Friday, July 31, 2015

Final Exit

The world wore Ron down. He was tired, exhausted and broken. Life had been unkind to Ron at every turn. People used him for their personal means and then discarded him like a piece of used bathroom tissue. Ron’s kind heart is what started him down the slippery slope. He never knew he was being used at first. By the time he figured it out it was too late. Later, when he grew wise to the machinations of people, he lacked the strength to fight back.

Ron finally gave up and walked away. He is seen walking the streets by day and sleeping under an overpass at night, warming his hands around a fire barrel of smoldering garbage. He ate whatever he could scrounge. He stopped accepting gifts from people knowing most gifts came with strings attached. He preferred dumpster diving over a sandwich from a kind passer-by. The handout seemed more like a loan.

The mental scars accumulated. He warmed his hands with the fire from the barrel and contemplated his final exit. His mind and body were numb. All feelings were gone. He looked up and watched the cars driving the highway above. Soon he would walk up there and jump to his death. He would die where he spent so many years of his life, here on this very spot.

Other homeless people shared his bridge. He rarely talked with anyone, but he wasn’t really alone. The final straw was when his supper was taken by other homeless people under the bridge. He didn’t begrudge them; he understood. It’s just that there was no real reason to continue anymore.

A new girl showed up under the bridge a few nights ago. She also keeps to herself with one exception: she stays close to Ron. Ron didn’t care. Whoever she is, she will have to find her way on her own.

Ron started his last journey to the roadway above. The new girl followed, but Ron didn’t notice. At the top Ron found a small ledge where he could step out. He closed his eyes and leaned forward to meet his end; he was ready. Nothing happened. He opened his eyes and found himself back under the bridge near the fire barrel, the new girl in front of him smiling. He felt cold. He looked down and saw he was wearing a dress!

“You have much to give, Crystal,” the girl said. “Yes, that is your name now. A pretty name for a pretty girl. A name fitting someone so fragile. I see the look on your face. I am a witch. I help those in need. I saw where you were headed and gave you a new life. Let me help you discover a whole new world.” The girl took Crystal by the arm and led her to the world above where she lived for the first time in her life.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feeling Good

It felt so different, so good. Carl imagined it would be pleasant, but not like this. Just being a woman was invigorating. His whole body shivered in delight as he closed his eyes and mentally felt every inch of his body, of his femininity.

Carl almost forgot. He opened his eyes and hugged his sister for getting him the Jewel of Odan. Carl spent so many years wearing his sister’s clothes in secret. Now he no longer had to hide. His sister kept his secret and helped him realize his dream. She is the best.

Carl had to pick a name. What name does he want, a name he can live with his entire life? Roxanne. Yes, he is now Roxanne. Roxanne closed her eyes again and felt her body. It felt so wonderful, so strange. The bra gently held her breasts in place, panties gently covered her privates. The warmth and softness of her body sent another shiver of ecstasy through her body.

Roxanne started to think of all the things she could now enjoy, even in public: wearing a dress or makeup; a ponytail; the kiss of a man. There would be no more secrets for Carl. From now on he will face his true self with openness and honesty. Carl felt alive for the first time in his life. Now he looks like he feels.

Roxanne. The name he will respond to from now on. He felt normal, natural. How many men have a sister willing to do what his did? No one else would have helped. When others suspected, he was ridiculed. Carl has a long memory. Now his tormentors will want to take him out to dinner. Roxanne’s choice in mates will take prior actions into consideration. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Girl Has Talent

Les had a dream of becoming an actor. After high school he attended an acting school where the work schedule was exhausting. The days could last up to 15 hours with only a few short breaks to eat. Les discovered acting is a demanding job made for a special few people. Not everyone can cut the grueling demands.

As hard as acting can be, Les was at the top of his class. The biggest problem he will have getting a job is demographical. The demands for leading men are filled and few are needed. Today’s audiences want a strong heroine. There wasn’t much Les could do about that.

His instructor felt that Les would be a waste of talent if he wasn’t offered a job in Hollywood. The instructor found a talent agent willing to invest in someone of Les’s caliber. One was found. The investment was a complete gender reassignment into the perfect leading lady. Les’s strong acting skills coupled with his strength will make him the most sought after actress in Hollywood… as Michelle.

Les only hesitated for a moment. He realized he had a life-long career ahead of him if he cooperated. The transformation took place. Michelle honed her massive skills into a feminine role and started reviewing the offers. The talent agent was awesome. Michelle was soon the highest paid actor on the planet. It goes to show, you can’t keep good talent down.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Woman in Control

It was only a joke, but they created a monster. After a long week at work the guys got a little crazy planning for the weekend. Zack picked up a girly light and started kidding the guys with it, threatening to turn any obnoxious buddy into his girlfriend.

Art was the quiet one in the group. Before long Zack was kidding Art he would hit him with the girly light if he didn’t talk more. Several of the guys started wrestling around with Zack, teasing about turning the girly light on him. As the guys got more rambunctious, Art stepped to the side and enjoyed the show.

It was an accident; everyone knew it. Three guys wrestling for the girly light, laughing and joking, when the darn thing is bumped wrong and it goes off hitting Art. The room stopped, frozen like a Twilight Zone scene.

