Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Party Like It's 1999

The government has issued a vortex warning for New Year’s Eve! Earth is passing through a section of space filled with vortexes of all sizes. People are warned to stay home New Year’s Eve or to only visit shielded establishments. The government warns everyone that there is no way science can reverse the effects of a vortex. Over 8,000 people in this country alone have been transformed by a vortex encounter. All safety precautions are advised.

Mark and Rodney heard the warning. “What are the chances a vortex would hit us?” Mark asked Rodney. “I mean, 8000 people out of millions. I say we party and not worry vortexes.” The last part Mark said in his goofy voice. Rodney agreed, “We should have fun and not worry about it.”

So the boys went partying New Year’s Eve. And wouldn’t you know it, a vortex swarm hit the Earth. The number of transformations more than doubled in one night. Most vortexes were small affecting only a few people or only one. Mark and Rodney were standing together discussing which one of them would approach a beautiful woman on the dance floor when the vortex hit them.

The boys never missed a beat. They looked at each other and laughed, turned and pointed at a group of cute guys. They introduced themselves to the cute guys as Ann and Gloria. They had a great time. And the boys got lucky. Their dates took them home.

Happy New Year’s, Everyone!

Be safe!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sisters are Best Freinds

“This isn’t funny, Katelyn,” Todd said. Barry nodded agreement.

Katelyn was sick and tired of having two brothers that irritated her; she wanted a sister, or sisters, to connect with. “Smile for the camera, girls.”

“I wish you’d stop calling us that,” Barry said.

“If you ever want me to turn you back you better give me happy faces. Besides, you should feel lucky. You are wearing my favorite dresses.”

“Whatever, Katelyn,” Todd said. “What I want to know is when you became a witch?” Barry asked.

“Oh, dear brothers, I was always a witch. You just never noticed.”

“How much longer?” Todd asked as he shifted on his feet. “These shoes are killing me.” “You too,” Barry said.

Katelyn smiled knowing her brothers were never going back. She would play them along until the right time, telling them they were girls forever. “Not so fast girls,” Katelyn taunted. “First we need to give you names and then parade you around town. How about Eileen and,” Katelyn acted like she was in deep thought and then pointed at Barry, “Paula.”

“What!” the boys said in unison.

“And I think we should do this for one month.”

The boys were stunned. Katelyn smiled at her two new sisters. She turned and said, “Come along now.”

Monday, December 29, 2014

Military Exercise

The vortex phenomenon was growing. Scientists discovered Earth was passing through a section of space with millions of vortex bubbles. What scientists couldn’t understand was how the vortexes transformed men into women instantly, nor could they figure out how to change them back.

Shielded homes and cars were developed. The military shielded all their equipment. Steve was part of the training exercise the Navy conducted. The ship was shielded, of course. The exercise was to test a new weapon against the vortex bubbles. The hope was the military could defuse them high above the Earth. Steve’s job was to fire the weapon. For safety reasons the Navy conducted the exercise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Right on schedule a swarm of vortexes approached the Earth. Timing was everything. The shield had to come down for a second each time the weapon was fired. The first few shots were off. They could not tell if the vortexes were neutralized. Then they started to come faster. A vortex slipped through the shield and hit Steve!

Steve stopped firing the weapon. It didn’t matter to him anymore; the vortexes didn’t affect females. Steve walked to the deck and found the captain. He was granted leave. His military career was over as far as Steve was concerned. He would sit back and collect combat pay.

The military gave Steve a new identity as Sandra. He kept the uniform as a keepsake. Steve has lots of free time now to party with the boys when they sail into port. Too bad the weapon had no affect on the vortexes.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Good Wife

It all seemed like a dream to Walt. Three years ago his wife, Sammy, came to him with a confession. Walt couldn’t believe what he was hearing. And what Sammy was proposing was unthinkable! You see, Sammy confessed to her husband of seven years, she preferred girls over guys. Walt never said a word he was so shocked. Sammy continued, “But I have a solution to the problem. I love you and always will. But the only way for us to be together is for you to become a woman.”

Walt remembers laughing when Sammy stopped talking. It had to be a joke. Sammy never smiled. Walt stopped laughing and remembers saying the stupidest thing, “How did this happen?” Sammy hugged Walt. “I don’t know. It just happened. One day I felt so empty and knew only a woman could fill the emptiness.”

Walt loved Sammy more than life so he accepted his only chance to spend the rest of his life with his wife. He went to the clinic and over three months of hormones and nanobot treatments became a woman. Sammy was so happy with her husband and his new name, Lucy. Walt got used to his new look faster than he imagined.

