The façade fell as the truth was revealed. Crooked cops went to jail and were discredited. Civil lawsuits followed. DA Ken worked in private practice when the boom came down. No longer able to earn a living, he could not pay the lawsuit or even a negotiated settlement. Finally Steven Avery decided it was enough. Money would not fix his problem and money would not make Ken a good man. So, as part of the settlement, Ken would no longer be a man.

After all the excitement you would think the local boys would change their ways and stay out of theinternational news as being Class A assholes. Nope. More excuses and refusal to take responsibility was all the taxpayers got; just what you expect from criminals. Judges continue lying, DAs continue bullshit cases, police keep planting evidence and taxpayers keep paying the bills. Almost looks like a third world nation. At least we can remember Theresa properly now.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Bashful and Shy

Oliver was heartbroken when his girlfriend confessed she was a lesbian. They cried as she explained her road to discovery. When the crying ended and eyes dried, she handed Oliver a magic panty and bra. Oliver knew what it was. He slowly removed his clothes and hesitated. He was a man. Magic panties are laced with strong transgender technology. If he pulled the panty on he would transform into a woman forever. He had to be certain his girlfriend would stay with him for life. Oliver knew he was not gay, not even a hint of gay. His girlfriend nodded. It was all Oliver needed.

The cool fabric felt smooth and soft against his groin. At first he thought it was a dud. His girlfriend helped him fasten the bra. It felt good; it felt sexy. Then he felt it. He felt his manhood tingle like a leg falling asleep. It grew more and more until he had an orgasm. Then it was over. He realized her had his first ever female orgasm. The panty was all wet and sticky; she filled the bra nicely.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Make Up Game

When the girls of the neighborhood challenged the boys to a game of basketball the boys were interested. When the girls offered the boys something they really wanted (if they won) the boys accepted the offer. But the girls wanted something if they won. The deal was simple, if the boys won they got a night with the girls, if the girls won the boys had to drink the vial of water the girls handed each of them. The water was laced with TG virus.

Joey was the leader of the boys. He drank the water stoically. At first he struggled with the changes. Then he checked his new body out and concluded it wasn’t so bad. Joey liked being a girl! He accepted the name the girls gave him: Jackie. Smiling, Jackie took her basketball and started dribbling home.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Girl for a Day

The witch found Zack sitting on a log in the woods with his face in his hands. At first the witch thought Zack was crying. He was close. The witch cleared her throat to get Zack’s attention. He looked miserable when as he slowly looked up at the witch. She had to pry to get anything out of Zack; all he wanted to do was bury his face in his hands. Finally he spilled the beans. Zack explained that he had a huge fight with his girlfriend and thought the seven year relationship was over. He just did not understand women.

After spending the first two hours feeling herself up Selma decided to strike out on her own. She walked around town, visited shops, enjoyed a meal at the diner and talked with other women she met. Before long Selma realized how competitive it is for women and how insecure they feel as the weaker sex. The deep seated fear their man would stray always worried the fairer sex.

Zack finally got it. The next day, as the twenty-four hour mark was fast approaching, Selma walked to the woods where he met the witch. She was nowhere to be found. Selma started to get nervous (typical girl) for fear he may have been tricked into being a girl forever. But as the last seconds ticked away from the twenty four hours as a girl, Selma transformed back into Zack.

Zack hurried home to be the kind and sensitive man his girlfriend always wanted. Their relationship was better than ever. Living as a girl for a day taught Zack what life is like as a girl and it frightened him and gave him new respect for his girlfriend and what she lives with all day every day.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Sister Switch

Bert’s sister always had fun when she went out.  People wanted to be by her, talk to her, put an arm around her. Bert was jealous of Sophie. The only good thing for Bert was he and Sophie are close so he can share his feelings.

Sophie sympathized. Bert wanted to be a girl so bad it hurt and Sophie had a few ideas to make his dream come true. Bert hated the idea of hormones messing with his system or the risks of surgery. The swapping chamber appealed to Bert, but you need someone to swap with. Sophie had the answer. Sophie’s good friend Tracy wanted to be a guy as bad as Bert wanted to be a girl. It was the perfect solution to everyone’s problems.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Clothes Make the Wo-Man

Jack stormed out the house and vowed to never come back. What right did his wife have to forbid him from wearing her clothes? Isn't he the only one in the house with a job? Doesn't that mean the clothes were bought with his money? So shouldn't Jack be allowed to wear clothes bought with his hard-earned money? Jack thought so.