Art stood there in a matching panty/bra set and heels. A look came across Art’s face. That determined look scared the guys. “Man, I’m sorry, Art. It was an accident. I swear.” Zack sat at his desk while the rest of the guys backed away. Art pointed at Zack and said, “My name is Penny, bitch, and you are mine.”

Penny came across the desk yelling, “You are mine! You are mine!” Later it was agreed that Art getting hit by the girly light was the best thing that happened. Art came out of his shell as Penny; Penny didn’t take no for an answer. And Zack did pretty well himself. He married Penny a year later and they have two beautiful daughters. I guess everybody grew up a lot that Friday afternoon.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sister's Gift

It required planning to not get caught. Saul waited for, anxiously waited for, opportunities when his sister would leave the house with no chance of her returning for hours. He knew it was wrong to think Lacy is luckier than him because she is a girl, but it was true.

Once Lacy was out of the house Saul rummaged through her hamper looking for a full set of clothes. He hit pay dirt when a sexy bra/panty set was in the hamper. He held both items in his hands and slowly brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply. Lacy even smelled pretty.

Saul discarded his clothing and slipped into the bra/panty set. He looked around the room and then looked to see if a dress was in the hamper. No luck. Without warning the door to Lacy’s bedroom slowly opened. Saul nearly died when he saw Lacy standing there.

“It’s okay, brother,” she said in a gentle voice. “I’ve known for some time. I’m okay with it. You can wear my clothes.” Lacy found a dress in her closet and helped finish dressing Saul. She sat him down on the edge of the bed and applied makeup and finished the makeover with a wig.

“I have a surprise for you.” Saul was still wrapping his head around the idea that Lacy wasn’t mad he was wearing her clothes. She took his hand and led him to the car. “We have an appointment at TG Inc. I made the appointment last week and waited until I found you like this. Ready for a real transformation?” Saul swallowed hard. His dream was coming true and his sister loved him enough to make it happen.

“I hope I am as pretty as you,” Saul said. “Ever prettier,” Lacy replied, kissing him on the cheek. Lacy continued, “Have you thought of a name?” Saul shook his head. “I like Hope.” Lacy waited for Saul to respond. Saul nodded as tears streamed down his cheeks.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Forced Feminization

From the day Melinda married Luke she started the process of feminizing him. It started small. Melinda refused to buy Luke underwear, forcing him to wear panties to work. Later she required he wear a bra under his shirt. Before long Luke spent his weekends wearing a skirt and heels. Nights required a negligee.

Luke fought back at first, not understanding Melinda had such a fetish for guys in drag. What Luke didn’t understand is that for Melinda is was much more. She wanted a feminine lover. As Melinda’s lust grew she knew she wanted a woman in her bed. She couldn’t give up Luke. She loved him and was always faithful.

After two years of marriage Melinda took Luke to TG Incorporated the start the transitioning process. By now Luke wasn’t fighting it; he actually liked wearing girl’s clothing. He wore dresses so much he started thinking like a girl; his manhood was mentally gone.

The doctor at TG Incorporated decided hormones followed by surgery with a follow-up nanobot treatment would be the best course of action. The changes went faster than Luke thought. Soon the breast forms were no longer needed; Luke filled out her bra fine without them.

Luke changed his name to Alice and broke the news at work. Everyone was so supportive. In a few months the surgery and nanobot treatment finished the transition. It goes to show that even a guy with no desire to be a woman can fill the role just fine without any problems. Melinda was happy, too; she has the best lover ever in bed.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Alysa Suguro Bathrich (aka Noel) Comes Clean

I want to thank Elle from for the idea for today’s story.

In shocking news tonight, the FBI arrested Alysa Suguro Bathrich working as an IRS agent using the fake name Noel. Ms. Bathrich has a long criminal record she hid from the government. She used her position to force innocent businessmen into gender transformations to fill her private brothel. It is estimated over $22 million of unreported income was earned by Bathrich’s illicit business.

A recent victim, Maynard (last name withheld to protect the innocent), was turned into Bathrich’s highest earning victim, gyrating close to a $3 million before Bathrich’s arrest and shutting down of the brothel. Maynard, calling herself Tina, seems resigned to his life as a call girl. “It’s not what I guessed I’d be, but I earn more now than I did running my contracting business,” Maynard, aka Tina said.

As if this story isn’t bizarre enough, another twist was revealed this afternoon. Alysa Bathrich’s DNA and fingerprints matched those of Sydney Punk. It appears Bathrich started out as a prostitute herself after his own gender reassignment and branched out to increase her income. (Try and keep track of that.) This reporter asks: Are there any men left who haven’t had a gender reassignment?

There is no word from the IRS on how Bathrich managed the vetting process prior to hiring. The IRS spokesman said the IRS would comment on this fantastic story when they finish making the Star Trek video they are working on.

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Friendly Note From the Government

A letter from the IRS ruins a good day, even for honest people. For people like Maynard, it is a life-changing disaster. Maynard ran a roofing company for fifteen years and found a way to hide a significant amount of money from the government. Under a microscope there is a risk Maynard’s untaxed earnings will be discovered.

