Thursday, December 31, 2015

Warren's Dilemma

Special thanks to Alexis at Captions by Alexis for today's caption. She sent me these a while ago and now seems like the right time to use them.She also sent me an email a few days back on today's book selection. It is a really good read. It's so important a book I am only offering one to choose from for today.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The New Girly Girl

Friday night cards are a tradition in Brenton Grove. Terry Bower and his friends have been playing poker on Friday nights for going on twelve years now. Cigars, foolish talk and strange bets soon followed. Three weeks ago a guy lost his truck at the table and another guy bet his wife and lost. His wife was less than amused when she had to spend a night in bed with a guy she never met before. Okay, she was good about it within two, maybe three minutes tops.

Tonight the card game took a turn like no other. Inspired by the TG Incorporated office recently opened in downtown Brenton Grove the bets progressed to a logical conclusion. First Terry lost a bet and had to sit at the table the rest of the night as a sissy. The jokes grew more crude after that and Terry’s game got worse.

Terry was a good sport about it. The guys stopped the card game on the spot and took Terry to the TG Incorporated office to pay his debt. The guys laughed as Terry’s body was transformed into the woman you see here: Samantha. What the guys didn't know was Terry did not lose. Terry is now the person he always wanted to be and his card playing buddies paid the bill to give it to him.

Friday night cards continue. For the first time ever a woman sits at the table. Every guy keeps betting Samantha a night in the sack and she takes those bets and pays everyone off with a smile.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bashful and Shy

Hunter was bashful and shy when he came home from the wife swap at TG Inc. As his wife Erika he felt so… well, exposed. It was also hard looking at his body walking around the house lusting after him. He felt vulnerable as a girl.

Erika demanded he put on the pretty strawberry panty and bra he liked seeing her wear so much and then took a picture as a keepsake for the family album. Hunter knew what was coming next. He swallowed hard which is probably the wrong word to use in this situation. Erika led her body to the bedroom where Hunter would learn what swallowing hard was all about. Then they worked up to the real McCoy, you know, the big nasty. It felt awesome as her body opened and enveloped Erika.

Erika wasn’t done abusing her body with Hunter in it until after midnight. The next morning Hunter understood what morning sex meant from Erika’s perspective. The rest of the week before the switch-back was long and hard. Hunter learned to walk in heels and a mini skirt. He also learned what it is like when you are a woman. Guys are always gawking and staring while other women are sizing up the competition.

Monday, December 28, 2015

First Home

The house was the best in the area and at a price Owen could afford. It was a “bad” part of town and Owen knew it. The price was too much to pass up, however. If Owen were ever to break away from renting he would need to make sacrifices and this house was the perfect opportunity.

The short days of winter required Owen to walk home from the bus stop after work. Only in his new home for three months, Owen has become comfortable in his environment. The pitch black early evenings of late December make Owen’s neighborhood no place to walk alone. He did anyway. Soon the local gang noticed Owen’s pattern and carelessness. A plan was hatched and Owen was snatched.

In a black market lab Owen was forced into a nanobot bath. Once the process was complete the new Owen, aka Mary, stepped out. The gang made it clear Owen owed dues to remain safe in the neighborhood. The gang had a job opportunity to replace Mary’s old job. With the new job Mary got to sleep in late, but walked the dark streets late every night. It was a relationship that served all parties well.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sissy Assignment 2

Okay, sissies, it’s been over a week since the first sissy assignment. How is it going? Did you buy the panties? Ten of them, one for each day of the week with three to spare while you do laundry? Did you ask the pretty store clerk about the right size for you? Don’t sissy out on me!

Panties are only a first step. It will take a while to turn you into a full-fledged girl, but it will happen. For the second sissy assignment you need to wear pantyhose. For budding sissies, you might not understand how girls dress. You see, girls wear pantyhose over panties sometimes, sometimes not, depending on the pantyhose. If the pantyhose are see through we always wear panties (what kind of girl do you think I am?). If they are opaque we sometimes wear panties under. I personally think panties with pantyhose are the most comfortable way to go.

Once again we need you to buy some pantyhose. I want you to buy them at your local store with help from the prettiest female clerk you can find. If you are still a big chicken you can always sissy out and buy from Amazon. You will need five pairs. Three should be black, one nude and one color.
It is also time to make a commitment to sissyhood. I want you to take all your boy underwear out and put them on the bed. Now cut all of them into small pieces and throw them out. You will never wear boy underwear ever again; you will wear panties the rest of your life.

