Monday, August 31, 2015

I Am Alive

My name is Alan; I am normal; I am special. I am also lucky to be alive. Coming home from work after finishing a second shift a drunk driver ran a stop sign and plowed into the driver’s side door of the car I was driving. The drunk driver was killed instantly; I lived a bit longer.

The damage was too much. The doctors had to make difficult choices. My lower body was crushed beyond repair. Without immediate reconstructive surgery I would die. But the doctors performed a miracle. After 17 operations over six months I was alive and ready to leave the hospital.

Alan died in that fiery car crash so many months ago. The doctors saved my mind, but my broken body was hopeless. They were able to give me a new body, a beautiful body. It is easier to build a female body the doctors told me. I am more functional, as the doctor’s put it, as a woman; as a male, my anatomy would be non-functional.

They started calling me Ruth, after the Biblical Ruth, since the Biblical Ruth rose about adversity as have I.  It took time to accept my new body. The healing process made it easier. The first thing I remember after the crash was months later. By that time I was already a functioning woman. The next three months were rehabilitation.

Slowly I reentered my old life only as a woman. Friends and family accepted me and were grateful I was alive. It was hard for some of them to hear stories of my past coming from the mouth of a sexy young woman. People adjusted to the new reality. I am alive and lucky to be so. It is hard some days, but I have come so far. So far, in fact, I have a boyfriend. The first time I went down on him was strange. Soon it became normal. Our wedding date is in eleven months. I am so happy to be alive and in love.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Secret societies have existed for over 5,000 years. There are even indications of secret societies in ancient Egypt. The most famous of all secret societies is the Illuminati. Since the Middle Ages this group has exerted their power over every nation on Earth.

Control comes in many forms. When the Illuminati wanted to gain more power they either had to convert high ranking government officials or eliminate them. Francis is the most trusted consultant to the King. The King easily accepted the power the Illuminati offered, but the people would pay a price. Francis could not go along with such a scheme.

The Illuminati are never refused. Francis is too powerful an advisor and too valuable to the King and the Illuminati to kill. Francis was tricked into attending an Illuminati meeting. Once in the lodge Francis was grabbed and tied to a chair. A Jewel of Odan was wrapped in his left hand and tied shut. Francis had no idea what the Jewel did.

Sexy women were paraded in front of him. As strong as his moral ethics are he finally had a fleeting thought of debauchery. It was all the Jewel needed to turn Francis into Olga. The Illuminati trained Olga to act like a proper woman. It was announced the King has taken a wife. Now Francis has the King’s ear every night and serves with honor. Some would say it is the best kept secret.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Secret Society

Secret societies have existed for thousands of years. Many are groups of guys looking to have some fun or share ideas or build friendships. Some are just plain dumb while others are bizarre. The secret society I introduce you to today falls into the bizarre category. It is a new secret society, too, brought on by modern technology.

The name is forbidden by anyone in the know to speak its name with anyone other than members. But I can tell you what they do. This men’s club allows men to explore their sexuality in a way never possible before. Let me be absolutely clear; this is not a gay club. Rather, the men use modern medical technology to make themselves look as feminine as possible.

A meeting looks like a women’s event, the men are so perfectly coiffed. It really is a pleasant evening of sharing ideas, talking politics and exploring how far each man is willing to go in their transformation. Each member gently prods other members to make the final leap to full woman.

Walter is getting close to making the leap to full woman. The encouragement is all he needed to decide he wants to be a real woman. The club pays for the medical treatment making it a no-brainer for someone like Walter. It is not just pretending to be a woman that excites him; he wants to be a woman all the time.

Walter is known as Mary at the meetings. His makeup is so good you would have to strip him naked to know he is a man. But no more. With the support of all the members, Walter will disappear forever and Mary will take his place.

TG Incorporated did the medical work. They did a fantastic job, don’t you think (see photo of Mary). Mary does not regret chopping Walter out of her life. Yes, the secret society is a men’s club. There is one exception: any member who commits to full woman is granted a lifetime membership. The transformed members are such an inspiration to the rest of the secret society.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Death came unexpected to Owen. A tragic automobile accident ended his life. Owen knew he lived a less than perfect life, but he did not believe in the afterlife. Still, Owen was a good man, helping others often. Imagine his surprise when he went from life to purgatory.

Good deeds do have value and score is kept. Purgatory is that crazy place, a wayside where you get one last chance to do it right, before it is decided which way you go: up or down. And when I say crazy, I mean crazy. Purgatory is different for everyone. For Owen it is a testing ground as a woman.

