Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Roommate Sister

Finding the right roommate in college is hard. Brendan and his sister, Maggie, found a house for rent off campus. There was no risk of rowdy roommates ruining their college experience. As siblings, Brendan and Maggie got along well, even teasing each other. They never fooled around and respected each other’s space.

College has times of stress, especially around exams. To release the stress Brendan and Maggie dared each other to take chances. For example, Maggie dared Brendan to dress like a woman for a week; he could wear her clothes. Brendan took the challenge. He thought it would be erotic to wear his sister’s clothes for a week.

On day three Maggie slipped a pair of magic panties in the drawer for Brendan to wear. It did not take long for Maggie’s clothes to fit Brendan better. Of course, Brendan protested. Maggie just said she wanted a sister and best friend living with her through college. Brendan, or should I say Macy, would fill the role perfectly.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

TG Blog Writer

It was a plan. Wayne needed to get away from all the noise and distractions to catch up on his TG blog. His followers expected regular stories or they went elsewhere. The ego trip of a popular TG blog motivated Wayne to step up his game.

The plan was simple: book flight to TG World where he could get a hotel room, dress the part and start writing TG caption flash fiction for his blog. The goal over the one month stay was to amass several months of posts to be delivered each day for up to a year.

The hotel room was beautiful and comfortable on TG World and made it easy for Wayne to change into Ramona for a month and write serious TG stories. Wayne discarded all the boy clothes. He wanted to live as a woman for the entire month to focus his attention.

Before long Wayne felt the part. He was Ramona inside and out. The stories and captions flowed from his fingertips. The queue was filling with awesome TG stories coupled with pictures of beautiful women Wayne and his readers would want to become.

Time flies when having fun. Before he knew it the month was over and it was time to be a man again. Wayne felt melancholy over giving up Ramona for being simply Wayne again. As he pulled the boy clothes from storage he prepared to change. As he looked down he WAS Ramona! Concerned, he called the front desk clerk. She laughed, “What did you expect to happen on TG World? You are one of us now. No going back.” Wayne thought for a moment before a grim crossed his face. Gawd, he loved writing a TG blog. 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Doing it with Swag

Before we start today’s caption I want to share something I do to make extra money. I love buying books from Amazon and clothes, you know, Something Pretty to Wear. Well, money is always tight around here; I’m sure you know what I mean. So, what I did a few years ago was join Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a program where you get paid for a lot of different activities. For example, when I went on vacation I used through Swagbucks and received 6% back in Swagbucks which converts into just over 6% back in Amazon gift cards. You can also take cash into your Paypal account. You get paid for internet search, taking a daily poll and much more.

I contacted Swagbucks and asked for a deal for my readers. People normally get 30 Swagbucks  for signing up. For the month of June (and longer if I can talk them into it) you will receive an additional 70 Swagbucks just for signing up. It’s not going to change the world but it is like getting paid $1 for signing up. To get the 70 Swagbucks bonus, use the case sensitive code: TGCap when signing up. You must join Swagbucks though this link to get the bonus.

Now on to the show. (I know. A shameless Swagbucks caption. What can I say?)


Benny had a dream, but lacked the money to carry it out. A new online costume store had a special line of clothes: a TG line. Benny wanted the belly dancer outfit so bad it hurt. The nanobots in the outfit turned the wearer into a woman while he wore it. But the cost! Ugh! Who can afford it? Then Benny saw a TG blog with a Swagbucks promotion. That was it! He now knew how he could afford the outfit.

He signed up and got a nice bonus. In a few months he was the proud owner of a belly dancer outfit. And now to see if it really works.

What do you think? Benny calls himself Corrine when he wears the outfit. The nanobots really did their job. Now Corrine is saving up Swagbucks to update her whole wardrobe.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Finding Treasure

Life was brighter for Gloria after she found the Jewel of Odan while vacationing on Rigel VII. The old merchant woman looked more like a witch than a human had no idea what she had in her shop. If she had known she would have had a higher price on The Jewel. And the raspy laugh. She was so thrilled to make a sale. Probably the only sale she made that week.

Gloria didn’t care. She took the Jewel of Odan in her left hand and said goodbye to Nash, the man he was. She held The Jewel and begged to be transformed into the prettiest girl to ever live. The Jewel delivered big time as you can see. Not only is Gloria beautiful, but popular and cool.

After Gloria was over halfway to triple digits she decided to pick a decent man and settle down. Yeah, she knows she is settling and will probably stray a time or three in her marriage. She can live with it though. Pretty or not, age will do what it does to all girls. She has to make hay when the sun shines and have ‘ol reliable waiting for her when the sun starts to set.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

It's Good to be Queen

Opportunities to rise in rank are limited and the competition is high where they exist. Jack worked hard to improve his position in life when he was held back by corporate politics. Jack knew he was a natural born leader and wanted more than just corporate leadership; he deserved to rule a world. He forged strategic alliances and built friendships with the right people around the galaxy for future use in his much larger plans.

