Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hot Girl's Office Job

Good paying jobs are hard to come by. Karl needed one of those “good paying jobs” if he was going to keep his apartment. TG Incorporated was hiring—business is booming for those guys—but they are selective. In other words, only hot girls need apply.

Karl is neither hot nor a girl. Okay, it is only a receptionist job, but hey, when money is tight anything will do. Never mind TG Inc. pays receptionists massive salaries. Desperate, Karl walked into the human resources department and filled out an application. He was invited into a back room to discuss the job. Sarah Lemon interviewed Karl and liked what she heard.

“I think you would be a perfect team member here at TG Inc.,” Sarah started. “You have all the qualifications and the right attitude. We have just one minor problem.” Karl dropped his head. “However, I do have a solution. We have a nanobot hot tub waiting for you in back with a fresh wardrobe of clothing. All yours Karl, or should I say Lacy, as part of a two year work assignment.”

Karl nodded. He needed the job, but did not want to give up his manhood. The job won. The nanobot hot tub was a sensation like no other. Lacy enjoyed the relaxing bubbles. She never felt so beautiful as when she put on the mini skirt and heels. The guys complimented her as she walked home. The next day she started work. Life was looking up for Lacy.

We're From the Government and We're Here to Help

Armed female soldiers stormed the tourist resort, gun drawn, screaming orders. The tourist knew the risks before they came and the nightmare came true. Drug lords controlled the countryside and the resort was only safe because of the armed guards.

The drug lords won the battle and surrounded the resort. As a gesture of good will, the drug lords were allowing women and children to leave unharmed. Resort management had a plan in place for just such an event. They knew the women would be allowed to leave so they started shooting the men with girly guns.

Eric was one of the men shot. His clothes blew off and he was left wearing, ah, girly clothes. The only way out was to climb out, hand over hand, by rope. “Your name is Melanie, got it?” The guard asked with the tone of a command. Melanie was scared to death. Here she was, only a woman for a few minutes, and she had to use a rope to crawl to freedom.

As Melanie reached the other side she realized freedom was not on this side of the rope. The drug lords needed women to fill the brothel. Melanie was a fast learner; she needed to be if she wanted to stay alive. She services 30 or so men per day as she waits for her opportunity to escape. Deep down she knew she deserves what she got. She was warned before she came about how dangerous it is. Live and learn.