He has his wings, sort of. They are not well developed and black. They do go well with the hooker boots. Owen lives as Anya in purgatory and works as a model. Anya pleases the crowds, but always works on her faith. This is her last chance and she does not want to blow it.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Best Job Ever

Business was slowing at TG Incorporated. To bolster sales management needed to find more men willing to undergo the transformation everyone knows they want to make. Their great idea was to start a TG magazine and blog. The best writers and photographers were brought in. Success stories from TG Incorporated’s past were showcased.

Company policy required all employees to either be women or dressed as women. TG Incorporated hired men to avoid discrimination lawsuits and to acquire the best writers and photographers. Roger was neither writer nor photographer, but he needed a job so he was willing to don high heels and a skirt to get it. He accepted the receptionist job.

Roger had to admit it was the most enjoyable job he ever had. He was amazed at how well the men turned out as women. Actually, he could not tell who was previously a man unless told. TG Incorporated was sneaky, too. Slowly Roger was maneuvered into a transformation. Within months Roger started dreaming about life as a woman; he was inundated by it all day at work. The company offered several fringe benefits, including a free transformation. It also came with a small raise and a guaranteed job for life if you allowed the company to use you as a promotional piece.

Roger allowed. He could not resist anymore. Seeing how happy all the girls are he took the company’s offer. Like everyone said, it did not hurt, it went fast and it was sooooo cool when you stepped out of that chamber with a small bounce to your chest, a supple buttock and a tight slit between the legs instead of bulky junk.

TG Incorporated’s receptionist at the magazine/blog is Arianne. She once was a man who saw the light. She enjoyed her raise, lifetime job, additional great benefits and the dating scene; it is so much better as a woman.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Home Alone

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to wear your sister’s clothes? I have. Many times. Sometimes the thought is so overpowering I can’t think of anything else. With such a powerful drive to dress like my sister is it any wonder I carried out my fantasy?

It never happens often enough; those times when I am home alone for at least several hours. It is pure heaven when it happens. I make sure all the doors are locked before I enter Eleanor’s room. Carefully I pick out the prettiest panty and bra. I remove my clothes and throw them in the wash basket and pick out my day’s attire while naked in Eleanor’s room. I take a deep breath and slowly pull the panty on. Then I put on the bra and adjust it. It is fortunate I am near my sister’s size. I rue the day I grow bigger.

Most days I wear pantyhose and a dress. Today is different. Something is wrong. My heart starts to race. Is someone still at home? Did someone return without me hearing? What would I say if I am caught like this? There is no way to get back to my room unless I do so naked or in panties and a bra. I look both ways down the hall before stepping into the hall.

I know it was a stupid thing to do, but I ran to check the door to make sure it was locked. I should have ran to my room and changed. It was too late. My bedroom and boy clothes are on the other side of the house as I check the door. It’s still locked! Whew! I turned to walk back to my room. As I turned Eleanor was standing there with a grin as she examined me in her underwear.

“Very nice, brother,” she said as she walked around me. “Since you like looking like a girl so much, let me show you something.” She stopped in front of me and pulled out a girly light. She pointed it at me and said, “I always wanted a sister.” I put up my hands, “No!” It was too late.

Mom and dad preferred two daughters. They confessed they knew I was wearing Eleanor’s clothes. My name was officially changed to Monique. I think it is a hot girl’s name. Eleanor and I shop for clothes often now and share clothes too. Deep down I must confess, I really wanted to be caught and always hoped someday I would be a girl. Lucky me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Command of Authority

Once a man gains a position of authority it changes the way he holds his body the rest of his life. Senior prosecutor to the county, Morris Beck, adjusted to his position better than most. His ego made the transition easy. Justice is served in strange ways, however. Morris was humbled when the FOSE hit while he was in court trying a woman for owning a lingerie shop.

Beautiful women should not be allowed to hold positions of authority, including business owner, according to Morris. Morris trumped up a charge and took it to trial. It was a sunny late autumn day when reality struck hard. The FOSE hit while the prosecution made their bullshit case. Of course, Morris couldn’t keep his mind and eyes off Peggy, the accused; she came dressed in one of her best-selling products.

The FOSE hit worldwide, but only Morris and Peggy knew it in the courtroom. Morris was now standing in the silk negligee and robe. Peggy, a hell of a lot smarter than Morris, realized what happened and never missed a beat. Morris tried to explain what happened. The judge and jury laughed. Peggy was a far better salesman, ahem, than Morris. She sold the jury that Peggy should be put in jail. And so it was.

Morris ended up in jail in Peggy’s body while Peggy brought reform to the district attorney’s office. Morris eventually adjusted; he even liked wearing lingerie and satisfying her boyfriend. Peggy, in Morris’s body allowed Morris, in Peggy’s body, to continue as a successful shop owner. In the end justice was served.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Experiment Gone Wrong

Technological advancement requires sacrifices from those developing the technology. Artie is a prodigy in the field of cellular biology and DNA transdimension.  His work focuses on using benign viruses to transmit genetic material. Artie’s work is revolutionary. His successes are nearing the human study phase. He has used his delivery technology to splice new genes into DNA of animals. He has started the process of his first human studies.