As you already know most worlds outside Earth are matriarchal; this posses a huge obstacle for Jack’s plans. He was undaunted by the challenge. Jack used his corporate connections to build a relationship with the Zemba II council. Before long Jack had a majority willing to vote him world leader if he were a woman.

Jack’s connections were valuable on Zemba II and the council knew it. They funded Jack’s transformation to Isabella and voted him Queen the same day. The people cheered in the streets over their new Queen. The people knew Queen Isabella’s connections would bring economic prosperity to Zemba II for decades. The people of Zemba II always wanted to evolve from a backwater planet in the Community of Worlds to a leadership role in galactic matters. Their dream was coming true.

Jack wasted no time putting his talents to work. He forged alliances with multiple worlds and corporations. Jobs sprouted everywhere. Once Queen Isabella had the economy rocking, she turned her attention to a personal matter. Every queen needs a king. Queen Isabella found a suitable King and was married. The celebration lasted 3 ½ months.  Here she is on her wedding night awaiting her King.

Friday, September 7, 2018

New Captain

Captain Alexis has saved the galaxy more times than can be counted. Her legend goes back thousands of years. Bad guys can’t understand how Captain Alexis has lived so long and remained so… vibrant. What the bad guys don’t know and could never understand is Captain Alexis isn’t a person; she is a soul. As one Captain Alexis grows old and weak she leaves the aged body for a new host, with permission, of course. She conveys her courage, bravery and military prowess to each new host. Captain Alexis’s thousand years of experience travel with the soul, helping each new host defend the galaxy from day one.

It was time for Captain Alexis to find a new host, allowing the old host to retire in peace and comfort. Brian was the perfect host, having all the skills and manner, for the next Captain Alexis. Captain Alexis sat with Brian and explained how it worked with her. He had doubts at first; it just seemed too “out there” to be real. But then Brian remembered how long the legend of Captain Alexis has been around.

Brian accepted the story and to Captain Alexis he would be proud to serve as the next host. The final requirement caused Brian to hesitate for a moment. Only a woman can be Captain Alexis. When her spirit melted into his body he would transform into a woman, an irreversible process. Once he started to weaken Captain Alexis would allow him to retire to a quiet life, but he would still be a woman. Brian nodded approval. He felt it his duty to defend the galaxy in any way possible. To do so as Captain Alexis would be an honor.

The spirit melted into Brian. Meet the new Captain Alexis: protector of the galaxy.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Exhibit B

Terrance lost control of his spacecraft and sent distress signal. In deep space the odds of rescue are small, but the desperate have little choice. The only hope Terrance had was that he was reasonably close to a habitable planet not listed as having intelligent life on the space charts. For some reason no one explored the planet or at least reported what they found on the planet. It showed on the map without a name, only a number: 263b.

With two days of life support and all options exhausted, Terrance prepared for his death. As the oxygen declined he got sleepy. He was grateful for a painless death.

Then he awoke with a start. He looked around at his strange surroundings. On the back wall was a sign: Earth Human: Wendy. It was then that he noticed he was a woman. The carpet started to scratch his tender, soft skin. He adjusted, but stayed on his side as he was slightly dizzy from the information overload.

Terrance looked around the room. It appeared to be a fully furnished apartment made for comfortable living with a full window for one wall. Outside the window in the distance he could see beings on a walkway stopping to stare at him and then moving on.

Suddenly Terrance realized he wasn’t alone. A man wearing only a loincloth sat next to him. “Don’t worry. I don’t bite,” he said.

“What is this place?” Terrance asked.

“You are in a zoo, Wendy. So am I. We are the human exhibit. They brought me here two years ago when my ship was disabled. When they found you they wanted to finish their zoo exhibit, but wanted a male and female. So they transformed you into a female. They are hoping we breed for their entertainment and to see if you are capable of having children.”

Terrance was stunned at first, but then eyed the man up and down as an evil grin crept across her face.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Learning How to Use Her Body

A rare disease ate away at Cary’s body. As the years went by the doctors warned Cary he would soon need to make a hard decision if he wanted to live. The cure was simple. The genetic defect was on the Y chromosome and ate away the gonads. If the cancer was allowed to spread beyond the gonads Cary was doomed. He would need a complete gender reassignment to survive.

The transformation went fast. Modern medicine made the process painless and relatively fast. The hard part was adjusting to his new body. Cary didn’t want to change his name so he only changed the spelling to Kari. Walking and acting like a woman took time and practice. Holding her body the way a woman does was hard at first. His body was modified to do all the things girls do, but he had to think about it whereas a lifetime girl just did it naturally.

