Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Job Opportunity

Hard times hit town when the largest employer closed its doors. Unemployment went through the roof, creating opportunities for new companies to find a ready and willing work force to do whatever work needed getting done.

The feminizing of Western society left many men underemployed and a shortage of women. Arnold needed a job to keep his pride. No man in his family was ever long-term unemployed. Six months after the plant closed in town Arnold was still looking for work when the modeling agency opened. They offered hundreds of new jobs in a hungry community. Arnold worked out and had good muscle mass. He felt he could be a model until other opportunities arrived.

Arnold made the mistake of not reading the employment documents before signing them. On his first day he was shown a swapping chamber. After a short argument he agreed to the change. He liked what he saw when he stepped out of the chamber. The first order of business was to train Erin, I mean Arnold, how to walk, talk, and dress like a lady. It seems Arnold is a natural.

It has been three years now and Erin has a hard time remembering who Arnold was. She refuses to go back to her old life. It wouldn’t have anything to do with her boyfriend, would it?

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