The first meeting with Noel, the auditor, went better than Maynard had hoped. It sounded like a typical audit, checking to see if there are receipts documenting deductions. Noel, a petite blond with a perky chest, distracted Maynard from the real reason she was there. Maynard turned over receipts and joked with the auditor. Bank statements and invoices were reviewed. When the audit was complete, Noel smiled at Maynard and said, “Where is the rest of the money. You are missing income from roofing jobs not listed here.” Maynard then realized they had his business under surveillance for a period of time.

Noel pointed out jobs where Maynard’s company did work, but no work order was present and roofing materials and expenses did not match any job site. Maynard had no answer. Noel did. She pulled out a thick stack of papers held together by a metal clasp and handed it to Maynard. “These are the jobs you didn’t list on your taxes. If you can’t prove the income you will owe $38 million in back taxes, interest and penalties.”

Maynard nearly fainted when Noel said this. “If you don’t have the money,” Noel continued, “we have a program to help.” “Really?” Maynard squeaked. “Of course,” Noel smiled. “We sell your business—that should cover half the balance due; then we give you a high paying job. You get enough to covered basic living needs and we keep the rest to satisfy your debt.”

With nowhere to go Maynard agreed to the settlement. His business was sold and he was given a job… as a street walker. Maynard was given an appointment at the local IRS office where he was taken to a back room with a transformation chamber. Now Tina, Maynard’s replacement, worked second shift at the corner of 3rd and Main. On a good night she could pay down six, seven thousand dollars. Tina felt lucky, however. She should have her debt paid in seven to eight years and she will have massive amounts of job training. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Bank Job

Alex trusts no one when he plans a bank heist. He works alone and keeps all the fruits of his thefts, ah, I mean work, for himself. The First National Bank would be his biggest job ever—enough to retire for good.

The plan was in place. Alex waited until the dead hours of a Sunday night. He reprogrammed the security system, picked the lock and walked to the safe. He had the perfect tool for the safe. He applied the digital reader and hacked the combination in under two minutes.

Once inside the safe he started filling a bag with money. He then took his time picking several of the larger safe deposit boxes looking for jewelry. A light mist descended from the top of the room. Alex knew the security system wouldn’t trigger. Unfortunately, it didn’t have to. The mist put Alex to sleep.

The next day a new bank teller started work. Her name is Brenda. She can’t remember who she is or where she came from. She just seemed to have a knack for bank work. After two weeks Brenda started to have flashbacks of who she really is. That night the security guards took Brenda to the dark side of town and dropped her off; she was fired.

Brenda never did remember who she really is. To pay the bills she started turning tricks. She knew she was good at something in the past. If only she could remember. And she always has a burning desire to rob a bank.

Living with Transgender Friends

Here is a blog article I recently found on living with a transgender friend. It talks about the transitioning process mostly. I found it interesting/informative. Give it a read if you have the time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Good Medicine

Ken’s wife warned him to be careful not to take her new pills from the doctor. He could see why she worried so; the pills looked exactly like his medication. His wife kept saying her pills made her more womanly. Ken thought his wife looked like the hottest woman to ever live, something husbands don’t always say about their wives

Ken was in a hurry to get to work and his wife had left early for a hair appointment. He needed to take his blood pressure medication and forgot which bottle it was. Without noticing, he took his wife’s pill.

As the day wore on Ken felt hot flashes. By mid-afternoon Ken could swear he was growing boobs. When he went to the toilet just before getting on the train home he had to sit. By the time he got home he was a woman in a man’s suit. Ken couldn’t understand.

Ken’s wife knew what happened the second he walked in the door. “You took the wrong pill. Those are my pills. Girl pills.” “How was I supposed to know,” Ken grunted. Ken’s wife took him by the hand to the bedroom, stripped him down and put Ken in a black dress.”Now we need an appropriate name for you. How do you like Tracy?” Ken shrugged.

Life can sure change in a hurry when you take the wrong medicine.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Turn a New Page

Some people have a real reason to disappear. Chad was running from the mob. After working for the mafia from a young age as a hit man, Chad knew time was running out. He no longer believed in the life he was living; he wanted to change his ways. But leaving the family was done in only one way: a pine box.

The government wanted Chad to testify in the worst way. He could single handedly bring down the family and all their organized crime connections. Chad wanted to help, but feared for his life. After certain assurances were provided Chad did what he had to do; he turned state’s evidence against the mob.

Once the convictions were in, Chad had to hide deep under cover. There would be many people out to kill him; he would never be safe again and didn’t have the protection of the family. The good news for Chad is that this isn’t 50 years ago. The witness protection program is built to provide real protection from detection.

The FBI took Chad to a secret location to change his appearance and identity. Chad was given a choice in how he wanted to look. He chose the Trixie design. A few FBI agents smiled and turned away. To think, a mafia hit man guilty of horrendous acts against other human beings wanted to be a frail girl. How fitting.

Chad stepped into the 3D printer designed to make body parts, but modified to make an entirely new body. After a few hours the process was done and Trixie entered the world complete with all necessary identity papers. I have to say it: Crime does pay.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Good Deed

Have you ever wondered why guys that visit TG Incorporated have their interests change? Take Orson here, he loved baseball, hiking, fishing and other outdoor recreations. He wore blue jeans daily and a plaid shirt. Orson looked like a country boy, but harbored a deep secret.