But life is cruel. Walt started to have different feelings as he turned more feminine mentally. One day he flirted with a guy and Sammy hit the roof. How dare you betray our marriage, Sammy shouted. Walt insisted he did nothing wrong. It only made Sammy madder.

Two months later and Sammy fell in love with another woman and demanded a divorce. Lucy totally dominated Walt’s persona by this time. The guy Lucy flirted with kept in touch. With Sammy gone, Walt didn’t want to be alone so he called the only guy he trusted. She is so nervous waiting for him. Her life is so different now. She feels so much like a woman she can’t remember what it was like before. To Lucy, her earlier life as Walt was all a dream. Now, Lucy is a woman looking to settle down with a good man.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Try This On For Size

What are sisters for? For Rick it was an endless supply of opportunities to slip into something sexy. Whereas some guys might want to wear panties or a bra, some want to wear sexy lingerie. But not Rick. He wanted the full makeover: hair, makeup, and a dress. Before long Rick became really good at making himself look like a girl. If you didn’t know it was Rick you would absolutely believe it was a girl in the skin tight dress.

Wendy knew her brother was wearing her clothes when she was out. At first Wendy was amused, but then it started to irritate her. She didn’t like Rick wearing her clothes and using her makeup. It was her stuff. If she was going to share, it would be with a girlfriend, not her brother.

One day Rick dressed up in his favorite outfit from Wendy’s closet. Unbeknownst to Rick, Wendy hired a witch to teach her brother a lesson. The witch cast a spell. Rick had no idea anything happened at all. Then, as the time got closer for Wendy to come home, Rick went to put Wendy’s clothes back. As he pulled down his panties he got the shock of his life. He was a girl! For real!

Wendy walked into the room with a huge grin. “How ya do’in, Rhonda?” Rick jumped up and smoothed his dress down. “Didn’t think I knew what you did when I was gone, did’ja?” Rick couldn’t even shake his head. He just stared, jaw hanging. “You look so cute as Rhonda, my kid sister. We’ll have so much fun together. I’ll even let you borrow my clothes anytime.” Wendy put her arm around the newly minted Rhonda.

“Oh, and one more thing, brother. We are double-dating this Friday. Don’t worry. He’s a cute guy.”

Friday, December 26, 2014

Thank You, Honey

It was the day after Christmas. The gifts were all given and family time ended. Finally, after the stress and rush of the holiday, it was time to sit back and relax. Martin looked over the gifts his family gave him.  Most surprising was a gift card received from his ex-wife. He held the edges of the card with his thumb and index finger turning it slowly to read the inscription in the glare.


Martin knew what it meant; what his ex-wife was insinuating.  Becky left him because she discovered she preferred women over men. How could Martin compete with that? And now this gift card. Martin loved Becky so much he was willing to give it a try. He called the number on the card to be put on a waiting list for someone to switch with. To his surprise Becky already had someone on the list for him. He set an appointment for that afternoon.

The woman he was switching with is beautiful. The procedure was fast and painless. He stepped into a booth and a few minutes later stepped out in his new body. After the obligatory review of his new body and parts he headed for home, grabbed another gift card for the mall, and bought the outfit you see here on the after Christmas clearance rack.

Martin knocked softly on Becky’s apartment door. His nerves were in tatters. What if he read Becky’s intentions wrong? The door opened. Tears formed in the corners of Becky’s eyes. She hugged Martin. “You came back, Tammy.” Martin sniffled too. It felt good to know Becky still wanted him; it was good to know what his name is now that he is a woman.

Becky invited Tammy in. They talked for hours. They spent the night together. It was better than ever. Martin sold his home and moved in with Becky. Becky and Tammy lived a long, happy life together. And Martin? Tammy forgot who Martin ever was in no time at all.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Magical Gift

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. It is more than just the holiday. Numerous gods and religions have claimed December 25th for their special holiday celebrations for a reason. Special things happen on December 25th. We give gifts because it feels right at this time of the year. But some gifts are received unexpectedly… as Terrance Martin discovered this year.

Terrance and his wife Monica were so excited to share their 10th Christmas together. They have a precious gift in their relationship. But because they are so close they will receive a gift today well beyond any gift they’ve received before.

After family celebrations, Terrance and Monica sat together to share personal gifts. Monica went first. She opened her neatly wrapped package. She carefully removed the bow and pealed the tape. She opened the box to find a skimpy red Christmas outfit. Monica looked at Terrance with a crooked grin. She told her husband he will really love his gift now.

The package was small, barely big enough to hold a ring or other jewelry. Terrance used his thumb to pop the tape holding the wrapping paper. A thin blue box covered in sparkles. He used his thumbnail to separate the cover from the bottom. He knew what it was the moment he saw it. The Jewel of Odan! “Where ever did you find it?” Terrance said in an airy voice. “Does it matter,” Monica smiled. Terrance shook his head.

