Monday, March 2, 2015

Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind

 UFO reports in England brought large numbers of people hoping to see aliens. From all over the world they came to view the dancing lights in the night sky. Some came with only the shirt on their back, others with high-tech recording and viewing equipment. Every night the lights raced around the deep-dark sky in impossible maneuvers for anything man made.

Roger and Curt were known as the storm chasers of alien sightings. The England lights were by far the best opportunity in years for viewing strange happenings and that the lights were visible at Stonehenge only added to the mystery.

Several days of night viewing soon took the edge off the excitement. An afternoon dinner party allowed all the light chasers to share stories and camaraderie. As the party moved along a strange sound came from every direction. It sounded like the lid of a jar being unscrewed at a very high volume. The crowd cheered when the lights appeared for the first time in daylight.

Small dots of light grew in size until details of the spacecraft were visible. Several lights speckled the distance as one light moved closer until it hovered over the crowd. A bright pale blue light shot out in a cone shape from the bottom of the spaceship. Instantly, every male transformed into a woman. “They have the girly light,” Roger muttered under his breath as he digested his new feminine form.

The light stopped and the ship disappeared. The lights were never seen again in those parts. Roger and Curt digested their new life without any problems. They still chased aliens. Roger and Curt took new names: Zoe and Rose. The girl alien chasers were as much the excitement as the lights in the sky from that point on.

[Note: There really is a close encounter of the seventh kind. Look it up.]

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