Orson’s life changed the day he decided to help a stranded woman. Her car died on a back road far away from civilization. Orson knew helping her was the right thing to do. The chances of someone else happening along were slim and the walk to town was over 40 miles with the day was growing late.

Getting a mechanic out here would be impossible so Orson offered her a ride to where she was going. She asked if Orson would drop her off at the nearest town. Orson did one better; he offered her a ride all the way to her doorstep, a 200 mile drive.

Orson was a gentleman the whole way providing light conversation as he drove the woman home. She demanded Orson come in and meet her parents when they arrived. Her father it turns out is an executive at TG Incorporated. He was so thankful Orson brought his daughter home safe he offered Orson anything he wanted.

Orson had a decision to make. This would be the only opportunity he would ever likely have to afford his dream, to fulfill his deepest secret. Orson decided to confess his desire to be a woman. The father was more than happy to grant him his wish.

Orson became Trisha. Trisha loved her body and became best friends with the woman he offered a ride. But something about Orson changed. He no longer liked the outdoors as much and in the past he wouldn’t be caught dead in pink; now he loves pink. I guess good deeds do get rewarded after all.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vortex Treated Them Right

After three years of fear it was discovered vortex bubbles were guided by an intelligence. The gender transformation that vortex bubbles caused were not as random as originally thought. As you may recall, vortex bubbles float through space and when they hit the Earth cause a bubble of local null space. Anyone caught in the null space as it passes through the Earth is turned female.

Once people discovered vortexes were guided, certain groups of people had parties when warnings were issued for vortex swarms. Most people ran for shielded buildings, protecting them from the effects of vortexes. But vortexes knew some guys secretly wanted to be hit by a vortex.

College guys were the craziest. They were always taking chances when vortexes were forecast. Josh (center wearing red bra) and frat brothers have tempted fate several times and felt invincible. But their luck ran out. When the vortex swarm hit, several vortexes steered right towards Josh and his partying buddies.

Josh was prepared if the worst should happen. He had a name picked out just in case: Pricilla. The best part about tempting a vortex is you never know what you will get. There is no planning on the type of body the vortex gives you. Pricilla and her new girlfriends are really happy with the way the vortex treated them. They look great. Now they never have to worry about a vortex ever again.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Second Chance

Requested by: Ftygrl

Crime is getting harder for the small-time crook these days. Businesses now make more sales via credit/debit cards than ever. How can a desperate petty thief make any money breaking into an establishment?

Franklin isn’t your average criminal. He always thinks outside the box. Where most retail establishments no longer present much opportunity to steal cash, there is one Franklin notices still handles a large percentage of transactions in cash: lingerie shops. Men (and some women), embarrassed to hand over their credit card with their name, opt for cash payment instead. Knowing this (and we wonder how Franklin knows this), he plans his heist.

In the dead hours of the night Franklin disarms the security system and jimmies his way into a back door. With the alarm disabled he can enjoy a walk around the lingerie shop. He picks out a few things for himself (pealing the clothes from sexy store mannequins) and heads to the back office to crack the safe. As he works the combination he hears noise back on the sales floor. He checks to make sure the coast is clear—sees nothing—and returns to the safe.

After cleaning out the safe he stacks all the money in a bag with the lingerie on top. He turns to leave. A mannequin blocks the door; there is no other way out. Franklin thinks he is losing his mind. Mannequins don’t move by themselves.

Franklin feels his body stiffen and take on a plastic look as he heard a voice in his head. “You have desecrated our home, Franklin. You will now join us as a fembot. From now on you are known as fembot Wanda.” Franklin wanted to scream, but nothing came out.

The next morning the owner saw the new mannequin in his office. She smiled knowing what happened, “I keep getting more free mannequins this way.” Franklin spent his days modeling lingerie for months now while the fembot mannequins ridiculed him. Later they allowed him some freedom as a sales clerk. The boss lady loves free labor.

Friday, July 17, 2015

What Are Girlfriend's For

John was beside himself when Becky, his girlfriend, told him she preferred girls. John was so deep in love he already had the ring purchased. He had big plans for life with Becky. At least she still wants to be friends.

The surprises didn’t stop there. Becky hugged John and told him she wants to spend her life with him, but she will never feel satisfied with a man; she needs a woman to feel whole. John had no idea what to do. Then Becky smiled and held up a ticket. “You have a date with a nanobot bath at TG Inc., honey.” John’s heart missed a beat. Was he ready to lose his manhood forever? What was he thinking? This is Becky he is talking about! Of course he could do it.

Later that day Lacy was born. Now that same-sex marriage is the law of the land, Lacy and Becky got married. The lovebirds are inseparable. It does feel funny to John that he is smaller, shorter than Becky. It does not matter. Becky has always treated John with kindness and respect. Lacy enjoyed Becky’s gentle touch. It is certainly better than it was when she was John.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Daughter's Gift

Carl stood stunned looking at the police officer outside his door. No good news ever came from the police at 2 a.m. Carl feel asleep on the couch, but didn’t recall if Mattie had returned home from her night out with her boyfriend, Tom. Before the officer spoke, Carl’s voice squeaked, “Mattie.” Tears immediately came to his eyes.

