Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mystery Solved

Spring break, the time when a young man’s fancy turns to things more… exotic. Most kids head to the beach or take a mini vacation. For the wealthy and trust babies there is only one place that will do: Mystery Island. Of course, it isn’t much of a mystery anymore.  It is common knowledge what happens on this island dead center of the Bermuda Triangle.

Once outside the shielded airport, Mystery Island transforms everyone into a female. The transformation is temporary for about 75%. It is always an exciting moment as the girls leave the Island to see who transforms back.

Boys love the temporary changes. They can explore life as a female for a week before returning to class. There is one problem. The experience isn’t complete. With no boys around to ogle them, the temporary girls don’t get the opportunity to enjoy the full experience. But 1 in 4 will discover the rest of the experience later.

The odds were one of Scott’s group of friends would stay a girl. Barry, Mark and Sam were good friends with Scott. The idea of Mystery Island was too much to resist. Scott, as Lacy, is on the left in this picture followed by Amanda (Barry), Brandy (Mark), and Lisa (Sam). They had great fun during their week of spring break. Now it was time to go home. Scott was nervous to see if any of them will remain a girl.

The transformation back is fast as soon as you entered the shielded airport. The boys stopped for one last moment as girls, or maybe a lifetime as a girl. The automatic doors to the airport slip open. The boys walked through. They looked back and forth at each other and finally all stared at Scott. Lacy was the 1 in 4. She swallowed hard. Life would be different now, but at least they had a hell of a spring break together.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Birthday Girl

What do you get a man who has everything? How do you make it a surprise? Edgar’s family loved him, but it was hard sometimes. He made a fortune at an early age by building a technology company and selling it. Life from that point was narcissistic hedonism for Edgar. He explored every pleasure within eyesight. The one thing Edgar never did was betray his family or the love of his wife.

Now Edgar is an old man with lots of money, a loving wife and a boatload of unhappiness. Edgar’s wife wanted to bring the smile back to his face. She wanted to do something he would never expect, would unlikely do for himself and make him beam with delight.

After careful research, Edgar’s wife decided on nanobots. She kept showing Edgar pictures of women and asking him how attractive he thought they were. Edgar had no interest. He grudgingly answered. He had no need for a new wife and he was beginning to wonder what his wife was up to.

On the big day, Edgar’s wife invited him to a warm soak in the hot tub. She infused two packets of preprogrammed nanobots: one for her and one for him. She would transform into his ideal girl and he would be young and vital again to enjoy it.

They sank into the water, lay back and enjoyed the jets massaging away aches and pains brought on by age. Edgar felt so relaxed he dozed for a while. Edgar knew something was wrong the moment we woke. He looked over to see a young man with chiseled abs in the hot tub with him. Then he looked down and saw he was a beautiful young woman.

Edgar’s wife shrieked, “It worked the wrong way!” Edgar immediately realized what his wife did. “It’s okay, honey. I love the body. We can enjoy pleasures not possible before.” Edgar’s wife started to say she was sorry, but Edgar placed a gentle finger to her lips. “Call me Corrine from now on. And I love the body.” Edgar pulled his wife closer and kissed her deeply.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hard Time

The judge wasn’t taking Rodney’s bullshit anymore. Rodney spent more time in court and in jail than free. The judge had it. He was going to end the crap once and for all.

The judge read the list of offenses Rodney committed over the years. All were minor, but never ending: indecent exposure, urinating in public, jay walking, and shoplifting (You needed a candy bar that bad?” the judge exhorted).

“Nothing seems to work with you,” the judge continued. “Jail doesn’t seem to work. I think you actually like it there.” Rodney smiled at the comment which really pissed off the judge. “I’m sick of dealing with you. I have a solution to end these games you play once and for all.”

What was Rodney’s offense this time? Minor BS again. He was required to report his personal online presence to the Department of Corrections. He started a business and claimed the accounts were business, not personal. He was right, but when has the government cared about right or following the law. They pick and choose which laws they will follow and whom they apply to. This fake law applied to Rodney, it seems.

Rodney could cop any attitude he wanted, it would not help. “I am inclined to sentence you to seven years hard labor on the prison farm, but I get the feeling you might enjoy that.” Rodney shrugged. Rodney would rather sit around all day passing time, but whatever. “Instead I think I can end your attitude with a novel sentence.” Now the judge smiled. “I order you to report to the local TG Incorporated office for gender reassignment. As a woman you will find how offensive lewd behavior is when directed toward you. If you keep your nose clean for seven years you can petition the court to have your old body back. Do you understand your sentence?”

Rodney was white as a ghost. Losing his family jewels over this? No effing way! Of course it was effing way. The police dragged him to the TG Incorporated office to carry out the sentence. Rodney was replaced by Luellen that day. To his surprise he loved life as Luellen. The judge can go eff himself. As a woman he can get away with murder. He couldn’t help thinking of all the fun things he could now do. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bad Habits

It wasn’t the same after Abe’s wife, Wanda, put her foot down over his philandering ways. Every time Wanda turned around Abe was surfing those TG fantasy caption sites, ogling the pretty girls in the pictures. In a marriage Wanda felt the husband owed his wife respect and considerations. Looking at other women, even online, was more than Wanda could accept. And those stories. Ugh! Did Abe want to be a woman? Abe tried to explain all guys look; it doesn’t mean he’ll touch. And besides, he frequents the TG fantasy caption sites to read the stories, not because he wants to be a woman, thought that would be cool.