No short cuts! Leave a comment below telling the world of your commitment. Tell us if you are wearing panties and pantyhose as you write the comment.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Best Girlfriend Ever

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Covered for the Holidays

Getting an auto insurance quote became impossible after a DUI for Anthony. Desperation set in as he needed insurance (the judge required he prove he has insurance or into jail he goes) to drive to his job. Every local insurance agent turned him down. They just didn’t want to take the risk with Anthony on their books.

Once all the local insurance agents denied him he turned to online insurance companies. The quotes were all out of his range until he found a company willing to insure his auto at a price he could afford. A SUBSIDIARY OF TG INCORPORATED. Hmmm. TG Inc . is into everything now, Anthony thought. When he submitted his quote the phone rang. TG Inc.! That was fast.

It wasn’t long before Anthony was Chrystal. It was the holiday season and he wanted to go out and celebrate. Now he could . . .  as a girl. All because TG Inc. gave him a chance. Chrystal felt like such a lucky girl. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sexy Santa Gives a Gift

Harold was grabbed by a woman in a Santa suit. As she ran past Harold she reached out and grabbed the front of his shirt swinging him around. As Harold whipped around to face the female Santa, she thrust the syringe in her hand into Harold’s neck, burying the needle deep and pressing the plunger. In moments Harold started to fall slowly to the ground unconscious.

The sexy Santa helped Harold to his feet. She said, “We needed a model for our show and you have been chosen. I transformed you with a nanobot injection into Willow.” Willow wanted to struggle but instead worked to steady her stance; heels were something she would need to learn to walk in. She stood for a photo and then allowed the sexy female Santa lead her to a training room where she would learn all the skills of a proper woman.

Monday, December 21, 2015

First Christmas

“They’re a little tight, dear,” Roger said to his wife as she fastened the bra.

“Give it a little time, honey,” she said. “This matching panty/bra set is fast acting.”

The tightness around the waist was starting to ease as the bra started to fill and his hair grew longer. No more bald spot for Roger. His wife kept touching him as he changed. When the changes were finished, she said, “I’m jealous.”


“You’re prettier than me.”

“Wha. . .” Roger looked down and examined himself. He had to admit he looked awesome. “That TG Inc. stuff works better than I thought.”

Roxy gave her best pose, showing off her panty/bra set and seductive eyes. It was the best Christmas ever.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Tart

Ron loved the feeling of Christmas. The warmth of the house, the colorful lights and the time he spent with his girlfriend, Rhonda. Rhonda accepted Ron’s secret desire to be a woman. She knew Ron loved her even though he has such thoughts.

His clothes no longer fit. As a petite woman his clothes sagged over his body, or should we say, her body. Rhonda was so excited when she saw the excitement on Ron’s face. She handed the second package to Ron. He opened the package more carefully in case there was another surprise. Instead, Rhonda had a set of clothes for Ron, complete with pantyhose and makeup.

Ron broke down in tears as Rhonda told him her name was Erin now. Erin rubbed between her legs to make sure this was all real. Rhonda promised to stay with Erin. Christmas love was in the air. Rhonda and Erin felt the Christmas spirit more than anyone in town. They make a beautiful couple.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Drop of a Hat

Special thanks to Alexis at Captions by Alexis for today's caption, used by permission.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Always Coming Home

Life is rarely fair. Rory knew this all too well as he watched his wife, Emily, die slowly of cancer. When the final day came he completely broke down. Family helped his with the funeral arrangements. Everything Rory valued in life was buried that day.

When a man is thrown so low he thinks of things he should never think. When the pain was more than he could take, Rory planed his suicide.  Before he could carry out the act, he finds a postcard of his honeymoon with Emily.  After long tears, Rory calls and books a night at the secluded retreat where he spent a week with his wife. He is pleased he can reserve the same room from so many years ago.

Rory settled into the room, unpacked his clothes, and lay on the bed. He took out lingerie he loved seeing his wife wear. He cuddled the purple lace and breathed deep the lingering smell of his departed love. He fell asleep.

