Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Try This On For Size

What are sisters for? For Rick it was an endless supply of opportunities to slip into something sexy. Whereas some guys might want to wear panties or a bra, some want to wear sexy lingerie. But not Rick. He wanted the full makeover: hair, makeup, and a dress. Before long Rick became really good at making himself look like a girl. If you didn’t know it was Rick you would absolutely believe it was a girl in the skin tight dress.

Wendy knew her brother was wearing her clothes when she was out. At first Wendy was amused, but then it started to irritate her. She didn’t like Rick wearing her clothes and using her makeup. It was her stuff. If she was going to share, it would be with a girlfriend, not her brother.

One day Rick dressed up in his favorite outfit from Wendy’s closet. Unbeknownst to Rick, Wendy hired a witch to teach her brother a lesson. The witch cast a spell. Rick had no idea anything happened at all. Then, as the time got closer for Wendy to come home, Rick went to put Wendy’s clothes back. As he pulled down his panties he got the shock of his life. He was a girl! For real!

Wendy walked into the room with a huge grin. “How ya do’in, Rhonda?” Rick jumped up and smoothed his dress down. “Didn’t think I knew what you did when I was gone, did’ja?” Rick couldn’t even shake his head. He just stared, jaw hanging. “You look so cute as Rhonda, my kid sister. We’ll have so much fun together. I’ll even let you borrow my clothes anytime.” Wendy put her arm around the newly minted Rhonda.

“Oh, and one more thing, brother. We are double-dating this Friday. Don’t worry. He’s a cute guy.”

Solid Research

First the stock market, then the economy, followed by his business failure pushed Alexander over the edge. He couldn’t take anymore. Everything he valued fell apart or was destroyed. He was sick of it. No more Mister Nice Guy. He needed a way to start over with a clean slate, disappear from his creditors, start a new life. But how?

A friend in military research was looking for a volunteer in a new program. The experiment of switching a person’s appearance had numerous military applications. The ultimate adjustment in appearance is to switch genders. Highly trained men could seduce the enemy out of their secrets as long as they switched into a female body.

The process was perfected recently making minor physical changes. Now, a volunteer would be needed for a full transformation. Any issues could be worked out as the experiment was carried out. Alexander knew it was the perfect way to escape his miserable life.

The military made the changes and gave Alexis, Alexander’s new name, a new identity. Alexis would enjoy her new body for a few weeks as the researchers carried out their studies. She could explore the city in her free time without worry about creditors hounding him. As the study approached its end, Alexis really started to enjoy her new life.

The day before the transformation back to Alexander, Alexis hatched a plan. All the old problems were overwhelming, but Alexis is a beautiful woman everyone wants to know. Alexis disappeared into the city. The military never got their chance to finish the research. Alexis didn’t care. She found a sugar daddy and started living the life she deserved.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Hot Cocoa on a Cold Morning

TG Incorporated decided to enter the grocery business. Brand recognition made the TG Inc. groceries an instant hit. The number of satisfied female customers from the transformations business also helped with brand loyalty.

The next morning the thermometer showed twelve below. Carl heated a cup of water in the microwave and stirred in a packet of TG Inc’s hot cocoa. The hot, rich cocoa went down smooth, warming Carl from the inside out. Carl closed his eyes, enjoying the spreading warmth. Suddenly things felt strange. He opened his eyes to find dainty fingers holding the mug of cocoa.

Carl, okay, she prefers to be called Carla these days, smiled as she checked the cocoa package. There it was, a warning label. (Okay, it was small print.) The hot cocoa mix was a special blend fused with TG dust and nanobots. Inside the box was a picture of what you would look like after drinking the cocoa. Carla compared the picture with the face in the mirror. A perfect match.

For some reason Carla enjoys cold winter days now.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Full Life

The advanced medical procedures were working according to plan. Cancer destroyed most of Bart’s midsection. The doctors halted and then removed all diseased tissue. The problem was that too much was removed and all sex organs were beyond repair. Time was running out for an organ donor to save Bart’s life.

A tragic accident gave Bart his only chance at life. A college girl died while diving into a shallow pool of water. The doctors consulted with Bart to explain his options. The girl was the only chance he had if he was to live. Bart accepted he would have girl parts; it was better than being dead.

The doctors were able to repair all the damage to Bart’s body and implant the uterus and vaginal area. The healing progressed faster than expected. Bart had to undergo a transformation of the rest of his body. Hormones and more surgery did the trick.

A year later Bart was completely transformed into Misty. It is hard some days for Misty. She still forgets she is a girl now. It takes time to remember to sit when peeing, walking in heels and accepting the looks from men. One thing is certain, Misty feels lucky to be alive and is grateful for her chance to live a full life.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Home Lingerie Party

Larry sat in a side room and spied on his wife’s home lingerie party. The women knew Larry was ogling them and decided to teach him a lesson. Larry’s wife, Nancy, hatched the whole plan. She knew if she had a lingerie party Larry would not be able to resist seeing all her friends dressed in lingerie and undressed.

As the party ended, Nancy snuck out and behind Larry. Larry was so startled he jumped from his hiding spot to the middle of the room of women. Nancy told Larry to get ready for the experience of his life. The women held Larry tight as they ripped his clothes off. They shaved his legs and applied ample make-up until he looked like the perfect woman. Then the lingerie went on. The ladies started calling him Mandy and taking pictures.

Then it was time for the coup de grace. Nancy opened a package of magic panties and forced a pair on Larry. The fast acting panties from TG Inc. immediately changed Larry. By the time the women had Larry in pantyhose and a skirt it was all over; Larry was really Mandy. To finish Larry off they forced him outside for all the neighbors to see. Even Nancy had to admit Mandy walked pretty good in heels for a first time. Of course, we all know Larry had plenty of practice walking in heels.

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Matching Girl Set

How stunned can a guy be? Pretty darn stunned if you observe the look on Randy’s face. It all started as a college gag. The boys decided to pay the sorority girls a visit and stir things up a bit by stealing all their panties. Then the girls would have to go to class in their cute dresses without panties. An opportunity guys can only fanaticize about.

Well, the sorority girls knew the boys were coming and switched out their panties with magic panties. Randy was the first to do what every boys dreams of doing after stealing panties from beautiful girls; he wore a pair. As you know, magic panties are a special product from our favorite company, TG Incorporated that turns the wearer into a girl. A hot girl with the sex drive of a rabbit.

It only took a few minutes for the panties to do their work. Look at Randy’s face, or should we say, Tara’s face. I think she is ready to serve the frat boys right out of the gate. Awesome! She does look cute in the bra/panty set. I love how Tara stands there with her mouth open slightly as if she is waiting for a prize to be shoved in. There is no doubt she will be the most popular girl in college.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

World War III