Wanda wasn’t buying it. The arguments escalated until Wanda took drastic action. If Abe thought it would be so cool to be a woman… She could live married to another woman, but not a straying man. She ordered TG dust and sprinkled it in Abe’s clothing. While Abe enjoyed another marathon run reading/ogling the TG fantasy caption circuit the transformation took place.

Abe was happy with the results. Transforming into Mindy was the best thing that happened to him. She enjoyed her new body and how it worked. Reading the blogs was still fun; even ogling the pretty models was awesome. But the private moment needed a different approach. With a small amount of effort Mindy found the right spot combined with the right motion.

Wanda still complains. Mindy is used to it. He is still madly in love with his wife. However, the intimate moments are a bit strange since Wanda still wants her husband. Too late for that now.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Pleasant Surprise

I wanted to take a brief interlude to share something that made a big difference in my life. Like a lot of people I have debt, mostly the credit card kind. Banks hate lending money to normal people so I was running out of ideas to get my payments and interest down.

With interest rates so low right now you would think the banks would trip over themselves to lend to people like me. I have a job and have never missed a payment. Still, no luck. Recently I started using They are one of the advertisers on this blog so I thought, “What do I have to lose?” Here is how it worked for me.

I applied online. Documentation is also submitted online. They have a customer service rep call to expedite the processing of the loan. Long story short, I refinanced all my credit card debt in one place at less than half the interest rate; my payments also dropped significantly.

I added the link to this blog post for easy access to Prosper. My experience is nothing short of “WOW!” Since a lot of people are in the same (or similar) boat I am in I wanted to share my experience. Not many businesses want to support the TG community. When one does I am all for supporting them, especially if they do super fantastic work like Prosper does.

It doesn’t cost anything to get a quote. If they provide a loan there is a fee, but it is like a small addition to the interest cost. Well worth it considering how much interest I save each month. My break-even point was less than a month. Everyone is different, but I know a lot of you gals could really use some help and Prosper doesn’t have a problem supporting the TG community so they get my vote.

Now back to the show.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

So Pretty

It starts with a desire to wear something pretty. The lust is small at first, only a thought. Then you see the red negligee and you can’t help yourself. You check around the house to make sure you are alone; you check all the doors and windows to make sure they are locked. Then you race to the bedroom and lay out the red negligee with matching panties.

Time seems to stop as you stare at the soft women’s clothing on the bed, biting your lower lip. The final decision is fast, less than a second. Once you make up your mind you will live your fantasy no matter what. Your clothing in on the floor and the panties slip on so smooth and silky. The feel of the negligee as it drops into place is like no other feeling in the world.

It’s not enough. Next you apply make-up, then a wig. With practice you look like a girl. But something is missing. Well, not missing. There is too much. Money is saved and a doctor’s visit confirms you are ready to make the transformation. Before you know it you are on hormone therapy. In an instant you are headed for surgery. The next moment you are completely healed, examining your beautiful feminine body in the mirror as you keep repeating your name, “Kathy”. You wear panties and a bra every day. Your closet is filled with girl’s clothes. You find a boyfriend and get married.

And it all started because you wanted something pretty to wear.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Invasion of Jewels

You know what the Jewel of Odan is, don’t you? No? Well, let me give you a short history lesson.

The first Jewel of Odan was found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1923. The first victim was a college student volunteering on the site. He held the Jewel and did what most college boys do: thought about girls. The Jewel of Odan transformed the young man instantly into a girl. The Jewel was handled with care by the archaeologists after that.

Later research indicated it was the metal that provided the special powers to the Jewel. Rumors about similar artifacts existing around the world were never proven, but there is compelling evidence they exist. (Certain boys disappearing at the same time a new girl comes to town would at least raise suspicion.)

No one knows if more than one Jewel of Odan was found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb. The record only indicates one was found, but again, there is evidence more than one may have been unearthed. The special metal is the interesting part of our story today.

With the new-found acceptance of TG people in society, it was popular to “come out”, even if one temporarily to review your own deep inner feelings. Rumor has it a Jewel of Odan was melted and added to thousands of smaller medallions. It seems even a small amount of an original Jewel of Odan works as well as the original.

Want proof there are thousands of Jewels? Consider this. Waves of transformations have swept the nation. College guys are dropping faster than grades after a weekend binge party. No less than twenty thousand young men have disappeared to be replaced with very perky, happy young ladies occupying the same dorm room as the missing man.

Look at Beth here. She lives where Brady used to live. Brady is nowhere to be found. When she is questioned she only giggles. See what I mean? Perky. Happy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Take a Chance

Casinos create games to appeal to every taste to maximize profits. Gambling revenues, and hence profits, stagnated after decades of growth. The new TG slot machine had all the promise of huge profits. Casinos bid aggressively to be the sole proprietor of the TG slot machines in their establishment.