Artie’s lab assistant, Rhana, prepared the mixture for the first subject. Care must be taken as the viruses are airborne and spread easier than the common cold. The virus can only be released in a sealed area for fear of contamination and spread. The entire lab is also sealed from the outside world as a precaution. Rhana’s DNA was used as the test sample to splice select sections of DNA into the test subject. Artie could not allow anyone else to take the risk. He will be the first test subject.

The chamber sealed tight as Artie took a seat. Rhana released the virus. After two hours exposure, Rhana evacuated the chamber of all virus material and released Artie. He felt good; no ill effects. Rhana started testing Artie to examine the level of change. Rhana gasped as she focused the first slide on the electron microscope. Artie’s cells were still undergoing transformation. But instead of only a few minor splices of DNA, Artie’s entire DNA was being rewritten.

For safety Artie was held in confinement. Rhana stayed with him day and night as his DNA was completely replace with exact copies of Rhana’s. Once the DNA was rewritten, cell division took place as if it was Rhana’s body. The changes were subtle at first. Then there was no mistake, Artie was starting to look like Rhana. In three weeks Artie looked exactly like Rhana’s twin.

When it was clear there was no risk of cross contamination, Rhana took Artie home with her and started training him to act like a proper woman. He had to learn how to walk in heels and apply makeup. He also needed a girl’s name: Jen. Jen adjusted easier than Rhana thought possible. Jen soon wanted to wear pretty panties and bras with little bow ties in the middle. Rhana smiled at how much of a girl Artie is.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


“Here, take this,” Amanda said to her husband, Bart as she handed him the pain reliever. Amanda’s voice was cold even though her husband was not feeling well.

Bart swallowed the pill and washed it down with a swallow of water. Why was Amanda so distant, Bart thought? Could she know? Bart dismissed the idea. The affair was over and there is no way Amanda could know.

“Guilt making you sick?” Holy shit, she does know! Bart chocked on his words so none came out. Amanda continued, “Yea, babe, I know. I knew for a month now. Too bad she called it off. But my plan still goes forward.”

Bart looked confused. He sits up on the couch. “Don’t worry, honey. It doesn’t hurt, I’m told.” Amanda pats him on the cheek gently. “It only takes a few minutes.”

Amanda left and returned with her favorite dress. “This will fit soon.” “What have you done, Amanda?” “What I should have done a month ago. You will never cheat on me again.” The first changes began developing as Bart’s chest swelled. “Nonobots?” Bart’s voice squeaked. Amanda nodded and smiled.

It was over quickly. Bart was completely transformed into a woman. His clothes did not fit anymore. He slowly got up and changed into the dress Amanda brought him. It felt so weird wearing panties, a bra and a dress. It was kind of chilly on the legs. Amanda put heels on his feet. “There, you make a perfect woman now, you philanderer.”

Bart accepted his fate. Amanda said, “I can live with and love a woman, but I can’t live with a cheater. You are mine now and you will never cheat on me again. You are Jessica now, my Jessica.” Bart resigned to his fate.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ghost in the Machine

Requested by: NeoRock

Paul swore every word in the book when his car broke down in the middle of the night miles from anywhere. To make matters worse his cell phone has no reception. Now he will have to spend the rest of the night sleeping in his car and hope for a passing motorist in the morning.

Morning came early and the back road was deserted. Paul’s only choice was to walk until he found a home where he could call for help. Walking will be very hard however. Paul has a fetish for wearing women’s clothing when he travels. He does not have any guy’s clothing at all.

The hooker boots will keep his legs warm and the wig will keep his head warm on the chilly morning. The light jacket also will make a difference. Paul checked his color in the rearview mirror before deciding it will be kind of hot to walk down the road like a helpless, stranded woman.

He did not have to walk far. Only a mile down the road he found a small country motel. The place is well kept, but looks deserted. He checks the lobby and calls out for anyone. He tries to use his most feminine voice, but the girl voice came natural.

Paul needs to use the restroom and uses the ladies room. He pulls down his shorts and sits when he notices something is not right. He uses his hand to tuck it down when he realizes there is nothing to tuck down. His hand slips down over a wet slit. He screams. The sound is a perfect girl scream and Paul was not even trying to sound like a girl. He finishes his job, washes his hand and races out of the restroom.

A young woman now stands at the register. She smiles at Paul as he walks to her. Paul stumbles out words that made no sense. He keeps asking the desk clerk what happened here, where am I, and other such crazy questions. The clerk smiles and points to a name in the register.  Cecilia. I am not Cecelia, Paul complains. Oh, yes you are the clerk smiles as she evaporates into thin air.

