Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Selfie Madness

Adam had to try out the new TG Park. People all over town were talking about it and tourists from around the world crowded the parking lot waiting to get in. What is TG Park, you ask? Well, TG Park is a 3000 acre park where everyone who enters is transformed into a female while they are inside the park. It is a good way for guys to see what it is like on the other side. Pets are welcome.

Ticket prices for a full day were a bit steep but Adam saved up the money. He paid for his ticket and chose the Erin body. Inside the park he was so excited by how fast the transformation happened. After twenty minutes he remembered he wanted to take an—ahh—selfie of his new gender. Another tourist was amused by Adam as he created an image for the photo album and took a picture of his own— the one you see here.

Erin heard the shrill scream moments later and saw the tourist pointing. He laughed. Erin knew the lion was someone’s pet cat in for a day of ego. Erin loved his day at the park and did not want the day to end. He applied for a full time job working inside the park. Then he could be the ladypark ranger of his dreams every day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tears for Alexis

It was a cloudy, cold day that autumn day when I got the news. The most wonderful woman I ever met was very, very sick. We talked a bit online, but never met in the real world. It did not matter; we had a bond, a connection.

The meeting happened by accident. I started a TG blog to tell stories. Alexis found my blog and encouraged me. My stories got better as I wrote more, at least that is what Alexis said. Now she is gone, my emails unanswered. All that remains is an eerie silence. I write with tears in my eyes.

I was not always this way. Once upon a time I was called Wayne, but now people know me as Gloria. People accepted me because they saw how happy I was after visiting TG Incorporated. People forgot about Wayne and loved Gloria. I never forgot Wayne. It was my childhood. And Alexis made it all seem normal.

A shiver ran down my spine when I read Alexis’s email. She was scared; I could hear it in her words. In the old days transitions were not so easy, especially before TG Incorporated revolutionized the industry. Complications were common enough. Still, I am glad Alexis is a girl now. She is such a wonderful, kind soul. God made a mistake and Alexis had the courage to fix it. If only it were not so hard.

Tears stain my cheeks as I stare at my email account. There is no word from my dear friend. She is in hospital now. I pray for her even though I have no god. She is a virtual friend who always encouraged me. There is an empty space now. I wait. I pray. I cry.

Blessed are the meek.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Family Vacation, Part Duex

Requested : Annabelle Raven

Joey’s recent trip to Mystery Island ended with Joey leaving the Island as Erin. But that is not the whole truth. We learned dad came into some money to pay for the vacation. It was strange to the whole family when dad opened his wallet to pay for a vacation. So unlike dad.

We know the rules on Mystery Island. 1.) Most guys turn back into guys as they leave the island. 2.) You might have a period while a woman on the island; it is not the resort’s fault. And stop your bitching. 3.) If you do not turn back into a guy when you pass the portal, too bad. You stay a woman and have no grounds for a lawsuit against the resort. Don’t act like a pussy. 4.) The longer you stay the greater the risk you never get your junk back. 5.) If you stay longer than four weeks it is certain you stay a woman.

When Joey’s sister, Martha, and mom walked through the portal with Joey to return home nothing happened. Joey became Erin forever. Dad was not taking any chances. He refused to walk through the portal for fear he would he changed back. He stayed on Mystery Island, got a job as a hostess and refused to leave for at least a month.

Dad wanted to be Corrine more than he wanted his old life back. The whole family had to stay on the island a while longer until dad kept his chest and slit. Now we know why dad mysteriously found money for a family vacation. He wanted to start life over the way it was meant to be.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Magic Panties

How can a company like TG Incorporated keep business brisk when many of their best customers have already used their services? Repeat business is a big problem for the company, as in, they get no repeat customers. Well, unless some guy grows his dick back and there are no reliable cases of this ever happening. Reliable, that is.

After the initial surge in transformations, the company’s biggest selling point (newly minted women) disappeared. Once the women settle in to their new lives they stop talking up TG Incorporated. This is where the marketing department came up with a genius plan. If they gave away a few surprise transformations it would keep the company’s services on the front page news drawing in more clients at no cost.

The beauty of the plan is it costs nothing. In fact, people pay for the privilege. Here is what the TG Incorporated promotions director did. They issue a news release stating the company is now selling magic panties. Most of the panties are like any other panty. But every so often a panty is laced with TG dust and nanobots.

