Friday, May 26, 2017

Fighting Back

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Help Me Rhonda

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5 Happy Girls

Friday, May 12, 2017

3D Job for Alexi

NeoRock needed a job bad. The job wasn’t what he wanted cleaning equipment at TG Incorporated in their 3D lab, but it sure beat living on the street.

3D technology has come a long way. At first it was used to build stuff like small machine parts. Then it was used to build complex things like houses, car and even people parts. Finally, the technology evolved to a point where it was used to change something that already existed. It only took two, maybe three minutes for somebody to decide he wanted his parts to be changed.

Well, Neo was cleaning said equipment. It was third shift type of work. The lab was empty as Neo worked alone. He started scrubbing the chambers. As he went for clean towels and water he accidentally bumped a button on the control consol. When we went back inside the chamber it spun into action.

As luck would have it, Neo was turned into Alexi, complete with high heel boots. Alexi finished the shift, a dedicated woman to her job, and ran home afterwards, falling on her bed, drinking in the awesome pleasure of her body. Guess the job was better than expected.

Friday, April 28, 2017

How Tank Became Zoe the Panty Fiend

High school was a difficult time for Tank. He was a big boy and was the star linebacker of the football team. But Tank hid a secret from everyone.

College was worse as the feelings grew more intense. On a full scholarship, Tank had a bright future. Everybody who met the man loved him. But the feeling; the feelings.

Underneath the uniform Tank wore panties. Then he started to transition. As the nanobots made Tank more petite, he lost his position on the football team. Then the scholarship dried up.

Finally it was time to replace the last male part with an awesome female part. TG Inc. stepped in to foot the bill, hiring Zoe, Tank’s new name, after the procedure was done.

Zoe is a panty fiend now. She can’t get enough of panties. She always wears the cutest panty with a tight little bow. It was no surprise, really, considering what Tank wore under the uniform.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In Memory of Alexis

In memory of Alexis, a friend who died a year ago. She wrote this caption for me. Not sure if it was ever published.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Happiness is . . .

What makes us happy?  Some people say money, others fame, still others freedom. They are all wrong. Happiness is being who you really are. No lies, just a completely honest you. You can’t be someone inside and another on the outside and be happy. A free spirit is the only thing that can make you happy.

Terry discovered this bitter truth early on in life. He was born in the wrong body and he knew it by the time he was five years old. His parents thought it was a passing phase. Then, as the years grew long it became obvious Terry was a mistake. Their little boy was supposed to be a girl.

It is a wonderful thing to be born at a time in history when the mistakes of nature are easily fixed. Surgery and hormones can do wonders. Nanobots and other micro technologies can create a complete and perfect transformation. Terry’s parents spent their hard-earned savings to make a wrong right. They paid the doctors at TG Inc. to fix their little boy. For the first time in her life, Teri is a happy sixteen year old girl. It is true. Happiness is being true to yourself.

Now Teri is a young woman in college with a boyfriend who adores her. The smiling picture of Teri you see here would never have been possible if not for the love of her parents. Teri is who she was meant to be. Pray you are just as lucky.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Forced to Wear Girl Clothes

The girls on the tour bus revolted against the guys, sick of their no-it-all attitude. Peter was the biggest offender of all. He knew everything about everything, just ask him. He was ruining the vacation. Finally the ladies had enough. They rose up and revolted against Peter.

The ladies demanded the driver stop the bus. Once the bus came to a halt, Peter was hauled out of the bus and stripped naked by the women. They forced him into a panty, bra, white blouse, skirt and high heel boots. Then they thrust a purse into his hand.

“Now walk, flyboy,” Acie demanded, a tall blonde woman with a beautiful face turned angry. Peter started walking. He stumbled as he adjusted to the heels and the brick sidewalk. “Keep walking, Betsy,” the ladies chided as the new name stuck. “Show us some grace!” Betsy, I mean Peter, oh hell, she looks like a Betsy to me, did her best to show charm in her walk.

Betsy started to feel feminine and quiet, like a prim and proper woman. Before long she had a perfect swing to her hips and when she talked it came out soft and demure. After two hours of walking up and down the street as a girl, they re-boarded the bus, Peter still dressed as Betsy. The ladies refused to let Peter return; only Betsy was allowed. Acie sat in the seat next to Betsy. She leaned over to Betsy and whispered in her ear, “We’re stopping at the next TG Inc. office. And you will do exactly what I say. Got it?” Betsy nodded as a mischievous grin started at the corner of her mouth. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Stupid Look

Marie hatched up a plan to rob her employer. Her boyfriend, Brad, loved the idea and egged her on. The thrill of easy money was more than the dweebs could handle. Marie started secretly recording her boss and manipulating the conversation to make it look like he was harassing her when he wasn’t.

