Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Change of Heart

(If I can be granted one last Google TG caption now that Google changed its mind. --Krazy Kay)

As you have all heard by now Google has reversed course on their changes to blogspot blogs. But what you don’t know is why. Check out the three news reports below to understand why Google took the action they did.


Reports came in last night of 723 women storming Google headquarters. After intense hostage negotiations, the women released all the hostages. Hours later the company announced a backtracking on plans to change policies at blogger.


A rash of disappearances has taken place over the last several days. Reports list 723 men who disappeared in the last few days. All the disappearances seem to involve men who ran or frequented TG blogs. Authorities have no explanation for the disappearance. Authorities say they have no leads at this time.


A witch of the Northern Province has sold more potion than any witch in history all in the last week. Witches of the latest gathering expressed envy.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Revenge From an Old Friend

Still steaming from the changes to their favorite TG captions and swaps blogs at Google, Tom and Jerry hatched a plan to set things straight. The guys didn't care about the blogs as much as missing all the dear friends they met in the virtual world. The people that wrote the captions were like distant friends who wrote often. Now many of their brethren disappeared like stars disappearing from the night sky.

Tom had a box of clothes from their college days, acquired from a panty raid of the sorority house. The girls found it great fun, too. A Wiccan girl warned the guys if they ever wore the clothes they commandeered after the night of the panty raid they would be cursed to walk the earth as women for the remainder of their lives.

Tom and Jerry both remembered the warning. They also knew under the present circumstances they faced could only be solved by a woman. Tom and Jerry slipped into the clothes from that long ago panty raid and felt the changes take place immediately. They boys knew the transformation would not be a curse, but a blessing.

As the transformation finished, the boys took new names: Betty and June. As women they now hatched a plan only a woman could think up. The plan was so diabolical it can’t be spoken here. But be warned people. When Betty and June put their new powers of persuasion to work Google will never be the same again.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Changes to Google’s blogger policies had Kevin up in arms. He had worked for years building a following and massive traffic. Now a giant corporation wanted to end all the fun because the college kids that started the company grew up and got red faced when a girl showed any skin. Well, Kevin had a plan.

Of course, Kevin could always start all over on another platform, but starting from zero again is depressing. Plus learning how a new blog functions kills motivation, especially when it is all for low traffic as the blog starts ground the ground floor. And what if policies change on the new platform? Then what?

Well, Kevin didn't just write TG captions. He lived the part. He saved every dime he had and decided to be the TG caption. He traveled to Thailand to start the real transformation. He admired the changes he saw in the mirror each day as the doctors worked their magic. He went for the full treatment. There would be nothing male left when they were done. Six months later the transformation was complete and Keira occupied the return seat on the way back to Kevin’s home.

You see, Kevin knew something all men know: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Every man has seen it in action and has stood in awe of its power. As a man enjoying the human body and writing TG fantasies, he could only see the fury from the outside. Now, Keira is in town and she is 100% woman and 200% bitch. The fury about to be unleashed is unspeakable.

I’d give it two months tops before Google has new ownership. Somehow I feel the next CEO of Google will be called Keira. God help us all.  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Riding Out the Storm

A late winter storm locked Stew in the house alone. Heavy snow and high winds made the roads impassable. His sister Cindy was holed up at a friend’s house across town and his parents were on a business trip. When the internet went down so did the TV. There was nothing left for Stew to do but watch the walls.

After a boring twenty minutes Stew decided to have some fun. H e always wanted to try on his sister’s clothes. The fear of being caught stopped him in the past, but with the storm no one was coming home until tomorrow after the roads were plowed. Stew rummaged through Cindy’s undergarments first. He was careful not to touch the strange objects Cindy collected. Stew loved his sister, but she was really strange when she started practicing her Wiccan rituals.

Stew found a pretty matching bra and panty set. He slipped them on. It felt so soft against his skin. He noticed his favorite dress of Cindy’s, the one with metallic thread around the center. He rubbed the fabric between his fingers before sliding into the dress. The fabric felt cool and tingled his skin. He finished his fantasy with a necklace and a wig.

Stew pranced in front of the mirror before he decided to slip on a pair of heels. For the next three hours Stew walked around the house pretending he was Cindy. Cindy’s clothing felt so smooth and soft. He loved the feel. And the tingling against his skin seemed to grow.

