Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finding a Fortune

Terry dreamed of riches when he went prospecting in the wastelands of Utah. Every so often rumors would surface of a prospector finding a large nugget of gold, a chip of diamond, or other valuable gems. These rumors drove Terry to keep his hobby alive.

It was hopeless. Terry found nothing. The burning dream is all that kept him coming back, along with his addiction to prospecting. The promise of a possible find kept him coming back. Then his luck changed. He pulled a jewel from the dirt. It glowed a dull green.

Not knowing what the gem was, Terry hurried home to research the gem. When he could find nothing on the jewel he decided to take a break and satisfy himself. He held the jewel in his left hand while he fanaticized. Before he could finish his body tingled and shuttered. In a flash his body transformed into a beautiful woman.

Terry had discovered the first Jewel of Odan and was the first man to enjoy the gift of the gem. Terry found Pam in the desert that day. More exact, Terry died while Pam was born with the discovery of the Jewel. As the new rumor spread more prospectors flocked to the wastelands to find a treasure only a man could lust for.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Birthday Wish

Whoever would have thought a birthday wish would really come true? Kent planned on a simple party with his buddies when he put on the party hat and made a wish. College is the greatest time of life and a time to experiment. Kent made a wish and kept it secret because he was afraid what people would think if they found out.

A kind witch was watching and reading Kent’s mind. She knew his friends would understand. It was time for Kent to be who he always was meant to be. As soon as he blew out the candles on the cake the witch cast a spell. Kent was instantly transformed into Katrina. It was a sight seeing Katrina stand in the middle of the group of guys wearing a bra and a party hat with “Birthday Boy” printed on it.

It took several minutes for the guys to accept what happened. Once they grasped their friend was now an attractive woman they talked over each other giving their perspective. Eventually the guys all fell in sync and agreed; they would give Katrina a birthday gift she will never forget.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Home at Last

What is the one thing the super rich don’t have? An obedient woman. Natural women want to blaze their own trail and make their own rules. Men want a woman who does what she is told, especially in bed. Therein lays the problem.

Billionaires have discovered a way around the problem. TG Inc. is very expensive. Billionaires offer to pay the fee for a period in indentured servitude. Women hate the idea with a passion, but men born in the wrong body see it as a way to freedom.

Meet Dave. She is Carly now and serves her rich boss, industrialist Bernard Armstrong. Carly does things no self respecting woman would ever consider. Armstrong keeps Carly dressed as a tease and has his way with her often. This is no problem for Carly. She likes being put in her place and treated like an object; it’s all part of the girl training process to her. And look at the quality of clothes she wears and the home she lives in. Do you really think when the time comes where Carly can leave, she will? Exactly.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Captain Altair goes by many faces. Bart knew this all too well. While trekking the Zemeloo Hinterland he happened into a chance encounter with Captain Altair and her squadron. After a brief disagreement Bart was impressed into service.  Captain Altair needed a ruse and Bart would fit the bill perfectly.

Bart was cuffed and led back to the ship where a quick surgery and nanobot bath turned him into a woman. A few days of feminine training turned Bart into the perfect belly dancer/girl/diversion for Captain Altair.

Captain Altair had Bart’s brain reprogrammed as Maxine. From a distance he would be confused as Captain Altair. Captain Altair would use the moments of confusion to free the captured President of Mentaldo.

The risks to Bart, I mean Maxine, were significant. Good woman that he is, he performed his duties heroically and lived. Never even received a scratch. The President of Mentaldo was freed by Captain Altair and her heroic soldiers. Maxine, unaware she was ever a dude, fought like hell to stop the transformation back to Bart. And she won, breaking free and running like the wind. Captain Altair ordered to let him go. Captain Altair said, “He is happier now as Maxine. Let the poor guy enjoy his life.”

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Billie Jean is back in the White House

Bill was back in the White House and Hillary was too busy running the country to keep an eye on him. Hillary knew Bill was not to be trusted so she hired TG Incorporated to keep an eye on him.

The interns looked awfully good to Bill. So young and so cute, they could not resist the power of a former President. Every day had opportunities for Bill to slip off and get some action. No one was the wiser and the Secret Service was sworn to secrecy.

But all good things come to an end. Bill was getting the best blowjob of his life when the transformation started. The intern was a TG Inc. plant sent there by Hillary. As President, Hillary knew every move Bill was making. Before Bill could unload he was Billie Jean.

Billie Jean is allowed around the White House. Hillary thought she could trust Billie Jean now. The Madam President could now focus on the business of running the country. What Hillary could not know is that Billie Jean had half the Republicans in Congress blackmailed. Hillary always got what she wanted and Billie Jean was her willing dupe.

Which brings up (ahem) a good question. How can there be two female Presidents when only one was elected? Sounds like a Jeopardy question.