Monday, November 30, 2015

Forced to Wear a Dress by Sister

Have you ever been caught in a lie? I sure have. A big one actually. By my sister, of all people. It was nothing really. I consider myself an urban artist and beautify the community with my graffiti. Some hate it, but it is really awesome to see. People sometimes travel to the city just to photograph my work.

The police questioned me a few time, so did mom and dad, but they had nothing on me. Then along came Dorothy, my twin sister. Miss Goodie Two-Shoes found my stash of supplies and threatened to rat me out. I could end up in juvie! And I would never have a chance to practice my art again.

I pleaded with Dorothy to keep her big mouth shut. She promised to do so if I let her dress me up as a girl, the full Monty. What choice did I have? We are both about the same size and build with subtle changes to accommodate boy or girl parts. There was one more problem: Dorothy demanded I take a girly walk of shame. Okay, I can do this. (Like I have any choice.)

You have to admit, Dorothy did a heck of a job. She made me so hot I had to take saltpeter to keep the bulge down.  I walked that walk of shame wearing my sister’s panty and dress. It felt so good I started thinking I might want to try it again some day. I must have been deep in the daydream as I stumbled as Dorothy pulled me into a shop. TG Incorporated!

Why bother anyone with details. You know what happens in that place. Well, seems I fit into Dorothy’s dresses better than ever now. Kind’of like the name they gave me too: Teri. I still practice my urban art. Dorothy tags along sometimes. Seems the whole thing was a ruse on Dorothy’s part. She only wanted to join me on the adventures and knew no other way to get what she wanted. I’m not complaining.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

TG Inc Dating Service

TG Incorporated started a dating service and the guys lined up to join. With all the new girls on Earth, they were looking for that special man. Justin had no problem dating a hot girl from TG Inc. What Justin wanted was a gentle girl he could love.

Dating services come in all flavors. Any desire imaginable is available. Justin wanted someone to love and hold. He forgot to ask what kind of dating service TG Inc. ran. If he did he would have known the dating service provided the new girls with a girl of their own, one with commonality, like another guy turned gal.

Once the paperwork was filled out Justin was taken to a room where he sat alone. The door sealed and lights twirled. Girly lights! A few minutes later Justine was ready for her first date. Justine is a little black dress, high heel boots kind of girl. She is so beautiful she dates a different girl every night. In retrospect, Justine was glad she didn’t read the fine print.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

TG Inc Credit Card Super Rewards

Competition in the banking industry is more fierce than ever. Banks vie for your business with growing enticements. Cash back rewards cards are so common only a fool would use any other kind of credit card. To beat the competition banks build relationships with corporations and non-profit organization for people that want to support a cause.

Most opportunities in these areas are already used. Now that every bank has a rewards card it is harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. No more. TG Incorporated has affiliated with the Community of Worlds Bank for a rewards credit card like no other. Many banks offer bonus cash or miles for a certain amount of spending. The TG Inc. affinity card goes one step further.

The bonus on the TG Inc card is a free session at TG Incorporated. You can have any body you want: permanent or temporary. Carl was the first to reach his goal and take a permanent new body, the Carol model. Isn’t she cute?

Carol was a sensation. Everyone wanted to know how she hit her spending limits to achieve the super bonus reward. It was simple Carol said after the publicity photo. “I used a gift card strategy. I bought gift cards with my TG Inc. card and resold them to a third party, keeping the bonus points. It took me only three months to fit into this dress.”

The gift card industry has never been better.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Beer Pong

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Thanks you for granting me my rant. — Kay

College is the greatest time of your life. The learning and opportunities create contacts valuable throughout life. But when you are young you have more than learning and a career on your mind; you also think of starting a family. Part of the mating ritual is games and parties. Neil had a plan to cover all the bases: personal and professional.

Finding the right mate requires fun. Neil never went much for parties and drinking, but he loved games of skill. Beer Pong fit the bill and brought college guys together with college girls. When people had a drink or two they tend to lower their guard and show their true self. Neil was counting on it.