Paul’s cell phone beeps as reception returns. He calls for help. The police come with the mechanic. Paul protests to the officer. He pulls out his driver’s license. It has the picture of a woman; him dressed as a woman and the name Cecelia. Paul lost it. He starts screaming about a ghost giving him a sex change. The kind officer calls for an ambulance. Paul, I mean Cecelia, is taken to the mental hospital where she learns to act like a proper girl before release back into the public.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Jane Doe

Requested by: Ftygrl

Some guys really know how to pick’em. Josh would do anything for Dawn, but nothing will ever satisfy the greed of Dawn. For the two years they dated Dawn has controlled and manipulated Josh into one scheme after another. When the heat came down Josh took it. It is a wonder Josh isn’t in prison.

Now Dawn has a new scheme. She wants to rob the most secure jewelry store in town. Why? Because the jewels there, including the coveted Jewel of Odan, are locked away in the store’s safe. Only a handful of men have the money to buy the Jewel of Odan. If offered at a bargain price Dawn would still be the wealthiest woman alive.

Dawn would never rob the store alone. She needs her dimwit boyfriend to help with the robbery and to take the fall. Josh, providing a diversion, will give Dawn the chance she needs to escape.

The plan was set. Dawn managed to bypass security measures and enter the vault. Josh filled his bag quickly with whatever he could grab; Dawn is more discerning. When she finds the Jewel of Odan she holds it up to the light. The sparkle is awesome. Josh stops in his tracks and walks to Dawn. “Can I hold it?” Dawn hands it to Josh. Dawn comes to her senses a moment too late. She forgot for only a second that Josh cannot touch the jewel or he will be… POFF! … a woman.

Dawn forgot the time elapsed watching Josh turn feminine. The alarm sounded. Gates and electric fields trapped the girls in the jewelry shop. The police came and arrested the two.

At the station Dawn was identified. The woman Josh was not in any computer. When asked, Josh could not say who he is. Finally the police admitted they have a Jane Doe. Josh nodded to himself. Of course, Jane Doe. It is as good a name as any. The girls both received four years of prison. Josh enjoyed his stay more than Dawn.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Wonders of Modern Technology

Randy enjoyed her new body he won from the TG Incorporated contest. Nanobots, surgery and hormones can do wonders to the body. The mind is another story. Once Randy became Beatrice he enjoyed the attention all beautiful women get. The gawdy glasses and revealing t-shirt were chalked up to lack of female taste. But some would say Randy knew exactly what he was doing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Morning Sex

Mornings started slowly for Dale. Stiff bones and joints require caution before jumping out of bed for fear of throwing his back out. Age was catching up to Dale. It would take a miracle to give Dale his youth back. Funny, miracles do happen, but not as one would expect.

Age has other problems, too. Dale is alone now that his wife passed several years ago to breast cancer. The house is quiet now, the wife dead and the kids grown and on their own. Dale works his job just to fill his days. Friday nights are always hard. Dale has a whole weekend with himself. By ten o’clock Dale disrobed and slid under the covers praying for a long night of sleep and peace.

A miracle happened that Friday evening. An unreported vortex bubble slowly floated down to Earth, passed through Dale’s home, passed through Dale and moving through the Earth and out the Pacific Ocean on the opposite side the Earth and continuing on its way through space. The vortex bubble does what it always does; it turned Dale into a woman. Since there were no official vortex warnings Dale saved money by keeping the vortex shield off. Besides, what are the odds?

The next morning Dale woke slowly. He has not felt this good in the morning in years. There were no aches or pains. This caused Dale to waken all the way. The first thing he noticed is that he felt soft. He looked down and saw bumps under covers. He brought his hands to his chest and… ah!

He has tits! Dale moved his hand to his crotch and… OMG! Dale reached to the night stand and turned on the radio. A lone vortex bubble is in the news, “…no reports of any transformations.” The news will need to update when Dale reports his night.

Dale was happy with the results. The Vortex Bubble Board issued him new identification papers. He is Candy now. He loves wearing women’s clothes, so pretty and all. He decided to retire when he started dating. Now living with his fiancé morning sex has new meaning for Dale.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Magic Lamp

Scott is a treasure hunter with a trained eye. Rare artifacts are his specialty. His skills are highly sought around the world for archaeological finds that baffle the scientific community. Scott’s rare gift of identifying the significance of a piece saves thousands of hours of research.

The magic lamp was always considered a myth. Hopeful amateurs with a fistful of conspiracy theories knew the magic lamp was out there somewhere hidden in the sands of time. Well, sand and time hide their secret well, but time is their enemy.

