Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Perfect Fit

Some things are harder to get used to than others. Take for instance: clothing. We don’t think about how to wear clothing, we just do it. Paul also took clothing for granted. He pulled on his day’s attire without thinking as he has always done. It was all automatic.

Then the vortex floated through the neighborhood. Only a few men were hit by the slow moving vortex. Paul never saw it coming. He was working in his garden transplanting tomato plants. When he turned to get another tomato plant it was too late; the vortex was on him and he was transformed into a woman, the one thing vortexes always do.

Clothing isn’t as automatic for Paul anymore. He changed his name to Tammy and tried to reorganize his life. Nothing was easy. Finding the right outfit had so many variables as a woman. Men have fewer choices. Women have more choices and needed to meet societal standards. Clothing didn’t fit as well for Paul since the change. Some ideas seemed like a good idea at the time and later proved less than acceptable. Like Paul’s new outfit here. For some reason the guys keep turning to look. Maybe the fit is right after all.


  1. Send the vortex to my house.

  2. Then send the vortex to mine please, I'm in Houston!