As the wind died down, Stew noticed a snow plow coming down the road. It was time to put Cindy’s things away and get back to his own boring life. As he passed the mirror he noticed he looked very feminine. He went back to the mirror and looked with horror. He really looked like a girl. He checked down below and discovered Cindy put a hex on her clothes. By wearing Cindy’s clothes he was transformed into a woman. When Cindy and mom and dad got home he would have a lot of explaining to do. At least he didn’t feel embarrassed about wearing a dress anymore.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Knowing Yourself

After all precautions were taken, the experimental swapping chamber in the basement lab of the university was ready for a human test subject. Carl used his celerity to be the first human to step into a swapping chamber and be transformed into another person. Because Carl was the brains behind the technology and design he made sure he would go down in history as the first human in his device.

The swapping chamber was programmed to convert Carl into a tall, very muscular man and then back again. A female tech cut her finger while preparing the chamber and went to get a bandage while Carl stepped into the machine. Final programming was inserted. The remaining lab techs started the process. The swapping chamber filled with fog as it whirred.

When the process was done Carl stepped out. He wasn't a muscular man. He was a woman! And not just any woman, but a perfect replica of the female tech who cut her finger. Somehow the drop of blood reprogrammed the swapping chamber to turn Carl into a woman. The chamber started whirring again. A few moments later another copy of the woman stepped out. When the swapping chamber stopped making copies, there were four identical women from the original Carl. Carl could hear the thoughts of each of the other copies he was made into. Worst of all, there are no samples of his old self available to switch him back; they were destroyed by the tech’s blood.

The lab tech who left for a bandage returned. When she saw the four replicas of herself, she fainted. How would Carl ever explain to his girlfriend he looks exactly like Becky, the school slut. And that there are four of him.

Monday, February 23, 2015

It's All About the Team

Homecoming football pitted cross town rivals on the home field. Pep rallies cheered on the team. But behind the scenes the game was elevated to nose-bleed heights. The home team quarterback, Buck, hated the opposing team’s quarterback, Max, because Max kept making lewd remarks to his girlfriend. To up the ante, Buck convinced Max to make the outcome of the game personal. The loser would lose more than the game, but also his manhood.

Max smiled and accepted the offer. Both teams were hyped when they hit the field. Before long a few bad breaks put Buck and his team behind. As the final seconds ticked off the clock all Buck could do was stare at his girlfriend standing on the sidelines.

Buck honored his word and after showering off went to the lab where Max did the honors of flipping the switch of the swapping chamber. At the party afterwards Buck was relieved to see Max didn't hit on his girlfriend. Instead, Max hit on Buck. It felt awkward at first, but Buck felt flattered after a while. Buck liked his new look and wanted to be called Samantha from now on. His girlfriend thought he was cute, but Buck really wanted to spend time with his boyfriend, Max, from now on.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

The sign said “NO NOT ENTER SHERWOOD FOREST”. Brent wasn’t the kind of guy to follow orders, instructions or the law. The hell with what the sign said. Brent adjusted his backpack and started his journey into the forbidden woods.

His plan was to spend a three-day weekend camping deep in the wilderness. Game wardens refuse to enter the forest so Brent knew once he was in the woods he was safe from detection. The first day and night were awesome. The landscape was surreal and beautiful, yet, somehow different, disturbing.

Brent is an experienced hiker. He had traveled many times into deep wilderness. Somehow this hike was different, the air filled with static. And the intermittent sounds. Strange, eerie sounds came out of nowhere without warning and came from all directions. Brent had to admit he was getting the heebee-jeebies.

The second night set Brent on edge. Sounds came all night long. Strange glowing green lights danced like a drunken aurora in the sky. In the morning Brent’s supplies were missing. Without provisions Brent needed to return to the real world as fast as possible. Bad weather would be a real disaster. Tired and exhausted, Brent had to use instinct to find safety. But the woods confused Brent. Evening came sooner than expected.

Brent found a depression in the terrain to bed down for the night. Hunger disrupted his sleep. The starless, moonless night was the deepest dark Brent ever experienced. Brent lost it when the sounds started again. The sounds hypnotized Brent until he fell unconscious. The next day game wardens found a woman walking out of the woods. She said her name was Temperance, but couldn’t give any details on her life. Unharmed, the game wardens had no choice but to let Temperance go on her way.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

I find this fascinating. Like a lot of people I find it hard to sleep at times. My normal sleep cycle is around 4 hours a night, but I nap during the day. Now if I can only be as great as the people in the article.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Girl in Town

Rumors started soon after Marley’s, the new corner convenience store, opened. Men disappeared all over the neighborhood and the police had no idea who was responsible. Fears grew. People started locking their doors and keeping the kids indoors.