The marketing campaign was a smashing success. Guys were buying panties like there was no tomorrow. Every couple of days the news would report about a guy who went to work and started looking feminine around noon and a full blown woman by quitting time. Each news story spiked sales in magic panties.

Cost kept Alan from visiting TG Incorporated. With the new promotion Alan figured he needed underwear anyway so he may as well wear panties. If he got lucky the panties would fit perfectly by the time he headed home from work. Four months and nine days later his dream came true. He went to work as Alan and left for home as Ellen. The news reports were exciting to Ellen. She caused the biggest spike in sales for TG Incorporated ever when she posed in the panties that changed his life.

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Call For Help

Today will be different than any TG caption you ever read. It is a true story still developing.

You may recall I mentioned the reason I write this blog is because I have a daughter born intersex. When she was born we had to decide her gender immediately to protect her life. Her urinary track exited inside her vaginal area and from a distended penile structure. The risk of infection required immediate attention.

The doctors did a DNA test and discovered she was conceived male, but the Y chromosome became isolated. Therefore she is genetically 15% XY and 85% X, instead of XX. Since 85% of her cells lack the second X chromosome her body defaulted to the androgynous which is more feminine. She has no gonads (removed shortly after birth because they were pre-cancerous) and as a result, no sex hormones, testosterone or estrogen.

This is where the problem comes in. She is now 15 and taking hormone therapy to develop into a woman. Even though she is not transgender she had the same surgery and takes the same hormones. Up until age 12 she was very healthy. Once she started taking hormones at age 12 her health deteriorated. She must take hormones to develop into a woman. If she doesn’t the medical issues would lead to an early death so she must undergo hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy has caused serious migraines for her; she misses up to 40 days of school a year. She is in never-ending pain. The doctors have tried estradiol orally and the patch and have changed the dosage repeatedly without success. She does take the medication and has developed into a young lady, but it is a painful existence.

Many people come to my two TG caption blogs for a variety of reasons. I think a large number of my readers are transgender and I need your experience and help. As you can guess I try to make a few dollars off this blog. As you can also imagine, medical expenses in the United States are unreal even with good insurance. Every so often someone buys Ainterol Pueraria Mirifica from Amazon (Amazon provides a report of what is purchased from my blogs). I am wondering if this might be an alternative for my daughter. I am willing to try anything at this point.

I ask for your help, especially transgender people that have gone through gender reassignment and have dealt with similar issues. How did you find a medication that works? The migraines are the worst issue. They are really bad. Please share your experience in the comments below or email me if you want to help confidentially. Thank you.

Now you know why I’m Krazy.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Take Two Aspirin and Call Me in the Morning

After an eventful couple of weeks the stress has finally taken its toll. Everyone around me is sick and they infected me. I am tired, sore and have no voice. A kind angel has provided me with several captions for me to use as needed. She asked I keep her name secret. You do love secrets, right? To the angel out there in the world: Thank You.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Family Vacation

Today's book select shows how sick I am. Enjoy.

A late season family vacation surprised Joey. Dad, always the tightwad, sprung on the family his idea of a vacation, even as school had already started. What excited Joey the most is the destination: Mystery Island. Joey’s sister, Martha, and mom thought it would be fun to see dad and Joey live a week as girls. Dad had a vacation fund which will cover the whole trip so he is happy. And Joey never saw a girl naked before and now he will be a girl for a whole week.

Mystery Island is a plane ride away. The family had their eyes glued to the windows of the plane as it came in for a landing. The airport is where it all begins. Once you clear customs and immigration a portal marks the line where the radiation field of the island turns everyone female. Joey raced for the portal and was the first through.

Joey took the name Erin. She was a cocky tramp as she posed for this photo outside her bungalow. It was an exciting vacation. Martha kept teasing Joey he was a girl. Erin worked hard to look sexy and demure. His friends at school will never believe how much fun he had as a girl.

Then the week was nearly over. It was time to pack the bags and head for home. Erin waited for everyone else to walk back through the portal before he took his turn. As each person passes the portal it gives out a little snapping sound for men returning to men. When Erin walked through there was no sound. Mom gasped; Martha snickered. “What?” Joey said confused. Then he realized what happened: nothing.

The kind customs and immigration agent explained that once or twice a year a male visitor to Mystery Island doesn’t transform back. Joey is this year’s lucky girl. Martha, with a grin ear to ear, said, “Bet your friends believe you now.”