Terrance held the Jewel of Odan on his left hand; Monica put her hand over Terrance’s. Terrance and Monica saw stars and then looked at each other. They switched bodies. Terrance looked at the gift he gave his wife and held the outfit in his hands. Now he had the crooked grin. He walked into the bedroom and closed the door. Moments later he stepped out in the red holiday lingerie. I’d tell you about the rest of the night, but we all know it was another long, enjoyable gift.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Visit From St. Nicholas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
dad was in panties, he stole from his spouse.
Silk stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
little Timmy tried them on and looked so pretty and fair.

When the children were nestled all snug in their beds,
dad was back in the lingerie, especially the reds.
And mom in her nighty, girly light at the ready,
made dad so excited, wearing a lace teddy.

When out in the hall there came such a clatter,
mom and dad ran out to see what was the matter.
It was only Johnny in fishnet tights and high heels,
claiming he only wants to know how it feels.

Dad grabbed the negligee as it tickled his nose,
then he slipped on a fresh pair of pink pantyhose.
And the neighborhood heard dad shout as he ran into the night,

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night”

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sister's Revenge

“I warned you, Ben,” Scott’s sister yelled. “You knew the consequences of wearing my clothes again. You didn’t think I’d catch you, did you? Well, I didn’t have to. I reprogrammed your body suit to make the changes permanent.”

“Tonya, please,” Ben whispered. “It’s my fantasy; I don’t want it to be permanent.”

“You should have thought of that once I warned you about wearing my panties. Now you can buy your own.”

After a moment of silence that felt like forever to Ben, he said, “It isn’t really permanent, is it?” His voice was so quiet Tonya had to lean in to hear him.

“Fraid so, brother. You are a girl top to bottom forever. We need to get you a whole new wardrobe,” Tonya laughed. “Besides, you look great.”

“But people will talk,” Ben pleaded.

“Nah! You’ll just be the new girl in town. So, what should we call you,” Tonya placed her hand on her chin and looked up towards the right. “I got it! You look like a Marie.”

Ben thought for a moment and nodded. He liked the name.

Tonya extended her hand to Marie and said,” Now, come out of that corner. I’ll borrow you a dress so we can go shopping. You’re going to love shopping for dresses and lingerie.”

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Sister's Gift

Bert’s sister always had fun when she went out.  People wanted to be by her, talk to her, put an arm around her. Bert was jealous of Sophie. The only good thing for Bert was he and Sophie are close so he can share his feelings.

Sophie sympathized. Bert wanted to be a girl so bad it hurt and Sophie had a few ideas to make his dream come true. Bert hated the idea of hormones messing with his system or the risks of surgery. The swapping chamber appealed to Bert, but you need someone to swap with. Sophie had the answer. Sophie’s good friend Tracy wanted to be a guy as bad as Bert wanted to be a girl. It was the perfect solution to everyone’s problems.

The swap went perfect. Now Bert parties with his sister all the time. Look how happy Bert is. He loves his black hair and skin tight dress. Bert and Sophie are closer than ever. A best friend is more like it. Tracy loves Bert’s body, too. Word on the street has it they are starting to date. Looks like a match made in heaven. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Family Affairs

Charles enjoyed wearing women’s clothes from an early age. After he got married he had to find time when no one would be around so he could try out a dress or three from his wife’s wardrobe.  Of course, his wife knew what Charles was doing. She didn’t want to embarrass him so she made sure she never walked in on Charles when he was parading around the house in stilettos and a mini skirt.

One day Charles noticed an ad for a TG dating site on the kitchen table. He loved the idea but wanted to be faithful to his wife. Later that day Charles’s wife pointed out the ad on the table and started talking with her husband about his secret. The conversation went wonderful.

After some research, it seems the TG dating site also allowed married couples. The site has a program where husbands can date their wife as a woman. Charles was so excited he couldn’t contain himself.

The program had several levels. On the first level Charles had a complete makeover. Unless you stripped him down to nothing he looked like a woman. Charles loved his new look and took his wife out on the town. The next level allowed for a complete physical transformation. Charles opted for the one week package. Charles was transformed into a woman with the help of some hormones and nanobots. Charles and his wife had the best week ever, even in bed.

After the week was up Charles’s wife confesses her own secret: she likes women. Charles’s eyes widened with excitement. “Let’s make the change permanent,” his wife said. All Charles could do was nod. “Now we need a name for you,” his wife said. “I like Lindsay.” Lindsay hugged his wife.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Girl for a Weekend

Sam felt like partying. His luck had finally changed when he met the witch that offered him three wishes. At first he thought it was a joke so he wished for money. Lots of money. The witch handed him a dollar to buy a lottery ticket. Sam won. The joke turned serious as a heart attack in an instant.