The judge was ticked. She could care less who was at fault; she felt they were both guilty. The judge felt it was punishment for both if Brad was forced to get a sex change into Jill. Of course, they appealed (after the transformation was completed). The appeal was denied. Now Brad is forever Jill, walking around with that stupid look on her face. And Marie, lesson unlearned, keeps her recorder ready. I can only imagine what poor Jill will suffer the next time Marie gets caught.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Any Job Will Do

Eric was desperate for a job. A bad economy and criminal conviction years ago made it impossible to land a job of any kind. He’d shovel manure if it paid at least minimum wage. When he saw the ad for a modeling job he was intrigued. Of course, he had no chance of getting the job, but he knew most people considered him a good-looking young man.

With nothing to lose Eric applied at the agency. After a quick background check, Eric was told he was perfect for the job. The job came just in time as his rent was late and eviction is certain if he doesn’t get a paycheck fast. Rather than be homeless he took the job, even with the unusual requirements.

Eric stepped into the transformation chamber. When he stepped out he couldn't believe how beautiful he looked. His new name for the modeling gigs is Erin. He was a natural. The fashion designers couldn’t get enough of Erin. One day Eric asked if he could be changed back to his old body when he went home to visit family. He was shown the fine print: ALL TRANSFORMATIONS ARE PERMANENT.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ghost in the Machine

Paul swore every word in the book when his car broke down in the middle of the night miles from anywhere. To make matters worse his cell phone has no reception. Now he will have to spend the rest of the night sleeping in his car and hope for a passing motorist in the morning.

Morning came early and the back road was deserted. Paul’s only choice was to walk until he found a home where he could call for help. Walking will be very hard however. Paul has a fetish for wearing women’s clothing when he travels. He does not have any guy’s clothing at all.

The hooker boots will keep his legs warm and the wig will keep his head warm on the chilly morning. The light jacket also will make a difference. Paul checked his color in the rearview mirror before deciding it will be kind of hot to walk down the road like a helpless, stranded woman.

He did not have to walk far. Only a mile down the road he found a small country motel. The place is well kept, but looks deserted. He checks the lobby and calls out for anyone. He tries to use his most feminine voice, but the girl voice came natural.

Paul needs to use the restroom and uses the ladies room. He pulls down his shorts and sits when he notices something is not right. He uses his hand to tuck it down when he realizes there is nothing to tuck down. His hand slips down over a wet slit. He screams. The sound is a perfect girl scream and Paul was not even trying to sound like a girl. He finishes his job, washes his hand and races out of the restroom.

A young woman now stands at the register. She smiles at Paul as he walks to her. Paul stumbles out words that made no sense. He keeps asking the desk clerk what happened here, where am I, and other such crazy questions. The clerk smiles and points to a name in the register.  Cecilia. I am not Cecelia, Paul complains. Oh, yes you are the clerk smiles as she evaporates into thin air.

Paul’s cell phone beeps as reception returns. He calls for help. The police come with the mechanic. Paul protests to the officer. He pulls out his driver’s license. It has the picture of a woman; him dressed as a woman and the name Cecelia. Paul lost it. He starts screaming about a ghost giving him a sex change. The kind officer calls for an ambulance. Paul, I mean Cecelia, is taken to the mental hospital where she learns to act like a proper girl before release back into the public.

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Bank Job

Mike was putting away the last of his paperwork before closing the bank when terrorists stormed the bank. As bank manager it was his responsibility to protect the bank and its employees. They were trained to cooperate with bank robbers and let the police handle the situation: heroes in a bank robbery were usually dead heroes.

The terrorists pulled Mike from the employees when they discovered he was the manager. They demanded he open the safe. He told them the safe was on a timer and couldn’t be opened until the designated time. The terrorists started pushing Mike around when they learned he was the one who tripped the silent alarm.

Police surrounded the building. The terrorists didn’t care; they had a few tricks up their sleeve. When the terrorists stormed the bank they rolled in a large rectangular box. When the police didn’t meet their demands the terrorists said they would make an example Mike.

Mike tried to talk the terrorists out of hurting him. Without a word they pushed Mike into the box. The walls were smooth inside the box. Mike heard an increasing whir as the machine approached whatever it was programmed to do. Mike jumped from the loud crack.

