Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Even the Odds

They say your college years are the best of your life. Tabby agreed one hundred percent. What began as a rough start to college turned to pure gold before the first day of class. Out story begins on a cloudy afternoon in late August as David unpacked his things in his dorm room.

David worked hard to enter the Ivy League school his father attended. A full scholarship cemented his acceptance to the school. Unbeknownst to David was that he was accepted with a full scholarship as part of an affirmative action program. Yes, David earned his right to be there, but recent law changes required the university to have a more equal male/female mix. Rather than turn away promising applicants the university found a way around the law: change some of the boys into girls.

Once David unpacked he noticed he was in a sorority. Three attractive women in short skirts and low cut blouses approached David. “We need you to come with us. There is some paperwork to fill out before you can begin class next week.”

David thought nothing of it as he was led to the basement offices. Once there David was shown a swapping chamber and told the truth of his acceptance into the university. It took the three women/lab technicians about twenty seconds to talk David into the switch.

Tabby was born that day. She excelled in all her classes as was expected. Tabby was every bit as smart as David. The affirmative action laws were satisfied and by the looks of the selfie David took, so is she.

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  1. Another beautiful photo and your captions are pure delight. I am sorry, but I am not much of a commentor. I do get a thrill when I see you have something new. Thanks