Friday, August 18, 2017

Happy Birthday, Neo

Haaaaappy birthdayyyy to you.
Happy birrrthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Neo.
Happy birthday to you.

Yoooouuu are a girl.
Your nuts were lost to a squirrel.
You wear pantyhose
And high heel boots too!

Happy birthday, NeoRock. May your pantyhose never have a run.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beer Pong

College is the greatest time of your life. The learning and opportunities create contacts valuable throughout life. But when you are young you have more than learning and a career on your mind; you also think of starting a family. Part of the mating ritual is games and parties. Neil had a plan to cover all the bases: personal and professional.

Finding the right mate requires fun. Neil never went much for parties and drinking, but he loved games of skill. Beer Pong fit the bill and brought college guys together with college girls. When people had a drink or two they tend to lower their guard and show their true self. Neil was counting on it.

For a college party the room was civil. People milled around, talked, told jokes and laughed. The table was set up for beer pong, girls against the boys. The girls were already giddy and said they upped the ante by placing a nanobot concoction in one of the beer glasses on the guy’s side. The boys knew it was just the girls trying to get in their heads.

Neil invited Scott to join him in defeating the girls of Sorority Hill. The girls were gracious to offer the boys a kiss on the cheek if they won. How sweet. The game was evenly matched. Both sides drank a few more beers than they wanted to, but it was great fun. The boys lost, of course (girls are always better), but the girls decided to be good sports and kiss the boys on the cheek anyway. Neil thought he might ask the tall blonde, Abby, out to dinner.

“I guess we never drank the beer with nanobots,” Neil told the girls after the kiss. “Oh,” Abby said, “but you did.” Neil patted himself down. “Guess it didn’t work,” he smiled. Abby started laughing, “Every beer was laced with nanobots, you fool. There is a delay of a few hours.”

And sure enough, later that night, before the party ended, the transformation took place. Neil’s clothes hung on him. Abby came over and offered Neil and Scott new outfits. Without any other choices the boys accepted the offer. Here we see Ellen (Neil) and Erica (Scott) walking back to their dorm in their new outfits. Notice the cocky attitude the girls have. That should go over well in the boy’s dorm.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Girl's First Night Out

London was having a hard time adjusting to his new body as Lynette. Some things a guy never thinks of when going in for a transformation at the 3D body printing shop. Stepping off the printer platform stark naked was more exciting than London imagined. His Lynette body is 100% woman.

Two things are hard for London to adjust to. The first was his new hips. The positioning of the hips in a woman are made for childbirth and changes the way they walk. There is more swing to the hips, as any guy will attest, but how it changes the body’s balance while walking is something you can’t be trained for until you have those lovely hips.

The second issue is top-heavy. Breasts are heavy and being out front place pressure on the back. Standing up straight is different for a woman. The bigger the breasts the more stress is placed on the back.

After several weeks of training to live life as Lynette, London is ready for his first night out on the town. He is very nervous. The sexy dress, long hair and make-up weren’t a problem. The high heels were definitely out. There was no way he was ready to spend a night in heels.

And the last issue Lynette had to face was his feelings. As a woman he has started feeling certain desires. A night on the town will offer temptations he is uncertain he can resist. Lynette is ready to do it, however. He waited so long for the body of his dreams and nothing will stop him from experiencing every opportunity his new body offers him.