The door opened and Mike stepped out. He looked down and saw his new body wearing a bra and panty only. The terrorists handed Mike a note. “You give this to the police. It will prove who you are, Becky, the bank manager, and that we mean business. Tell them, if our demands are not meet in the next ten minutes another man will be sent out like you.” The police met the terrorist’s demands in less than three minutes.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Everybody thinks a trip to TG Incorporated is as simple as paying a fee, stepping into a chamber and walking home a woman. If only it were so easy. Transforming into a woman takes real work. Appearance is only the cosmetic change. Learning how to walk, talk, think and act like a woman takes time and training. For example, have you ever noticed women smile more than men? They do. And if you transform from man to woman and forget to smile you look like a grump, or worse, a bitch.

Look at Marcy here. She is three weeks into an eight week training program. She has mastered the delicate female issues and is now well on her way into presenting as a proper woman in public. Before Marcy was Marcy she was Clark. Clark always wanted to be a woman and a sizable inheritance made his dream come true. After the transformation he realized how important the training was.

Look at Marcy again. Notice how she crosses her legs and smiles? Notice her posture? The way she holds herself? It is all just as important as her body. Clothes make the woman as much as the man. Jewelry is far more important for a woman than a man. Jewelry speaks volumes about the woman. Clark learned this the first day of training. So, if you are planning a trip to TG Incorporated, plan to spend some time training too. You can thank me later.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Read All about It

Ken enjoyed reading. A promotion at work sent him to a far off planet: Endigo II. The decision to take the job was easy as the pay was very high. Five years working on Endigo and he could retire if he choose. There were only two problems: only women are allowed to hold jobs on Endigo and Endigo has no written language and the number of books you can bring is limited.

Ken could handle the limitations on books since he was allowed a reasonable number. The gender issue took more time to get his arms around. He had no desire to be a woman. Still, the job offer was too great to pass up. Ken set an appointment at the TG Incorporated office and walked out the perfect professional for Endigo II.

Once Ken transformed into Arianne the rest was easy. A short training course on proper lady-like behavior and job training prepared Ken for his trip to Endigo II. The job was even better than Ken imagined. As Arianne he was granted a large home as part of his pay package. Ken posed for this photo standing next to his books.

As an aside: when Ken finished his five year job contract he loved his work so much he remained on Endigo II. The cute young man he married had nothing to do with it, I’m sure.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Greatest Wife

Want to talk about the best wife in the world? Well, I have her. From the day we met she loved to dress me up as a girl. Man, could she do a job. With her help I learned to walk and talk like a girl. Coupled with the perfect makeup job, I was a knock-down gorgeous woman.

By the time we married I rarely wore men’s clothes anymore. In all honesty I did wear a tux for the wedding so my mother would not have a coronary, but as soon as we left the reception I was back in pantyhose and heels.

I think it was around the six month mark when I wore men’s clothing for the last time. My wife, Becky, loved making out with me as a girl. She started suggesting I take hormones. I was reluctant for about two weeks. Then I realized how awesome it would be to start growing tits.

Eight months later women’s clothes fit much better with only one problem, the bulge in the shorts. We lived with it until our two year wedding anniversary. Then Becky convinced me to go all the way. TG Incorporated finished the job. They widened my hips, smoothed out any male-ish issues and gave me the tightest virgin clam any woman on the planet has.

We celebrated two wonderful years by making out. This time I am a real girl. We giggled and laughed as we discussed names for me. We finally settled on Krysten. A pretty name, I thought. And it feels so good to have all the right parts in the right places. See, I told you I have the best wife in the world.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cute Couple

Andre met the most perfect woman ever. She has everything he has ever wanted. But there was one little problem; Andre only loves herself, a narcissist. Gerald didn’t heed the warning of his friends. But Andre is so much a woman he couldn’t resist.

Gerald put on all the charm. He wined and dined Andre. Andre accepted his advances, even encouraging the activity. Gerald did have one problem; Andre refused to engage. She showed kindness and compassion, but no love. Finally, Andre confessed she only loved herself.

Gerald was heartbroken. He had an idea to convince Andre to love him. He visited TG Incorporated with a DNA sample from Andre. They programmed a hot tub of nanobots to turn him into a perfect copy of Andre.

Andre loved her new twin, Miranda. Finally, Gerald enjoyed the feeling of reciprocated love from Andre. Now Miranda and Andre are close friends and deep, intimate lovers. Don’t they make a cute couple?