Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bottoms Up, Honey

“Go ahead, Rex. Drink it all down.” Celine encouraged her boyfriend to drink deep from the bottle. And, oh how Rex loved to drink. Celine also knew about Rex’s little secret from three weeks ago. That skank he slept with after a night of heavy drinking.

Rex was a hit with all the girls and it made Celine jealous. She always thought he was faithful to her, but the rumors proved true when she followed Rex one night from the bar. Celine decided if she couldn’t have Rex, neither could any other woman.

Rex closed his eyes as he drank deep from the bottle. The potion Celine bought from the witch in the woods promised to change Rex into a woman. If he wanted to be with a woman now, he would do so as a lesbian. Celine watched as the potion transformed Rex in a matter of moments. There was no going back for Rex.

When Rex pulled the bottle from his lips, Celine said, “How do you feel, honey?” Rex grunted, then belched. “Not very lady like,” Celine said. “Huh,” was all Rex could do. Celine pointed to his body. Rex looked down. It took a few minutes for him to understand what happened. “You are Sally now,” Celine said with a mischievous grin.

Rex also had a dirty grin. He started groping all his new parts. With a grunt, he said, “I need some time alone.” Rex turned and left. Celine expected anger or at least loathing. But Rex seemed to like being Sally. Now what has she done? She created more competition for available guys. Damn!

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