Regular customers usually sat at their usual seat, playing their usual games. But the adventurous sought out the new games because they had a better payout ratio. Casinos paid out more, even a loss, to get people hooked on their new games. The TG slot machines were the exception. The casinos knew a lot of gamblers were willing to bet their life savings for a shot at womanhood. Not the fake stuff either. A real transformation into a real woman, fully functional, pregnancy risk and all.

Nate was one of those players. Not that there wasn’t a line waiting to play the TG slot machines 24/7. The difference for Nate is that he was the first winner. The cubical was programmed to make the payoff as soon as the mark won the jackpot. Whereas Nate walked into the casino, Sophie walked out. For Nate it was a big win. A TG transformation was out of reach financially, but by taking a chance he achieved the dream of his life. As the first he was offered a contract as a model promoting the new TG slot machines. Sophie had to admit life was really good for her.

Monday, June 22, 2015

TG Laser Tag

“Step right this way boys. Have the time of your life playing TG Laser Tag. Build teams and settle old arguments where nobody gets hurt. I can see it in your eyes boys; you have a score to settle. Don’t you worry, TG Laser Tag is the ultimate game enjoyed by boys everywhere just before they are turned into girls.” The barker continued his speech as the two groups of young men watched. Will and Jay knew it was the only way to end the violence in the neighborhood.

TG Laser Tag: Two teams enter the maze and for twenty minutes fight their war. Each player puts on a suit filled with nanobots. TG Laser Tag is harder than the regular game of laser tag. In TG Laser Tag only a hit to the small target on the chest or center of the back will count. If you are hit the nanobots are injected and the computer will prepare clothing for you on exit. Once you are hit (and a girl) you are still in the game. Without worry of being hit you can boldly pursue you enemies.

The game unfolds the same way every time. The side that has the most conversions to girls now has more unfettered warriors ready to charge and the advantage. If the teams are not careful…

Will and Jay had each other’s back. Their team made several early hits. Half the other team was girls 5 minutes in. With so many girls, they charged and broke the defenses of Will’s and Jay’s team. Each side went back and forth with the number of hits. Will and Jay were the last two boys left. With only twenty seconds left the other teams charged in a wedge formation. Will and Jay were hit (and girls) before they knew what happened.

Will and Jay spent time together after the match and discussed their new life. The animosity between the boys in town dissolved. Being girls changed their outlook. The computer provided clothing and names for Will and Jay: Rachel and Elise.  The girls had to admit, they felt much better now after the game of TG Laser Tag.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Block Party

On the first Saturday of every month the neighborhood gathered at someone’s home. Each household took turns hosting the gathering. Food and refreshments were potluck; entertainment was provided/chosen by the host. A tradition began where the host tried to provide the most outlandish, exotic games the neighbors could play.

David and Gilda were known for mind-blowing games. People talked about their antics all the time. This month they were the neighborhood hosts and every one couldn’t wait to see what they came up with this time.

Todd and Molly were the newbies to the neighborhood, this being their first gathering. They heard stories about the wild games played when David and Gilda hosted. At the gathering people noticed two large chambers next to the house covered in a sheet. David announced this month’s entertainment: spin the bottle.

Everyone gathered in a circle and waited for the rules. Gilda pulled the sheet revealing swapping chambers next to the house. David would start by spinning the bottle. Whoever it landed on would step into the swapping chamber with whomever the bottle stopped on when he/she spun. The swappers would keep their bodies until the following month’s gathering.

Nervous laughter went around the group. David spun the bottle. People leaned out of the way as it slowed until it stopped pointing at Todd. Todd swallowed hard knowing he would spend the next month as someone else. He wasn’t sure who he wanted to be and knew he couldn’t control the spin enough to make a difference. He spun the bottle and closed his eyes. A gasp went up as people muttered “Gilda”.

Todd opened his eyes to see Gilda grinning at him. She pointed her finger at Todd and looked over to the swapping chambers. Todd’s mouth was parched as the door closed. He heard the hum, but felt nothing else. When the door popped open he realized it was over already as he stood in front of the crowd as Gilda. He looked over to Gilda in his body. She seemed to be enjoying it. She gave Molly a huge kiss.

David stood next to his wife’s body and said, “Do I get my kiss?” Todd lost his voice. David smiled. “We can go to the bedroom and find out.”

Saturday, June 20, 2015


In the near future civilization broke down. The government is gone; roving bands patrol the crumbling streets. Men were on the run from hordes of women working together to kidnap men, transform them, and put them to work earning money for the women.

Cole avoided the wild women trapping unsuspecting men. He stayed away from the cities. He built a home in the woods hidden from plain sight. If he saw another human being he ducked under cover until the risk passed. As men were slowly depopulated, the demand for the remaining men grew higher. Men were good for a source of money or as material for the brothels.

Technology advanced under this dystopian world. Civilization collapsed, but the corporations and organized groups survived, just without government oversight. A group of women near Cole’s home started using tracking technology to find the remaining men hidden in the countryside. Cole saw the band of women approach. He sunk into the underbrush.

The women walked right up to Cole’s position and pulled him out of the overgrowth. Cole couldn’t understand how they knew where he was. It didn’t matter. They took Cole back to the city and pushed him into a transformation chamber. A mist of nanobots transformed Cole into Erika.