Whoever was causing men to disappear was leaving no traces of evidence. The police had no suspects. But Larry had another theory. The disappearances started the day Marley’s opened. He also noticed that only men that bought beverages at Marley’s have disappeared. Larry had a plan. He would buy a water at Marley’s and drink it while walking around the block. If his theory is correct the hooligan would approach him. And when he did Larry would bust his beak.

The plan started well. Larry enjoyed the cool water as he turned the corner to the quiet side of the block. Larry knew it was the perfect place for an ambush. His senses were on high alert. Suddenly Larry felt dizzy. He steadied himself as he took another swallow of water. When he looked up he couldn't remember who he was. The clerk at Marley’s appeared and helped Larry to a bench. “Your name is Cindy.” Larry nodded remembering a life he never lived.

Cindy is a new girl in town. She moved in from out east. She has no family, but is a very friendly girl and fits well with the neighborhood.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Business Trip Opportunities

Business trips provided Barnie with the opportunity he needed to carry out his favorite pastime: cross-dressing. It was a secret only he knew. His family had no idea and co-workers might be shocked to find Barnie wore panties to work some days. It was a compulsion he couldn't control.

That is why Barnie was so excited to learn his employer was sending him to a seminar on Mystery Island. Barnie packed for the weeklong event, making sure he had the extra suitcase filled with the important clothes.

Barnie planned to spend the whole weekend as a woman. He would dress casual during the day so no one would know he was wearing women’s clothing. At night he would dress as the most beautiful woman he could be.

The first night Barnie set all his favorite clothing on the bed. He picked a silk negligee to sleep in. He attached the breast forms, slipped on a panty, set his wig and slid into the silky soft negligee. It felt so good against his skin as he laid back on the bed and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning he woke to his cell phone. It was Barnie’s wife, Tracy. “How are you this morning, honey?” “Fine,” Barnie said as he tried waking up. “You might want to take a look at yourself in the mirror, dear.” “What?” Barnie walked into the bathroom and stopped dead when he saw himself in the mirror. “I knew about your little secret for years, Barnie. You can’t keep that kind of thing from your wife. So I figured if you wanted to be a woman so bad I’d give you what you wanted. I sprinkled your cute outfits with nanobot powder. If you look in the side pocket of your suitcase you’ll see your new passport.” Barnie found the passport. He opened it to a picture of him in his new body and the name Terri. “Don’t worry, honey. I still love you. I experimented with girls in college. And now I have you.”

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Committing to a Dream

Ted had a ritual he performed before checking out all the latest stories on TG captioning blogs. He loved body swap captions most, but enjoyed all the stories. And the models were so pretty. He could dream for hours.

He started his ritual by applying breast forms to his chest and picking the prettiest bra from his dresser. Then he slipped on a panty followed by silk stockings. Finding the right dress from his closet was hardest. Ted had acquired so many beautiful dresses over the years and he always wanted the prettiest dress for his caption reading. After finding the perfect dress he slipped on heels, applied make-up and put on a wig. After years of practice he looked like a real woman.

Ted sat in his favorite chair sitting prim and proper while he surfed his list of TG blogs. Oh, how he wanted to be a pretty girl like the models in the stories.

While reading the new posts on his favorite blog he noticed an ad for loans. His credit was good, not great, but good. If he could consolidate his debts it would free up some money to start the transformation into the woman of his dreams. After a few moments thought he decided to make the commitment.

Ted got the loan to consolidate his debt at a lower rate freeing up enough money to start the transformation treatment. Before long Ted changed his name to Shelly because he was no longer a man. He still loved reading the blogs, but as a woman now. No more dreaming about being a girl; he was one. Ted was never happier in his life.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Morning Surprise

Adam still had a hard time accepting what had happened. The Great Shift body swap affected about 10% of the people on Earth, but only a few swapped with someone out of sight. Of all the people swapped, most were either sleeping together or hugging or working next to each other. But Adam was one of only a few dozen known cases where the body swap took place with someone as much as ten meters away.