Now that Sam knew he had a real two wishes remaining he wanted to focus on what he wanted most. He always wanted to know what it was like to be a girl for a day, maybe a weekend. With a mischievous grin he looked up, returning from his thoughts, and said to the witch, “I want to be a girl, a happy girl.” And so it was. Sam turned into Helen in an instant and started dancing in the street.

Sam had the best weekend of his life as Helen. Now it was time to go back to his old life. The witch just smiled when Sam asked for his last wish to be returned to his own body. “Oh, honey,” the witch said. “You already used your three wishes.” “No, I didn’t,” Sam shot back. “Oh yes, you did,” the witch smiled. “You asked for money, then to be a girl, and last to be a happy girl.” Sam remembered stuttering out the words, but… The witch cupped Sam’s chin in her hand. “You better get used to living as Helen.” 

Friday, December 19, 2014

How Does It Feel, Brother

“It looks good on you, bother.”

Richard almost died when he heard his sister’s voice behind him. He slowly turns his head to see what she is doing behind him. She has an evil grin. “I, ah,” Richard started to explain. “I just wanted to know what it feels like to wear a dress, Jacqueline,” Richard said once he found his voice.

Jacqueline walked around her brother dressed is drag, examining how well he looked in her favorite dress. “You fill it out nice, Richard.”

“Well, ah… thank you.”

“Oh, don’t thank me too much, Richard. I know you’ve been trying on my clothes for some time now. And yes, I noticed panties missing. You wearing them to school?” Richard met Jacqueline’s eyes and nodded. “It’s okay. I think it’s kinky; I like kinky.”

“You won’t tell mom and dad, will you?”

“Your secret is mine, bro. But you have a small problem.”

Richard looked back over his shoulder again to see what Jacqueline was getting at. “Wha… what problem?”

“After a few months of you wearing my clothes I decided to invest in a nanobot spray. I sprayed all my clothes this morning before I left.” Jacqueline smiled showing her perfectly white teeth.

“I don’t get it,” Richard mumbled.

“You will shortly. You see, the nanobots on my clothes are programmed to turn anyone wearing my clothes into a woman. Go ahead. Give yourself a feel. The nanobots finished their work while we were talking.”

Richard examined himself and it was true. He was a woman! Then Richard looked Jacqueline in the eyes and smiled. “I’m keeping the dress and taking your name, too.” The new Jacqueline walked from the room a confident woman.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Great Escape

First the stock market, then the economy, followed by his business failure pushed Alexander over the edge. He couldn’t take anymore. Everything he valued fell apart or was destroyed. He was sick of it. No more Mister Nice Guy. He needed a way to start over with a clean slate, disappear from his creditors, start a new life. But how?

A friend in military research was looking for a volunteer in a new program. The experiment of switching a person’s appearance had numerous military applications. The ultimate adjustment in appearance is to switch genders. Highly trained men could seduce the enemy out of their secrets as long as they switched into a female body.

The process was perfected recently making minor physical changes. Now, a volunteer would be needed for a full transformation. Any issues could be worked out as the experiment was carried out. Alexander knew it was the perfect way to escape his miserable life.

The military made the changes and gave Alexis, Alexander’s new name, a new identity. Alexis would enjoy her new body for a few weeks as the researchers carried out their studies. She could explore the city in her free time without worry about creditors hounding him. As the study approached its end, Alexis really started to enjoy her new life.

The day before the transformation back to Alexander, Alexis hatched a plan. All the old problems were overwhelming, but Alexis is a beautiful woman everyone wants to know. Alexis disappeared into the city. The military never got their chance to finish the research. Alexis didn’t care. She found a sugar daddy and started living the life she deserved.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Best Rewards Program Ever

“The Woman of Your Dreams” the promotion said. Aaron had to read the credit card application twice to drink it all in. On top of super cash back rewards from this credit card, you received a bonus lottery entry if your spending reached $5,000 in the next six months. The winner of the lottery would be switched into the body of their dreams. Some wanted to be taller or more muscular, but Aaron knew what he wanted, what most men working for a lottery entry wanted, to be a beautiful woman.

To earn his bonus, Aaron asked his employer if he could pay some corporate bills and get reimbursed. His employer obliged. Before long Aaron had his lottery entry. All he could do now was wait for the magical day of the drawing. Excitement made time fly. Before Aaron knew it the day arrived. At the designated time of the drawing he logged into the credit card web site. He kept refreshing the page anxiously. Then, when he hit the refresh button the page loaded slower. He knew this was it. When the page started loading he could hardly believe his eyes when he saw his name.