For a college party the room was civil. People milled around, talked, told jokes and laughed. The table was set up for beer pong, girls against the boys. The girls were already giddy and said they upped the ante by placing a nanobot concoction in one of the beer glasses on the guy’s side. The boys knew it was just the girls trying to get in their heads.

Neil invited Scott to join him in defeating the girls of Sorority Hill. The girls were gracious to offer the boys a kiss on the cheek if they won. How sweet. The game was evenly matched. Both sides drank a few more beers than they wanted to, but it was great fun. The boys lost, of course (girls are always better), but the girls decided to be good sports and kiss the boys on the cheek anyway. Neil thought he might ask the tall blonde, Abby, out to dinner.

“I guess we never drank the beer with nanobots,” Neil told the girls after the kiss. “Oh,” Abby said, “but you did.” Neil patted himself down. “Guess it didn’t work,” he smiled. Abby started laughing, “Every beer was laced with nanobots, you fool. There is a delay of a few hours.”

And sure enough, later that night, before the party ended, the transformation took place. Neil’s clothes hung on him. Abby came over and offered Neil and Scott new outfits. Without any other choices the boys accepted the offer. Here we see Ellen (Neil) and Erica (Scott) walking back to their dorm in their new outfits. Notice the cocky attitude the girls have. That should go over well in the boy’s dorm.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Game Face

Tyler couldn’t believe what he did. It all started out as an innocent game of poker. The guys from college planned a get-together to relive the great times they had before careers and romantic relationships took over life. The evening started out with alcohol and great stories. Eventually the guys sat down to a good game of poker.

To make the game interesting the guys upped the odds. Instead of playing for money they played for chips and each step of the way they lost clothes and finally, for one lucky loser, a dip in the nanobot pool. The game went on for hours before Tyler started a streak of bad luck. Before long he was stepping into the pool filled with nanobots that changed him into Becky.

On the way home Becky stopped by the mall for appropriate clothing for a woman. He browsed all the women’s clothing stores buying a tight sequin dress, bras, panties, and stilettos. As Becky walked up the sidewalk to the front door he stopped and turned to look back. At first he thought he looked back because he remembered he left the packages of clothes in the car, but then he realized he was looking back and saying goodbye to an old life he’ll never see again.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Dinner

The family sat down for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. It’s hard to celebrate any holiday without TG Incorporated sitting down with you. The massive profits TG Inc. made were reinvested in nearly every industry. Now TG Inc. owned the turkey business. All Thanksgiving turkeys came from a TG Inc. farm.

Arnold could care less. The country was going to the hell in a hand basket and the politicians were all at fault in his opinion. The family sat down and enjoyed the pleasure of a good meal together. After the meal the whole family migrated to the living room to watch football, scratch and sleep.

TG Inc. turkeys put people to sleep more than any other turkey. The whole family, Arnold included, succumb to the wonderful turkey dinner. When they started to stir from a long after dinner slumber it appeared the Packers took one on the chin.

It took a few seconds for the men to realize there were some changes while they slept. It seems TG Inc. turkeys are laced with nanobots. Arnold was so excited about the changes that he rushed to the bedroom and tried on a bra/panty set of his wife’s. After posing for the family, Arnold announced he was to be addressed as Claudia.

Enjoy your turkey dinner this Thanksgiving. You never know what special ingredient was added.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sorority Contest

Roger could not pass up the contest of the century. Twelve sorority girls promised the fraternity brothers a BJ contest they’ll never forget. The rules are simple: the girls get on their knees and blow twelve of the guys. The first one to blow his top loses more than a load. You see, each frat boy must first ingest a nanobot tablet programmed to activate when you, you know, unload. Once the first guy makes the ultimate sacrifice the remaining nanobots deactivate.

What are the odds he releases first? Or so Roger’s thinking went. He has self control. So he entered the contest. It took some talking and female persuasion to get the twelve, ah, slots filled. Once the volunteers for a good time were secured the night was set for the big party.