When the Great Shift happened it was quiet. People went on sleeping or doing what they were doing until they realized something was wrong. When Adam woke up the next day he found it odd he was sleeping in his sister Chloe’s bed. On his way to the bathroom he passed a mirror and that is when the shock set in.

Adam turned to face the mirror. His mouth opened as if offended, but no words came out. Deep down he found it exciting. He saw his old body walk up behind him, Chloe was always an early riser. “I got the shock two hours ago when I first got up. Decided to let you sleep.” “I don’t want to be a girl,” Adam protested. “I don’t think we have a choice in the matter. We will just have to live with it.”

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Perfect Fit

Sam enjoyed dressing in his sister’s clothes whenever the opportunity arose. Sam had no idea Cynthia knew he was doing this. Of course, how could she not know? A boy can’t put a girl’s clothes back exactly like he found it. And the smells. A girl can tell when a boy was having fun in her panties.

Before long Sam grew the courage to steal a panty from Cynthia and wear them all day. Then he decided to spend a night in her lingerie. Cynthia would never know, Sam reasoned. How could she? She has so many.

The next morning Sam woke to a new feeling. He rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom. As he walked past the mirror he stopped cold. Any sleepiness was gone. His eyes shot wide open as he stared at his body that filled out the lingerie perfectly. “How ya doing, brother?” Sam nearly jumped out of his skin as Cynthia snuck up behind him. Sam was at a loss for words. “Yeah, I knew all the while what you were doing. I bought a little bottle of nanites,” Cynthia said twirling the finger sized vile in front of Sam, “and signed a contract with the modeling agency for you. Now you can parade around in lingerie all day, Amanda.”

Monday, February 16, 2015

Any Job Will Do

Eric was desperate for a job. A bad economy and criminal conviction years ago made it impossible to land a job of any kind. He’d shovel manure if it paid at least minimum wage. When he saw the ad for a modeling job he was intrigued. Of course, he had no chance of getting the job, but he knew most people considered him a good-looking young man.

With nothing to lose Eric applied at the agency. After a quick background check, Eric was told he was perfect for the job. The job came just in time as his rent was late and eviction is certain if he doesn’t get a paycheck fast. Rather than be homeless he took the job, even with the unusual requirements.

Eric stepped into the transformation chamber. When he stepped out he couldn't believe how beautiful he looked. His new name for the modeling gigs is Erin. He was a natural. The fashion designers couldn’t get enough of Erin. One day Eric asked if he could be changed back to his old body when he went home to visit family. He was shown the fine print: ALL TRANSFORMATIONS ARE PERMANENT.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A New Thrill

Warren was born into a rich family. Non-stop excitement and stimulation filled every moment of Warren’s life. But non-stop fun is an illusion and Warren soon bored from things that would make normal people drool with delight.

Warren used his family’s great wealth to body swap with a local stripper. He wanted the excitement of pole dancing while men lusted for him and women were jealous of him. With the money he offered there was no shortage of exotic dancers that were willing to swap with him.

He swapped with Dawn for an agreed upon price for three weeks of rent of her body. Warren made the most of his new body. He danced his heart out and loved the sexy lingerie that came with the job. At the end of the three weeks Warren was ready for a new stimulation. Only there was a problem: Dawn was nowhere to be found with his body. A search was made, but it soon became apparent Dawn wanted Warren’s body forever. No matter. Warren found plenty of excitement with his new body. He loved living the life of Dawn.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day, Honey

Hope wanted to give her boyfriend the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. Oscar loved dressing in Hope’s clothes and Hope found Oscar very attractive when he did. Hope was friends with a Wiccan at work that sold her a magic cookie, the perfect gift for her cross-dressing boyfriend.

The cookie looked like any ordinary sugar cookie. Hope bought a red negligee and wrapped it in a box with the cookie wrapped in foil placed to the side. She was too excited to wait for Valentine’s Day.

As soon as they woke Valentine’s Day, Hope jumped out of bed and pulled her gift from under the bed. Oscar opened the package, grinning from ear to ear. “And all I got you was a box of chocolates.”  “There is something sweet for you, too,” Hope said pointing to the foil wrapped sugar cookie. Oscar pealed the foil and said, “Hmmm.”

“Eat it,” Hope encouraged Oscar. “What’s so special about this cookie?” “Just eat it and find out.” He did. “Tasty.” Hope kept staring at Oscar’s body. Then Oscar began to shimmer and sparkle until his whole body glowed. When the sparkles stopped a beautiful woman sat before Hope.