The auto accident was the fault of a drunk driver running a stop sign. The drunk driver smashed into the passenger side door where Mattie was sitting. She was killed instantly; Tom was in intensive care.

Tom recovered, but Carl sank into a deep depression. Medication and councilors were worthless. Carl started to sleep on Mattie’s bed every night. Her mother died of cancer years ago and Mattie was all he had left, his only reason to live.

One day, when Carl reached a new depressed low, he was ready to take his life. He touched several of Mattie’s things one last time before he joined her in the beyond. Some of her hair was on a brush. He rubbed it between his thumb and index finger. Then the idea hit him.

Carl took the hair to TG Incorporated and asked if they could extract the DNA from the hair and replicate that person. Of course the answer was ‘yes’. Three days later, when the nanobots were programmed, Carl returned to the TG Incorporated office. Carl disappeared from the world and Mattie was back.

The depression disappeared. Carl visited Tom and explained what he did. Tom was suffering even more than Carl. Now Mattie is back and promises to be the most attentive girlfriend Tom ever had. The old Mattie was saving it for marriage, but the new Mattie puts out every day. Everyone is happy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Randy listened to the preacher every Sunday extol the virtues of faith. He listened and believed when the preacher said “if you have enough faith you can move mountains”. But Randy didn’t want to move mountains; he wanted a coat of many colors, like Joseph in the book of Genesis.

By the time Randy reached adulthood he knew God wouldn’t step forward and grant his wish. If Randy wanted a coat of many colors he would have to do it himself. So he packed his bags, left the cult and joined the real world for the first time.

The world is an awesome place with many pitfalls for a young man entering it for the first time. He asked for help and found people cordial. Then Randy met Alisha, a technician at the local TG Incorporated store. She promised Randy he could have his desired coat of many colors.

Randy was elated he would finally get his childhood dream. Alisha took the naïve boy to her office and asked him to step into the swapping chamber. Alisha set the timer and stepped into her chamber. Moments later the timer ticked to zero and Randy and Elisha switched bodies.

Randy stepped out of the chamber dazed and confused. “Here, put this on,” Alisha said in Randy’s body, handing her a multicolored dress. Wow! Randy thought, forgetting the gender swap he just went through. Randy listen closely as Alisha explained her job. Randy enjoyed living in Alisha’s body. They shared Alisha’s apartment. Randy made a very prim and proper girl. And she never went to church again. Go figure.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Magic Dressing Room

The hazing rituals start early, well before the new school year at college begins. The fraternity preferred cross dressing pranks more than anything. Vince was a new initiate waiting for his challenge. He hoped it was something he could do; he really wanted into the fraternity.

It turned out to be a tough challenge. Vince is against shoplifting, but he would do it just once to take his place in the fraternity. His frat brothers would witness the entire thing with a selfie as a backup. Vince only wanted to do this once to satisfy his entrance requirement to the frat house.

The local women’s clothing store was the place the deed would go down. Vince went in and picked out the required items and headed for the dressing room. He removed his clothes and slipped into the panty, bra, shorts and top. He took his phone out to take a selfie for the record. Then he would put his clothes on over the top and walk out, but Vince noticed something strange as he took the selfie.

Something was wrong. He looked too much like a woman! His heart began racing as he realized he somehow turned into a woman. How? Vince’s head spun as he tried to understand what happened when a knock on the door focused his attention.

He was afraid to talk for fear his voice would sound too feminine. It was the store clerk. The door opened from the outside; Vince just stood there, his buddies with their heads hung low behind the clerk. The clerk said, “I’m sick of the same hazing rituals every year by you college guys. It costs me money, money I can’t afford to lose to stupid pranks. It was cheaper to install a girly light.” The clerk pointed to the ceiling, the boys’ eyes followed. The clerk continued, “You owe me $180.04 for the clothes. Pick up your stuff and leave.”

Vince walked out in a daze as his buddies paid the bill. Vince kept shaking his head. “My girlfriend lives is the sorority. I’m sure she can get you in,” one of the hazer’s said. “We should probably give you a girl name. How ‘bout Monica?” Vince nodded. Monica it is. On a brighter note, the sorority accepted Monica without any further hazing.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Today we continue in our series of TG Incorporated interviews with previous clients. We asked clients to send us a selfie, picture and a short bio. From the list we chose the most interesting stories to share with you. Our hope is this makes it easier for you to take that magical step into womanhood.

TG Inc: Before you were Kat you had a different name.
Kat: Yes, I was a tired bureaucrat names Gus.
TGI: And when did you decide to visit TG Inc.?
Kat: Well, it’s kind of embarrassing. You see, I got in trouble at work. Twenty-two years on the job and there were some irregularities.
TGI: Irregularities?
Kat: Money was missing.
TGI: Those kinds of irregularities.
Kat: Before you get any ideas, I didn’t steal a penny. I was set up. My supervisor was stealing and making it look like me. My supervisor’s supervisor knew this but didn’t tell me. He had this fetish and he tricked me. I thought I was going to jail things looked so bad, so I took a deal to become a secretary. Only after the transformation did I find out I was set up.
TGI: That is some story. How did it all turn out?
Kat: Okay, I guess. My supervisor was caught and sent to jail for nine years. His supervisor, Parker, asked me to marry him. I did, of course, no knowing it was a setup to get me into a dress. Only after we were married did I discover the truth.
TGI: Did you get a divorce?
Kat: No! I love my husband. It just hurt that he deceived me, turning me into a girl.
TGI: You do fill out that negligee, Kat, like no one I ever saw.
Kat: Why, thank you, hon.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trumped Up Charges

Okay, I’m not the most upstanding guy in the community. Yeah, I’ve had a brush or three with the police, but nothing serious. I am an honest businessman who happens to have an uncle in the mob so the fuzz has it out for me.

