Sunday, March 15, 2015

Walking Into the Future

For NeoRock

Anton hadn't seen Taylor in years. They lost touch after college, careers and family consuming every minute of time. By coincidence Anton and Taylor were assigned to the same conference by their employers. Seeing each other at the conference they sat together and shared stories on their lives.

After the conference they had time to kill. After coffee at an outdoor café they decided to take the mystery tour at the Dewey building. Rumor had it that people who took the tour were changed by the building, whatever that meant.

Anton and Taylor paid the cute cashier and reviewed the map given them. If you followed the proper route you enjoyed a view of human history. The tour started well, but the boys got curious about all the possible side exhibits. The map warned to stick to the designated route, but the building offered many other unlisted exhibits.

Curiosity won out. The boys could not resist the Future of Women exhibit. With a quick look over their shoulders they ducked down the hallway. They walked through a mist as they entered the exhibit. They saw something never seen by a man. The exhibits showed a world of only women conquering space and then the galaxy. It looked so real, like it was now, not the future.

As Anton and Taylor exited the exhibit and the light grew brighter they realized they were transformed. It was then they realized the mist they walked through wasn't dry ice smoke, but nanobot filled mist. The cute cashier who checked them in handed them their new identification papers. Looks like Melissa and Dawn are the new girls in town.

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