Monday, March 16, 2015

Potion Passion

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The lights were low in the newest bar in town. It didn't bother the four men sitting at the bar enjoying the house special. The bartender overheard the men talking about their college days and how good it was to see each other again.

The men agreed the new bar wasn't as special as the advertisements made the place out to be. They expected more excitement. Instead the atmosphere was quiet, tranquil. At least the house drink was delicious.

It seemed like the lights grew darker as the night went on. The bartender finally said more than asking for their orders. She leaned across the bar and said, “You boys enjoying yourself tonight?” They all nodded. “I’m glad. I want happy customers. By the way, I’m a Wiccan and I own this bar.” She held out her hand to each.

“Kind’a dark in here,” one of the men said. “No problem,” said the Wiccan as she dialed up the light a small notch. As soon as she did the men noticed they were sitting with women. Then they looked down and noticed they were all women.

“How do’ya like the house special, ladies?” The men didn't know what to say as they looked back and forth at each other. “I didn't catch your names,” the Wiccan said. Each of the men said, “ahhhhh,” before answering: “Lexi.” “Mandy.” “Carol.” “”Jenny.” Then they had another house special.

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