Saturday, March 14, 2015

Party of the Year

It was the party of the year and everyone in town would be there. Sam, Orson, and Ben would not miss such a grand outing ever. The party had all the markings of an all-nighter.

When the boys arrived they were informed everyone had to pass under the girly light. Of course, it is ever guy’s fantasy to spend the night as a woman. For the night the boys would call themselves, Erin, Jean and Gemini.

And what fun the boys had. They took time out from the festivities for the group photo. As morning approached it was time to return to their old life. The woman at the girly light counter laughed when they asked to be changed back. “There is no going back boys. Besides, as cute as you three are, why would you want to go back?” And so the town was one-hundred percent women until a few outsiders moved in of the male persuasion. Any guy entering the town was in high demand.

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