They’ve been try’in to shut me down for years. They’re jealous I made a success of myself. Now they claim I didn’t report business accounts to the government. There is no such law! They made it up. Where does it say I must report my business contacts and online accounts to the government? Really? They made it up so it’s time for me to get tough; time to mess with their low single digit IQs.

I mentioned I have an uncle, right? Oh yeah, I did. Well, my uncle helps mobsters screw with the law. He actually does a great job in helping people in my position hide in plain sight from the coppers.

 My uncle Marty, what a guy. He solved my problem. I walked into his backroom clinic as Dwayne and left as Rachel. The judge issued a warrant for my arrest when I failed to show in court. Good luck finding me, pigs. Some dame named Rachel took over my business until Dwayne is caught and brought to justice. As Rachel, the coppers leave me alone. I guess they are pussies when it comes to women. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so they stay away. Works for me.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Trust Baby

Hello, everyone. Today we start an interview series with clients of TG Incorporated. Each story is unique and inspiring. TG Inc. reviewed hundreds of clients to bring you this fascinating series of awesome transformations.

TG Inc: Before we start, I must say you look awesome, Melissa.
Melissa: (blushing) Thank you.
TGI: To start, when did you visit TG Inc.?
Melissa: Hmmm. About 3 ½ years now. Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been a girl so long already.
TGI: Feels good, doesn’t it?
Melissa: Oh, god, yes. By the time I was four I knew something was wrong with me. My body was messed up.
TGI: You knew you were born in the wrong body at four?
Melissa: Yes. It’s not that I hated my boy parts; it’s just that I knew they didn’t belong.
TGI: What made you decide to visit TG Inc.?
Melissa: My great uncle. (smiling).
TGI: I smell a story in that grin.
Melissa: Yeah. My great uncle left me a large trust fund. I wasn’t aware my great uncle knew of my, ah, difficulty. But he must have. He allowed me a stipend for college, living expenses, and a full TG Inc. transformation. There was no way I could afford it otherwise. My only other hope was to win a contest or lottery.
TGI: You’re in college now?
Melissa: Yes, ULM campus.
TGI: My last question. Do you enjoy the TG Inc. body?
Melissa: I have three boyfriends. What do you think?
TGI: I take that as a yes.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Old Sins

“Hands in the air, buddy,” the intruder said pointing the gun at Horace’s face. “Do what I tell you and nobody gets hurt.”

Horace was stunned he was being robbed in the middle of the day. Who locks their door midday? In a small town? Still, here he was in his own home facing the wrong end of a gun. The man holding the gun didn’t look like thug either. His hair is neatly combed back, his face clean shaven and he wears a suit and tie. With one hand he points the gun at Horace, in the other he holds the straps of a duffle bag. Horace would expect his bank president to look similar to this man. He certainly does not appear to need money. The intruder actually looks well to do and has the self-confidence, too.

Horace raised his hands over his head. The intruder said, “Off with your clothes.” “Wha?” The command didn’t register in Horace’s brain. The intruder demanded, “Take of your clothes.” “But, I’m not…” Horace feared he might be raped by this man. “I’m not going to touch you. But I will put a bullet in you if you don’t lay your clothes over there,” the intruder said waving the gun toward the bed.

Horace did as he was told. The intruder set the duffle bag on the floor as Horace stood there naked. The intruder unzipped the bag and pulled out women’s clothing. “Put this on,” the intruder said tossing a bra, panty, tank tip, skirt and stilettos. Horace stood frozen. The intruder pushed the gun further in front of him perfecting his aim. Horace squatted and picked up the clothing. He put on the panty and bra first followed by the skirt and tank top. Last he slipped into the heels. For some reason the clothes all fit perfectly.

“Now what,” Horace said with rose-red cheeks. “Now we wait,” the intruder said. Before long the clothing began to tighten and tingle. Horace felt uncomfortable. “A body suit,” he said. “Not exactly,” the intruder said. More time passed until Horace was completely transformed. “Why?” Horace asked. “You don’t remember me, do you,” the intruder began. Horace shook his head, his blond hair waving as he did. “When we were in high school you convinced my girlfriend, Lenora, to dump me for your best friend. I never forgave you for that. Time was kind to me. I ended up really rich and swore I would use my money to punish you for your evil deed. I can’t have the one thing I want most, Lenora. So you will take her place. The nanobots in the fabric of your clothes were programmed to make you look exactly like Lenora.”

