Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Good Farm Girl

The vast open space of the American Midwest is no place for car trouble. Henry was pushing hard driving eighteen hours a day. He wanted to get home and home was another hard day’s drive. Then the car started to miss a beat every few minutes. An hour later Henry was stalled in the middle of nowhere. He saw no other traffic all day. He had water in the car but no food. He checked his cell phone. No signal. Without any alternatives Henry started walking.

With only an hour of walking Henry spotted a small farm to the west. There was no choice. All he could hope for was somebody to be home. The farm was small with a white clapboard house and red barn. Cows were in a fenced area near the barn and chickens ran the yard. Fields of crops surrounded the house and barn. Henry knocked. Henry was ready to leave after a long period with no answer when the door slowly opened. A beautiful farm girl greeted him. Henry introduced himself and explained his situation.  The farm girl did not have a phone. She offered Henry a place to stay until someone happened by to give him a ride to town. Henry accepted.

To repay the woman’s kindness Henry worked on the farm. He could not understand how one woman could run this whole farm alone. On the second day the woman visited Henry as he worked in the barn. She had a mischievous grin. “Come with me,” she said. She led Henry to a locked room in the back of the barn. Inside was a chair. “Please sit.” Henry did. In moments Henry was stuck to the chair as it hummed. His body twisted and contorted until he was completely transformed. When the machine stopped Henry was a woman. The woman handed Henry appropriate clothing. He put them on. The straw hat was a fitting touch. “You are one of us now and your name is Addison,” the woman said. “Us? Addison?” “Yes. Us, Addison.” Several women walked out from an attached room. Now Henry understood how the woman ran her farm. “You can stay as long as you like,” the woman said.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Myth of Bakal Splee

The thanksgiving festival of Garkin was over and Don retired to his studio to do what he did every year after the festival meal. He removed the Bakal Splee from its case. The feminine musical instrument echoed a soft mournful tone as he pulled the bow across the coiled spring.

They say if you play the Bakal Splee perfectly you become a beautiful woman fitting of the music you play. It was only a myth, but Don could dream. The family gathered around the walls of the room as he started playing. The music sent waves of vibrations through the air. You felt the music as much as heard it.

Don adjusted the Bakal Splee as he started the next movement. The family stood stone still. Don’s talents improved with each passing year. There was no doubt he was nearing perfection and the myth was on everyone’s mind. Don dug deeper into his soul to bring the full sound into the mind, the heart, the spirit of the entire room.

The family noticed before Don did. The changes were subtle at first, then undeniable. With each pull and thrust of the bow a magical sound spread around the room. Then he noticed his hands had changed. He knew the myth and accepted the gift. S/he played deeper from the heart until the soft, beautiful woman in the room echoed the sound Don once made.

Her music would be perfect for all time. Don was a simple man of simple pleasure. His music reflected his simplicity. She took a simple name change: Donna. Why not? It was about the music. The music, the sound is everything. Changlings are so rare they are considered myth, but when one is created they are sought all over the galaxy. Donna played daily for audiences on planets near and far and punctuated the performances with practice sessions on cruise ships to large crowds. She created heavenly sounds for thirty-eight more years before her death on Moordo III at the age of 62. The geniuses always die too young.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Birthday, Neo

Haaaaappy birthdayyyy to you.
Happy birrrthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Neo.
Happy birthday to you.

Yoooouuu are a girl.
Your nuts were lost to a squirrel.
You wear pantyhose
And high heel boots too!

Happy birthday, NeoRock. May your pantyhose never have a run.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beer Pong

College is the greatest time of your life. The learning and opportunities create contacts valuable throughout life. But when you are young you have more than learning and a career on your mind; you also think of starting a family. Part of the mating ritual is games and parties. Neil had a plan to cover all the bases: personal and professional.

Finding the right mate requires fun. Neil never went much for parties and drinking, but he loved games of skill. Beer Pong fit the bill and brought college guys together with college girls. When people had a drink or two they tend to lower their guard and show their true self. Neil was counting on it.

For a college party the room was civil. People milled around, talked, told jokes and laughed. The table was set up for beer pong, girls against the boys. The girls were already giddy and said they upped the ante by placing a nanobot concoction in one of the beer glasses on the guy’s side. The boys knew it was just the girls trying to get in their heads.