Hope held the red negligee by the shoulder straps in front of Oscar. Oscar smiled and slipped into the negligee. He went to Hope’s dresser and found a panty to finish the outfit. “You look so hot, Oscar.” “You can’t call me Oscar looking like this. Call me… Brenda.” “Brenda? I like it.” “When we are done having fun,” Oscar said, “how do I turn back.” Hope’s lips parted slightly. “I don’t know if I can turn you back.” Oscar kissed Hope on the lips and said, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hypnotic Suggestion

Late in the night after many alcoholic beverages the gathering of the senior class started talking about life after they graduate in a week. Before long the talk turned foolish and kinky. When the topic of hypnosis came up, Ed rolled his eyes.

A psychology student, Amanda, bet Ed she could hypnotize him. Ed laughed and took the bet. Ed sat in a chair surrounded by the group; Amanda faced him in an opposite chair. She pulled a necklace from her pocket with a jewel on the chain. Ed noticed one of the girls to the left brought her hand to her mouth to hide a smile.  

Amanda started swinging the jewel before Ed’s eyes until he was under. She put the Jewel of Odan into Ed’s left hand and told him to think of the prettiest girl he ever saw. When the jewel performed its magic transforming Ed into his dream girl, Amanda told Ed he would not remember anything about his old life and that his real name is Sara. Amanda built a new life for Sara and then brought him out of the trance. Sara carried on as she had her entire life.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

An Eye Out For a Man

Jackie was so excited now that he was a girl. The transformation was perfect. Not only did he look like a girl, he thought like a girl. He wanted to do girl things like paint his nails. He also smiled a lot for some reason.

He also felt like a girl. In fact, he couldn’t remember what it was like to be a boy anymore and it’s been only three weeks since the change. And the desires. Oh. My God! The desires were uncontrollable. All Jackie could think about was snagging a man for marriage.

As a boy Jackie didn’t care about his appearance, as a girl he always wanted to look pretty. It was important to Becky to attract people’s attention with her actions and looks, especially the boys. Here we see Jackie decorating herself. When she is done she will join the men behind her, closely watching each for possible mate material.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Bank Job

Mike was putting away the last of his paperwork before closing the bank when terrorists stormed the bank. As bank manager it was his responsibility to protect the bank and its employees. They were trained to cooperate with bank robbers and let the police handle the situation: heroes in a bank robbery were usually dead heroes.

The terrorists pulled Mike from the employees when they discovered he was the manager. They demanded he open the safe. He told them the safe was on a timer and couldn’t be opened until the designated time. The terrorists started pushing Mike around when they learned he was the one who tripped the silent alarm.

Police surrounded the building. The terrorists didn’t care; they had a few tricks up their sleeve. When the terrorists stormed the bank they rolled in a large rectangular box. When the police didn’t meet their demands the terrorists said they would make an example Mike.

Mike tried to talk the terrorists out of hurting him. Without a word they pushed Mike into the box. The walls were smooth inside the box. Mike heard an increasing whir as the machine approached whatever it was programmed to do. Mike jumped from the loud crack.

The door opened and Mike stepped out. He looked down and saw his new body wearing a bra and panty only. The terrorists handed Mike a note. “You give this to the police. It will prove who you are, Becky, the bank manager, and that we mean business. Tell them, if our demands are not meet in the next ten minutes another man will be sent out like you.” The police met the terrorist’s demands in less than three minutes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Play Time

There is something about nanobots that make a new-made girl playful. Ken and Tom had no idea why they were so happy, but once they stepped into the hot tub with nanobots, the water started to foam and they felt giddy.

The boys drank the cup of fruit juice laced with nanobots to determine which body each would get. As soon as they finished the drink their bodies began changing. Soon they were fully transformed into the playful girls you see here.

Ken and Tom were so happy with their new bodies as Grace and Nancy. They started splashing and wrestling in the hot tub. It felt so awesome wearing a bikini. Their bodies responded differently as women. Their hips felt wider and their chests heavier. But they didn’t care. All Grace and Nancy could think of was how excited and happy they were.

Monday, February 9, 2015

War Zone

Request by: NeoRock

The Runestone Federation has known peace for thousands of years under the leadership of Admiral Alexis Runestone. Paul Stone had the honor of serving on the battle cruiser commanded by Admiral Alexis, as everyone called her.