Aaron wasted no time running to the rewards headquarters. He brought a picture of the woman of his dreams along with him. He handed the picture to the lab workers and chose the name Kendra. Aaron stepped into the switching chamber and later stepped out as the woman you see here. Kendra loved her new body. In the excitement she took a job at the bank that offered the bonus reward, working in their rewards program department. Kendra was the perfect sales woman the bank needed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Rewards of Life

Credit card rewards programs evolved with technology. As people demanded more and better rewards, money wasn’t enough to seduce people to apply. Banks, always leaders when it comes to making money, tailored bonus rewards towards peoples’ greatest desires. Cash or supporting a favorite charity wasn’t enough to have an edge over the competition.

Janice is a master at playing the credit card bonus reward programs. Two years ago she retired on the bonus rewards after acquiring a new body, the one you see here. People called Janice Odd John before she earned the gender change of her dreams. Now her nickname is Lucky. Janice certainly feels lucky.

Now Odd John can work on what matters most to her. She works for non-profits with her free time. This opens opportunities not available elsewhere. The charities she supports are generally small. Whenever they have expenses she uses her credit card to pay for them and gets reimbursed by the non-profit. She earns huge rewards from the credit card companies and several generous bonuses per year. If you are like me you want to be Janice, I mean, like Janice. And you can. Credit card rewards and sign up bonuses are a great way to make dreams come true. You can buy a lot of dresses, panties, and lingerie with those rewards.

Monday, December 15, 2014

One Stone, Two Birds

Congress passed a law requiring the IRS to collect more money. Too many people were cheating on their taxes and measures needed to be taken to collect money owed the government. The government also needed more money to fund public services.

Enter Orson, a mild-mannered businessman that fell behind on his taxes. Before he knew it the amount owed the government grew to an enormous amount. There was no way Orson could even begin to pay down the balance. The IRS gave Orson an ultimatum, either: pay the tax due, go to jail, or accept a public service job. As you can see Orson accepted a job as a public servant.

Now Orson enjoys his days fighting crime as Alexis. He sold his business to pay down some of this tax debt and a portion of his paycheck goes towards taxes too. Orson didn’t mind the requirement the IRS placed on him. He always enjoyed the feminine touch. When the debt is fully paid he can get his old body back or keep the one he has. You already know which body Orson plans to keep, don’t you? And the government killed two birds with one stone.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Good Credit

Credit card rewards programs have come a long way. Greg loved shopping for the best credit cards. He would sign up for a new card, meet the minimum requirements to get the bonus, cancel the card, and then start all over again. One day Greg found a credit card reward bonus he couldn’t refuse. Normally he wanted cash rewards, but this card offered something better: a new body.

Greg signed up immediately and mapped out his spending to reach the required spending to get the bonus. He figured it would take no more than six months if he planned every detail correctly. It took Greg less than six months. He was so excited about the bonus he reached it in 3 ½ months.

Greg cashed in his rewards points for his dream body. The switching took place at a local branch of the bank. It felt so good leaving the house as Greg and returning home as Stacy. He felt so pretty, so alive. He used the remaining rewards points to furnish his closet with dresses, lingerie, bras, panties, and other girly things. He is so proud he had good credit.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Easy Way to Pay a Debt

The cruelest joke was played on Betsy. After shopping for panties, she walked towards home when everything she thought she knew was turned upside-down. How, you ask? Well, you see, Betsy remembered things from a former life she never knew she had when she heard the code word.

It all started three years ago when Betsy was a young man, Fred, and ran a successful retail store. Filled with confidence, Fred expanded his operations with financing from the only source available to him, organized crime. The interest rate was at market rates and the other terms of the loan acceptable. Organized crime offered competitive loans, unknown to many people. The only issues arise when the borrower fails to pay. Where a bank has rules it must follow when collecting on a delinquent loan, organized crime has more, ah, incentives to make the loan current.

Soon afterwards a major employer in the area closed down killing Fred’s retail store. Soon he ran short of funds. The crime boss used several methods to collect on the loan, but Fred had no money to pay the loan regardless the tactics used.

Out of ideas, the crime boss knew he would have to think outside the box to get paid. He had Fred brought in for hormone treatment. Fred was informed he would be transformed into Betsy and forced to work as a call girl to pay his debt. As Betsy, Fred was a terrible call girl so they put Fred through intensive hypnosis therapy. Before long Fred couldn’t remember anything of his former life. He was a happy call girl raking in big bucks for her boss.