Neil invited Scott to join him in defeating the girls of Sorority Hill. The girls were gracious to offer the boys a kiss on the cheek if they won. How sweet. The game was evenly matched. Both sides drank a few more beers than they wanted to, but it was great fun. The boys lost, of course (girls are always better), but the girls decided to be good sports and kiss the boys on the cheek anyway. Neil thought he might ask the tall blonde, Abby, out to dinner.

“I guess we never drank the beer with nanobots,” Neil told the girls after the kiss. “Oh,” Abby said, “but you did.” Neil patted himself down. “Guess it didn’t work,” he smiled. Abby started laughing, “Every beer was laced with nanobots, you fool. There is a delay of a few hours.”

And sure enough, later that night, before the party ended, the transformation took place. Neil’s clothes hung on him. Abby came over and offered Neil and Scott new outfits. Without any other choices the boys accepted the offer. Here we see Ellen (Neil) and Erica (Scott) walking back to their dorm in their new outfits. Notice the cocky attitude the girls have. That should go over well in the boy’s dorm.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Girl's First Night Out

London was having a hard time adjusting to his new body as Lynette. Some things a guy never thinks of when going in for a transformation at the 3D body printing shop. Stepping off the printer platform stark naked was more exciting than London imagined. His Lynette body is 100% woman.

Two things are hard for London to adjust to. The first was his new hips. The positioning of the hips in a woman are made for childbirth and changes the way they walk. There is more swing to the hips, as any guy will attest, but how it changes the body’s balance while walking is something you can’t be trained for until you have those lovely hips.

The second issue is top-heavy. Breasts are heavy and being out front place pressure on the back. Standing up straight is different for a woman. The bigger the breasts the more stress is placed on the back.

After several weeks of training to live life as Lynette, London is ready for his first night out on the town. He is very nervous. The sexy dress, long hair and make-up weren’t a problem. The high heels were definitely out. There was no way he was ready to spend a night in heels.

And the last issue Lynette had to face was his feelings. As a woman he has started feeling certain desires. A night on the town will offer temptations he is uncertain he can resist. Lynette is ready to do it, however. He waited so long for the body of his dreams and nothing will stop him from experiencing every opportunity his new body offers him.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pick Your Poison

Glen wanted to get even with the government for ruining his life. He was in trouble with the law from an early age and the problems kept coming. He had finally had enough. The world will not forget Glen’s name when he is done. He will fight back and make the world pay the price for hurting Glen all these years.

Crazy people have crazy ideas. Glen’s idea to punish the world is with a lone wolf terrorist attack. He read an article about ricin, a deadly poison made from castor beans. The best thing, according to Glen, is that ricin is made from castor beans, the same beans used in rosaries.  A little digging and Glen discovered how to process ricin from castor beans.

But Glen is the unluckiest man on Earth. The government was watching Glen’s internet searches and sniffed out his plan even before he thought it. Glen’s large order of rosary beads was intercepted and replaced with a different product by a secret government agency. Glen was so excited as he began processing the beans for his sinister plan.

He had to be careful as he produced ricin or it could kill him. The fancy setup in his basement was the perfect way to manufacture a nice quantity of ricin for release at the local mall during the holiday season. He knew exactly where the air intake vent was to carry out his master plan.

But poor Glen was thwarted. The castor beans were replaced with a replica infused with nanobots. Yes, those wonderful atom-sized creations that entered your body and changed every cell into a female cell. When nanobots got a hold of you there was nothing left of your manhood. Glen was Glenda before he had a chance to know what was happening. The government swat team swarmed his home and took all his stuff away so no one else would lose their junk. Glenda is not as sad as she might be. The women’s prison is not as bad as the guy’s prison.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sweet Ride

What a sweet ride. Alvin searched the internet for a long time to find the car of his dreams. When he saw the red custom job he knew he had to have it. The owner, a pretty redhead with thin features, promised Alvin the car was full of surprises. She also promised this car would stay in Alvin’s mind for the rest of his life. Alvin agreed. He saved enough money to buy the car cash. It was amazing such an awesome car lasted long enough for Alvin to get his hands on it.

After the title was signed over, Alvin took the custom car out for a ride. The car was so well maintained it still had ‘new car smell’. The country would be the perfect place to spend a few hours with his new baby. His body molded into the seat as he drove. It almost felt like he was attached to the car and it anticipated his moves. Soon Alvin began to feel different. His concentration was so focused on the road he didn’t notice he suddenly had long hair. He stopped the car and opened the door for fresh air. He looked down. He had different clothes and a woman’s body!