When he awoke he felt different. He was wearing his wife’s lingerie. He looked down and saw breasts. He ran to the mirror and looked himself up and down. He looked exactly like Emily! Rory was so happy. He was with Emily again. The innkeeper gave Rory a hug as he left the next day. “Now, young lady, live the life Emily deserved.” “I will,” he said, enjoying the feel of lace against his smooth skin.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sissy Assignment 1

Time to start a new series. Since many of you visiting are budding sissies I’ve decided to start a sissy assignment series. Consider it a sissy challenge for those this close to making the jump. By the time the series is done you will walk into a TG Incorporated office of your own free will to complete the transformation process. (Yes, TG Inc. type companies exist today.)

This series will have an installment about once a week until I transform you into a full-fledged sissy. It is important you follow the directions exactly. Trust me, when I am done with you you will look exactly like a girl, prim and proper. The best way to full sissyhood is to take small steps and make them natural.

Are you ready for your first sissy assignment? Great! Today is the obvious first step. You need panties. You need to wear panties. Here is what you will do. You will buy 10 pairs of panties, one for each day of the week and a few extra for when you do laundry. Buy the panties at a local department store. Ask the prettiest sales girl to help you. Measure yourself so you get comfortable fitting panties. If you are too much of a sissy you can buy the panties from Amazon, but you will miss the thrill of buying panties in public.

You will wear panties 24/7 until the next sissy assignment. Do not take a shortcut. Wear panties to bed, to work, everywhere. Wear a clean new panty every day. Ready? You better be. Soon you will be a girl, like me. I can’t wait for you to join my team, sissy. I think you will find panties more comfortable than anything you ever wore before.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Horny Girlfriend

Girls have an advantage over guys; they can keep up the action all day long, whereas a guy is one and done, if y’all know what I mean. Jake’s girlfriend, Marie, complained the loudest. She was insatiable. Once was never enough. Finally Marie had had enough. She demanded Jake stay focused on her. Jake complained she was just a horny girlfriend.

One Sunday afternoon Jake did his pleasant duty and then settled down to watch the game. Marie was having none of it. She brought her man a cold beer laced with nanobots she bought on the black market. By half-time Jake was as insatiable as Marie.

Marie did not mind snuggling up to a woman and Elise (the old Jake) would do just fine. Elise was happy too. She could, for the first time, keep up with Marie. Fourteen hours later Elise enjoyed the clothes Marie gave her. The high heel boots were the best. Marie took Elise outside for a couple of photos for the family album. No more one and done for Elise.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Turn the Paige

Purchasing TG dust requires a permit and a background check. The government feels TG dust is too dangerous to be unregulated. Floyd’s neighbors are a prime example of why TG dust needs to be restricted.

A windstorm blew part of Floyd’s roof off and into his neighbor’s yard. It took the insurance company a few days to get contractors to remove the debris. The delay caused Floyd’s neighbor to become bitter at Floyd even though there was nothing Floyd could do about it.

His neighbor started to plot revenge. He found TG dust on the black market and pumped it into the ventilation system of Floyd’s home. Unaware of what was to befall him when he got home, Floyd walked right into the trap. After washing up he took a nap before dinner. When he woke up his whole world had changed.

Floyd had the last laugh, however. What his neighbor didn’t know was that Floyd took every opportunity he had to cross-dress. He had plenty of outfits to choose from for his new body. Floyd enjoyed a light dinner and then planned a night out on the town as Paige.

When the pleasant evening was over, Paige checked her ventilation system to see if any TG dust residue remained. Luckily there was. She carefully gathered the remaining TG dust and placed it where the ventilation system of her neighbor’s home would suck it in when it turned on. Looks like the neighbor will have more to be bitter about. He can always borrow a dress from Paige. She has plenty.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sissy Challenge

Randy had a secret so well hidden even his family did not know. Whenever opportunity arose Randy took the chance to cross dress. Nothing big, mind you. He might wear a pair of panties to work or pantyhose under his slacks. A few times he went all out and spent a whole day dressed as a woman in a hotel room.

As luck would have it, Randy ran across a book of sissy assignments. Just reading the progression to full femdom made him rock hard. He allowed time for his manhood to settle down, then bought the book. At home he read the book beginning to end. He started to sweat with excitement; he would do it.

