Friday, March 27, 2015

Travel to Worlds Unknown

Traveling the world had been a dream of Scott’s for years. A large inheritance allowed him to quit his job and live his dream. Scott wasn't much of a family man; he preferred to live life on his terms. Scott did have friends, but they were more acquaintances than friends and none were close.

Scott’s adventure included all corners of the globe. His desire to see exotic lands was unquenchable. Scott wanted to see and live like the local people everywhere he went; he wanted to blend in. In a small Southeast Asian country Scott met a group of young women who created a commune. Men were not allowed to join because men frequently caused trouble, but they were allowed as guests.

Scott loved the commune. The lifestyle appealed to him. He knew it wouldn't last. The leader of the group would require Scott to leave after a few days. He knew it was his last night amongst the beautiful women and gorgeous estate. He retired to his room to prepare for the evening. As he sat on his mat a woman with deep black hair entered with an evening cocktail and handed it to Scott. “This will help you sleep well your last night here,” she said in a soft feminine voice.

The drink tasted like coconut with a mild amount of alcohol. It went down smooth and fast. Scott lay back on the bed, stretched and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Scott was woken by several giggling women and girls tugging on his arms to get him out of bed. He knew instantly something was wrong. He looked down at his new body and felt his breasts and crotch. The women pulled a dress on him and applied make-up. “Now you are one of us, Mary,” a woman to his side said with a huge smile. “Now you can stay as you always wanted.”

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