Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Prodigal Wife Returned

John could not stand the silence in his home now that his wife, Tara, was gone. The emptiness was more than he could stand. John did not understand why Tara had to die. As a Wiccan she could do almost anything. But cancer was more than she could cure.

The last words from his beloved wife were, “I will always take care of you, dearest. I will not leave you. A part of me will always be with you.” John didn't understand due to the grief. He sat by Tara’s bedside and refused to move until she took her last breath. And now he is home, alone. The funeral is over, family and friends have gone on with their lives, and all John has is emptiness.

It was mid afternoon when John sat up in bed. He wasn't hungry so he went to Tara’s closet and touched her dresses. It was the closest he’ll ever get to his beloved ever again. In grief, he decided to wear Tara’s clothes. He removed his own clothes, put on a panty and bra he always thought looked good on Tara, and stepped into her favorite dress. He put on jewelry, something Tara called the Jewel of Odan, and a wig.

He laid on top the sheets of the bed and drifted back to sleep. When he woke it was already dark out. John felt different in the dark. He turned on the hall light and walked to the mirror. He could not believe his eyes. Tara stood before him! Then he heard the voice, “Welcome back, honey.” It was Tara! She was inside him, his mind. And he had her body!

John would never be a lone again. His beloved wife had returned home.

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