Erika should have been scared on her first day of work as she sat on her side on the bed. It wouldn’t be long before her first customer arrived. Cole did not miss the hard life of the countryside. Erika enjoyed a comfortable existence while working for the band of women. She was not scared anymore.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Returning the Favor

Purchasing TG dust requires a permit and a background check. The government feels TG dust is too dangerous to be unregulated. Floyd’s neighbors are a prime example of why TG dust needs to be restricted.

A windstorm blew part of Floyd’s roof off and into his neighbor’s yard. It took the insurance company a few days to get contractors to remove the debris. The delay caused Floyd’s neighbor to become bitter at Floyd even though there was nothing Floyd could do about it.

His neighbor started to plot revenge. He found TG dust on the black market and pumped it into the ventilation system of Floyd’s home. Unaware of what was to befall him when he got home, Floyd walked right into the trap. After washing up he took a nap before dinner. When he woke up his whole world had changed.

Floyd had the last laugh, however. What his neighbor didn’t know was that Floyd took every opportunity he had to cross-dress. He had plenty of outfits to choose from for his new body. Floyd enjoyed a light dinner and then planned a night out on the town as Paige.

When the pleasant evening was over, Paige checked her ventilation system to see if any TG dust residue remained. Luckily there was. She carefully gathered the remaining TG dust and placed it where the ventilation system of her neighbor’s home would suck it in when it turned on. Looks like the neighbor will have more to be bitter about. He can always borrow a dress from Paige. She has plenty.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Last Hit

It was a clean getaway and Tess knew it. His life of crime when she was a man came to an end when a hit was put out on him by the syndicate. In crime families the mighty can fall quick. A few bad decisions or even plain bad luck can turn the whole organization against a man. Respect turns to loathing. Before Brian changed into Tess he saw all the warning signs. A few unlucky breaks and a bad decision made it clear he had a short life expectancy.

Leading a crime family does have advantages. A large pile of money at Brian’s disposal and doctors with cutting edge gender reassignment equipment gave Brian the best chance he had to survive. He planned his death carefully. The body destroyed in the fire was impossible to recognize, but Brian made sure it would appear as if he had made his last bad call.

By the time the syndicate discovered his assumed body he was already a woman. Where Brian died, Tess was born. Money in multiple foreign accounts allowed Tess to live any life she chose. And like Brian, she chose a very good life. To complete the disguise Tess would find a man to marry. Of course she would still call all the shots. Tess wears the pants in her marriage.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pledge Party

College is tough for initiates. All the pressure to land a fraternity leads to all kinds of challenges and humility. At Semard University, where nanobots were invented, a new challenge was forced upon three freshmen victims each year. Nanobots were programmed to switch the first male they came in contact with into a girl. Three freshmen were given the challenge to wear a dress with make-up. One of the dresses was sprinkled with nanobots. Yes, one of the initiates would need to find a sorority after the challenge.

Mark, Jesse, and Hank were chosen for the challenge this year and because they wanted into the prestigious fraternity so bad they let several women dress them up, knowing one of them would end up a woman. The women were great at make-up. You couldn’t tell any of them were guys. Now for an afternoon out on the town.

The guys had a good time pretending to be college girls. But as the afternoon wore on they were excited to get home and check if they kept their manhood or not. At home Mark walked into the bathroom and slowly lifted his dress. It was hard to tell. He ran his hand across his crotch. His heart missed a beat. He was a girl. The same scene was played out at the homes of Jesse and Hank.

The guys were given new names by the college girls: Alicia, Megan and Bess. They asked the college girls why all three of them were tuned into girls. It seems the college girls made a mistake. A miscommunication led to all three dresses being infused with nanobots. At least that is the story told to the guys. The real truth is the college girls wanted more sisters in their sorority.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The New Jewel

The Jewel of Odan took on different shapes as time progressed. In antiquity it was always a medallion. In modern times medallions went out of favor for multiple types of jewelry. Of course, there are still plenty of medallion Jewel of Odans in circulation. But a growing number of medallions were recast as rings, necklaces and anklets.

Chris has a very kinky girlfriend. She is into everything. One day she happened upon a Jewel of Odan in ring form. Chris knew what the Jewel of Odan was, but always recognized it as a medallion. When his girlfriend gave him the gaudy ring he put it on. It was awful in Chris’s opinion, but he loved his girlfriend so much he would accommodate her.

Like a typical guy, Chris had thoughts of other girls non-stop. It’s uncontrollable for most guys. Under normal circumstances this would pose no problems. Having such thoughts while in contact with the Jewel of Odan is a one-way ticket to womanhood. Chris’s girlfriend laughed when Chris transformed.

It took a day of two before Chris adjusted to life as Tonya. It felt strange wearing his girlfriend’s cloths; not that it was the first time. It was more strange they fit so well. Tonya understood her girlfriend made a one-way decision for him. There would be no going back. Chris was okay with that. The toughest part, though, was adjusting to life between the sheets with his girlfriend. Wild!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Surprise Attack!

“Stop it, Marie,” Brad laughed as the tainted water hit him causing his skin to tingle.

“I’m a lesbian, Brad. I still love you, but you need to change teams.” Marie kept spraying Brad until the bottle was empty.