At first Alvin thought the car was a swapping chamber, but he didn’t think he swapped with anyone. Then he realized the car was a switching chamber. He knew this as soon as he looked at his cell phone. The car also changed his identity to Bethany and reprogrammed his cell phone accordingly. Bethany put a hand to her head while she texted a friend with the other hand; she had to tell someone what happened. The woman that sold her the car was right. He would never forget this car.

Friday, August 4, 2017

History Lesson

As the human race expanded throughout the galaxy technological advancement continue to grow at ever increasing rates. After Earth joined the Community of Worlds, new technology led to the creation of TG Incorporated. Once that novelty wore off new technologies caught the imagination of the public. Today, the rage is time travel. Since it is impossible to travel back in time as yourself—the laws of physics will not let you travel back in time to warn yourself of a future event—you time travel by stepping into someone else’s body; you live as them.

Leonard was one of the first to try time travel. As a history buff, Leonard wanted to travel back into Marie Antoinette’s body. The time jump into Marie’s body was disorienting. He has only a modest amount of control over his host’s body; Marie kept most of the control over her actions. Leonard needed the modest control. It was important to keep some control to trigger the return device by twitching her wrist. Without it the traveler would remain stuck in time. In Leonard’s case he could lose his head if he didn’t have enough control to trigger the device.

Leonard wanted to live as Marie Antoinette in her last months of life in 1792. The adventure started perfectly for Leonard. He felt every emotion and every inch of her female body. But soon Leonard knew something was going wrong. Ms. Antoinette started to realize something was in her. She thought it was the devil. She feared discovery which meant certain death by the church. She learned how to stop Leonard from any action. Leonard was trapped, unable to trigger the return device.

It was now early August and Leonard knew Marie would lose her head in a matter of days. He fought with all his strength to regain control. Marie got better at restraining Leonard. Leonard put every ounce of energy he had left to trigger the device as Marie walked to the guillotine. As her neck was in the guillotine and the blade was ready to fall, Leonard was able in that split second of confusion able to flick her wrist enough to trigger the return device. As his body was ripped out of Marie and pulled back to his own time he could hear the grating of the blade starting to fall.

Leonard gasped and grabbed for his neck as he reentered his own body. All he could keep thinking was how cool it was to live in a woman’s body. Isn’t history fun?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Chance Encounter

Who is undesirable now? Megan thought. Six months ago she was Art, an ugly twisted man people refused to acknowledge. Then a chance encounter with a sales rep from TG Inc. changed his life. For the first time ever, a beautiful woman actually acted like she wanted to talk with him. What the pretty sales lady from TG Inc. had to say would change Art’s life forever.

TG Inc. is not a cheap place and the sales rep let Art know about it. But, a new therapy where body parts were grown from your own cells and then transplanted into the host showed promise. It was time for human trials. The pretty sales rep said Art would be the perfect test subject.

Every part of Art was re-grown in the lab. Several surgeries later and the transformation was complete. What do you think? Do you think Megan turned out okay? You don’t think she is ugly, like Art, do you? We need your opinion. Does the mini skirt and high heel boots make Megan hot? Would you be willing to pay to be her? TG Inc. wants your opinion. It is the only way to bring products to market clients want.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Midlife Crisis

The midlife crisis hit Alfred fast and hard. He had to have a red sports car before the last of his youth slipped away from him. There was only one problem, Alfred is broke.  Too bad midlife crises are expensive.

Women have is so much easier in Alfred’s mind. If only he could reverse roles then he could get a man to fund his crisis needs. As luck would have it a beautiful woman promised him what he desired when he complained of his problem. The woman, later discovered by Alfred to be a good witch, gave him one wish. Of course, Alfred wanted to be a woman.

Joan was born that day. Alfred knew what to do with his new body. He found a wealthy man looking for a trophy wife. Joan was the perfect answer to such men. Before long Joan is married with a husband wrapped around her little finger.

Joan has the hot little sports car Alfred desired. It was only a small sacrifice to achieve such a worthy goal. Alfred never had a chance to thank the witch. After decades of marriage Joan’s husband confessed a witch made her a man after she was abused by her former husband. Joan now understood how her husband was so gentle and kind. Looks like the witch granted all good people their greatest wish.