Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A New Look on Life

Kenny discovered at a young age he could jump into the body of anyone he wanted. The person he jumped into got his old body. For over 20 years Kenny jumped from one body to another leaving behind disoriented people forced into a new body forever.

But Kenny was under surveillance. You can leave only so many victims before someone figures out the pattern. Kenny had to see his victim to make a jump. Once he jumped he had to spend at least three days in the new body. Kenny liked to spend plenty of time in his new bodies because he always picked the prettiest girls so three days was never enough. And he had to be careful. Another jumper he ran across told him if he experiences an electrical shock he will be stuck in that body forever.

And the trackers knew about Kenny’s weakness towards electric shocks. Kenny was ready for another jump and a girl he has seen several times was the perfect target. He learned her name was Naomi. A pretty name, Kenny thought. When the time was right Kenny focused his eyes on Naomi until he jumped to her body. Kenny always turned to watch the victim struggle in his old body. This time was different. The body he jumped from showed no signs of distress. Instead, he watched the body he jumped from grab a handheld device from behind a potted plant and point it at him. Before Kenny could react, his former victim’s body pulled the trigger. At the moment the wires made contact with Kenny’s skin he realized the device was a Taser. Electricity shot though his body as he fell to the ground. When his former victim’s body released the trigger, she walked to and stood over Kenny. “Now you are a normal woman,” she said with a scowl, turned and walked away. 

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