The archaeological dig of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey of the oldest temple ever found (11,000 years old; 6,000 older than Stonehenge) provided more surprises than any archaeological dig in history. Artifacts never imagined surfaced. The magic lamp was one of those finds.

Scott was called in to the dig to identify many artifacts. The magic lamp did not seem special at first, but Scott knew better after a careful examination. Myth held that the owner of the lamp is granted one wish. Scott knew the legend was only a myth, but it is still fun to think about. Regardless, he was holding the magic lamp written of in the ancient texts.

A young research assistant liked to work late in the lab with Scott. Her name is Samantha and she has an intoxicating hold on Scott. It makes it hard to concentrate at times. While holding the magic lamp in his hands he wished he were a beautiful woman like Samantha. Scott almost stumbled after thinking the thought before he realized he was in Samantha’s body. He turned his head back to see his male body holding the lamp. A shrewd smile told Scott Samantha was in his body; they swapped! Scott still had the skills so Samantha and Scott talked about their situation. It was agreed they would start dating to keep close to each other. Scott would use his experience while Samantha in Scott’s body would be the assistant.  It all worked perfectly. Too perfectly, perhaps, as Samantha and Scott were soon sharing the same bed.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to School

The new school year starting turns all kids crazy. The first day is the craziest as many friends see each other for the first time in months. Dick and Tom picked up their trouble-making where they left off the previous school year. The teachers were already exasperated.

Dick has a special surprise for Tom. He was rummaging through his grandfather’s attic when he found an ancient jewel hidden in the bottom of a very old chest. The boys agreed the jewel would make a perfect ruse to get girls. Their first target was Becky. Becky oood’ed and ahhhh’ed over the jewel. She told Dick and Tom the jewel has special powers because it was a Jewel of Odan. The boys were intrigued.

Dick held the jewel in his left hand as Becky told him and Tom clasped Dick’s hand in a sort of backward handshake. “Now think of a girl and she is yours,” Becky said. “Laura,” Dick said; “Stacy,” Tom said. The boys felt a tingling vibration emanate from their held hands. The feeling raced from its origin throughout their entire bodies. When Dick and Tom regained their breath they were Laura and Stacy. Becky laughed as she walked away. The jewel did everything she was told it does.

Laura and Stacy started making trouble with their new bodies as Laura’s and Stacy’s twins. Nobody would be quite sure who caused the mischief. The new girls took a selfie for the record and continued making their mark in the school. To the teacher’s delight Dick and Tom soon found boyfriends and no longer had time for making problems in the school. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Guys love to be the center of attention; it is in their blood. While guys claim they are only playing around, they are really engaged in a complex mating ritual. Face it, guys act different when females are around.

Some guys, like Nick, hide it better than others until the right circumstances take place. A vortex bubble floating outside the arena where his favorite team plays is one of those circumstances. Nicks sat in his car before the game checking his phone when the vortex bubble floated slowly down on his car. He was disoriented for a moment as his fingers changed from thick male fingers to dainty female fingers.

Nick is a real man. He gathered his composure and committed to the name Nicole. As Nicole he entered the arena and bribed a cheerleader for her uniform. Once in his new clothes Nicole did what all guys do: show off for the crowd. The crowd loved her. Of course, Nicole has an advantage. She knows what guys like and delivered.

The home team went on to victory and Nicole cheered them on all the way. Don’t think for a minute that the players didn’t notice the new cheerleader either. Nick knows the power of morale. He made sure the entire team was amply motivated to continue playing to win.

Women love to be the center of attention; it is in their blood. While the ladies claim they are only playing around, they are really engaged in a complex mating ritual. Face it, girls act different when guys are around.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Midlife Crisis

The midlife crisis hit Alfred fast and hard. He had to have a red sports car before the last of his youth slipped away from him. There was only one problem, Alfred is broke.  Too bad midlife crises are expensive.

Women have is so much easier in Alfred’s mind. If only he could reverse roles then he could get a man to fund his crisis needs. As luck would have it a beautiful woman promised him what he desired when he complained of his problem. The woman, later discovered by Alfred to be a good witch, gave him one wish. Of course, Alfred wanted to be a woman.

Joan was born that day. Alfred knew what to do with his new body. He found a wealthy man looking for a trophy wife. Joan was the perfect answer to such men. Before long Joan is married with a husband wrapped around her little finger.

