Monday, March 23, 2015

The NeoRock Special: Taking Command

It started with strange lights in the night sky over the desert. Being close to a military base many assumed it was the testing of experimental aircraft. Then strange sounds accompanied the lights and a denial of aircraft testing by the military. Rumors of captured aliens at the military base brought out thrill seekers looking for a glimpse at ET.

Paul wasn't one of those crazy alien chasers, but he was curious about the lights and the possibility the Earth was visited by another planet. He stayed away from the crowds and ventured deeper into the desert, beyond the line trespassing on government property. While the military kept the crowd behind the line, a hole in the defense allowed Paul to wander well past the safety zone by accident.

Paul parked his car, set up his camera and waited. It wasn't long when the strange lights began dancing across the sky. Soon, a light headed towards Paul’s position and stopped above him. A bright light shot down and pulled Paul up into the craft. The spacecraft raced away leaving the camera and car to the wind and sand.

Paul was stunned when he was pulled into the craft. He wakes to find himself strapped down to a metal table with three alien grays arranging a medical device over him. The aliens step back and activate the device. The arms of the medical equipment whip into action rearranging every cell in Paul’s body. When the machine stopped he was a woman.

Paul could hear and understand the alien grays when they now talked. They said, “Our leader was killed seven of your weeks ago. We created you in her image, to take her command.” They unstrapped Paul. The aliens continued, “What are your orders, Captain Alexis?”

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