Monday, December 18, 2017

Fortunate Accident

Technological advancement requires sacrifices from those developing the technology. Artie is a prodigy in the field of cellular biology and DNA transdimension.  His work focuses on using benign viruses to transmit genetic material. Artie’s work is revolutionary. His successes are nearing the human study phase. He has used his delivery technology to splice new genes into DNA of animals. He has started the process of his first human studies.

Artie’s lab assistant, Rhana, prepared the mixture for the first subject. Care must be taken as the viruses are airborne and spread easier than the common cold. The virus can only be released in a sealed area for fear of contamination and spread. The entire lab is also sealed from the outside world as a precaution. Rhana’s DNA was used as the test sample to splice select sections of DNA into the test subject. Artie could not allow anyone else to take the risk. He will be the first test subject.

The chamber sealed tight as Artie took a seat. Rhana released the virus. After two hours exposure, Rhana evacuated the chamber of all virus material and released Artie. He felt good; no ill effects. Rhana started testing Artie to examine the level of change. Rhana gasped as she focused the first slide on the electron microscope. Artie’s cells were still undergoing transformation. But instead of only a few minor splices of DNA, Artie’s entire DNA was being rewritten.

For safety Artie was held in confinement. Rhana stayed with him day and night as his DNA was completely replace with exact copies of Rhana’s. Once the DNA was rewritten, cell division took place as if it was Rhana’s body. The changes were subtle at first. Then there was no mistake, Artie was starting to look like Rhana. In three weeks Artie looked exactly like Rhana’s twin.

When it was clear there was no risk of cross contamination, Rhana took Artie home with her and started training him to act like a proper woman. He had to learn how to walk in heels and apply makeup. He also needed a girl’s name: Jen. Jen adjusted easier than Rhana thought possible. Jen soon wanted to wear pretty panties and bras with little bow ties in the middle. Rhana smiled at how much of a girl Artie is.

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