Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's Not All Fun and Games

Nobody wants to talk about how hard it is too change. Learning all the new features on a cell phone is daunting and intimidating. But once you conquer the device it is so sweet. The same applies to other new technologies. Take for example swapping chambers, nanobots, and the girly light. These are the coolest technologies ever but nobody talks about the initial problems.

Take Sam here. He took a dip in a nanobot pool so he could have the body of his dreams. He thought walking in a dress and heels would be easy since he’d done it before. But nanobots do such a good job at the transformation that Sam is completely a woman now. And there are differences between the hips on a man and a woman. The joint attachment is different to allow women childbirth.

Men that make the change to a female body have to relearn how to walk. Starting the process in heels makes it all the more difficult. Sam is doing okay. As Celine he is adjusted better each day. He is handling the different weight distribution from his new chest and he is managing the hip swing in his new body well. And don’t get me started on the skin. A woman is whole different animal and Celine makes such a cute woman.

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