Horace turned to the mirror. He remembered. He does look exactly like Lenora. He took a selfie to prove to his mind this was really happening. He turned back to the intruder. “Now get on the bed, honey,” the intruder said. “I think I want to have sex with my girl.”

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Uneasy Peace

World War III was over, but not everyone accepted the truce. Chinese girls thought the human race should be reduced to females only, using science to impregnate women and propagate the species. A splinter cell formed and traveled Earth, hunting down the remaining men. They came armed with military grade girly light assault rifles. Men were not safe anywhere on the planet.

Some men wanted to breathe the fresh air so bad they dressed up as women before venturing outside. However, the snipers could tell. They came equipped with sensing devices. One point of the girly light rifle and the sniper could tell if it was a man in drag. If it was, a light pull of the trigger and the man wearing a dress no longer had to worry about changing when he got home.

On the bright side, Earth was now composed of matriarchal societies. The world was a better place as a result. Women fought dirty, but didn’t want to blow… ah… the whole planet up. The male population was down to under 200. If you are a man reading this your days are numbers. Men are no longer needed to breed. And I know a few cute Chinese girls that want to meet you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

World War III Part Troi

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The war was out of control. Eighty percent of all men alive were hit by the girly light. Panty shortages were acute and there was a serious run on pantyhose. Hmmm? The United States was willing to listen to terms from China when the secure bunkers of men preserved for breeding stock were penetrated. The girly light bomb was completed by China first. America’s 28 largest cities fell in love with pink the first day.

Europe, East Asia, Africa, and Australia soon sued for peace, too. It was clear China won World War III. Not that anyone would notice. The United States finished development of the girly light bomb two days after China, feminizing most of the world within a week.

With breeding stock men nearly all transformed, peace was inevitable. There were no hot-headed men left to fight. All the girls wanted to do was shop, get their hair done, compare nail colors and gossip. Fewer than 200 men were left of the human race. You can only imagine their existence surrounded by so many women, especially during that special time of the month.

And then there was the new world order once peace was restored. People still needed love and companionship. Men before the war made the best lovers for most women with mixed results. Here we see Alex, now Alexis, sharing his love. Not everyone is happy about it.

World War III was over, the jealousy war is about to begin. Too bad somebody didn’t build a manly gun.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

World War III Part Duex

The American people loved President Amanda more than the old guy they used to have; at least President Amanda had balls. The Chinese laughed so hard they pee’d their pants as the President ran back to Washington with his panties in a bunch.

Soon all of Asia, Africa and Australia were in the game. World War III had officially started. China had a head start on an even more devastating bomb: a girly light bomb. The race was on for one country to develop the weapon first. One bomb over a major city would send bra sales through the roof. And since China made most of the bras worldwide….

A few select men were sequestered in deep underground shelters. They were considered the future breeding stock should the war be lost. Even if the nation won World War III there might not be enough men to keep the population going so steps were taken.

Machine gun girly light rifles turned whole squadrons of men sexy in minutes. A platoon caught in the open was in imminent danger of sitting while they pee. The best soldiers were the latest victims. Balls gone and nipples perky, the new Ladies Brigade was fearless in their attack.

Squad leader, Quentin, led the assault on the city streets. He thought the city would be easy pickings, but he was the first victim of a massive counter-assault. Now Renee enjoys a new uniform while inspecting newly acquired lofts.

The war isn’t over, girls. Continued tomorrow…

Monday, July 6, 2015

World War III

Trade tensions were out of control between nations. Small skirmishes between adjoining countries were the first indication a worldwide conflagration was about to erupt. With so many nations possessing nuclear weapons the only way to fight and win any future war would require a different kind of combat.

Tanks and heavy artillery would only escalate to nuclear. World War III would be fought like no war before. World War III would be fought with infantry, small arms, terrorist attacks, and guerrilla warfare. There would be no deaths in World War III because the new weapon of choice was the girly light.

Men would take to the field in small groups attacking the enemy while keeping out of site. A small town could be subdued with a modest crack commando group, turning an entire town female in a night, disorienting the half the population, sapping their energy to fight.

The first shot was fired by China, but the United States and Europe also have nail polish on their hands, too. China made it clear they wanted war over peace. The President extended an olive branch by travelling to China to end trade animosities. The President was the first victim. He was ambushed by girly lights.

The President no longer looked good in a suit so he stepped into a dress, changed his name to Amanda and told the Chinese, “Game on, girls!”

Continued tomorrow…

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The First FOSE

Alice was still confused by what happened earlier in the day. Speculation was Earth experienced its first Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event or FOSE, according to news reports. Alice claims she is really Brad, but somehow popped out of his body and into Alice’s, a girl he was fantasizing about when the swap happened. The small town of Brant normally is quiet, but people switching bodies when a bright light flashed in the sky is newsworthy.

The confusion caused havoc with government services. It seems policemen had more swaps than any other group. Even hospitals suffered staffing problems. Things were quieter in Brant. Alice gathered her thoughts as she looked across the field at Brad, the boy she used to be only a few hours ago. For some reason Amanda Thomas, Live Eye Action News reporter, wanted to interview Alice. Alice figured it was her friendly face as the reason she was picked for an interview.  If only Ms. Thomas knew what Alice looked like this morning.