Challenges aside, Kari trained quickly. Soon she was using her body like a pro. Kari took a modeling job to supplement her income. Soon after she adjusted to her body Kari made one more adjustment: she started a relationship with a wonderful man. Soon they would be married and live a long happy life together.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Closest of Encounters

Marty was content as he relaxed in his hot tub. He enjoyed the fruits of his work. He built a cabin on 400 hectares of pristine woodland. The cabin had just enough amenities to make it feel real. The hot tub on the cool autumn night was the best feeling he ever had. He tilted his head back and enjoys the brilliant stars as the jets massaged his muscles.

A shooting star caught Marty’s eye as it streaked across the sky for just a fraction of a second longer than he thought falling stars should light the sky. The afterglow almost looked like it reached to the ground. It all added up to the most peaceful moment in Marty’s life.

The sound of the jets and bubbles in the water drove Marty to the edge of sleep when a soft whine emanated from the surrounding woods. At first Marty thought he was dreaming. A pale blue flickering light in the distant trees brought Marty full awake. The light came closer as he sank deeper into the water.

Minutes later three strange men looking like alien grays from TV approached his hot tub and dropped a powder into the water. The water began foaming around Marty. When the foam dissipated Marty was a woman. The alien said, “You are Greta. We need you to come with us.”

The aliens took Greta with them to their ship. On the voyage to their home world Greta posed for thousands of photos. Upon arrival on Mintex IV, Greta discovered he was a gift for the king of this planet. The marriage between the king and Greta would be the first step in forging a relationship between Earth and Mintex IV. Greta was honored to serve as queen.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Thursday, August 30, 2018

If the Heel Fits

“Leave them on,” the TG Inc. trainer yelled at Ilene. Ilene struggled ever since she left her life as Larry behind. The witness protection program was supposed to protect her, not drive her insane. Of course, no one would recognize her; he is a woman now. But these damn heels hurt after you walk in them a while.

It was cute at first when Larry was offered a chance to do the right thing with the promise of protection for the rest of her life. The promise of a life of ease in exchange for testimony was too tempting for Larry to pass up. Larry considered it his ticket to early retirement.

Then scientists invented a device that could sniff out guys that were transformed into women. It was too risky for Ilene to fake it. The only way to fool the device was to act exactly like a woman. Exactly. Ilene left the heels on. She had no choice if she wanted to remain alive.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Happiest Girl in the Galaxy

The alien spaceships filled the sky over every major city on Earth. The ships just sat there doing nothing. People started to get brave and stepped outside to examine the ships and see if they could see any aliens. When a large number of people were outside millions of girly lights fired at once turning massive numbers of men into women. The aliens landed and offered the new women jobs working throughout the galaxy modeling clothes. It was a weird offer, but intriguing. Would the new women be raped? No, was the emphatic reply. The job offer was real and any physical contact would only take place with permission.

After the girly light hit Randy his wife lost interest in him. He changed his name to Monica and accepted the job offer. She was a smash hit around the galaxy with one particular habit: she always lifted her dress a bit too much.

It takes time to learn to act like a proper lady. Monica did not have an Earth woman to help her along. She did what she thought a woman did. Men on thousands of worlds lusted for the quirky Earth girl. The fame was too much and Monica finally accepted a boyfriend. Now they are married and expecting a child. Monica has never been happier in her life.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sissy Assignment

Nick needed the vote of the transgender community if he was ever to win reelection. The district attorney’s race was more heated than at any other time in recent history. A lost case he never should have brought to trial marred his reputation and encouraged several attorneys to throw their hat in the ring. If Nick could lock the transgender community it might be enough votes to keep him in office for another term.

The Changing Room offered to help Nick fit right in. With plenty of makeup and a dress Nick looked hot! He took his clip board and marched right over to the meeting hall where the TG community met. He introduced himself as Nicole and asked everyone to sign his pledge to vote for him. The guys in drag smiled as only a woman can.

It was a wonderful meeting. They shared ideas with Nick while drinking coffee and enjoying dainty sweets. Nick thought the coffee was the best he ever had. By the end of the afternoon everyone in the room signed the petition promising to vote for him. As a parting gift, Nick posed outside the hall. The election was in the bag.

At the Changing Room Nick prepared to shed his skirt when the young lady helping him started to giggle. “You drank the coffee, didn’t you?” Nick nodded as the blood drained from his face and as he touched his smooth crotch. He grabbed the clipboard with all the signatures and for the first time noticed a note scrawled along the edge. “NICK IS A DWEEB, BUT WE WILL VOTE FOR NICOLE” Nicole turned to the Changing Room woman. She said, “They put TG Dust in the coffee.”

Nicole won the election by 78 votes. 

Monday, August 27, 2018