While on a peaceful mission of exploration, Admiral Alexis happens upon the Terra system. Finding no intelligent life she sets a course for the next system and retires to her room leaving Paul in charge. Alexis relaxes as her sentient bodysuit peals from her body. She falls into a deep sleep.

Paul is on the bridge when pirates attack. He knows the insignia on the pirate attack ship: his sister, Amelia! Paul engages evasive maneuvers while Amelia sneaks a shuttle to the battle cruiser and enters a locked bay door with Paul’s stolen passcode. Amelia uses the stolen floor plan of the battle cruiser to find Admiral Alexis’s room.

Admiral Alexis is stunned awake at the site of Amelia standing in the doorway. Before the body suit can wrap itself around Alexis, protecting her, Amelia pulls her laser and drills a hole into Alexis’s chest

Paul is warned of the intrusion and runs for the Admiral’s room. Seeing his sister he reaches for his weapon. “Not so fast, brother.” Paul freezes. “I don’t want to kill you. All we want is freedom from the Runestone Federation.”

In a flash of light the bodysuit snaps to Paul and seals him into the seamless suit. Paul looks down and sees he has been transformed into Admiral Alexis and his dead body lies on the floor. Paul raises his hand to his sister and points. A shimmering blue light shoots from his fingertip and cuts Amelia in half. Paul assesses the damage done and calls for security. He looks at the mirror and now understands how Admiral Alexis has lived for millennia. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Girl's First Night Out

London was having a hard time adjusting to his new body as Lynette. Some things a guy never thinks of when going in for a transformation at the 3D body printing shop. Stepping off the printer platform stark naked was more exciting than London imagined. His Lynette body is 100% woman.

Two things are hard for London to adjust to. The first was his new hips. The positioning of the hips in a woman are made for childbirth and changes the way they walk. There is more swing to the hips, as any guy will attest, but how it changes the body’s balance while walking is something you can’t be trained for until you have those lovely hips.

The second issue is top-heavy. Breasts are heavy and being out front place pressure on the back. Standing up straight is different for a woman. The bigger the breasts the more stress is placed on the back.

After several weeks of training to live life as Lynette, London is ready for his first night out on the town. He is very nervous. The sexy dress, long hair and make-up weren’t a problem. The high heels were definitely out. There was no way he was ready to spend a night in heels.

And the last issue Lynette had to face was his feelings. As a woman he has started feeling certain desires. A night on the town will offer temptations he is uncertain he can resist. Lynette is ready to do it, however. He waited so long for the body of his dreams and nothing will stop him from experiencing every opportunity his new body offers him.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Love Potion

Tonya knew her boyfriend, Jack, had cheated on her. She kept the secret to herself and planned her revenge. Jack felt terrible for cheating on Tonya. She deserved better. He decided to go to the party Tonya asked him to attend with her and get the liquid courage needed to come clean. He couldn't live a lie.

Tonya bought a potion from a witch. As the party got wild and Jack had a few in him she brought out a new bottle, the one with the potion. Tonya lifted the bottle to Jack’s mouth. He leaned his head back and started drinking.

“Keep drinking, honey. Keep drinking,” Tonya encourage as Jack swallowed more and more of the passion fruit flavored drink. Jack felt a funny tingling in his body as he drank the potion. He thought it was thee alcohol. When he finished drinking he turned his head down and noticed his chest. It was an exciting few moments as Jack adjusted to his new reality.

Jack pulled Tonya to the side. “I know it probably doesn't matter anymore, but I came to the party tonight to gather the courage to tell you something.” Jack spilled the beans. Tonya shed a tear and confessed what she did to him.

“Can you change me back?” Jack asked. “No,” Tonya replied. “It’s a one-way potion. There is no going back.” “But I love you, Tonya. I don’t want anyone else!” “It’s okay,” Tonya said putting her arms around Jack’s neck. “I like girls more than guys anyway.” Jack’s eyes were as large as saucers. “I always wanted to make-out with a Lexi,” Tonya confessed. “So, from now on, you are Lexi.” Jack smiles as he slipped his hands around Tonya’s waist.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Puppy Love

Irina was so happy her puppies remembered her. After the car accident shredded parts of his body the doctors had to turn Ben into a girl, Irina. The accident was horrible; Ben was the only survivor. A rock slide forced a car to swerve into the oncoming lane where Ben was driving. Ben was driving alone, but the other car had a family of five. Just horrible.

