Saturday, August 6, 2016

Heat Wave

The summer heat wave extended over several months. The intense heat coupled with high humidity was more than Ryan could take. He just got married to Belinda and wanted to spend quality time with her, but the heat made romance impossible.

The beach near the industrial park was opened to the public to help people cool down. Belinda and Ryan enjoyed the cool water drawing heat from their sweat soaked bodies. After a while it was bearable to hug and kiss in the water. Finally they get to consummate their marriage. You see, Ryan wanted to wait until they were married to do it. His old fashioned values allowed him to treat Belinda like a lady.

Our happy couple floated on the water when a scream startled them to attention. A woman was screaming in the water, then another, and another. Something was not right! Belinda had her hands to her face as she looked at Ryan. Ryan looked to the industrial park and then down at his female body and knew the company that manufactures nanobots for TG Inc. had an accidental release into the beach area.

Ryan stepped out of the water. Several young women were handing out bathing suits for the new women. Ryan accepted one most appropriate. All Ryan could say was, “Call me Gail,” as he stepped back into the water. Belinda followed. The women hugged and kissed. Belinda said, “I was looking forward to losing my virginity to you.” Gail smiled, “We can double date and lose it at the same time.”

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