Saturday, March 28, 2015

Party Girl

My wife was having one of those in-home parties. You know the kind. The ones where a bunch of women get together and try on some make-up and lingerie and pay three times too much for the make-up and lingerie. And of course everyone feels obligated to buy at least something. My wife volunteered our home for the party because she earns some free sexy stuff, depending on how much the other suckers… ah, I mean women buy.

And I had plans on viewing the party discretely. I set up a hidden cam to enjoy the ladies of the neighborhood playing dress-up. My wife suspected my plan and put the kibosh on that. She demanded I join the party. Well, I had no problem with that.

That is until I discovered why I was invited. The mob of women demanded I play the demonstration model. I was sat in a chair, stripped of every shed of clothes in front of all those beautiful women, dressed in sexy women’s clothes, and make-up applied until there wasn't a shred of male noticeable.

At first I enjoyed the experience. The make-up tingled. I enjoyed the night of conversation as one of the women. As the night neared its end several women acknowledged how wonderful it was for me to show my feminine side. I admitted I enjoyed my moment as a woman.

As I was ready to change back to my old self my wife pulled a girly light from the bag of items for sale and pointed it at me. I froze. She looked at me with an evil grin. “I like you as a girl,” my wife said and pulled the trigger. Everyone in the room pointed and laughed. Truth be told, I always wanted to be a girl. And I love the name Natasha. 


  1. Amazing cap. Kay. Think you have one in boots for a party time?

  2. Hmm. "Natasha "? Any chance the sales person was Boris Badanov ? Just kidding, guess I watched too many "Rockie & Boowinkle "cartoons as a kid.That girlie light sounds like a costume gun disguised with one caveat ; it transforms you permanently. Guess Natasha should be glad his wife didn't set it for younger !
    Nice caption, made me chuckle.