The guys swallowed (not the last to do so for the evening) their nanobot tablets and took a seat. The girl servicing Roger was hot as hell. Roger was planned on making a move on this girl for weeks, but this will do. The girls went down. Roger’s girl seemed to want it more than any other girl. She took it all the way until she almost gagged. Roger noticed no one let lose yet, but he couldn’t hold back. His manhood exploded. It was the best release he ever had. He covered the poor girl’s face with layers of manly confetti.

As soon as it was over he could feel the nanobots going to work. By the time the rest of the guys finished, Roger was a girl. The sorority girls took their new girlfriend, Denise, back with them to the sorority. They gave Denise a bikini and a room at the sorority. Denise took a selfie for the record.

The real surprise came three weeks later when another contest was proposed. This time it was a contest to see which girl could satisfy five frat boys first and Denise was one of the girls looking for a win.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sister's Story

The feeling caused me to vomit; the acrid smell burned my nose. Only Donna cared, my sister. She stayed by my side after Mandy left me, a four year relationship gone. The wedding is off all because Mandy met a guy at work and could not control herself. Unlike Donna, I am the unluckiest guy in the world. If only I could be more like Donna.

Donna could feel my pain. In a weak moment I reached for her, the only person that understood me, loved me for who I am. Donna pushed my hand back and shook her head. I knew it was wrong on so many levels. Then she smiled.

She took my hand and guided me to her bedroom. She opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a new package of panties. They were from TG Incorporated, magic panties programmed to turn the wearer into Donna’s twin. She undressed me and unrolled a panty and put it on me. I waited for the panty to do its job. Before long I was a complete girl. As Donna’s twin sister I should have better luck in life.

Donna took me for a walk. The excitement overwhelmed me. I pulled the panty down and rubbed my slit. It was so soft and wet. It separated and opened slightly as I rubbed. I never got to touch Donna’s slit. It does not matter now. I can run my fingers over my own slit. Donna helped me pull my panty back on.
Donna calls me Renee. I think it is a pretty name. Donna helped me fit into my new life as Renee. She found me a boyfriend, the right man, to make my life complete. Thanks the gods Donna is in my life.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Task Force for Girls

His name was NeoRock. That is what everyone called him. Some say he never had a real name. The only information about him is more myth than fact. We know he is a crime lord wanted on every continent. We also know he likes ladies in high heel boots.

The police know better than to find him. Some have tried and disappeared. NeoRock leaves the police alone if they leave him alone. But every so often a young buck wants to make a name for himself. Leonard is that man. New to the force, he wants to make a statement to crime lords. NeoRock knew he was coming before Leonard did.

Leonard started building a file, searching for a starting place to look for NeoRock. Two days later he disappeared. In an undisclosed location NeoRock had Leonard locked away. NeoRock used his resources and wealth to dress Leonard like a woman, a very attractive woman. Leonard sat on the floor in those high heel boots and waited for what… whatever came next.

NeoRock has contacts at TG Incorporated. A quick visit by a TG Inc. doctor removed all vestiges of Leonard’s manhood. A therapist taught Leonard how to use his new body. Leonard is now Anna. NeoRock finished his plan, his warning, to any that try to find or interfere with him.

Anna was sent back to the police force wearing those hot high heel boots. The message was received. NeoRock was allowed to run his business in peace while Anna enjoyed a nice desk job in a skirt. Life turned out different than Leonard planned. It still turned out pretty darn good for Anna. At least she didn’t disappear forever.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The World's Best Wife

Want to talk about the best wife in the world? Well, I have her. From the day we met she loved to dress me up as a girl. Man, could she do a job. With her help I learned to walk and talk like a girl. Coupled with the perfect makeup job, I was a knock-down gorgeous woman.

By the time we married I rarely wore men’s clothes anymore. In all honesty I did wear a tux for the wedding so my mother would not have a coronary, but as soon as we left the reception I was back in pantyhose and heels.