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's in Your Jeans

Erotic Photography

I want to thank an angel for today's post. I needed the break and she has been kind enough to provide several captions for me. She asked I keep her identity private.The drink would have made for a bad post today anyway.

Monday, September 21, 2015


The heist took place in broad daylight. The brazen attack on a TG Incorporated office was unprecedented. The police responded to the alarm with a SWAT team and backup. The alarm sent all TG Incorporated personnel out the door and to safety. Just as Oscar planned it.

By the time the swat team was in place Oscar was finishing his nanobot bath he prepared. There was no way in hell he could afford a transformation any other way than to break in a take the services needed. A quick jog to the clothing store inside the facility and he was ready for his escape.

Guns do not solve problems, but they can sure back people off just enough to make a getaway. The escape route Oscar planned was still open; the police did not notice Oscar’s plan. He hacked the computer and printed out his new identity papers and made a run for it. If the police stop him he will show his papers and say he was in the nanobot hot tub when the alarm rang. He will claim he is Lucy, a client of TG Incorporated.

His getaway was clean. What Lucy did not know is that TG Incorporated computers keep a log of all nanobots created. Their computer will tell police exactly what he looks like. It did not take long for the police to identify him; he was only seven blocks away before he was confronted. Lucy pulled out the gun. She was not going back!

A SWAT member flanked Lucy and shot her with a taser. The confrontation was over. Lucy’s fear she would be turned back into a man was unfounded. Instead she got wonderful accommodations at the women’s prison.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hard Choices

Men are so excited about their transformation when they enter TG Incorporated they forget about what happens after. Mel came to TG Incorporated to start a new life as a woman. Of course the transformation wentsmooth. What do you expect? Some kind of malfunction, an accident, a change of heart. That hasn’t happened in decades.

The process is fast, complete and smooth. Once you finish orientation to make sure this is what you want—there is no going back—you choose the date for the transformation and method: surgery, hormones, nanobots, body suit, swapping chamber, girly light, the list goes on.

Mel chose nanobots. No surprise there. A full 72% of men now chose nanobots as their preferred method of gender transformation. When Mel stepped out of the hot tub as Erika she was so excited she could barely dry herself off. The next part is the hardest.

The orientation staff needs to get you dressed before they update all your identity papers to help you get on with life. They march you, bare-assed naked, into the on-site clothing store. It is your first opportunity to try on women’s clothing that really fit for the first time. Mel, like most guys, spends a lot of time in the store before making up her mind. Makeup causes the same problem.

Well, Mel is no longer with us—god rest his soul—but Erika is a hot little number in that pink skirt, don’t you think? Now remember, guys. Plan ahead when going to TG Incorporated. Leave plenty of time to find the right outfit the first day you are a girl. It’s important.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Expanding Horizons

Sorry for the outburst yesterday; life was crashing in. Thank you to everyone who expressed concern. It is hard to concentrate on stories when so much is bothering me I've decided to take certain actions to keep these two TG blogs current. Another blogger has kindly offered to write some posts for me until I get my head back on straight. I'm taking her up on the offer. I am also going to modify/update some very old posts. Most of you will not notice. Thank you for understanding. 
                 -Still Krazy 

Business has its challenges. A CEO of an intergalactic corporation requires numerous trips to exotic worlds to conduct business. Evan is one of the best CEOs ever. His corporation had trade agreements with 957 worlds, more than any other company in the galaxy. There are even rumors Evan will open the first trade route with the Andromeda galaxy.

The work schedule for Evan is brutal. The constant effort to meet the societal mores of each world is a must if Evan plans to expand his empire. On TempaK 11 Evan had to make the ultimate sacrifice. He accepted the gift offered by the TempaK people: a gender change. It is considered a great honor to be offered and accept the gift of a new gender.

At first Evan struggled with the change. Soon he learned women enjoyed a calm men rarely do. As a result Evan found himself wandering fields of grass as he relaxed after a grueling day of negotiations. It was important that Evan keep his new body so he changed his name to Quinn. The name and the body grew on him.

TempaK 11 is the largest trading partner Evan’s company has. Evan enjoys the frequent trips to his favorite world. People there respect Quinn. She never misses an opportunity to wander the grassy areas lost in thought and enjoying bliss. Business is good.

