Monday, March 9, 2015

The Sister I Always Wanted

“Put my panty on.” Carl stood dumbfounded as his sister held out a panty. “Catching flies, Carl,” Lisa said. Carl closed his mouth.

“I know you want to wear my clothes, Carl.” Lisa put up her hand, “Don’t deny it. All guys want to try it out. It’s natural.”

Carl took the panty feeling the soft fabric on his hand. Carl mumbled, “I don’t know.”

Lisa firmed her voice, “Take your clothes off, put them on the bed and put on the panty.”

Lisa’s hard demand shocked Carl into reluctant action. He placed his clothes on Lisa’s bed embarrassed by his nudity in front of his sister. He hurried on the panty to cover himself.

“Hold out your arms,” Lisa said. She fished his arms through the loops of a cute pink bra with a tiny flower between the cups, stepped behind him and hooked the bra in place.

Lisa smiled as she pulled a dress and heels from her closet. Without a word Carl complied as Lisa dressed him. Lisa sat him front of the dresser mirror and fixed his hair and applied makeup. Lastly, Lisa sprinkled a fine dust over Carl.

Carl had to admit he really looked good until Lisa sprung the surprise. “How do you like it, brother? You better. If you check down there you will find I changed more than your clothes.” Carl swallowed hard. “I always wanted a sister and now I have you Chloe.” 

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