Monday, August 8, 2016

Bikini Love

Ramón lamented he could not pull off wearing a bikini. His wife, Lana, loved the idea of having a wife since Ramón was, well, shall we say, less than endowed. A visit to the doctor and the date was set to remove the offending appendage and start hormone treatment. A year later Ram, oh, I forgot, Saline was walking the beach in an awesome bikini. Saline and Lana looked like they could be sisters. At night our married couple enjoyed each other’s company. But something else totally unexpected happened too. Saline discovered she liked guys now that she had a rockin’ hot female body. Saline and Lana double dated a lot. Later they shared notes in bed as they recounted the night’s activities. Who would ever have thought the desire to wear a bikini would lead to such happiness.

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