Friday, September 18, 2015


Update from Kay: As you know I had a lightning strike a week ago that caused significant damage to my home and appliances. The cost to cover the uninsured portion is huge, more than I can afford. I have accepted a second job so I can get my life back (as if working 15 hours a day is a life). I toyed with a contest to help provide content on my TG blogs: Krazy Kay's TG Captions and Swaps and Exotic TG Captions. Nobody has responded they were interested. Since I write these stories late at night after a long day of work I know I will not keep up the pace. I know I will miss some days, maybe a lot of days here. If someone wants to try their hand at TG captioning I would be happy to post there stuff on the days I don't have time to write. To the best of my ability I will continue to tell stories, just not as often. Please understand. 

Love, Kay
TG Incorporated guarantees their transformation services. The process is fast, painless and leaves you feeling good all over, alive and full of life. The science is no longer experimental. Doctors can perform a perfect boy to girl transformation in a very short amount of time. What Barry did not expect was the disorientation. He opted for the nanobot treatment, which is the fastest way to go from boy to girl.

The process left Barry confused as he examined his body in the mirror. Of course he looked hot, sexy, but it was like something was wrong. He took this selfie shortly after leaving the nanobot pool. After this selfie Barry was ushered to the reorientation room to learn his new identity. Barry would soon learn to respond when called Lisa.

The hospital where TG Incorporated handled their procedures had a wing for girls experiencing life for the first time. Lisa took advantage of the programs offered in the special wing of the hospital. Most new girls adjust quickly. Some, like Barry, struggle when they are turned into a girl. Heavy doses of therapy, female attitude training and sexually encouraged encounters break down resistance until acceptance sets in.

At the end of the indoctrination Lisa could hardly remember who Barry was. It all seemed like a misty dream almost lost, totally forgotten, to time. Lisa found a boyfriend soon after leaving the hospital and is very sexually active. Her boyfriend says she is quite kinky.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sister's Challenge

Martin had a fantasy only his sister, Tracy, could fulfill. (Get your mind out of the gutter; Martin is not a perv.) Martin always wanted to spend a day as a secret woman. Not a full dress up, mind you, but wearing a bra and panty underneath. Only he would know his personal little secret that would cause him to smile every time he met a woman that day. He would know he had something in common with every one of those women, an intimate secret.

Buying clothing for a one day use only seemed like a waste to Martin and he would have a hard time mustering up the courage to checkout women’s undergarments at the local department store. This is where Tracy comes in. She knew of Martin’s dream. In a moment of weakness Martin told her. Tracy loves her brother and wanted to see him happy so she borrowed him the panty and bra he needed.

It was a perfect day for Martin. By the end of the day he was addicted to wearing the panty and bra. The next day Tracy helped Martin with a full makeover. By the time Tracy was done Martin was a prim and proper girl. If yesterday wearing a bra and panty was a thrill for Martin, today sent Martin to the moon.

Tracy loved to see Martin so happy. She talked him into a trip to TG Incorporated for a permanent change. Martin only hesitated a moment. When Martin walked out of TG Incorporated the next day as Connie he knew he had made the right choice. When he meets women on the street now he has more than a panty and bra in common with them.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our Little Secret

“Stop pouting, honey,” Monica moaned to her husband, Bill. “It was your idea and I only helped.”

Bill sat on the bed, closed his eyes and looked inward. What was he going to do? How could he show his face at work Monday morning? Would his boss even believe him? All good questions Bill had no answers to.

Deep down Bill was enjoying every moment. He joked with Monica about wearing a bra and panty while they were out on the town; their little secret. Monica took the joke a step further when she came home with a matching bra/panty set the perfect size for Bill. He put on the obligatory resistance, but could not wait to try them on.

It was great night out. They started with dinner at Luigi’s, the most expensive restaurant in town. The rest of the night they spent at nightclubs. It was several hours after they were at the clubs when Bill noticed he felt different. By the time he figured out what was happening it was too late.

By the time they got home Bill was a woman in a suit. He stripped off his outer cloths and sat on the bed in only the bra/panty set. Monica sat beside him. “You know I still love you,” Monica said. Bill nodded. She continued, “I really am bisexual. We will still have a wonderful marriage.” Bill sat statue still.

