Monday, August 1, 2016

Make America Great Again

Donald Trump wanted voters to believe he could make America great again and that he was the only one who could get the job done. He needed sex appeal so he paraded his trophy wife around for everyone to admire.

Reporters began to notice something strange about Trump’s wife, Melania. There was a certain masculinity in the Slovenian model that could not be easily dismissed. Donald was questioned on his choice in a non-American imported wife. As usual, Trump dismissed the whole thing as irrelevant.

That night Don and Melania went to bed with the lights off as was usual. He started wondering why Melania always demanded they do it in the dark. Don jumped out of bed and flipped on the light to discover Melania was a guy dressed in drag and he had been pounding the guy’s back door all these years.

Disgusted, Don forced Melania to become a woman. You see, Donald Trump is rich, really rich. He can afford anything and what he was willing to pay to keep the secret even he would be embarrassed by was enormous. Now Melania is really a girl. She still looks like a husky girl, but at least there is another hole down below to drill. Whenever a reporter brings up the subject he just shrugs and lifts Melania’s dress.


  1. Awesome cap kay loved it. Hope trump does not become president.

  2. No, that is just a dirty piece of work.
    We have two choices coming up and both are bad, but one is an evil Bitch.

  3. Now if that could only happen I would seriously consider voting for her.