Monday, February 20, 2017

Life on the Farm

Farm life was in Bob’s blood. His grandfather broke this land, his dad built it up, and Bob made it the business that it is today. Hard work made it all happen. It was satisfying to look back on a long day of accomplishment.

But farm life is dangerous. Working long hours in dangerous situations while mentally and physically exhausted puts workers at risk. Bob had too much drive to slow down. He should have checked the safety switch on the tractor a second time before working on the baler. The tractor accidentally popped into gear while Bob worked on the machine. The flywheel caught his belt and pulled him in.

The doctors performed a miracle when they saved Bob’s life. Six months of rehab and Bob was ready to get back to work. There was only one problem: the damage Bob suffered to his midsection required the doctors to make some changes to save his life. Since they needed to make changes to his midsection they felt it was proper to change his whole body.

Bob had to change his name to Rebecca when he got back to the farm. He still loves working the animals and the land. One of the farmhands, Marc, took an interest in the boss. Now Bob has a new business partner to work the land and a new husband. Good thing he didn’t check the safety switch twice. He would have lost a lot more that way.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Birthday Girl

What do you get a man who has everything? How do you make it a surprise? Edgar’s family loved him, but it was hard sometimes. He made a fortune at an early age by building a technology company and selling it. Life from that point was narcissistic hedonism for Edgar. He explored every pleasure within eyesight. The one thing Edgar never did was betray his family or the love of his wife.

Now Edgar is an old man with lots of money, a loving wife and a boatload of unhappiness. Edgar’s wife wanted to bring the smile back to his face. She wanted to do something he would never expect, would unlikely do for himself and make him beam with delight.

After careful research, Edgar’s wife decided on nanobots. She kept showing Edgar pictures of women and asking him how attractive he thought they were. Edgar had no interest. He grudgingly answered. He had no need for a new wife and he was beginning to wonder what his wife was up to.

On the big day, Edgar’s wife invited him to a warm soak in the hot tub. She infused two packets of preprogrammed nanobots: one for her and one for him. She would transform into his ideal girl and he would be young and vital again to enjoy it.

They sank into the water, lay back and enjoyed the jets massaging away aches and pains brought on by age. Edgar felt so relaxed he dozed for a while. Edgar knew something was wrong the moment we woke. He looked over to see a young man with chiseled abs in the hot tub with him. Then he looked down and saw he was a beautiful young woman.

Edgar’s wife shrieked, “It worked the wrong way!” Edgar immediately realized what his wife did. “It’s okay, honey. I love the body. We can enjoy pleasures not possible before.” Edgar’s wife started to say she was sorry, but Edgar placed a gentle finger to her lips. “Call me Corrine from now on. And I love the body.” Edgar pulled his wife closer and kissed her deeply.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Part of Town

The revitalization project changed the slums into the most hip part of town. Everyone wanted to live there. Randy was one of the lucky ones rich enough to afford the rent. And, of course, the required transformation; the new part of town is a girls-only district.

The best part for Randy, or should we say, Tamara, is wearing a mini dress and pantyhose. The cool air felt invigorating as it rubbed her legs and swirled under her dress. She headed out this afternoon to meet her boyfriend for a night of dancing and fun. The sensation on her legs might be more than a slight breeze.

Randy was an average guy, but Tamara is hot! Women rarely noticed Randy; it is why he made so much money; he didn’t have much else to do in life other than create a blog with a huge following. He sold the blog for millions. Tamara is another story. She has no time for serious stuff. She is the most popular girl in the new part of town. And cute has its rewards, like the best looking guy in town, the other part of town. The relationship is getting so steamy Tamara is thinking of moving out of the new part of town to be with her sweetheart. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pay Up

Congress passed a law requiring the IRS to collect more money. Too many people were cheating on their taxes and measures needed to be taken to collect money owed the government. The government also needed more money to fund public services.

Enter Orson, a mild-mannered businessman that fell behind on his taxes. Before he knew it the amount owed the government grew to an enormous amount. There was no way Orson could even begin to pay down the balance. The IRS gave Orson an ultimatum, either: pay the tax due, go to jail, or accept a public service job. As you can see Orson accepted a job as a public servant.

Now Orson enjoys his days fighting crime as Alexis. He sold his business to pay down some of this tax debt and a portion of his paycheck goes towards taxes too. Orson didn’t mind the requirement the IRS placed on him. He always enjoyed the feminine touch. When the debt is fully paid he can get his old body back or keep the one he has. You already know which body Orson plans to keep, don’t you? And the government killed two birds with one stone.