“It tickles.” Brad went from laughing to giggles. He didn’t notice the changes the water made at first. Then it hit him as he noticed his chest. “Wha…”

Marie answered the question on Brad’s face. “Nanobots.” She held up the water bottle and moved it back and forth with her hand. “Now we can have a life together.”

“But…” Brad was at a loss for words. He swallowed hard and finally whispered, “You could have asked me first.”

“I didn’t want to take a chance, honey. Besides, when I saw what you would look like I got so hot I couldn’t control myself.”

Brad looked his body over and decided it was acceptable. “I’ll need a new name.”

“Already taken care of. You are Sara.”

Brad nodded. “Sara? That’s a nice name. Why Sara?”

“Because a woman named Sara introduced me to love with a woman.”

“So, where do we go now?” Brad was still confused.

Marie took Sara by the hand and led her into the house and into the bedroom.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

An Awesome Winner

What would you buy if you were given $1000?

Let’s play a little game. Imagine you were walking outside a TG Incorporated superstore and the manager came running out the door as you walked past. He runs up to you and says, “It’s your lucky day. I’m authorized to give you anything in the store you want up to $1000.

“You can buy as many items as you want as long as the value does not exceed $1000. You only have one hour to choose. You can buy clothes or books or stuff for around the house, whatever, your choice.”

For our example lets use Amazon prices (they have just about everything). Don’t get hung up on the details. When you make your choices share them in the comments (anonymously if want) section below.

What I am hoping to accomplish is to get more ideas of what you ladies like. It takes work coming up with fresh story ideas each day. I have focused on professions and such for a while, but want to add more variety to my writing. By sharing what you want I can tailor more stories to your tastes and hopefully provide links to affordable products and services that make your life better. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Love Song

Mike is the lead singer of a rock band. The long hours of practice and late nights of drugs, sex and music started to take their toll as the years went by. Everybody wanted a piece of him. He had no me-time to unwind and it was harming his health and mental well being.

People were always offering Mike a new drug to make him feel better. It never worked anymore. He felt wasted, empty and felt worse each time he tried a new remedy or feel-good drug. The pain grew so great Mike toyed with taking his own life. If he had the courage he would have done it.

The groupies that followed Mike no longer thrilled him. One woman managed to get through the crowd and into his hotel suite. She was demure and beautiful. What the hell, he thought. The sex could be great. But then she said she wanted to talk instead. Mike never had a groupie say that. They always wanted a piece of him, to have his baby, to spend the night, well, you know.

She told Mike she could make him feel again, to experience joy again after all the years of pain. She handed him a yellow pill. Mike knew the routine. He took it and swallowed it. Nothing. Then his eyes began to fog. She handed him a medallion, the Jewel of Odan and told Mike to hold it in his left hand, close his eyes, and dream of a beautiful woman. When Mike opened his eyes he could feel pleasure again. He was alive! And a woman! Yeow!

Mike, now as Betanya, is still the lead singer of the band. He added costume and dance to his act. His passion for song returned. Betanya sang of love and life. She still had groupies, but mostly men now. A few of the old groupies stayed. They are Mike’s favorite.

Friday, June 12, 2015


For: NeoRock

Late in the night of Megacity crime ran rampant. People feared the night and the smart ones were home before dark and stayed home until morning light. The daily news reported the number of bodies found each morning by police. Then rumors of fear spread among the criminal set, a rumor of a vigilante named Sonya who roamed the dead-of-night streets of Megacity.

Police refused to work the streets much after dark. Citizens barricaded themselves in their home and apartments and prayed the gangs didn’t decide to target their home. There was no help if you came under attack.

Some say it was hope that started the rumors of a superhero roaming the night streets. Once the myth of Sonya started it was hard to stop.  More and more people claimed they were saved by a woman dressed as a superhero. Crime plummeted; people started to dine out well into the evening and walk home. Even a few fleeting, fuzzy pictures of Sonya appeared in the newspapers. Skeptics claimed it was more crazy people acting like the UFO crowd.

Jack knew better. He knew Sonya was real. He wasn’t one of those saved by the mysterious woman from violent assailants. He knew because he knew Sonya personally. You see, Jack bought an old home to remodel. While remodeling Jack found a strange women’s suit/uniform in an old wooden chest in the attic. Living alone and with a fetish for women’s clothing he tried the uniform on. The outfit rippled across his body and transformed him into Sonya: superhero.

Soon Jack discovered the suit gave him more than a great female body, but special powers, super powers. He knew he had to make a difference in the city. He wore the suit every night to help the oppressed. Each morning before sunrise he returned home, took off the suit, transformed back into Jack and assumed his normal life. No one was the wiser. And Megacity was once again the safe city it once was. The legend of Sonya lived on as Jack passed the outfit on as he grew older. And, almost as if by magic, no one ever got a really good look at Sonya. She remained the mysterious savior of Megacity and the bane of all evil.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sweet Ride

What a sweet ride. Alvin searched the internet for a long time to find the car of his dreams. When he saw the red custom job he knew he had to have it. The owner, a pretty redhead with thin features, promised Alvin the car was full of surprises. She also promised this car would stay in Alvin’s mind for the rest of his life. Alvin agreed. He saved enough money to buy the car cash. It was amazing such an awesome car lasted long enough for Alvin to get his hands on it.