Ben was spared damage to the upper and vital parts of his body. Twisted metal tore into his midsection and destroyed his manhood. The doctors had no choice. Reconstructing Ben back into a man would take years and many operations and he’d still only be a marginally functional man. Ben authorized the complete transformation.

Ben owned a doggie daycare business. He was worried the dogs, especially the puppies, wouldn’t know him, being Irina now, was really Ben. The first day back put all worries aside. The puppies were the first to run to him. All his clients are very supportive of his changes. They are glad he is alive and well and still providing a safe home for their dogs when they are away.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Unnoticed Blessings of Life

Adam never realized how different it felt to be a woman. He feels colder than he would have before the transformation, especially in the wind. But for every action, there is an opposite, but equal, reaction: Adam sees beauty more than ever.

Before transforming into Samantha, Adam ran through life, always in a hurry. Now he stops and enjoys a beautiful day, the color of the autumn leaves, the warmth of a goose down jacket. He also smiles more. He never noticed how much girls smile. Not a pale, tight smile like so many men, but a full, ear-to-ear grin with teeth showing.

Transforming into a girl was the best idea he ever had. Now Adam is content. And Samantha is such a pretty name. The biggest feeling of all that Adam noticed is the mothering instinct. He wanted to take care of people so bad. He wanted a man in her life he could love, and hold, and comfort. Adam took a deep breath and enjoyed all life has blessed him with.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Time Off With Friends

Spring break is different on Mystery Island. Terrance and his buddies had big plans for their time off. They ordered the full package from the tour company. Two weeks of all-inclusive fun. They guys were in for the time of their life.

The weather was perfect when they landed on Mystery Island. The tour bus had every amenity a person could think of: food, liquor, music, comfortable seats and an attractive and knowledgeable tour guide. What more could the guys ask for.

The tour guide had a mischievous grin as they stopped at the beach. “The water is warm, boys. Have fun.” The guys put on their swimming suits and enjoyed the surf. It happened so slow at first no one noticed as the day got away from them. By the time dinner was called the boys looked very different.

Terrance, in the middle, was the first to notice. As they stepped into shallower water they saw just how far the changes went. The tour guide, always so helpful, offered them bikinis in exchange for their swimming shorts. The boys were grateful.

As spring break neared its end the boys lined up on the fence for a group photo of the best vacation they ever had. “When do we get our bodies back?” Terrance asked. The tour guide smiled, “Don’t be silly. You get to keep the bodies as a gift of Mystery Island.” She handed them identification papers. Terrance examined his passport and saw his name is Betty now. He was good with that.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Book to Treasure

Tom heard stories of people that bought a painting or a book for a dollar or two at a rummage sale and the item turned out to be worth millions. The old book of incantations Tom bought at an estate sale had all the markings of such a find. Before having the book appraised Tom decided to read the volume.

Between the spells and incantations were stories of men and adventure. It seemed the men always ended up as the women by the end of the story. The stories also seemed to talk directly to Tom. Each story was more interesting and exciting than the last and had details of his personal life. How did they do that? By the middle of the book Tom read that the next man to finish this book will close the cover as a woman named Rhonda. Tom smiled to himself. This book of age-old romance had to be worth millions.

It was impossible for Tom to stop reading. The stories kept pulling Tom in deeper. He never noticed the changes to his body as he read each incantation. Before long Tom’s appearance was completely changed. When he reached the end and closed the cover he looked down and saw what he had become. “At least I know my name,” Rhonda said to herself. She could not even remember what her life was like before she opened the book. There was no way she would sell such a priceless treasure.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Anger Management Body Swap Class

Cuts to education had gone as far as they could. The only thing left to cut from the government budget was the courts, prisons and police. The state budget had to be brought back into balance and the one area out of control was the Justice Department.

The judge had no choice. Each county had to live within the budget they had. To deal with minor crimes the judge decided it was time for criminals to walk in the victim’s shoes. He instituted an anger management body swap class.

The first group would be a test to see if it would work. Criminals and victims would swap bodies for three months, attend treatment classes and live the life of their victim. By the looks of things, Isaac hasn't changed much since swapping with Lana, his ex-girlfriend he slapped around. Instead, now we have a lot of pissed-off women walking around town. Then Isaac experienced his first period. God help us now.

Three weeks later the program was shut down and a new women’s prison was built. Taxes went up; the judge lost the next election. Such is life in America, land of the free.