The silence was deafening. Finally Monica said, “I am sorry. I did not know the panty and bra were laced with nanobots.” “You bought them at the TG Incorporated outlet store. What did you expect?” Bill blurted out. Bill looked all serious and forlorn when a slight smile crossed his face. “Admit it,” Monica said, “you love every minute of this.” Bill’s eyes said it all. Monica said, “I think I will call you Trisha from now on.”

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who is the Best Girl?

Jeb, Scott and Donald started talking smack about each other in public. Tempers flared as the insults went from mild attacks to violent verbal assaults. It got so bad you would think they were politicians running for office.

The name calling led to challenges. “Put your money where your mouth is,” went a common refrain. And so it was. The three friends destroyed all they valued with mere words. Their names and reputations were in ruins over petty bickering and one-upmanship.

The insults turned personal. The racist and misogynistic attitudes of the men rose to the surface like a vile film of scum on a stagnant pond in late summer. Then Donald called Scott a girl. It was an unwarranted insult even if there was some truth to the accusation. Scott fired back and Jeb joined in. Before long the men started betting each other who would make a better girl, the best girl, an awesome girl.

Finally, Donald dared his friends to put up or shut up. Donald was the richest and had the money to find out once and for all who would make the best girl. A quick trip to TG Incorporated solved the problem. The boys jumped into the nanobot laced hot tub with enthusiasm. A few hours later the boys presenting themselves to the TG Incorporated staff and asked the one question on their mind: Who is the best girl?

The staff just stared. Eventually the boys were told they needed new identities. Now they are Hilary, Carly and Scott. Yes, Scott is such a dumbass he kept his old name. The boys still demanded to know who the best girl was. The TG Incorporated staff could not decide. It was decided to put the boys up on the internet and ask who the people thought is the best girl. The voting is open. Cast your ballot today.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Lone Wolf

Glen wanted to get even with the government for ruining his life. He was in trouble with the law from an early age and the problems kept coming. He had finally had enough. The world will not forget Glen’s name when he is done. He will fight back and make the world pay the price for hurting Glen all these years.

Crazy people have crazy ideas. Glen’s idea to punish the world is with a lone wolf terrorist attack. He read an article about ricin, a deadly poison made from castor beans. The best thing, according to Glen, is that ricin is made from castor beans, the same beans used in rosaries.  A little digging and Glen discovered how to process ricin from castor beans.

But Glen is the unluckiest man on Earth. The government was watching Glen’s internet searches and sniffed out his plan even before he thought it. Glen’s large order of rosary beads was intercepted and replaced with a different product by a secret government agency. Glen was so excited as he began processing the beans for his sinister plan.

He had to be careful as he produced ricin or it could kill him. The fancy setup in his basement was the perfect way to manufacture a nice quantity of ricin for release at the local mall during the holiday season. He knew exactly where the air intake vent was to carry out his master plan.

But poor Glen was thwarted. The castor beans were replaced with a replica infused with nanobots. Yes, those wonderful atom-sized creations that entered your body and changed every cell into a female cell. When nanobots got a hold of you there was nothing left of your manhood. Glen was Glenda before he had a chance to know what was happening. The government swat team swarmed his home and took all his stuff away so no one else would lose their junk. Glenda is not as sad as she might be. The women’s prison is not as bad as the guy’s prison.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Divorce Settlement

The divorce settlement was clear; Max’s philandering ways have cost him half of everything he owns, including his manhood. It seemed so unfair that he had to give up his man card just because he succumbed to the advances from the maid. How was he to know his wife would walk in at that exact moment? Otherwise she was out all day shopping. But no, the one day the maid is too much to resist his wife cuts short a shopping trip for the first time since Clinton was President.

And, OMG! was she pissed. She filed for divorce the same day. The judge had no sympathy for Max. He cheated on his wife of sixteen years with the maid. Now she gets half of everything he worked for. She couldn’t run a business if her life depended on it. Her job was to spend money and sleep in his bed. He did all the work! Okay. He screwed up. Max admits it. But does he have to lose his junk over one sexual tryst?

It did not matter. Max hung his head in shame as he is now Cleo. He will never cheat again; he has learned her lesson. The good news is s/he has more time to enjoy life than ever. His business was sold to pay off the old bag, ah, I mean his ex-wife. That left a large pile of liquid cash for her own personal use. Who needs a wife anyway, Cleo thought. She learned her lesson. If you are going to get married make sure it is to a rich man. It always works out in the end.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Don't Play if You Can't Afford to Lose

Carl enjoyed Saturday night cards at the club. His buddies gathered each weekend for a great night of poker. The game was competitive and the losses could add up if a guy did not watch his playing. Poker is a subtle game of cues. Money can shake a guy’s stoic façade when they are all in. Tonight the stakes will be higher than ever before.