After the title was signed over, Alvin took the custom car out for a ride. The car was so well maintained it still had ‘new car smell’. The country would be the perfect place to spend a few hours with his new baby. His body molded into the seat as he drove. It almost felt like he was attached to the car and it anticipated his moves. Soon Alvin began to feel different. His concentration was so focused on the road he didn’t notice he suddenly had long hair. He stopped the car and opened the door for fresh air. He looked down. He had different clothes and a woman’s body!

At first Alvin thought the car was a swapping chamber, but he didn’t think he swapped with anyone. Then he realized the car was a switching chamber. He knew this as soon as he looked at his cell phone. The car also changed his identity to Bethany and reprogrammed his cell phone accordingly. Bethany put a hand to her head while she texted a friend with the other hand; she had to tell someone what happened. The woman that sold her the car was right. He would never forget this car.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Opportunity Knocks

Do you know what the best thing about the modeling agency, according to Blaze? Bet you can’t guess. You probably think it’s the money or the fame, don’t you? It isn’t. Blaze visited the modeling agency and accepted their term s of employment (gender reassignment). So you probably think the best thing is living as a hot, sexy girl, but you’d be wrong. The best thing according to Blaze is that his weight now allows him to lay on tables and furniture without them collapsing. It’s little things like that that make living as a girl worth living.

Blaze never wanted to be a girl growing up. Economic conditions and a sports injury made it impossible for Blaze to find work. He considered the modeling agency, but he knew they only hired women and he was not sure he wanted his anatomy reassigned. But things got so desperate he was willing to try anything. The modeling agency paid for the reassignment and gave Blaze new identity papers. Instantly he loved life as Gail.

During her first photo shoot Gail was asked to pose on tables and furniture. She loved the feeling so much she sometimes spent hour up in the air on counters. Gail felt blessed. She lived in a place and time where she could be anything she wanted. A year ago she would never have believed where she is now. It certainly was easy getting used to. And Gail owes it all to the modeling agency.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Modesty Lessons

Jethro decided to save money at TG Incorporated by skipping the training classes after his transformation. Unfortunately, he still acted like a guy when he needed to be more lady-like. Jethro didn’t care. He got the body of his dreams and people—especially guys—always looked at him now. Sometimes they even smiled and waved. Jethro loved the attention.

Men unaware Samantha was Jethro two weeks ago asked Jethro out on dates or even made marriage proposals. Without training Samantha was a woman with the moral compass of a man. Not good. Still, Jethro went about building his new life. What TG Incorporated taught in class Samantha learned slowly in real life.

Over the next year Samantha accepted lots of offers she later regretted. At least she always had a roof over her head and a place to sleep. Soon Samantha forgot about Jethro and started acting like a normal woman. She made girlfriends that helped her adjust.

After so many mistakes Samantha was ready to give up on men when Art entered her life. If he were not a friend’s brother she would have certainly passed, but Samantha felt safe with Art. The relationship was a whirlwind romance growing leaps and bounds every day. Soon there was talk of marriage and children. And then Samantha was married with two fine boys. Even taking a shortcut, Jethro turned out all right. And Samantha had a lifetime of happiness.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Good Flight

Ron settled in for a long international flight. High over the Pacific and six hours into the flight, reading made Ron tired. He put on his headphones, closed his eyes and leaned back unaware of the danger he was in.

Ron traveled for business so much he never had time for a family. He felt at home up in the air, his home away from home. Other than turbulence, Ron never had an unpleasant experience up in the air. And he didn’t expect any either. With his frequent flyer miles he was always treated like royalty. But there are some things the airlines cannot control.

Shortly after liftoff scientists issued a vortex warning. As you may recall, Earth has experienced vortexes recently, areas of null space that turn all mammal males into females nearly instantaneously. The scientists were not worried since the vortexes would strike somewhere in the Pacific Ocean before harmlessly drifting back out into outer space. The odds of a vortex hitting an airplane were very small.

But not impossible. While Ron drifted off to sleep his flight raced toward the approaching vortex cluster. Without warning a vortex passed through a small section of the plane. The plane did not shake or tremble. It was all silent. Even the pilots were unaware they were struck. Ron was the only passenger hit by the vortex. He felt nothing and kept sleeping.

When the flight neared its destination Ron awoke. He knew something was not right. It took him a few moments to realize what happened. True professional he is, he continued on his business trip closing the deal for his employer. He had his name changed to Shelly to make it easier for people he worked with. He still works massive hours and travels a lot. At least now he gets more opportunities for companionship. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Good Game

Rival gangs met at the local gym to determine who would rule the streets. The gangs learned long ago killing each other wasn’t working so the gang leaders got together and devised a plan to determine who rules which parts of town. The beginning of the competitions started from this meeting of the leaders.

The favorite game was basketball. The best players from each gang squared off to determine the fate of a certain street. Each street’s fate was determined and re-determined every three month with a game. Before long the gangs consolidated their control. The games needed help to survive; the ante needed to be raised.

