Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Try This on for Size

Requested by: NeoRock

Heavy rain ruined a good day of fun outdoors for Paul. His parents were at work and his younger sister was at a friend’s house. Bored, Paul decided to try on some of his sister’s clothing. It was an itch he always wanted to scratch and now that he was guaranteed hours of uninterrupted time alone he could carry out his fantasy.

For some reason Paul still had to walk softly as he entered Samantha’s room, as if the walls knew of his devious plan. Slowly he opened the drawers making not a sound. Samantha’s intimates were all stacked in order. Paul undressed, folding his clothes as he took off each piece and placed it on the bed. The smell of Samantha’s room was intoxicating. He found the cutest panty and bra. He sat back on the bed and pulled the panties up, standing at the end to finish the job. The fabric felt so soft and warm they almost tingled. Next Paul pulled his arms through the straps of the bra and hooked it in back.

Paul admired his look in the mirror. The closet had all Samantha’s dresses on hangers. He loved the shimmering latex suit and slipped into the fabric and zipped himself in. He saw hooker boots in the corner and couldn't resist. Fortunately he was about the same size as Samantha. The clothes and boots fit and felt so good.

Lastly he put on the gloves and walked to the dresser where Samantha kept a wig. He sat in the chair, put on the wig and started applying makeup. The body suit seemed to get tighter the longer Paul wore it. His skin tingled. When he was done applying makeup he used the full size mirror. He noticed the tingling stopped as he saw how good a job he did in the transformation.

Then Paul heard the front door slam. Samantha was home! There was no time to change back so he grabbed his old clothes from the bed and ran to his room. Samantha climbed the stairs and stopped at Paul bedroom door. “I know what you did brother. If you check you will find the body suit made some permanent changes. Just so you know, I’ve always wanted a sister. I think I’ll call you Lexi.”


  1. Great job. Kayla thanks a lot

  2. Glad you liked it, NeoRock. An FYI: my name is Kay. The url was supposed to read Krazy Kay last G captions, but I misspelled captions. In my defense I was only playing with the idea in the beginning; I wasn't sure how I could make it work. It was my grand experiment. I never thought the blog would take off as much as it has, but it has. And it's a lot of fun.

  3. Oh sorry kay. Thanks for letting me know.