As part of the therapy a key word was inserted into the hypnosis. When the loan was paid in full and Betsy heard the word “sexy” she would remember her old life. Earlier that morning Betsy was given the good news she could change careers if she wanted due to an old debt satisfied in full. On the way home from shopping for women’s clothing a man looked at Betsy and said, “Hey, sexy!” Betsy stopped in her tracks, all the memories of his old life mingling with her call girl actions of the last three years. The look on her face: priceless.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shopping for Dresses

Billy and Johnny were problem children. Nothing serious or illegal, just disrespectful and irritating. Mom and dad couldn’t take it anymore so they tapped their retirement funds to pay for a nanobot treatment for the boys. The goal was to change them into respectful young ladies that listened to their parents.

The boys had no idea what was about to hit them. They walked into the treatment center planning foolhardy deeds for the afternoon. Their plans were foiled. The boys walked out as Bethany and Moira. There were no screams and angry tantrums. The boys looked at each other and smiled. Mom and dad miscalculated. Young ladies can get into as much (or more) mischief than boys.

There was a notable difference for Bethany and Moira. They loved shopping as all girls do. They spent hours at the mall each day. Bethany and Moira loved shopping for sexy dresses, lingerie, and stilettos. They couldn’t get enough. The transformation was the best thing that ever happened to the boys. They are so excited trying out new fashions. Who knew life could be so good?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Proud Woman

Nobody knew the real identity of Tracy when she walked towards the dinner party at the far side of the pool. It felt so good walking into a crowd of people she knew in a tight dress. Her old life as Larry was gone forever.

In high society people are always friendly at parties. Everyone assumes someone else invited people they are not familiar with. Tracy played the game well. She led people she talked with into believing she was invited when it was really her parent’s home. Even Tracy’s parents were unaware of who she was. They thought it was the people who moved in down the street last month.

Tracy started dropping hints as late afternoon bled into evening. Every guest knew Larry and his desire for a sex change, but in a social setting crowd mentality took over. Nobody had a clue who he was. Tracy enjoyed the game. Finally, late into the evening, she stepped on a chair and got everyone’s attention. The crowd was silent when he said he was Larry and went to the swapping factory. Once the initial silence was broken Tracy was congratulated by all. Even her mother gave her a hug. Dad settled for a handshake, son or daughter.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Good Child

Joey loved his mom dearly. He couldn’t stand watching her suffer when dad died in an auto accident. Mom withdrew from life, dejected in everything she loved. Mom was faithful to dad and she felt a lifetime together should have been a lot longer. She even wanted a daughter, but Joey is her only child and a boy. There would never be another man for mom.

The life insurance and auto insurance settlement were a lot of money. Joey started living with mom again to make she took care of herself. One day mom said to Joey, “You know you are all I have left now. You also know I wanted a daughter so bad. I love you, Joey. I always have and always will even if you are a boy.” Joey gave his mom a hug. Mom continued, “But I have enough money to give you hormone treatments and make you a girl.” Mom stopped and searched Joey’s eyes for any hint of acceptance.

Joey had already thought about the possibility. He didn’t want to spend mom’s money or even encourage her to spend the money on him. Joey nodded. Now mom hugged Joey.

The transformation went well. The nanobots increased and enhanced the process. In three months Joey was completely woman. Joey changed his name to Liz and became best friends with his mom. They attended parties together and made a point to shop for sexy dresses every week. Joey loved the changes in his life, the dressing up, the looking pretty.

Liz and mom went to bars scouting for a boyfriend for mom. She deserves happiness again. And wouldn’t you know it, when mom found a great guy, he had a buddy. Now Liz and mom double date. Looks like the boyfriends are moving in soon. Joey is so happy for mom and is so happy to have a guy that wants to marry him.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bad Beat

Organized crime has a good eye for opportunity. The 3D printer revolution had opportunity written all over it. Cheap knock-off products were only the beginning. The real money lay in the larger 3D printers that could modify the human body into any form desired. Desired?

Joe loved to gamble. More to the point, he loved playing blackjack. Joe was also pretty darn good at it. He counted cards without effort and cleaned up at casinos everywhere he traveled. Many casinos banned Joe from playing in their establishment. With fewer casinos available, he had to play for longer periods risking exposure and banishment from even more casinos. But Joe is a smart cookie. He varied his play and made off with loads of cash before a casino even knew what hit them.

Then Joe walked into a casino owned by organized crime. They knew who Joe was before he sat his tail down at the table. Joe was front and center on every monitor in the security room. The casino changed the dealer to a trusted insider able to manipulate the cars without notice. The fix was in.