The gang leaders decided the next game would be personal. The loser would drink a vile of nanobots and be transformed into girls. They would then run through the snowy streets barefoot and in swimming suits.

It was the best game ever played between the gangs. Manhood on the line, the players put everything they had into winning. It was a physical game but by the buzzer a winner was decided. The losers hesitated for a moment but realized what the gangs would revert to if they refused to drink the potion. The nanobots did their job. The boys enjoyed their new bodied more than anticipated and had a great time as they ran the street barefoot and in swimming suits. When you think of it both teams won.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wife For(ever) a Week

Randy leaned back comfortably in his wife’s body. It felt so good to be a woman even if for only a short while. He watched Elly from across the room adjusting to his body. Or was it nervousness? Who knows? All Randy cares about is the week he gets to spend in Elly’s body.

“Stop pacing, Elly.”

Elly came over in Randy’s muscular body and sat in front of him as he leaned back in the wicker chair. “Sorry.”

“Something bothering you?” Randy chalked it up to nerves, but was beginning to wonder.

“Kindof,” Elly fidgeted. “You know we still have two days left in each others’ bodies.” Randy nodded. “Well, we have the time set when we go in to TG Incorporated and switch back.”

“Of course I do,” Randy said. “I set the appointment. We have a sixteen hour window to switch back or we stay as we are. We turn in our tickets, we step in the swapping chamber and the computer does the rest. No big deal. Been done thousands of times before around the world.”

Elly bowed her head. “What’s wrong?” Randy touched Elly’s cheek with his feminine hand. “We can always have another week in each others’ body once the waiting period is over.”

Elly shook her head. “You don’t understand. I lost the tickets.” It was hard for Randy to watch his body cry.

Randy was stunned. If they did not have their tickets they couldn’t switch back and if they missed the sixteen hour window they were stuck forever switched! Randy tried to remain calm and comfort his wife at the same time. They searched the house high and low to no avail. Finally the day came and the tickets were still AWOL. Then the sixteen hour window elapsed and Randy comforted Elly, “It will be okay. I can live in your body. I love you no matter what.”

Elly kissed Randy. When Randy left the room Elly pulled the tickets from her pocket and burned them.

Thank You

Yesterday’s caption hit a nerve. Several emails and comments made me realize I am doing more than providing entertainment. When I set out to do a caption based on information I read in several articles about Bruce, now Caitlyn Jenner, my goal was to provide a short, realistic portrayal of the transformation process and how it affects those undergoing the procedures. What I was unprepared for was the response from people planning to make the change in the future when funds or other parameters allow. Many expressed they would have no doubts about gender reassignment after the surgery. According to some news outlets, Caitlyn Jenner did question herself for a while. I think the media blitz is responsible for the feelings Caitlyn had. I meant to offend no one. I responded to all the comments/emails. I think everyone understood.

That brings me to today’s caption. Rather than tell a story, I want to say “Thank You” to all my readers. Some days the captions come easier than others. I try to tell a story rather than just a scene or situation as many TG blogs do. This is not to say I am better than the others; I am not. Several TG blogs are significantly better than anything I produce. My goal has always been to be different. It is not easy. Telling a fresh story every day is hard and I know I fail too often. Still, you, my faithful readers, have been nothing but kind. I bow my head in humility by your wonderful accolade and continued readership. More than anything, I am humbled by those coming here not to read a story or see a picture for entertainment, but to learn to cope as a transgender person. I cannot fully understand what you go through. I know my daughter does, being born intersex. The struggles must be overwhelming some days. For all of you, I pray you find peace and someday get the body you alwaysknew you should have been born with. Hopefully everyone is entertained too.

Thank you.


Krazy Kay

Friday, June 5, 2015

Always Coming Home

Questions. Saul opened his eyes as the fog lifted and the pain began. The surgery was over; he finally can start living as he really is—as she really is. It was a long road. Saul struggled her whole life with who she was and how people saw her. Now the final surgery was over: gender reassignment.

Saul started living as Irene years ago, but only started taking hormones recently. As her body changed she felt better about herself. It never went fast enough, of course. The changes were subtle at first. The photo library made it easier to see the changes.

Then it was time for the surgeries. Ten hours of surgery changed her face and voice as the hormones changed her skin and chest. Irene was disappointed at first. The doctor told her it would take time before the surgery fully took shape. Irene smiled more as she saw the improvement. Once she healed she needed more surgery to make her look completely female. It was always painful at first. The results were hard to see right away. Then the surgery did its magic.

Gender reassignment was the last surgery for Irene. Also the most painful. Irene groaned as she woke. She reached down but thick bandages covered her so she could not tell if her parts were really changed. Then the questions started racing through her mind. Did I do the right thing? It was more fear of what lies ahead than doubts if she should have made the complete transition.

As the weeks progressed Irene healed. When the bandages came off she knew she was finally in the body she was supposed to be in. The questions ended as the joy rose. Irene forgot about Saul. Life was brighter, happier than ever before. She built the life that felt natural to her. As the years moved by she fell in love and married. Irene had finally come home.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Earning a Reward

Before we start today’s caption I want to share something I do to make extra money. I love buying books from Amazon and clothes, you know, Something Pretty to Wear. Well, money is always tight around here; I’m sure you know what I mean. So, what I did a few years ago was join Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a program where you get paid for a lot of different activities. For example, when I went on vacation I used through Swagbucks and received 6% back in Swagbucks which converts into just over 6% back in Amazon gift cards. You can also take cash into your Paypal account. You get paid for internet search, taking a daily poll and much more.

