Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fix Me Up, Doc

[Dedicated to my daughter recovering from surgery. The doctors removed a rib and a mass. She is healing well.]

The day the doctor broke the news I thought my life was over. An incurable disease with a name so long and unpronounceable I can’t repeat it here ravaged a few select areas of my anatomy. My manhood was most at risk. After all options were exhausted the doctor recommended the removal of the infected parts.

I was reluctant to say the least. But the doctor assured me the surgery would remove the infected parts and leave me healthy. Of course I wanted to live, but I was worried about how I would live life as a man without… you know. The doctor assured me she would handle all the changes herself. When she cracked that grin I knew all would end well.

As you can see the surgery went perfect. The disease is gone and I love my new body. The doctor said I reminded her of a friend that died when she was in college. Her name was Kelly. The doctor had a tear in her eye when I took the name Kelly in honor of her friend. The doctor and I are best friends now.

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  1. Great job. Hope your daughter is okay kay.
    Nice cap.