Things started out great for Joe. The cards played out as expected and Joe started adding to his stack. Then the dealer went to work doing what she did best. Joe lost a few hands he should have won, but sometimes the cards fall that way. It’s called variance. Just because the odds are in your favor you can still lose. The tough part about card counting is that the cards can get ugly for a long time. Variance is an ugly lady Joe understood all too well. But Joe also understood the odds always revert to the mean. He would have a bad night or two, but eventually he would fill his pockets.

A few bad beats turned into a blood-letting. Joe asked for a marker and received it. The debts kept mounting and like an addicted gambler who knew his luck would turn at any moment, couldn’t stop. When the night was over Joe was in so far he couldn’t cover his marker. Joe was taken to a back room and explained the situation. They had him so scared he would do anything. Then they introduced Joe to their 3D printer. With nowhere to go, Joe stepped into the machine. After a few hours of training, Joe got to work in his new job as Lacy. He should have his debt paid in six or seven years. He will meet the nicest men.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fantasy Vacation

Vacation is about trying new things. Ever since 3D printers could modify a human body into any form wanted Mort has fantasized about being a woman. His wife was intrigued by the idea of seeing her husband in a dress and high heels. 

Vacation plans were made and money saved. Mort set an appointment with the 3D printing store. His wife came along to watch her husband transform before her eyes. The procedure went perfect and the results were, shall we say, stunning. Mort took the name Tori.

Mort and his wife had the best vacation ever. Here we see Mort posing while on vacation. Very pretty. His wife is even jealous. But not too jealous. When they returned from their dream vacation, Mort’s wife discovered she preferred Mort as a woman. Mort had to confess he liked being a girl more than his old body. Mort and his wife smiled as they tore the return card in half. There was no going back to the 3D printer store; the changes were permanent. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Ride Around Town

3D printers created recreational body swapping. The reasons for using a 3D printer on the human body are myriad. Health reasons topped the list in early use; replacements body parts (heart, kidney) were early uses of 3D printers. Before long corporations built large 3D printers for the whole human body. Creating a whole new human from scratch made no sense, but many people were excited to make major changes to their own body as witnessed by the plastic surgery industry of the past. And 3D printers used the material at hand to build a better you.

Pleasure changes became all the rage. Short people could live life taller until they wanted their old body back; everyone wanted a more toned, muscular body and the 3D printer was just the answer. People gave up their vacation for a 3D body swap.

Here we see Bernard riding around town with wind blowing up his skirt. He tells people he is Cindy and nobody knows the difference. They think Cindy is a tourist passing through and they are right. But with such a revolutionary technology as 3D printers there are unforeseen consequences. Organized crime found 3D printers a powerful tool to commit terrible crimes against humanity. Even wars are fought differently. In the days ahead we will explore the devastating, less exciting changes 3D printers have brought our society. And as for Cindy, she couldn’t be happier. She kept the new body.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Beauty Sleep

Once 3 D printers could restructure the human body the technology really took off. Everybody had to have one. Of course only a few could afford one so businesses stepped in with the heavy investment and made cosmetic surgery affordable for most. But every technology has unintended consequences.

Wilfred discovered one of these flaws too late. Using a modest inheritance, he went to TG ‘r Us for a change into the girl of his dreams. He signed all the waivers and chose the Belinda model. The procedure was simple. After payment is made you visit the store for a night, lay on the 3D printer platform and enjoy a refreshing night of sleep. When you wake in the morning you are a new person.

It worked perfectly for Wilfred; he loved his Belinda body. The store technician said to Wilfred as he left, “Remember, you can come back at any time and get your old body back. We store your old body’s template in our system with complete backup so you have no worries about losing your old body forever and ending up stuck in the body you now have.”

Wilfred made the most of his life as Belinda. He got hired as a model and started building the life of his dreams. But things went backwards fast. The Belinda model template is a real person that makes a living selling her template and she doesn’t want people using her design/body in any way that would hurt sales of her image. “It’s in the contract,” Wilfred was told.

Out of options and running short on cash, the novelty of living as a woman wore off for Wilfred. He went back to TG ‘r Us to get his own body back and return to his old life. Unfortunately, when Wilfred asked for his body back there was a problem. It seems the storage and backup system were hacked and corrupted. Wilfred’s original body was destroyed; he would have to live as Belinda forever. Fortunately, the legal settlement was enough to buy out the Belinda model for his own use in any way he wanted. So he went back into modeling and enjoyed a long successful career.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Replacement Parts

3D printing technology changed the world in ways never imagined. As the printers advanced, simple plastic parts were produced, then replacement parts for industrial products, and eventually body parts. People no longer died waiting for a kidney or even a heart. Rejection disappeared as parts were made specifically for each individual, right down to the DNA.