I think it was around the six month mark when I wore men’s clothing for the last time. My wife, Becky, loved making out with me as a girl. She started suggesting I take hormones. I was reluctant for about two weeks. Then I realized how awesome it would be to start growing tits.

Eight months later women’s clothes fit much better with only one problem, the bulge in the shorts. We lived with it until our two year wedding anniversary. Then Becky convinced me to go all the way. TG Incorporated finished the job. They widened my hips, smoothed out any male-ish issues and gave me the tightest virgin clam any woman on the planet has.

We celebrated two wonderful years by making out. This time I am a real girl. We giggled and laughed as we discussed names for me. We finally settled on Krysten. A pretty name, I thought. And it feels so good to have all the right parts in the right places. See, I told you I have the best wife in the world.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The 'ol Switcheroo Con

Martin has had troubles with his new body. Swapping with his girlfriend was the greatest idea he had. It was even better when Sally loved the idea. But Martin had no idea Sally wanted his body to disappear from the world. Martin isn't upset he will spend the rest of his life as Sally.

Sally had some legal troubles unbeknownst to Martin. Once in Sally’s body it became abundantly clear when he was arrested. It took months, but eventually he proved he wasn't Sally, he is Martin. Now Martin has to adjust to his new body. For the most part it goes well; except for the finer points, like riding a bike in a mini skirt and thong.

Martin could care less. He enjoys the looks and catcalls. Every day he rides his new bike in his new body, wearing his new skirt and new thong. The hell with etiquette, he wants to ride his bike. Besides, he gets more offers to dinner this way. He hasn't paid for a meal (or rent) in months. Sally’s loss is Martin’s gain.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sisters at Last

From as young as I can remember I envied my sister, Kate. She was popular, happy, funny and beautiful. I so much wanted to be like her. As I got older Kate and I became closer and closer, so close, in fact, we were like sisters. But I was still a dumb boy.

As much as Kate and I talked about my wanting to be a girl there was no way to fix the mistake nature made. Then, in my last year of school Kate got a job working in the TG Incorporated labs. One of the perks was a reduced price on gender changes. Kate is the best sister in the world. She saved up her hard earned money and bought me the body I deserved.

Kate handled the transformation from Brad to Erika. It was the best feeling ever. Kate is still popular, happy, funny and beautiful. And so am I.  For the first time ever Kate got to take her kid sister shopping for clothes, girl’s clothes. I am so happy I could cry.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kinky Sister

Every boy with a sister knows how kinky they can be. They tease and cajole boys into awkward situations. Ernest knew all too well how kinky a sister can be. She kept tempting him with her panties, daring him to wear them. Ernst wasn’t biting; he knew they were magic panties.

Not to be denied, his sister blew TG dust in his face and laughed while his body melted into the shape of a girl. “I can’t change back,” Ernst shouted. Ernst resigned to his fate waiting for the transformation to finish. His clothes no longer fit. His sister was all too happy to share hers.

Ernst’s sister demanded they go clothes shopping now that he was a girl. Ernst thought, Whatever. He needed a new name so his sister choose Bridget. Bridget thought the dress his sister gave him fit nicely and carrying a small purse felt sexy. Bridget felt so pretty and sexy.

The girls shopped for hours at the mall. Bridget filled her wardrobe with dresses and shoes. If that wasn’t enough excitement, Bridget met a boy at the mall and she gave him her number. As annoying as sisters can be Bridget is sure glad her sister did him such a great favor.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Stranded on a deserted mountain road as a winter storm approached is a bad situation to be in. Ben found himself in just such a spot. With dark clouds threatening and high winds driving, Ben’s car choked and sputtered before dying.

Bad decisions get made in such a situation, but Ben is one lucky man. A woman walked out of the woods and offered Ben a place to stay until the storm passed. Cell phone service is unavailable in the remote area so he accepted the offer. A mile and a half from the road a small clearing with a house came into view as the first snow of the storm started falling.