Joan has the hot little sports car Alfred desired. It was only a small sacrifice to achieve such a worthy goal. Alfred never had a chance to thank the witch. After decades of marriage Joan’s husband confessed a witch made her a man after she was abused by her former husband. Joan now understood how her husband was so gentle and kind. Looks like the witch granted all good people their greatest wish.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Drinks On Me

Wendy has a secret when it comes to getting huge tips. There was a time not long ago when she made only a fraction of the tips she makes today. Other waitresses and barmaids were raking in money at levels lawyers get paid. Not Wendy, she was — and I mean was — a guy busting his ass serving customers all day long. The tips for a guy like Brian are meager compared to a woman with a ready smile and a big set of…

Okay, you get the drift. Brian did not accept handouts so working through college was his only choice. It was unfair when the female servers made over $2000 some nights and the best night Brian ever had was $532. Most nights he only brought in around $300 in tips and the customers were rude; they wanted a female server and then tipped them 10 times what Brian made.

Brian had no desire to be a woman but economics forced him. He needed the money and he was willing to give up his manhood for big tits, I mean tips. TG Incorporated did a great job of programming the nanobots. A simple dip in the hot tub and Wendy was born.

The first night on the job Wendy put on all the charm she could find and broke the club record for tips: $7409. WOW! Wendy was hooked. She regularly out earned every other server. You can see why. He serves food and drinks with a warm smile and the right amount of cleavage. Brian is never coming back; Wendy is too much fun.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Foreign Exchange Student

(Note: I want to give a shout out to Alexis over at She is a very good writer. You'll love her stories and images. She's had some medical issues lately so after you are done here give Alexis a look-see.And take a minute or two to comment wishing her well. Alexis haunts this blog on a regular basis and has provided me with encouragement. I wish her the best. She is one fantastic young lady.)

Luke dreamed of seeing the world. In high school he came up with a great idea. To see exotic places and people he wanted to be a foreign exchange student. It was more work than anticipated, but he managed all the paperwork and for his senior year a host family was chosen for Luke.

China will be Luke’s home for the next year. Nothing compares to the real thing. Luke researched China and the culture, but actually living there is so different. Luke’s host family welcomed him and helped him adjust. It was hard at first. It got easier as time went on. There were a few things that concerned Luke, however.

Luke’s host family has money and lives the lifestyle. He knew he was getting only a small slice of what China is really like living with a wealthy family. The average person in China is as foreign to his host family as he is to China.

The mock holiday concerned Luke. He was told that people dressed and lived as the opposite sex for the holiday. He never heard of such a holiday and figured it would be newsworthy. Luke felt trapped so he went along. He allowed the mother of the house to dress him in a pretty blouse and skirt. After the makeup and wig Luke had to admit it was kind of cool. He really looked like Glenda, the woman he was for a day.

Luke spent the entire holiday acting like a prim and proper woman. As the day neared the end he was ready to go back to his real life. As he changed his clothes he saw he physically changed; he really was a woman now. He questioned his host family and they said they sprinkled TG dust on his clothes and he should feel honored he was the chosen one for the transformation.  Glenda eventually accepted her new life. It’s just that she can never really go home now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Run for Your Life

The race was like no other. Runners paid for a chance to win millions, but losers paid with their manhood. The race was simple: run a 13.2 mile course, a half marathon. The first across the finish line wins $20 million, the second $10 million, the third $5 million, fourth $2.5 million and fifth $1.25 million. All other runners will be hit by a girly light as they cross the line.

As much as is at risk, the exhilaration was worth it. Paul wanted into the race. He was fast, so fast he held the half marathon record at his college. And he could really use the money. Paul would have to push himself. The runners started the race at staggered times so they could not tell if they were winning or not until they crossed the finish line. Paul needed to keep pushing himself or he could unconsciously slow his pace because he would think his pace was faster.

Paul ran a powerful race. His starting time was in the back of the pack so he knew he would see losing runners transformed in front of him. He started the race hard, but settled into a steady pace he could keep until the finish when he pushed hard. He made good time as he reached his goal. He stepped up his speed as he approached the finish line. He saw three runners turned into girls as they crossed the line. He pushed even harder to win the money and avoid the fate of the losers. He stretched forward as he crossed the finish line and ZAP! Paul is now Angelina, a girl.

Angelina was disappointed as she gave an interview. She asked the reporter where she did place. The reporter laughed and said she was in first place. Paul was shocked! What about the money? The reporter informed Paul there is no money. The whole race was to see how many guys would willingly lose their manhood on a race. Angelina accepted the ruse. She joked with the reporter and enjoyed all the looks the guys gave her in her underwear. She also had an idea how she would earn money to pay for college.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Right Place at the Right Time

An industrial accident at the nanobot manufacturing facility threw a plume of smoke and nanobot particles into the air over Raccoon City. The corporation assured the residents there was nothing to worry about; the nanobot particles are totally harmless. Some scientists worried that as the nanobots rained down and covered the entire city in a fine dust that some people could have a reaction. The corporation paid the media and low level scientists to debunk the notion on the grounds it is an unproven theory.