And what does Jack’s wife think about Jack wearing her clothes? Bitch! So now I’m the bitch, Jack thinks. Just because I look better in the dress than you, honey, doesn't make me a bitch. I take care of myself, thinks Jack. That is why I look so good in your outfit.

But Jack did not know the real reason he looked so good in the dress. His wife sprinkled nanobots on her clothes to punish Jack the next time he slipped into one of her skirts. Jack could care less. Her rented his own apartment, changed his name to Liz, and entertained guests for a living. Now who is the bitch?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sissy Assignment 3

It’s time for your next sissy assignment. Have you been keeping up your end of the bargain? You better have or I will find you and force you into magic panties. You should be wearing panties every day now unless you are wearing hose. If you have any boy underwear I want to cut them into tiny pieces and throw them away. You will act like a girl from now on. No going back.

Panties and pantyhose should feel natural and normal to you now. You are closer to being a girl than ever before if you stay the course. For this challenge/assignment I want you to buy several bras. As before, buy them at a local store. Ask the prettiest female sales clerk to help you buy the right size. If you are too much a wussie go ahead and buy them from Amazon. Make sure you buy pretty bras with designs and colors. At least one bra should be pink with a pretty bow tie in the middle. As long as you are at it, buy at least one black bra and one pastel colored bra.

Now that you have bras you will wear them every day. Don’t stop wearing panties, sissy! No need to pad the bra or stuff it. Just get used to wearing a bra all the time. I’ll help you fill the bra in the near future. Can I trust you to follow through? This is important if you want to be a girl, I mean a sissy. Things are going to progress fast now so don’t hold back or delay. I am your ticket to a feminine future. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Friendly Girl

Joshua complained to his sister, Kate, about how unfriendly girls are to guys. She had to explain about all the offers girls get. Any girl accepting every ‘date’ offer would soon have a label applied to her, a very unappealing label.

It sure was lonely for Joshua. Kate tried getting him a date. Then Kate decided on another approach. Joshua’s problem was that he came across heavy handed and clumsy when talking with girls he likes. To help Joshua understand a girl’s point of view she dressed him up as a girl and took him to a party.

The makeup and voice modulator made Joshua appear like a perfect girl. He introduced himself as Jennifer. It was hard to keep up with all the guys wanting to talk with him. It became exhausting as the night went on; guys wanting to make small talk and then making a move. Most were crude in their approach, some smooth, but all wanted to paddle between the legs. Joshua finally understood.

At home Joshua had a package of magic panties. He placed the package on the bed as Kate watched. “I will never make a good guy so I might as well be a girl, exhausting as it is.” Kate nodded understanding. He undressed. He fingered the prettiest pink panty in the package. He brought it to his face and inhaled deeply. As he pulled the panty on he said, “Goodbye ‘ol buddy.” Moments later his penis was gone and Kate had a new sister, Jennifer.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Top Producer

By request from Anon.

Felix Securities has a big problem. They are the lowest producing office in the country and the manager’s job is on the line. The all-male office is given an ultimatum: produce or face the consequences.

A sales contest was devised with ample motivation attached. The top three producers of the month would receive a bonus; the bottom producer would be forced to work dressed as a woman until he produced sales equal to the top three salesmen during the contest period.

Edgar became Elisha in the office. The rules for Elisha were simple, sell an equal or greater amount than the top three salesmen during the contest before going back to wearing a suit and tie. The sales must be completed within three months or magic panties from TG Inc. would replace the panties he wore the first three months.

Elisha was on a mission. There was no way he would wear magic panties and be a woman forever. A team of women makeup artists were brought in to make Edgar look like a real woman. As Elisha, Edgar settled into the role soon enough. Sales escalated as the first month progressed. On day eighty seven it looked like Elisha would exceed the sales needed to be Edgar again when the unthinkable happened. The same guy pulled his deal again. Elisha swore in a very unlady like manner.

On day ninety one Elisha was resigned to her fate. Minutes after the makeup artists slipped Edgar into magic panties he could feel the changes. Elisha accepted her fate. It seems the office manager thought Edgar made a helluva woman. He wasn’t gay so he asked the client to withdraw the sale until after Elisha was a real woman. On the first day Elisha was a woman she was asked out for drinks after work by the manager. Soon Elisha was a stay at home mom and happier than ever.