Carl came prepared for tonight’s game with an ample bankroll when he was informed tonight’s game will have the highest stakes ever. Tonight, the loser drinks a shot glass of nanobots; tonight, the loser walks out a woman.

The game started good for Carl. The cards were working in his favor and the other guys were playing it close to the chest. A close hand led to Carl’s first bad beat of the night. Carl read his opponent wrong. The loss shook his confidence and with so much on the line his façade fell — death to a poker player.

Carl started grinding away. Soon he recaptured most of his loss from the bad beat before another turn of the cards crushed his stack of chips and his hopes of remaining a man after the evening is over. Then a second bad beat in a row. Carl never recovered his confidence after that. The other guys desperate to remain men saw blood and took their good friend to the cleaners.

The last hand for Carl offered little hope. He made a desperate “all in” call. The cards turned, offering no hope. Out of chips and out of chances, Carl tilted his head back and swallowed the shot glass of nanobots to the chant of “chug” from his friends.

Nanobots work fast. Every cell in his body transformed into a female cell complete with two X chromosomes. Carl changed into something more appropriate for his gender and took a selfie for the record. Carl’s wife was pissed when she found out (how much money he lost), but loved the name he picked: Candy. Candy’s wife adjusted and actually enjoyed the new Carl. He is the nicest guy, ah, woman ever. And he stays home Saturday nights now.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Growing up a nerd, Lenny had few friends and never a girlfriend. He would have noticed if he wasn’t buried in his computer and books. As Lenny grew older he became better at internet systems. Before long the government kept a close eye on Lenny. His ability to sneak in and out of restricted systems posed a threat in the minds of high ranking government officials.

Girls were something Lenny noticed, but did not notice him. He was in to all this weird shit most girls found repulsive. By now Lenny was stealing government secrets. There was no harm as Lenny did nothing with the secrets, but the secrets were now on an unsecured server in Lenny’s bedroom.

The government needed Lenny’s skills. Arresting Lenny would be a waste of talent. Instead, it was decided to kidnap Lenny and put him to work for the agency. The grab went off without a hitch. Lenny’s parents were distraught. Not that the parents would even recognize Lenny. The government felt Lenny should undergo a full MTF transformation as part of his cover. Now, as Lara, Lenny had no resemblance to his former life. He is still a geek in to all kinds of crazy shit. Girls notice Lara now and are jealous; boys notice her and want her. All Lenny wants is quiet time with his computer. And the government quietly watches and learns.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Set Up

Somebody had to be the fall guy and Charlie was it. A military mission to kill a drug kingpin in a South American country ended up missing the target and killing twelve children. The commander made sure he was protected by setting Charlie up.

His reputation ruined, Charlie ran. If tried and convicted in a military tribunal he would face a firing squad. He had no choice if he wanted to live. Running would not be enough. Charlie’s face is plastered on news outlets. He would need to dig deeper undercover to clear his good name. The only choice: TG Incorporated.

Charlie left TG Incorporated as Rhana. His military training will come in handy when hunting his old commander. No one will expect a young girl to be so highly trained. Rhana used her tracking skills to find his old commander and killed him for his crimes against humanity and children. Justice was almost served. Then Rhana fell in love with his old commander’s son and married him. Now justice was served.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Storm Surge

Note: Sorry for not posting new stuff today. My house was hit by lightning a few days ago and my internet and electronics are all starting to die.I am updating from work, but they don't want me working my blog here. Will have new stuff as soon as my internet is back. Thank you for understanding. Kay

The lightning strike and thunder were simultaneous. The crack of thunder was so loud it threw me from bed. I look to the clock: one-thirty a.m. A long day of work and I was so tired I never heard the storm come up. The wind outside wiped wild as tree branches twisted and broke in the wind. Then the electricity died. There are times living in the countryside has its disadvantages.

Living alone allows me the quiet time I need to write my blog. I am successful at it and writing pays the bills. But country living has risks. The obvious: living so far away from people and services; the less obvious: emergency services are a long wait away.