It was only a matter of time before 3D printers could modify and reassemble tissue. Before long a new, unintended use, emerged. People began stepping into the printers and coming out a totally new person. A new industry was born when people downloaded their template for others to use. College girls were in high demand and the royalties sent a lot of young women to college for free.

Men always wanted to experience the other side. Mason decided the thrill of changing into a woman was more important than a college degree. Real girls went to college while boys spent their money to be girls became a common refrain. But who can blame Mason for trying on the new Zoe body considering what he now looks like. He’ll make up his cost in a night or two in free drinks at the bar and selling a few personal services. As soon as he puts enough money together he’ll change back to his old self. Shouldn’t take longer than two or three years.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What Frankie Does For the Job

Request by: Anon

Bugsy Malone was the untouchable mob boss until Gracie, his mistress, contacted Frankie to build a case against the crime family.  Gracie provided valuable information to bring charges against Bugsy and his gang, but Frankie needed hard evidence.

Frankie proposed a swap with Gracie for a few days while he went undercover to get the proof he needed to bring this case to a head. Gracie agreed. Frankie took full advantage of Gracie’s body. He checked out his new body in the mirror, drinking in the milky white skin and every curve on his chest and ass.

It took two weeks for Frankie to get what he needed. When it was time to turn back, Gracie smiled at him and said, “I’m keeping your body. You can have mine.”

“I don’t think so honey,” Frankie said grabbing Gracie’s arm forgetting he had the female body now and she has his well-toned male body. He released the grip when he saw the look on Gracie’s face.

Gracie leaned in close. “I’ll tell Bugsy what you did. You and your family’ll be dead before this gets to trial.” “You bitch,” was all Frankie could think to say. “We go our own ways and I’ll keep quiet,” Gracie said. “You need to get back to Bugsy, honey,” Gracie continued. “He doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Best Bachelor Party Ever

Request by: Anon

It was the best bachelor party ever until the event. Millard loved the beer and the stripper. She was the hottest thing going, well, er, other than his fiancée. The guys went all-out. The night started with great finger food, terrible dirty jokes and lotsa beers. After a beer or eight, things got crazy. A massive cake was rolled in. Our lovely stripper popped out the top, set up her stage (a pole) and started dancing for the boys. A thunderstorm in the background added to the atmosphere.

A lap dance was reserved for Millard. The gyrating round stripper’s buttocks over Millard’s manhood was more than he could take. A crack of thunder made Millard jump causing his stiff groin to hit the stripper’s ass hard. Millard’s face reddened. The storm came closer and thunder cracked louder. The stripper kept grinding the lap dance.

Another crack of thunder sounded like lightning hit the building. Millard jumped so hard he nearly stood. His stiff manhood ejaculated as he jumped and put his arms around the stripper’s waist to steady himself and protect the stripper from falling. That is when he noticed hands were around his waist. He turned his head to see his face; he looked down to see the stripper’s body. Millard’s body leaned forward and said, “I’m going to love your wife real good for you.” “Wha…” was all Millard could say. “Your name is Tracy,” Millard’s body said. “The best part: You can’t tell anyone. The witch said the switch would allow us to know each other’s life so we would fit in perfectly and we could only talk about the change to each other. Our voices die if we try to tell anyone the real story.”

Millard couldn’t believe how well be performed as a stripper the rest of the night. He even had to live through watching his body do him in front of all his buddies. The worst part was watching his wife have a great life with the stripper in his male body while he struggled collecting dollar bills and turning tricks as he stripped every night of the week. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Clement Gets His Man

Request by:  DAGS

Clement and Vicky are brother and sister. After dad passed they grew close, relying on each other to keep the family together; mom was lost without dad and unable to keep the house in financial order. Clement likes this guy, Phil, in school but Phil isn’t gay. Yet, Clement wants to have a relationship with Phil so bad it hurts.

Clement confesses to Vicky his feelings. “I really want to go to the upcoming dance with Phil.” Vicky gives her older brother a hug and smiles. “I might know a way to get Phil to go with you.” Clement’s eyes shot wide open. He was so excited. He couldn’t wait to hear what Vicky had in mind. “Wait right here,” Vicky said as she left the room. A few moments later she returned with two tickets. “Bobby’s mom works at the swapping company. “No effing way!” Clement shouted.

Clement got his coat and ran to the car with Vicky. The change was made. Phil agreed to go to the dance with Clement; he thought he was Vicky (he’ll tell him later, after a night in bed). They had a great time. When Clement confessed to Phil what he did, Phil thought about it for a while and decided it was okay since it was really Vicky’s body. Everyone was happy. Even Vicky. She wanted to be a guy. The body switch was made permanent. Everyone was a winner.