The first week he had to wear panties all day, all the time; even to work. Pantyhose was added the next week. Then the challenge demanded a full body shave. By week four he was in a bra, too. It went too far so fast he was addicted. By week 16 he was impossible to tell apart from a real woman. There was only one magical challenge left; a full transformation. TG Incorporated was willing to help. Magic panties did the trick; Randy is now Roxanne.

And since you are reading this story you must be a sissy, too. Your first assignment is to buy a week supply of panties, put one on and shred all the boy underwear you have. There is no going back. And for week two you will. . . 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nanobot Surprise

“Stop it, Marie,” Brad laughed as the tainted water hit him causing his skin to tingle.

“I’m a lesbian, Brad. I still love you, but you need to change teams.” Marie kept spraying Brad until the bottle was empty.

“It tickles.” Brad went from laughing to giggles. He didn’t notice the changes the water made at first. Then it hit him as he noticed his chest. “Wha…”

Marie answered the question on Brad’s face. “Nanobots.” She held up the water bottle and moved it back and forth with her hand. “Now we can have a life together.”

“But…” Brad was at a loss for words. He swallowed hard and finally whispered, “You could have asked me first.”

“I didn’t want to take a chance, honey. Besides, when I saw what you would look like I got so hot I couldn’t control myself.”

Brad looked his body over and decided it was acceptable. “I’ll need a new name.”

“Already taken care of. You are Sara.”

Brad nodded. “Sara? That’s a nice name. Why Sara?”

“Because a woman named Sara introduced me to love with a woman.”

“So, where do we go now?” Brad was still confused.

Marie took Sara by the hand and led her into the house and into the bedroom.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The One That Got Away

Mike was putting away the last of his paperwork before closing the bank when terrorists stormed the bank. As bank manager it was his responsibility to protect the bank and its employees. They were trained to cooperate with bank robbers and let the police handle the situation: heroes in a bank robbery were usually dead heroes.

The terrorists pulled Mike from the employees when they discovered he was the manager. They demanded he open the safe. He told them the safe was on a timer and couldn’t be opened until the designated time. The terrorists started pushing Mike around when they learned he was the one who tripped the silent alarm.

Police surrounded the building. The terrorists didn’t care; they had a few tricks up their sleeve. When the terrorists stormed the bank they rolled in a large rectangular box. When the police didn’t meet their demands the terrorists said they would make an example Mike.

Mike tried to talk the terrorists out of hurting him. Without a word they pushed Mike into the box. The walls were smooth inside the box. Mike heard an increasing whir as the machine approached whatever it was programmed to do. Mike jumped from the loud crack.

The door opened and Mike stepped out. He looked down and saw his new body wearing a bra and panty only. The terrorists handed Mike a note. “You give this to the police. It will prove who you are, Becky, the bank manager, and that we mean business. Tell them, if our demands are not meet in the next ten minutes another man will be sent out like you.” The police met the terrorist’s demands in less than three minutes.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Crazy Girl Dream

I can’t shake the feeling I am in a dream. It sounds strange, but I wake up and I’m, gulp, a guy. There is no way it can be real. I am not a guy; I am a girl!

I take more sleeping pills so I can sleep again. The lust for sleep is so strong. It feels so weird having guy parts. How can this nightmare end? What can I do to get back to reality?

In the real world my name is Alexandra. I work in a group called Crazy Girls and entertain men for a living. Somehow I’ve been punished and made a man. I can’t live this way; I have to get back. Only when I sleep do I re-enter my real life.

Damn! Sleep eludes me. I wash down the sleeping pills with vodka. Lots of vodka. Two hour later I still can’t sleep. I pour a handful of pills into my palm and toss them in my mouth. More vodka to wash down the bitter pills. I breathe deep and lay back.  My chest begins to pound. Sharp pain rips my chest like a 10 ton weight pressing down. Then I drift. Sleep is coming. Or death. No matter. Sleep or death is all the same. When I leave this god forsaken world I go back to my real life where I am happy, where I make people happy.

As soon as the pain stops I am back in my sunny world with my friends. I am a girl again, wearing a pink mini and black t shirt. I hope I never wake from this world ever again. I don’t mind a guy between my legs, but to be a guy between my legs is gross. I look over at a co-worker and give kissy lips. Life is good.