Smoke? I smell smoke. The sky is a nonstop sheet of lightning. I never saw anything like this angry storm. The rain is torrential, pounding the windows. I reach for my cell phone to call for help, but it does not work. I feel my way to the kitchen to find the fire extinguisher. I can see a flicker of light in the hallway. I find the fire extinguisher and hurry down the hallway. The light switch has a small flame. I aimed the fire extinguisher and depressed the handle.

The acrid smoke and fire retardant make me cough. The electric surge must have overloaded the circuits. I felt my way back to the kitchen and found the drawer with the flashlight. I hurried to the basement to turn off the main breaker. With all the lightning there was too much risk a fire could start I could not put out. Besides, when the current comes back any shorts would be live and could start a fire.

The basement is pitch black. A glow from upstairs from all the lightning cast an eerie glow near the door. I reached out to turn off the main breaker when the biggest lightning bolt I ever saw turned night into day. Even the basement lit up with blinding white light as the house shook violently. A spark of electricity jumped from the breaker to my outstretched hand and covered my body.

When it was over the house returned to night. For some reason I did not pass out or faint. I stood there stunned at what just happened. I coughed, the smell of smoke still in my lungs. I flipped the main breaker and returned to my living room. Something was wrong. The lightning must have messed up my system. My clothes were different. I usually go to bed in my underwear, but my underwear feel strange. I reached up and felt… BREASTS!

My heart raced in panic. I fumbled through the cupboard until I found a candle. My hands shook as I lit it. As the candle came to full brightness the full impact of what the lightning strike did to me became real. I was a knock-out woman! I sat at the kitchen table and buried my face in my hands. Then I started laughing. I don’t know why. Maybe hysteria. I threw my head back, enjoying the feel of a full head of hair bouncing off my shoulders. Miranda. I want to change my name to Miranda. I finally blew out the candle and went back to bed. Maybe I’ll wake from this dream in the morning.

Morning came and the dream was real. Later, when the electrician gave my home a clean bill of health I watched the news to see how much damage the storm did. Seems like it was the strangest storm in history. Nobody was hurt, but twelve men living in the countryside enjoyed a life altering event.

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Gift of Memory

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon for Rachel as she leaned back, closed her eyes and listened to the music. She had all the songs from her youth queued into her YouTube account. Nostalgia took over as each song eased her along the path to a time when she had no worries.

Several flashes of memory were coming each minute now. The music seemed to bring it out. Rachel wanted it to stop, but was too hypnotized by the music and visions to stop. The fragments, flashes, of memory were starting to piece together. She was remembering her childhood and she was a boy!

Rachel accepted the memories, no matter how hard they were to see. She remembers life as a boy on a small farm. It was summer, late summer, when the accident happened. She could not remember what happened, but she recalled hearing her mother yell, “Robert!” Then everything went black.

Rachel knew there were things in her childhood nobody talked about. Whatever mental self-defenses she had started to crumble when she listened to the classic music of years gone by. She remembers life as a boy until the accident at age twelve. It is the first time she knew she was born male. What would she tell her husband? Her child? Sometimes lazy late summer afternoons have some wild surprises. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Doctor Appointment

“I don’t feel right, doctor,” Mack said. “It’s not that I’m sick or anything; I just feel… off. My chest hurts and here too,” Mack swirls his left hand over his groin area, “and my skin feels funny, softer. Strangest of all is I haven’t shaved in a week and there is no sign of the slightest stubble. I’m very nervous about this, doctor. I need an answer.”

“That is a unique set of symptoms you have, Mack. Let’s get your shirt off and I’ll have a look.” The sexy red-headed doctor stopped for a fraction of a second when she saw Mack’s torso. It was a tell Mack picked up on. She listened to his breathing, checked his eyes, ears and throat. She gently pushed her fingers into his chest area and frowned.

“Wha, what do I do?” Mack stammered as his head spun from the realization of what happened. “The best thing we can do,” the doctor said, “is help you through the transformation, keep you comfortable. We also need to get a social worker involved. Is there a female name you prefer?” “Ah,” Mack thought for a moment, “I kind of like Alice.” “Great,” the doctor said, “you will make a beautiful Alice. And welcome to womanhood,” the doctor put her hand on his shoulder, “you will love living as a girl.”

Friday, September 4, 2015

May the 4th Be With You

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