I contacted Swagbucks and asked for a deal for my readers. People normally get 30 Swagbucks  for signing up. For the month of June (and longer if I can talk them into it) you will receive an additional 70 Swagbucks just for signing up. It’s not going to change the world but it is like getting paid $1 for signing up. To get the 70 Swagbucks bonus, use the case sensitive code: TGCap when signing up. You must join Swagbucks though this link to get the bonus.

Now on to the show. (I know. A shameless Swagbucks caption. What can I say?)


Axel needed extra cash to pay for the clothes he wanted from Amazon. He joined Swagbucks and used the Amazon gift cards he earned to refurbish his closet. He bought a few TG books along the way, too. It didn’t take long to earn the points he needed. Using coupons from Swagbucks when grocery shopping really added up the points fast for Axel.  He used Swagbucks for things he would do anyway and got money back. How sweet is that?

He ordered a beautiful negligee. As soon as it arrived he found his favorite wig. Axel put on the wig, makeup and the negligee. He admired his look in the mirror. He so longed to be the girl of his dreams: Nancy. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

But it was meant to be. You see, if Axel would have read the note included in the package he would have known he bought the nanobot negligee. Axel noticed the subtle changes as he looked at himself in the mirror. He smiled at first thinking it was in his mind. Then he realized it was real. By the time he accepted what was happening Axel really was Nancy. In the end things always work for those who believe.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Therapist

There once was a man who became very depressed. He could not understand why he felt so blue all the time. For no reason at all he would break down and cry. He visited his priest for answers to no avail. Then he saw his doctor who prescribed pills that did nothing at all. He talked to friends; he talked to a psychic—nothing.

Then by chance he saw an ad for a therapist specializing in men with depression. The man found the ad interesting, but it was the picture of the therapist that forced him to schedule an appointment. The therapist was a very beautiful woman with long blond hair and legs up to here. In her office the man waited anxiously to see the therapist.

Then she came out and asked the man to enter her room for the session. Before long the therapist knew exactly what the problem was. The man was unhappy because he was born in the wrong body. The therapist smiled and showed the man a swapping chamber. The man shrugged. Who would he swap with? Well, it happens the therapist has a sister also born in the wrong body. The date was set for the man and the therapist’s sister to switch bodies.

On the date of the swap the man nearly fainted when he saw the therapist’s dark haired sister enter the room. He knew that body would make him the happiest girl alive. The swap went fast without any pain. The man discovered his name is now Rayne. He was so happy now that he was a girl. The therapist’s sister in the man’s body asked Rayne out on a date. Not to be a prude Rayne accepted.

Three months later they were married. Neither was unhappy ever again. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Divorce Decree

Gambling addiction and the consequent debts destroyed Floyd’s marriage. The relationship was less than perfect before, but when Floyd tried to gamble his way out of debt he only dug in deeper.  Before long the stain on his marriage was too much. His wife filed for divorce and had some unusual divorce settlement requests.

Floyd was a nice guy to his wife when they met, but as the money problems grew so did Floyd’s anger issues. In counseling it was mentioned that if Floyd were more feminine he would not lash out as he does now. In divorce Floyd’s wife convinced the judge Floyd needed gender reassignment to protect her from his anger and stalking.

Floyd fought the order at first. Then he saw the woman he would be transformed into and he was intrigued. And who knows? Maybe it will tame his temper and compulsive tendencies. Once the court order was executed Floyd’s name was changed to Polly. Floyd liked the way he looked and his anger was gone. Everything looked brighter and happier now that he was a woman.

The divorce would be final in three days. Floyd now transformed into Polly, Floyd’s wife found a new attraction for her husband. She dropped the divorce as she fell deeply in love with her new, gentler husband. As Polly, Floyd’s wife found his demeanor intoxicating. And the best part: the government paid for the whole procedure since it was a court order. If Floyd would have known sooner he would have insisted his wife file for divorce years ago.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Office Love Affair

How cool is this? thought Spencer. Swapping bodies was the best idea his employer had. Choosing who you wanted to swap with was even better. Spencer immediately looked toward Willow. Willow smiled and Spencer knew he would spend the next week in her body.

Productivity did go up by a substantial amount. Spencer knew why. It felt so good to be someone else for a change. Spencer got to know Willow better than ever before. He was now willing to ask her on a date. As soon as they swapped back next week he was asking her out. Until then he had use of her body and use it he did.

Spencer was stunned when it was time to swap back. Willow asked to stay as they were. Spencer was speechless until Willow popped the question. She wanted to date Spencer but with the bodies they were in. She wanted to be the man. Spencer said, “Yes” so fast Willow wasn’t even done asking before he answered.

Spencer and Willow are still dating. Spencer loves looking at his new body in underwear, as you can see here. They live together and are planning a wedding. And surprise! They are expecting. Who could have known two lonely people could find such love in each other’s arms as each other. The modern world certainly is awesome.