The waif of a woman took Ben’s coat and made tea for her guest. The hot liquid went down smooth. The warmth made Ben tired so he tilted his head back and fell asleep. A few hours later he woke to find the waif smiling at him. He looked down at his breasts and felt his crotch. That was the moment Ben knew the waif was really a witch and the tea was really a potion. He looked at his tea cup; the witch’s grin confirmed his suspicions. All Ben could do was accept the women’s clothes the witch handed him.

The storm raged for two days before easing and it took another week for all the roads to be plowed. By the time rescue showed up the witch and Anita (a name they both agreed Ben should take) were the best of friends. Now Anita had to explain to her employer how he is Anita. Ben worked for the school district and Anita wanted to keep the job. The school agreed reluctantly, but the students, especially the boys, had no problem with it at all.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sister's Slumber Party

You would think Michelle is too old for a slumber party now that she is in high school. Nevertheless, mom okayed the idea without consulting me. Now I have to put up with brats for a whole weekend. Sick.

The slumber party starts Friday night with Michelle and four of her friends. Michelle asked me if I would help out. I don’t want to hang out with no stupid girls. It’s not like I’ll ever get a date. Just because I am small for my age does not make me a dork. When Michelle’s friends arrived they pleaded. There is no way I’ll get any rest anyway so I relented. I agreed to allow the girls to dress me up, to add insult to injury.

By ten o’clock the girls had stripped me naked and applied makeup, a wig and, well, you can see what they did to me. I know I have no chance with any of Michelle’s friends, but this pretty much ends any respect any girl in school will ever have of me once Michelle and her friends start talking.

The girls squealed with delight as they saw their creation. They started addressing me as Sissy. Great. Now that they had their fun I wanted to take outfit off. They would not hear of it. They said I could sleep with them. Big deal. I’m dressed like a girl and when they say sleep, they mean sleep.

Michelle made some hot cocoa. The sweetness felt good. The cocoa made me tired so I laid back and before I knew I was out.

The next morning the girls were up when I awoke. They were giggling and pointing at me. It seems the girls had hatched a plan to get me in a compromising position, drug my cocoa and then sprinkle me with TG Dust once I drifted off to sleep. I demanded they change me back, but I knew TG Dust was a one-way street.

I did not want to be a girl; I am a boy, ah, well, I was a boy, kind’of. The girls invited me to spend the weekend with them and their party. It seems even mom was in one it. She thought the change looked good on me. Mom said if I can’t get a date with a girl I should have no problem bedding a guy looking like this. Mom had a point.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

TG Virus

Remember the old Resident Evil movies? You thought they were only fun zombie movies, didn’t you? Well they are not. They are based on a true story of the early days of TG Incorporated, a time when an accident at a TG Inc. factory nearly wiped out every man on Earth. Twelve million men became girls during that event. This is their story.

Rascal University housed the first laboratory of TG Inc. The university received huge royalties from a recently discovered TG virus. TG Inc. went on to make billions on the TG virus alone, but in the early development stage it was discussed if humans should even be used during testing.

An explosion rocked the Rascal campus sending a plume of smoke and virus high into the air rendering the debate pointless. Fortunately the virus was heavier than the smoke particles and settled out in and around the campus and surrounding town and countryside.

The emergency responders (mostly men at first) noticed changes within minutes. Before long the men were all women and were not able to carry all the heavy equipment. In time the disaster settled out and was over. A major metropolitan area was now all female.

Kurt was one of the first responders. He, like many of the guys, took a selfie and posted it on social media sites. It was kind of cool being a woman at first. After a while it felt normal. Kurt is now Amy. She helped the disaster response team of TG Inc. cover up the whole incident. It was rather easy. The guys really liked being girls and the girlfriends and wives learned to love their spouse the way they were.

Now you know why same sex marriage laws became legal. There were just too many girls to go around.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Sister’s Doppelganger

I’m the badass in the family, not like Little Miss Perfect, aka April. For a sister she can be as annoying as hell at times, but then there are days I could just kiss her if it weren’t for the ick factor. But I have to admit it was April’s idea. It bothers me I didn’t think of it first.