The spin doctors turned up the rhetoric when the first reports came in. Men were disappearing all over the city and strange women are showing up claiming to be these lost men. The corporation could debunk the noise because only a small number of men were reported missing. The common ground being that those men who disappeared first were athletic. It would later be discovered that the deep breathing of exercise drew in more nanobot particles.

Then the second wave hit. Boys and young men disappeared. All of them. Alex was one of the young men to disappear. He was attending college in town and lived in the dormitory. When he woke this morning he was a woman. He borrowed some underwear from his girlfriend and took a few selfies for his social media pages and starting calling himself Nicole.

In another day the entire town was female. The news travelled fast. Soon people from around the world were visiting Raccoon City and breathing as deeply as possible. People were jogging that have not jogged in 30 years. But the nanobots were done doing their damage. I guess you just had to be lucky enough to be there when it happened.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The High Cost of Education

Heavy college costs require some students to take on any job they can get. Brad worked hard to get into college and now he did whatever was necessary to pay to stay. His college had opportunities in the lab. New technologies needed test subjects. Once in a while Brad would suffer a minor rash, dizziness or sleepiness when he volunteered for a study. It was all worth it. The fees paid are incredibly high.

The latest study paid more than any other in history. The test required two subjects, preferable boyfriend/girlfriend. The fee was so high that Brad and his girlfriend, Marie, would be set for the remainder of their college careers. Brad talked Marie into it in short order.

The test was simple. Brad and Marie lay on separate beds next to each other. A special leather helmet is fit over the top of the head like a helmet with wires coming out from all directions. The experiment will copy the mind of each individual and write it to the other person’s brain. In effect, they will switch brains. Brad knew it would be hot to live in Marie’s body for a while.

The test went smooth. After playing with their new bodies for a while, Brad dressed in the hottest outfit Marie had in her closet and went out for an interview with the press. The sensation was awesome! Marie enjoyed Brad’s body, but Brad was going wild with Marie’s body.

After their fun and interviews with the press, it was time to have their minds switched back to their original bodies. When the procedure was done Brad sat up confused. He was still in Marie’s body. He had faint images of Marie’s memories, but he was in her body. Marie had a similar experience.

The scientists worked hard to discover the problem. It was soon discovered that the human mind only would allow one transfer. Brad and Marie were stuck in each other’s body. Marie was a little pissed, but Brad was taking it very well.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Use It or Lose It

It was not supposed to be like this. Jack entered marriage with high hopes and deep love for his wife, Amanda. They dated throughout college and married right after graduation. Jack has a high-stress job in finance that killed his libido. He wanted to do the thing; he still loved Amanda. But for whatever reason, the stress killed Jack’s ability to perform and medications did not help.

The stress seemed manageable to Jack. He felt good, his blood pressure and cholesterol were all normal, he held and kissed Amanda every day, but for whatever reason, their marriage ended up a sexless one. Amanda started researching the issue. She discovered about 1 in 4 marriages are sexless. She also discovered that men have a higher risk of prostate cancer if they don’t do it every so often. Jack listened to Amanda’s research and tried. He just could not do it. There were tears for both.

The tears came harder when the risk turned into reality. Tiredness led to a doctor’s appointment which led to the prostate cancer diagnosis. It was a virulent strain. Jack had less than six months to live.

The cancer had not yet spread. The doctor provide the only solution for Jack to live: remove the cancerous appendage. Jack had no choice; Amanda agreed; she can live with Jack without his male parts, but to lose him completely… She could not bring herself to do it.

The doctor had another solution. Rather than just remove the appendage, Jack should go for a full gender reassignment. Because it was a medical emergency his reassignment was covered by insurance.

Time was important. Three days later Jack was in surgery. The doctor got all the cancer. His employer had a generous severance package. Now Jack, well, actually Melina, has money and time. The stress is gone and the libido returned. Amanda adjusted quickly while Melina thought women were luckier now that he experienced both sides. It does go to prove one point: If you don’t use it, you lose it.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dress Code

Nate loved Anna, but he could not spent time with her because she lived at the Girl’s School of Perpetual Motion. The religious school did not allow any males on the premises except the priest. The nuns are very protective of their subjects, ah, I mean students. According to the nuns, boys were a bad influence and temptation to the girls. The school provided a purifying enclave where the girls could study and learn about god.

But love is greater than all those things. It says so in the book of Corinthians in the Bible, Chapter 13. This “greatest of all things”, this “love” is something Nate and Anna possessed. They wanted to be together, but were forced to be apart. Nate was open to anything that would bring them together.

There are powers greater than faux gods. Love is the most powerful. Whoever possesses love has the ultimate power, even a devil, or in the case of Nate, a witch. The witch came to Nate knowing his problem; witches know these kinds of things. She promised a spell that would end all their problems. How could Nate not agree?