Before the interview began, Brad started to adjust to Alice’s body. What would she tell the reporter? Alice decided to make up a story. It was none of Ms. Thomas’s damn business what happened in town. She probably didn’t know Brad/Alice were one of the victims. One thing was for certain: Brad was sure glad he was thinking about Alice when the FOSE hit rather than ‘ol lady Edwards. That would have been real bad.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence at Last

In the United States freedom rings loud around the 4th of July, the American Independence Day. For decades small communities raised funds for their fire department with picnics over the summer, especially the 4th of July. Beer put a lot of fire trucks on the road.

Drunken driving laws killed the picnics and the desperately needed funds. The picnics now only a fraction of their former size needed a way to draw either a crowd or at least donations. Fireworks shows drew crowds but not much money. Raffles were the last big money-maker for the fire departments and even that was dying.

With budget shortfalls and ideas exhausted, budget planners were willing to try anything. A proposal was made to raffle a full TG makeover to one lucky winner. To manage risk, a certain number of tickets would be sold before the raffle was live. Concerns were too few would be interested in such a raffle —how many guys really want to change gender for real?

When Alan heard about the raffle he opened his wallet wide, like many guys did. The fire department raised a record amount of money. The planners couldn’t believe how many tickets were sold. The park was filled to capacity for the drawing which means more beer was sold too. Alan clutched the wad of tickets in his fist. Sweat beaded on his forehead. He wanted to win so badly.

A pretty girl in a red bikini reached her hand into the basket and pulled out the winning ticket. The announcer read the numbers slowly. When the final digit was called out Alan nearly fainted. He had the winning ticket!

The next day Alan was at the door of the TG Incorporated office with his certificate in hand for a full and permanent transition to the girl of his dreams. Take a look at Alan now that he is Connie. Don’t you agree, she is the cutest thing going? Don’t you wish you would have bought a ticket? It’s for a good cause.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Walking Into the Twilight Zone

It felt like an episode of Twilight Zone to Martin Sloan. Not the new remakes, but the old, original episodes. Martin wanted his life to live over. Complications made his life unbearable. Martin Sloan knew from the time he was four he was born in the wrong body. To compensate he worked himself to death getting perfect grades in school. He excelled at work and ranked amongst the best in his industry worldwide. All Martin’s life he was running and now it finally caught up with him.

Martin wanted to visit his hometown hoping the memories of his childhood would bring meaning to his empty life. He stopped for gas on the outskirts of town and walked a path while his car was filled by the attendant. It was exactly as he remembered. All the people were the same. He even met his younger self and told the young Martin to cherish the simple days of youth as they would not last.

As he returned to his car he noticed he transformed into a woman. He finally had the body he always wanted. Martin always wanted the name Becky and he finally was Becky. What Martin did not know was a slow moving vortex floated into Earth at that exact spot. The null space in the vortex shifted time. While Martin was in the vortex he experienced the world as it was 25 years ago. As he left the vortex, the vortex did what it always does: it transformed all males to females. Becky was glad she went back home. What she found was her true self.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


For every action there are unintended consequences. Frank never foresaw the consequences of his actions. Frank entered college with a secret. He worked hard to get massive scholarships so he could attend the best school and have his own private room. The private room was important. When the door closed Frank took the opportunity to be his real self.

He dressed in the sexiest clothing he could buy and pretended to be Pixie, cool girl of the school. Every night he slept in a silk negligee. The best part about his secret was morning when he first woke, looked down, and saw his breast forms. They felt real in the morning. He felt like a real girl before the fantasy started to break.

The college Frank attended has a popular female professor. She teaches the medical gender class. Of course, the guys love it, especially because she is tall, thin, with long blond hair and the tightest, hottest smile any guy every saw. Frank never took the class. That didn’t keep Ms. Hot Professor from finding out about Frank’s secret.

One Friday night the professor waited until Frank was in full fantasy when she picked the lock to his room, burst in and sprayed him with nanobots. Frank passed out. Ms. Hot Professor tucked him into bed. She slid in bed beside him while he slept. In the morning Frank was shocked to see the professor there. It took several minutes for Frank to realize that prefect morning feel wasn’t going away; it was real. The professor smiled. “Welcome to my team, Pixie,” the professor said as she walked to the door. “You can thank me later.”

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Heat Wave

Don’t go in the water. That is what the sign said. But some people have no regard for rules or following orders. So a couple of kids wandered into the water anyway against all the rules and paid the price. Serves them right.

But Bob and Dave never thought they were really doing anything wrong. Besides, it wasn’t hurting anyone. If there was a problem with the water they would be the only ones to get sick. The heat wave made the water so inviting so they stepped in. Little did they know the nanobot manufacturing facility had an industrial leak.

The cool water was the perfect solution to the summer heat wave. Bob and Dave jumped and splashed in the water having a good time. Bob was first to notice Dave looked a little different. Before the boys could leave the water the transformation was complete. A passing tourist took a snapshot of the boys. Bob and Dave asked the tourist to send a copy to their email, for the record, you know.

The good news was Bob and Dave became Helen and Frieda for free. If they had a normal nanobot treatment it would have set them back a year’s wages. How lucky can two guys get? Good thing they disobeyed the sign.