Once I turned 18 I knew April was jealous about all the freedoms I had. She wanted some of my freedoms so she said she would be willing to swap bodies for a weekend. I could be the biggest slut in school for a weekend and she could party until the cows came home in my body. We shook on it; it was a deal.

The swapping chambers at TG Inc. were just the ticket for a quickie body swap. It felt good to be in a girl’s body, ah, that came out wrong; I’ve been in a girl’s body, just not like this. Okay! Stop it. You know what I mean. After I checked all the parts I was interested in April and I went our separate ways for the weekend.

It was the best weekend ever. I had more guys (oh, now doesn’t that sound sick) than any girl in the school’s history. April will be famous once she gets her body back. She did things I don’t even think she knows exists.

The plan was to meet back at TG Inc. to swap back to our own bodies. As I waited I felt regret at going back to my old body. As time passedit became clear April was a no-show. She must be having one hell’uva time. At home mom and dad were up in arms. It seems April took off with my body. Dad said, “It’s about time the kid leaves home, but he could have said goodbye, at least.” They think she is me!

Nobody believed April had my body. TG Inc. has a strict confidentiality policy so they refused to disclose the swap. I had no choice; I was back in school in April’s body. A year later when I graduated again (this time as April), April was in the audience. After the ceremony he came to congratulate me. He kept up the charade. Then he pulled me to the side and whispered in my ear, “How is the school whore doing these days.”

A Gift

Look what Alexis made for me. She is AWESOME! Check out her TG blog here.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hot Girl's Office Job

Good paying jobs are hard to come by. Karl needed one of those “good paying jobs” if he was going to keep his apartment. TG Incorporated was hiring—business is booming for those guys—but they are selective. In other words, only hot girls need apply.

Karl is neither hot nor a girl. Okay, it is only a receptionist job, but hey, when money is tight anything will do. Never mind TG Inc. pays receptionists massive salaries. Desperate, Karl walked into the human resources department and filled out an application. He was invited into a back room to discuss the job. Sarah Lemon interviewed Karl and liked what she heard.

“I think you would be a perfect team member here at TG Inc.,” Sarah started. “You have all the qualifications and the right attitude. We have just one minor problem.” Karl dropped his head. “However, I do have a solution. We have a nanobot hot tub waiting for you in back with a fresh wardrobe of clothing. All yours Karl, or should I say Lacy, as part of a two year work assignment.”

Karl nodded. He needed the job, but did not want to give up his manhood. The job won. The nanobot hot tub was a sensation like no other. Lacy enjoyed the relaxing bubbles. She never felt so beautiful as when she put on the mini skirt and heels. The guys complimented her as she walked home. The next day she started work. Life was looking up for Lacy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Missed Her to Sister

My sister is the best. When I was stood up by my date she made sure I did not stay down for long. We had a favorite game—my favorite game—we played whenever we had the chance. Peggy always knew how I felt and we were close (not that close; get your mind out of the gutter). But that night was the worst. The girl of my dreams stood me up. The hurt went real deep.

So Peggy took me to her room where we played my favorite game: dress up. She even faux turned when I undressed and pulled on the panty she gave me. By the end of the night we were laughing as I turned out to be one awesome girl.

It was at that moment, when I was happiest, that Peggy hugged me and smiled. “I gave you magic panties to wear. “ I looked in the mirror. “So that is why I look so good.” Peggy could make me look like quite the girl, but that night was the best.

I had to capture the moment. I stripped to my sister’s skives and took a selfie. I know what you’re thinking. I was not sad or bored. Well, maybe a little sad; the girl of my dreams ditched me. Rather, I was more content than any other time in my life. Peggy started calling me Rhonda. I liked the name. Want to know something else? Less than six months later the boy of my dreams took me out on the dream date I had planned for the girl of my dreams. It was her loss.