Nate did not know what to expect when he agreed to allow the witch to solve his problem. The witch untied the pouch attached to her belt and sprinkled dust from the pouch on Nate’s head and shoulders. He became faint for a few moments. As he regained his balance he knew he was changed. He was a girl and wearing the uniform required of all the girls at the school. The witch said his name was Madeline now.

The witch pretended to be Madeline’s mother as she checked him into the school. The witch used her power to cause the school to place Madeline and Anna in the same room. Madeline told Anna what happened and who he is. Anna was so happy to be back with Nate. The lovemaking in their room was torrid. Love is the new religion.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Changing Room Boutique

Requested by: Ftygrl

The excitement mom felt as the new school year approached was nothing short of ecstatic.  Dad is always off working leaving her home with the kids: Rebecca and James. Therein lays the problem. Becca and James fight like cats and dogs. The incessant bickering is driving mom up a wall.

In an attempt to encourage time to move faster, mom takes the kids out for back to school shopping. The kids need clothes—they keep growing out of the clothes they have. A new store opened in town, the Changing Room Boutique. Everything is on sale and the kids should love the modern changing rooms where you step in and the clothes you are trying are zapped right on you.

You would think the kids would shut up for at least a second when they are getting new stuff. But nooooo! They started arguing—I shit you not—about which sex has it easier in school. Mom could have been putty knifed off the roof. Mom couldn’t take anymore. She grabbed several outfits and pushed them into the kids’ hands. “Go to the changing room,” mom growled as she pointed toward the changing rooms. The kids were not paying attention and missed the sign for which gender goes in which changing room. Before mom could warn them the doors were closed and the changing room was zapping on the outfits.

When the doors opened Rebecca and James stepped out with perfect grace, their bodies switched. They acted proper, like human beings! Mom thought she entered the twilight zone. Her children were acting sane for the first time she could remember since they left the womb. They both just needed a sex change!

The shop owner came running over and apologized for the mishap. She offered to send the kids back through and change them back. Mom thought for a moment as an evil smile crossed her face. “No,” mom said, “I’ll keep’em this way.”

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pickup at a Bar

Do you know what it feels like to have a woman touch your body all over? To feel her tender hands caress your skin until it shivers with delight? Martin knew that feeling. The feeling of a woman gently rubbing her hands on his smooth skin, over the smooth front where his manhood once lived. You see, Martin is now Katrina.

Martin met his girlfriend one night in a bar after a few too many drinks. She was an angel from heaven. In the morning he was afraid of what he would see when he rolled over in bed. His fear was unfounded as Lady was as beautiful when he was sober as when he was intoxicated. Lady is different from other women Martin dated. She is quiet, soft, gentle and loved caressing his skin.

After a few weeks living with Lady, Martin noticed his skin was softer with a thin layer of fat under his skin, like a woman’s body. Soon afterwards Martin noticed his breasts were sore. More weeks passed as Martin stayed at home while Lady softly touched his body. Martin doesn’t remember the exact moment, but he knew one day he was no longer a man. Every shred of evidence he was a male was gone.

Katrina loves Lady. She can’t help it. He knows what she did to him, but he feels Lady did it out of some weird symbiotic love. Lady enjoyed rubbing the smooth area around Katrina’s waist. Katrina had to admit it felt good. He enjoyed his long life with Lady, whoever she is. Lady seldom spoke, yet she communicated volumes. Katrina and Lady are happy. What more can one ask for.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Best Wife

My wife and I have an unusual marriage. I am about the same size as Alice and she loves dressing me in her clothes. In a few hours she has me made-over so good I easily pass for a woman. She helped me with speaking lessons until I not only looked and walked like a woman, I sounded like one.

I spend so much time now as a woman I sometimes forget I really am a man. The role modeling has altered my thought process. Alice loves it. She calls me her little Becky. I like life as Becky. I feel sexy and loved. I must admit it is a bit of a rush to turn so many heads.

Alice has become obsessed. We have been married three years now and she doesn’t let me do anything as a man anymore. She keeps training me to be the perfect woman. She admitted to me she prefers women over men and since she loves me so much and we are married she wants m to be her woman. Years ago I might have been able to resist, but no more. Alice had already transformed me into a woman mentally. All that is needed is for my body to catch up.

The day it happened Alice told me while she applied blush to my cheeks. The dress was infused with nanobots. I have heard most men feel a tingling as the nanobots go to work. Not me. I think I was too far along towards womanhood to feel that effect.

Later that night when I undressed and prepared for bed Alice examined me. She smiled at the results. She rubbed her hand along the smooth front of my panties as she put a silk negligee on me. I am a woman. I have been for a very long time. I can’t remember life as a man anymore. I am Alice’s little Becky. And I love who I am.